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Boys On The Radio
Part Two
Lonliness Is Worse

"Ever since the loss of lead vocalist Yamato Ishida, the bands popularity has been declining, when interv..." *Click* Mimi turned off her tv and stared at the blank screen as it fizzled. It had been months since Yamato left, and no one had heard anything from him. Not even Takeru. If only she knew where he was; she wanted to help him. She wanted to take him into her arms and make sure he was safe. Unknowingly tears began to stream from her eyes, soaking the pillow she had under her chin.

"When you've had enough, and you've got it bad enough and you can't let go."

Sora sighed, it had been weeks since Mimi had shown up at her door that night. Still though, Mimi was exactly the same, her eyes were so empty. It was like her soul itself had gone dorment. They all tried to talk to her, comfort her in some way, but nothing helped. Taichi had once said something that put Yamato in a bad light and Mimi had gone off at him. She was still defending him, STILL. Sora was amazed at her friends loyalty to the person who had caused her so much pain. "Mimi? Mimi, listen to me..." Sora heard Taichi's voice and it brought her back to reality. A whispered "What?" was barely audible coming from Mimi. Taichi coughed, "I know you don't wanna hear this, but...get over it." Sora's eyes widened, What the hell are you doing Tai?! She just stood there, shocked that he would be so abrupt with their heart broken friend. Mimi looked up at him through watery eyes, "W-what?" she choked out. "Get. Over. It. No, get over him. He's changed, and you know it! I tried to tell you! Remember? I did! And now look what's happened, you know I'm right Mimi! I mean, he was my BEST FRIEND, and even I can see the person he became. Mimi, you know I'm just looking out for you! I..." He was cut off by Mimi's palm connecting with his cheek.

"When it comes to blows, and you start to overflow, and you can't get home."

Mimi ran out of the house, just as she had done weeks before. Everything blurred behind her tears, she didn't know where she was going, but she had to go somewhere. Anywhere. After running through crowds of people she found herself at a small restaurant. She stared at it for awhile, something inside her calling her to remember, and then it hit her. The day her & Yamato had gone out to lunch they had come here. She didn't want to go in, but her feet were too far ahead of her mind. She came through the doors and took a place at a table in the far back corner. Flopping down in the seat she placed her hands to her head and stared at the silverware lying on the wooden table. "Ma'am?" No response. "Ma'am?" Mimi looked up and coughed, wiping some tears off her face, "Yes?" The waitor paused, taking in her current state, "Umm...Err," he coughed, "Are you ready to order?" He finally got out. "Just a mocha," Mimi's eyes returned to the silverware. "Alright..." the waitor said and walked off. "Yama...where are you? What are you doing?" She paused. "Have you thought about me at all since you left? Please Yama, say you'll come back to me..." A single tear fell, landing on a spoon and sliding down it's curves.

"It's a subtle kind of cruel, it taps my spine. Here I'm drawing a line, I'm asking please."

Mimi stared at the spoon for awhile, watcing how the tear added to it's shine. She sighed. Deep down inside she didn't really think he ever thought about her, most likely, he never thought about her before. Atleast, not like that, not in the way she wanted him to. If only it had been different... Her thoughts dwindled to a better situation. Yamato and herself, happy and in love, both enjoying their fame. Both, even her. What if she had taken her chance to become famous? Would things be different now? She shook her head. It's all in the past... It doesn't matter anymore. She just wanted to know that he loved her. Wasn't there anything there at all? She thought back to all the time he'd looked at her, talked to her, brushed by her. Was there something else behind those simple acts? Couldn't he love her? Couldn't he be feeling exactly how she was now?

"Don't you wanna be happy with me? Don't you wanna be happy with me?"

Mimi really couldn't tell, she didn't know if he loved her. She doubted it, but yet she believed it, or she yearned for it. If only he would come back to her, then she could stare into his eyes, listen to his voice, see his face when he brushed by her. Then she would know the truth. Besides, he couldn't be that happy all by himself, reliving his past in his mind; and she knew that's what he was doing. Sulking. She could solve everything if he'd just come back.

"I'm afraid if you don't come around soon, I'll turn sadder than you ever were, and you'll learn lonliness is worse you've gotta try."

