Chapter 1: Conflict

Naruto's Karma

Chapter 1

By, trex0428

(Kuoh City, Naruto's Apartment)

The sun was shining brightly in the morning, passing through the curtains. waking up people from their sweet slumber and prepares them for the start of a new day.

The city was bustling with life, the streets was starting to get crowded by people, that was running or walking in some cases. towards their destination.

In contrast to that, a young looking man can be seen staring down a mirror. His sapphire blue eyes scaning his face with something akin to boredom, which was matched by his stoic demeanor.

Closing his blue orbs, the blonde silently mutters to himself in a slightly depressed tone.

"It's been a year now, since I've landed and become stranded to this place. and to think they said helping someone in need will benefit you in the long run. seriously what a joke!"

The appearance of the person, seems to be about 18 in age with blonde straight hair tied up into bun and is currently only wearing a towel wrap around his waists.


Sighing loudly as he slowly opens his eyelids once again, revealing his blue orbs to the world.

Looking straight at the mirror, he starts caressing his cheeks.

Feeling out his faded whisker marks, the only one thing that reminded him of his once tenant.

Once was his prominent feautes is now reduced to a line that could be mistaken for a cut on his cheeks.

Taking his hand off his face, he finally stops his reminiscing of the past.

"Get over yourself Naruto, What happened happened and there's no changing that, all you can do now is to live forward just like what your friends would like you to do!"

After shaking his head to push the stray thoughts away, he then proceeds to get inside the shower.

Quickly finishing his shower, he grabs his towel, turns on the hair dryer, gets his hair dried up and starts to get dressed.

Opening his closet and grabbing the closest clothes he could reach.

Naruto donned on a black shirt and fitting black jeans.

Going downstairs to the kitchen to cook breakfast he then turns on the tv to make some background noise.

'Cooking isn't a thing I'd imagine i would really do, but things change i guess.'

While mindlessly cooking and being stuck in his own thoughts, Naruto manages to hear an intriguing news.

Slightly tilting his head so he can watch the news.

"Lately, There's been a lot of recent killings in Kuoh town, Reports says that few days ago a pool of blood was found near the fountain of the plaza park, the police hasn't found any body or witnesses involve but is still contuining the search for some clues and a possible suspect." says the news lady in a professional tone.

'That's suprising. so there's a serial killer in Kuoh huh? What should i do? i wonder if their involved in this?'

Still contemplating on what to do, Naruto starts smell to something burning, seeing his salmon slightly burnt, he then quickly turns the stove off and starts preparing his meal.

Which consisted of miso soup ,cut cucumber and raddish, two japanese omellete, a slightly burnt salmon fish and a bowl of rice..

Clasping his hands together and says a little prayer.

"Thanks for the meal"

After saying his prayers, Naruto then grabs his plate and enjoys his breakfast.

Mindlessly listening to the news he then finishes and proceeds to wash the dishes.

Checking all his belongings and making sure he has the keys to his apartment, after neatly storing his slippers and grabbing his light brown hooded coat, Naruto then quickly puts on his black shoes.

Double checking the door is locked and tight, He then proceeds to go to his 7 hour part-time job.

(Kuoh Town, Apartment Hallway)

Finishing his part-time job with the sun almost down and tired from his work, Naruto quickly goes back to his home.

'So working per hour is 1020 yen for being a cashier at a supermarket, it does give me enough to pay the bills and enough to spend it onto other things. i wonder if i should get a driving license and save up money to buy an actual car or buy my own actual house. cause being in a apartment can be pretty restricted.'

As Naruto internally contemplates about his current job while holding onto his groceries he notices 2 police officers waiting outside his door.

The officers sees Naruto approaching and proceeds to look towards him.

"Good afternoon sir, Are you perhaps the person living in this room named Uzumaki Naruto?"

After bowing lightly the guy who looks like the higher ranking of the 2 politely asks Naruto.

"Yes, I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Although confused by the situation, he answers their question.

"Forgive us for the trouble but we're from the Kuoh Police Station and we would like to question you about some things, if you have some time?"

