BOYS ON THE RADIO ---- Digimon songfic based on the song
"Boys on the Radio" by Hole. I don't own Mimi, Yamato, or
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"C'mon you guys! Take it easy on him!" Mimi yelled, Taichi glared at her. "Take it easy on him?! Mimi, are you blind? He's been treating everyone like shit! Especially you! Don't you see that?" Mimi shook her head furiously, fighting back tears, "No Taichi! No! He's just been under stress lately! Fame gets to everyone!" Taichi opened his mouth to respond, but Sora gently placed her hand over it. Mimi looked at Sora, thinking she would defend her point of view. "You know, he's right Mimi. Yamato just isn't the same....," she was cut off. "No! How can you call yourself his friend?! All of you! I...I..! I can't be friends with people who treat him like this!" With that, Mimi stormed out, tears flooding down her rosy cheeks. The room fell silent. Sora sighed, "How can you
still defend blindly...?"

"Do what you want, Cause I'll do anything and, I'll take the blame..."

Mimi stopped in front of a large recording studio, wiped the wet trails off her face, and headed for the doorway. Inside the sounds of guitars could be heard. Mimi stopped in her tracks though, when suddenly everything went quiet. Soon after followed a loud slam and the angry tone of Yamato's voice, she cringed. A door flung open, startling her. "I just don't give a damn anymore!!" "YAMATO! YAMATO GET BACK HERE!" Yamato entered the hallway and looked up at Mimi, he feigned a very small smile, but she couldn't help but notice how dim his eyes looked. Still, she smiled sweetly, happy to see him. "What are you doing here, hmm?" he asked, forcing another smile. "Oh..well, I just came back from.." Mimi paused, "I just decided to visit you I guess." Yamato looked her over curiously, then shrugged, "Well I'm glad you did. Do you wanna go out & get something to eat or something?" Mimi nodded, and Yamato started to move when she placed her hand on his arm & stopped him. He looked back at her, "Hmm?" Mimi coughed, "Yamato... Everything will be alright. You know that don't you? It'll all be fine. It will be perfect again." Matt paused, his smile receding, his eyes started to glisten. Mimi's eyes narrowed, worried she had said something wrong, but Yamato then pulled her into a hug, "I hope so..."

"What's mine is yours, You can have all of it and, I'll learn to beg..."

Mimi felt relieved for that second, then she started to wonder to herself. Am I really sure it will be alright again? Fame can't last forever, and if everything continues going on like it is... She stopped and tried to shake the thought out of her head.

"Oh the boys, On the radio, They crash & burn, They fold & fade so slow..."

Finally Yamato released her, giving her possibly the only real smile she had seen from him in months. "Thanks Mimi. You're a great friend. Now, c'mon, let's go eat okay?" Yamato stepped past her and headed for the door. Friend... Mimi could almost feel her heart drop at the word. After everything I've done for him, everything I've been through with him...I thought he would feel different? Feel something more for me... Friend? She had never felt so very distant from Yamato than she did at that moment.

"In your endless summer night, I'll be on the other side, When you're beautiful & dying, All the world that you've denied..."

Mimi started to walk towards the door, quickening her steps so she wouldn't keep Yamato waiting. No matter how you feel though, I'll never leave your side Yamato, I won't betray you like the others did... Never... Mimi then forced herself to walk even faster as she slid through the door.

"When the water is too deep, You can close your eyes & really sleep, Tonight, Tonight..."

Mimi sat on her bed, staring out the window at the moon. She had spent the rest of her day with Yamato. They discussed his band's immediate success, how their album went to #1 on the charts, how well their world wide tour went, how all these girls loved him. Then they talked about how their album was dropping on the charts, how they didn't sell too many tickets for their last few concerts, how viscious the fangirls were, the way that the band's time in the spotlight seemed to be fading, and most of all, how unhappy Yamato was with, well, with everything. As she sat there contemplating their conversation, she still couldn't help but wish it had been her. She always wanted her 15 minutes of fame, even with it's price.

"I want what's yours, Oh I'd give anything and, I'll take the pain..."

Mimi then realized, that she wasted her chance to do that. It was a year or so ago, when she had performed at a local club, substituting for the band's sick lead vocalist. A record executive had been there; he loved her voice, believed she had talent, and by the end of the night she was auditioning to see if she could get a record deal. She broke the news to everyone, that she had finally made it, and it seemed like no one was happier for her then Yamato. While congratulating her and noting how he would stand by her 100%, he mentioned how cool it would be for Mimi to hook him up with the executive, so maybe his band would get a deal too. She had of course, agreed. God that was stupid of me... Mimi ended up spending far too much time helping Yamato's band get started, and she lost her chance to record an album. Hiding her disapointment inside, she dedicated herself to helping Yamato, all her spare time was used to do only this. Maybe I just wanted to live vicariously through him? I just don't know anymore...

"I wait alone, For what will never come and, I'll throw it all away, Oh the Boys, On the radio, They crash & burn, They fold & fade so slow..."

Mimi sat up, the thoughts of the past quickly leaving her mind. "I'm glad I ruined my chance. I could never deal with that, I could never live how Yamato lives. That business has ripped him to peices, and the future doesn't look good for him at all." She sighed and closed her eyes, "He just needs to get out of it all. Or else it's going to ruin him."

"In your endless summer night, I'll be on the other side, When you're beautiful & dying, All the world that you've denied, When the water is too deep, You can close your eyes & really sleep, Tonight..."