Yamato stared blankly at his tv, his eyes devoid of all emotion. "Ever since the loss of lead vocalist Yamato Ishida, the bands popularity has been declining, when interv..." *Click* He couldn't stand to watch that. Every time he turned on the radio or the tv he saw himself, in every magazine his name was written. He just wanted to scream. He wanted to throw himself down on the floor and kick and scream and cry his eyes out, just like a child. He could do that too, there was no one there to watch him do it. No one at all. A hint of pain twinged inside him, I'm completely all alone...this time I'm really all alone. He blinked, once, twice, three times. He was used to being somewhat of a loner, but he was never really alone. For the first time in his life, he had no one, and for the first time in his life, he truely let himself go, and started to cry, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Mimi shoved a peice of her hair behind her ear and dug around under a rock. "Aha..." She pulled a key out from under it. She had left her purse at Sora's, and she was in no mood to go get it back. So, she stood outside her door, realizing exactly that, and then remembering she had a spare key. After she finally got her hands to stop shaking enough to get the key in, she unlocked the door and headed inside. She glanced over at her answering machine, the little light was blinking. God, it's probably Sora... She dropped the spare key on the ground and headed for the machine. Tapping the button lightly she headed for the kitchen and opened the fridge. *Beep* Silence. A long silence. Then coughing. Mimi pulled a milk carton out of the fridge and paused at the noise. "Uhh..." Her eyes widened. "Mimi...It's...It's Yamato.. I just, I just realized the mistake I made...I umm. I need to see you. I, eh, sorry about this...just, just call me. I'm at the Royal Hotel, room number 47. Bye." *Beep* The carton fell from Mimi's hands and she opened her mouth to speak, but choked on her words.

"December's all alone, and he's calling me on the phone but he sounds so cold."

She couldn't help it, Mimi's immediate reaction was to dart for her phone. Stepping through the puddle of milk that was now forming on the floor, she grabbed for the phone. "Umm...Umm..Umm...!" She stared at the phone. "Ah!!" Throwing the phone down she ran back into the kitchen and pulled a phone book out of the cupboard. Fumbling, she flipped to the directory. "Royal Hotel..Royal Hotel..." she murmured, then stopped, keeping her finger placed on the page. She grabbed the phone from the counter. *Beep* "931..." *Beep Beep Beep* "4702..." *Beep Beep Beep Beep* She dropped the phone book on the floor and went over to her couch. *Ring...Ring...* "Royal Hotel front desk, how may I help you?" She cleared her throat, making sure she could now speak, "Umm, yes, hi. I need to be connected to room, umm, room number 47." There was a small pause, then the sound of papers being shuffled through. "Alright, hold on miss, I'll connect you right now." She sighed, "Thanks." She waited, and waited, and waited some more. "Hmm..." she was about to hang up. "Hello?" The sound of Yamato's voice shook her nerves, she was really talking to him. "Hello?" He asked again. Mimi coughed, "Yamato...Hi..." She swore she heard a loud noise, as if he had fallen and hit the floor. A small smile almost threatened her lips. "Mimi!!" He to an extent hadn't expected her to call, but then again, she always had been there for him. That was partly why he called her, the guilt of that had been eating away at his heart. He didn't really know what to say to her. When he had realized how very alone he was, it hit him that she was his only friend anymore, and he had taken her for granted. Maybe leaving EVERYTHING behind wasn't the best thing for him to do. So he had called her, almost knowing she would always take him back as a friend. She simply amazed him, and that had caused him to think. To think about what she really meant to him. "Yama???" He realized he hadn't responded to her yet, and he then worked up all the courage he had left, "Mimi...I need to to be by my side. I mean, I love you!!" He waited for her to either break down crying or use every sware word known to man.

"He says he loves me so, but how would I ever know? Certain words grow old."

Mimi couldn't say anything, tears were already starting to well up in her eyes. She was starting to lose her grip on the phone, and in her mind she had lost her grip on reality itself. Those words played in her head over and over, "I..." Yamato could barely hear her through the phone. *Click* She hung up. Not even Mimi herself could believe what she had done, she just stared blankly, in total shock. Yamato sighed and hung up his phone, I ruined everything. Mimi didn't know what to do, he loved her? He loved her, and that was all she wanted. But, did he REALLY love her? Maybe he was just desperate for company, would it just turn out he didn't truely love her? I hope he meant that, Oh god I hope he meant that...but...Augh!! Mimi shoved her face in a pillow to muffle her scream.

"It's a vicious kind of catch, it sides me blind. Now I'm out of my mind, I wanna scream."

Yamato stared at his phone, he couldn't believe how badly he had screwed up. He thought his life couldn't get any worse, but oh boy, he was wrong. It had taken him so long to realize he loved her, he really loved her. But now, she hated him. He couldn't blame her though. If only he had realized his feelings sooner, or just taken the time to be rational. Looking back on everything, he knew he loved her from the start. Even back in the Digiworld, when he just thought of her as an airhead and a whiner, he had loved her. He had wanted to protect her as much as he wanted to Takeru. That whole time his feelings grew but he would never admit it, then she had left. When he had finally gotten to see her again, everything was different, but still his feelings had been then same. And then when she had helped him get a record deal, that was when it all started. He hadn't realized it until a few nights ago, but she had put everything on hold for him, then when he was deserted by his friends, she actually stood by him. How did he repay her? He left her alone, and he made her cry. He made her cry, that was the worst. He just wanted to love her, he wanted to pay her back for everything she had done for him, and he wanted to love her.

"Don't you wanna be happy with me? Don't you wanna be happy with me? I'm afraid if you don't come around soon, I'll turn sadder than you ever were, and you'll learn lonliness is worse you've gotta try."