Obliging, Naruto moves past them. Unlocking the door to his apartment.

"Sure, Come in."

Naruto invites the officers inside.

"Sorry for the intrusion!"

After taking his shoes and coat off, Naruto then guides them to his living room and provides the officers with macha tea.

"Thank you! Sorry for the intrusion!"

Gesturing them to sit and get comfortable, Naruto sits the opposite of them and then gets straight to the point asking them.

"So, What were your questions about?"

Gathering and arranging their notes out. the policemen, starts their investigation.

"We've received a report of a missing person and we believe you were the last person seen with the one missing, this is the picture of the person" the younger of the two holds up a picture for him to see.

Naruto looks at the picture quickly recognizing it as one of his coworkers back at his part-time job.

"Yeah, i know this person. we we're heading the same path until we separated after passing the convience store. i haven't seen her after that."

Shocked by the news, Naruto tells them his last sighting of her.

"Is that so? I'm sorry can you tell us more?"

After 2 hour of questioning was it finally over, the 2 officers then thanks Naruto for his cooperation before giving him a number to call if he remembers anything and leaves.

Naruto escorts them towards the exit and after seeing them leave his house. closes the door only to sit down and sets his back on the wall.

'She's really gone huh, I didn't think I'd lose anyone this early after only arriving here... she really have no luck'

Slightly reminscing about their first meeting only manage to made him feel worse. forcing the depressing thoughts back.

He then goes back up and finishes storing his groceries.

Naruto then glances at the clock only now noticing that its 9 pm already.

"Huh, its already late and I'm too tired to cook anything, i guess I'll just go eat some ramen."

Grabbing his wallet and putting on his coat again, Naruto then proceeds to lock his door and search for some ramen.

(Kuoh Town, Streets)

Going outside with the moon now illuminating the streets of Kuoh. with Naruto walking down the road slightly distracted in his thoughts about who could have killed his friend.

'I didn't think, i would get this bothered after losing everything already once. i guess there's still some humanity in me.'

Bitterly laughing at his situation and unable to drown the uneasiness by the thought of losing someone, Naruto decides to do something for her.

'I guess the only thing. i could do for you now is to give your death closure.

Naruto then stops walking and closes his eyes.

Opening it to reveal something that he only dream of using.

His normally blue eyes have been replaced by the prize eyes of the Hyuga clan.

The Byakugan in its full glory.

Using the gift he was given. He immediately found her or what's left of it.

Looking closely that's when Naruto sensed something almost nostalgic.

'What is that energy I'm sensing. looking at it closely. it's very different and only slightly similar to my chakra but that's impossible?!'

Suprised by this discovery. Naruto snaps back to reality and immediately focuses back towards the location.

Quickly pinpointing the location, he doesn't waste any moment and gathers chakra at his feet, cracking the pavement while he heads towards it.

Passing through some building and structures. Moving as silently as possible only to arrive at the location realizing that he was too late now.

(Kuoh Town, Someone's Apartment)

Heading inside, Naruto is immediately assaulted by the smell of iron. slightly disturbed, he quickly passes down the entrance, moving up a little further. he finds a bloodied corpse. crouching down and inspecting it better. he confirms it as the body of his missing coworker. getting up and searching around for more. he can't seemingly find anything leads to the murder or where the chakra came from.

Although frustrated to lose his only lead, Naruto felt slightly more saddend right now by the fact that seeing the only person who was nice to him was killed in a horrible and painful manner.

Slowly a figure moves out of the shadows. slightly creeping towards him. the figure conjures up a light spear and prepares to stab Naruto's back.

Even though distracted Naruto was able to easily sense and dodge the person lurking behind him.

"DIE! HUMAN!" as the figure yells attempting to stab him.

Only for Naruto to casually dodge to the side of the light spear that was thrust towards him. and without looking he grabs it as he quickly kicks his assailant away. he then shoots some black rods from his left hand. capturing and pinning down the person who tried to kill him.


Slightly looking at his right hand he quickly dismisses the Karma seal at its full glory glowing purple.