With that Mimi reached over to turn out her light, and paused when she noticed the picture laying on her desk. It was everyone, all of her friends she held so dear. We look so happy. So very...together, like friends. Her look went from regret to anger, she tossed the picture off her desk. But they betrayed him! How could anyone betray HIM? Mimi practically threw herself down onto her bed. She reached up and turned the light off, then tugged the covers upward. "I care for him way too much..."

"Your beauty blinds, If I let, You in, Under, My skin, And risen, Every angel slain..."

The next morning Mimi woke up to a pounding on her door, she stumbled down the stairs and peered through the window. It was him. She smiled to herself and opened the door, Yamato grinned, "Can I come in?" Mimi nodded and moved out of his way. "Thanks! I've got great knews!" His extreme enthusiasm reminded her of a young boy about to open his present, she smiled, "What is it?" Yamato continued to grin, "I just got a call from the studio, they found a solution for all of our problems they said! They know of some way that the band will all be able to function together again, and it will also boost us back up the charts! And everything else! You were right, it's going to be perfect again!" Mimi stopped, then forced a smile, "Thats great Yamato!" He nodded, then looked at his watch, "Augh! I better go. We're meeting in 25 minutes. I'll cya later. Thanks again Mimi! You're so great!" Yamato quickly hugged her and ran out the door. "But..ah..." Great...perfect. With my help he's just continuing to get farther into everything. I've lost him. We've all lost him.

"He said he never, Ever, Ever goes, Heavens, Heavens, Heavens no, And never ever, Ever go away, Baby I've gone away..."

Mimi paced around her apartment all day. She hadn't heard from Yamato since he left for that meeting. It was now 10:47 PM. "I hope it went all right. God, it had to have gone alright." Her worries were soon answered with the ringing of the phone. She ran to it, yanking up the phone, "Hello?" Silence. "Hello? HELLO?" She heard a quiet cough in the background. "'s Yamato." She immediately knew it wasn't good, he wasn't okay, his voice was barely above a whisper. "Yamato! Is everything alright?" More silence. "Umm...well the band is going to be perfect again. It should all work out...except..." Mimi's brow narrowed, "Except...?" More quiet coughing. "Their perfect plan was to get rid of me. They kicked me out of the band."

"In your endless summer night, I'll be on the other side, When your beautiful and dying, All the world that you've denied, When the water is too deep, You can close your eyes and really sleep tonight..."

A mix of panic, anger, relief, and pity rushed over her. She remained speechless. "Mimi...?" his voice seemed to echo. "Oh yea....I. God Yamato, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" Silence once more. "Yea, I just... Can you come over?" Mimi jumped up and grabbed her coat, "Of course I can. I'm on my way right now. Bye." Click. Mimi grabbed her keys and rushed out of her house. Yamato slowly hung up the phone and stared blankly at the wall. 10 minutes later the sound of a car pulling into his driveway caught Yamato's attention. Before he could get up and open the door Mimi was pounding on it. He opened it slowly and Mimi rushed in, hugging him tightly. She pulled back and looked at him, that same dullness was in his eyes, but now they seemed completely lifeless. They made Mimi slightly uncomfortable, she averted her eyes and noticed a bunch of suitcases. "Yamato...?" her voice dwindled off and she stared at them. "Yea, you see... I need to leave. I just can't stay here anymore, I have nothing left here, or really anywhere. So...why not a fresh start?" His voice cracked, obviously he was trying not to cry. Mimi shook her head slowly, "No. That's not the best thing to do. Don't you see? You can't run from your problems or your past!" She choked on her tears, which she couldn't so easily suppress.

"Your beauty blinds, I know what you, Are running to, Please come back, Oh come back again, I hear the truth, It's coming from you, Oh come back, Won't come back again..."

"I have to go Mimi. I really have nothing left here for me. Maybe I'll... I'll go to New York. Didn't you enjoy living there? should be nice..." Yamato dwindled off. "But..but Yamato! You just can't leave like that! I..I... I'll go with you!" Mimi cried out, tears now pouring down her face. He seemed to cringe at seeing her in pain, but all the same, Yamato picked up his bags and silently headed for the door. She grabbed his arm and turned him around to face her. "You don't understand! I have to get away from everything that reminds me of that experience!" He yelled, then paused. Her eyes burned right through him, "And... I have to get away from EVERYONE who reminds me of it. I'm sorry." He opened the door, looked back at her once more, and then he was gone.

"In your endless summer night, I'll be on the other side, When the water is too deep, I will ease your suffering, When the glitter fades in morning, Turn away and you will find my empty eyes, Your beauty blinds..."

Mimi stared at the door, her shirt was now stained by the tears that fell from her chin. She dropped to her knees and started to sob uncontrollably. "Yamato...."

"I know that you are rotten to the core, I know that you don't love me anymore..."

Sora could barely hear the doorbell ring through the sound of the rain pounding on her roof. "Is someone at the door?" Taichi called out, Koushiro looked up from his laptop. "Yea, I'll get it," Sora called back and headed down the stairs. Takeru & Hikari looked at eachother, "Who would be coming over here at this time of night?" They could hear the door open, and a long silence, then Sora's voice echoed through the house, "MIMI!" They all looked at eachother then ran downstairs. Standing on the porch was Mimi, drenched by the rain & her tears. She looked up at them, "I'm...sorry," her eyes were dull, just as Yamato's were.

"I know that you, are rotten, to the core..."

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