Mimi didn't know how to feel, angry, relieved, joyous, sad, she just didn't know. As much as she wanted him to love her, it had been so much easier when she didn't know whether or not he did. When she just had a blind cause, most would think she was crazy choosing not knowing over knowing, but she had felt more at ease that way. Atleast, most of the time. Now she didn't know what to do. "Stupid Yama!" She dug her nails into the pillow she was clinging to. Her mind was in total conflict, finally, she gave up. She had spent all this time wanting him to love her, needing him to come back to her, and she had that chance. She got up and headed for the phone.

"Love liked me long ago, it had a way of making everyone the same. But how the angels must laugh and sigh to hear me pleading with you, and needing you this way."

Yamato was completely lifeless, staring at the phone still. Thoughts cluttered his mind. Maybe Mimi had found someone else? That made him feel even worse. Then maybe, she didn't even love him, she had always been there for him as a friend, and he had just taken it that maybe it meant more. He could sware he had seen something else in her eyes when she looked at him, but he was probably wrong. He blinked. It didn't even matter anymore. Whatever happened in the past was the past, Mimi didn't love him NOW. A noise brought him back to reality, he looked up. After a few seconds of silence he decided he was crazy. *Ring* "Huh?" Yamato looked down at the phone. *Ring* Quickly he grabbed it.

"Oh why, don't you wanna be happy with me? Don't you wanna be happy with me?"

"Please answer...Please answer!!" *Ring* She gave up, it had rang 4 times and he still hadn't answered. She went to put the phone back down when she barely heard his voice. "Hello??" It had a nervous edge to it. "Yamato?" She quickly brought the phone back up to her head. "Mimi!" She had called back, maybe she didn't hate him after all, Yamato relaxed a bit. "Yamato, I'm so sorry I hung up on you! I just, I just couldn't believe you said that. I, umm. Did you mean that...Yama-chan?" Mimi bit her lip, waiting for his answer. She felt like her life rested in his hands. She called me Yama-chan again... He smiled to himself, then said softly, "Of course I did." All the anger and sadness left Mimi, she felt like the world had been lifted off her shoulders, "Really?" she squeeked out. "Yep, I really meant it. It took me so long to realize it, but I meant it. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. I never meant to hurt you..." He trailed off. "It's, it's alright. Yama, do you, umm, do you think you could come back home? Err, come back here...again?" Mimi hoped to god this meant he would come back, and everything would be fine again. He smiled, "Yea."

"I'm afraid if you don't come around soon, I'll turn sadder than you ever were, and you'll learn lonliness is worse you've gotta try to stay mine, all the way."

A few days later Mimi sat at home, waiting for Yamato to arrive. After all she had went through she still couldn't believe how things turned out. He loved her. She smiled, something she hadn't done in such a long time. Everything was going to be alright now, no, everything would be perfect. She would make it all perfect, or, THEY would. Mimi started to fidget and tap her feet impatiently. C'mon Yama, hurry up and get here!! Her eyes keep looking to the door. Her insecurity still got the best of her, What if he doesn't come back? No. He would. She pushed the thought away and continued to fidget.

"Don't you wanna be happy with me? Don't you wanna be happy with me? I'm afraid if you don't come around soon, I'll turn sadder than you ever were."

Mimi had gotten ahold of a napkin and 15 minutes later a pile of tiny shreds lay in her lap. The sound of her doorbell made her jump up, sending the shreds everywhere. She nearly tripped over her feet as she rushed to the door, quickly pulling it open. Yamato stood outside, bags in hand, his blue eyes staring at her. She smiled and flung her arms around his neck, a single tear or joy falling onto his shoulder. Yamato dropped his bags and held onto her tightly.

"It's gotta way of making everyone the same, It's gotta way of making everyone the same."

Mimi and Yamato sat on the couch in Sora's house, looking up at the people around them. Taichi just watched the two in awe, completely amazed that Mimi could be with him, and almost disgusted with his old best friend. He could get over it though, after awhile. Sora on the other hand, could see her friends happiness with eachother, and was more understanding. They had arranged for everyone to get back together, and at the moment Takeru and Hikari were on their way. Meanwhile though, the room was filled with silence, quite an uncomfortable silence. Yamato watched Taichi, and let out a sigh, "I'm sorry for the way I was. You know I am Tai, I really am, I'm sorry to everyone. I just..." Taichi looked at him and waved a hand to cut him off, "I know that. We all know that. But right now, I only know that, I don't understand it. Or, I don't understand you. You are..." He paused, "You are forgiven though..." Sora blinked and looked over at him, she hadn't expected that, she smiled slightly, everyone would be back together again, the way they should be. "You are forgiven." Tai finished, repeating himself, maybe so he could believe he said that. It was his best friend though, he deserved some compassion he supposed. Mimi squeezed Yamato's hand, getting a smile from him, while he still stared at Taichi. He was still amazed that Mimi could forgive him and care for him how she did, he didn't expect Taichi to do the same. This would take some time.

"It's gotta way of making everyone the same, It's gotta of making everyone the same."

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