After the seal finished absorbing the new found energy and having felt more energy inside him, Naruto then looks at the person? or thing? that tried to kill him was a girl with short black haired and yellow defiantly glaring eyes that has a pair of blacked feathered wings attach to her back wearing some light armor covering her body.

Confirming the girl was pierced to the ground by the rods and could not move. Naruto casually walks infront of her and crouches to look at her eyes. he then proceeds to ask some questions.

Already having a hunch of what happened to this place.

Naruto starts asking the first thing he can think of.

"Who are you?"

Naruto asks in a stoic demeanor.

The girl still glaring answers defiantly.

"Don't expect me to answer, you lesser being!"

'Figures, asking nicely won't matter with these type of people'

Having had enough of dealing with this kind of people.

He decides on a more straight approach, Naruto positions his right foot above her hand.

"Because of this."

After saying that in a cold tone. Naruto steps on her fingers and manages to break all five of them into pieces.


Wailing and crying loudly to her hearts content trying to break of her confinements.

Naruto drags her hair and asks one more time with the undertone that promised more pain lf she doesn't comply.

"Who are you, Answer or I'll break the other one."

The girl that was confident before had almost broken down but after managing to cool her emotions, still tries to maintain a strong attitude.

"If only i could get out of this, I'll show you!"

The girl shouts out defiantly trying to somewhat maintain her dignity.

Naruto hearing what she says, just drags her up to eye level. having his blue eyes changed into the rinnegan. he uses his genjutsu to break her spirit and gain more information.

Showing her horrifying images and traumatic events of her life.


Naruto deactives the rinnegan and then releases her from his genjutsu.

Hearing all about their plans and some other things Naruto asks one last question.

"Did you kill her?"

Even though knowing the answer, he needed to confirm it before finishing his interrogation.

Asking her as he points at the corpse that was behind him.


Crying and closing her eyes the girl answer truthfully hoping that she would be spared.

Naruto releases a sigh and puts his hand towards the stray fallen angel.

"Then It'll be the same for you."

Slightly touching her forehead, he then calls out his new jutsu.


After calmly uttering his new jutsus name her forehead was immediately consume by cracks that started spreading to her entire body until it gave in collapsing to dust leaving nothing behind with her not even able to scream in agony.

Coincidently finding something that could give him problems in the future. Naruto realizes three things.

First is this could be a clue to knowing what happen to the remains of the God tree.

He knew chakra wasn't the only energy onto this world unlike his previous one.

But having a similar chakra to his, even if was very different. didn't bode well for him. especially since no one in this world should even have it.

Second having it sense near him only now. that shouldn't be possible. so that spells a lot more going on into this world than he knows, A lot more.

And the third thing was Kuoh was now hosting some stray fallen that are plotting something really dangerous in the future.

Activiting karma covers up his right-hand with purple marks with his left eye transforming into the Byakugan. he also gains a horn on to his left side.

Using the Byakugan, Naruto is able to see all the prominent energies across Kuoh from separate locations.

Widing his vision inside Kuoh Town. He spots a group of stray fallen angels that were hunkering inside the old church at the outskirts of town.

He then finds out another fallen angel near Kuoh Academy although masking it with something else Naruto discerns a chakra wielder among them in which he suspects the one he sensed earlier.

'I guess hiding my presence isn't an option anymore. l could sense the chakra in her but it seems different. i couldn't pick it up anything else, so this should give me a clue.'

He manages to find out were they had went to and decides to go meet them.

Using karma he opens up a black portal and walks towards it, Naruto now finally having a lead since arriving here.

'Giving up my peace sounds like really a heavy loss but i couldn't just let this slide. Let's see if they know something!'

Determined to finish what he started, Naruto goes inside his portal and closes it.

I really wanted to write this idea of what if naruto got kaguya's karma with some world transportation mixed in.

And now with no more tailed beasts sealed within him Naruto has to from now on fight using the karma mainly.

This Naruto will be op and probably feel a lot oc because i want to add kaguya's personality more into him AND definitely NO talk no jutsu or just some senseless relating crap, its all hands now.

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