Chapter 3: Dealing with the Devil

Naruto's Karma

Chapter 3

By, trex0428

(Kuoh School, Clubhouse)

Sunrays shining through curtains, Inside the room.

Stirring the person awake that was sleeping comfortably in the bed.

"Rias! Rias!"



After waking up and slowly opening her eyes Rias sees her best friend infront of her with a concern expression.

"Sona...? What happened?"

Sona Sitri is a young bespectacled woman with a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes.

"You were unconcious for a few days!! We were all worried!!.

"I...i see."

Trying to sit up hurt a little considering there is still a little bruise left.

"Here let me help you"

Taking the hand that was offered she manages to sit up.

As if remembering something Rias quickly asks.

"What happened to my peerage?!"

"Their okay, there actually outside. wait a second I'll call them."

Quickly running towards the door and exiting.

Rias hears a few footsteps and Sona comes back with her peerage.

"Oh thank Maou!! Rias you're finally awake !!"

After saying that Akeno runs towards the bed and hugs her best friend.

"Im fine now Akeno."

Returning the affection Rias scans her peerage everyone seems to be fine except Koneko who is now wearing cast.

Seeing her knight stepping a little bit she focuses her attention towards him.

"Are you ok now Buchou?"

Feeling a little bit touch by the concern she answers with a smile.

"I feel a little bit bruise but besides that I'm fine Kiba"

Looking at the back she checks up on her rook and asks.

"How is your left arm Koneko?"

While looking at her cast.

"It's almost healed Buchou, How about you?"

Asks Koneko with a little more emotion than usual.

"I'm fine now, thank you."

After looking again she can't seem to find Issei

"Where is Issei? Akeno"

Releasing her hold onto best friend Akeno takes a step back.

"Issei-kun is taking care of Gasper right now Buchou"

Suprised by the answer Rias quickly follows up with.

"How did he find out??"

Rubbing her sheepishly Akeno replies.

"I...kinda accidentally told him. hehehe"

Hearing her explanation Rias just looks at Akeno with a deadpan expression.

Having enough of the staring Sona decides to break the ice.

"Stop it already Rias"

Pouting like a child Rias finally relents.

Seeing her best friend returned to normal she finally asks the question bugging her.

"I wanted to know who attacked you Rias? I already known what happened hearing from your peerage but do you have an idea who it might be?"

Hearing her question reminded her of the recent events.

"That's right! Someone did beat me and my peerage into the ground effortlessly"

Thinking harder for a minute she then says.

"No, i don't have any clue who the person ls"

Not being relieved by the slightest Sona continues.

"So, we don't have any clue. this is a problem Rias. no one could just attack one of the heiresses of kuoh without any repercussions."

Fully understanding what she means she asks.

"Is this a declaration of war?"

Fixing her eyeglasses Sona replies with uncertainty.

"Perhaps Rias but we don't have enough facts to conclude an answer"

Looking down Rias rubs her bruised stomach.

"What should we do Sona?"

Which she quicklys answer with.

"I already called your brother"

Rias suprised by the action looks back at Sona.

"What?! Why?! we could have handle it!"

Frowning hearing Rias statement Sona replies with a tone of frustration.

"No! we can't you already said he beated you effortlessly! you're lucky he didnt finish you off Rias! we need help thats why I'll do what i think is necessary!"

Realising the folly in her thinking Rias apologies.

"I'm sorry. you're right."

Letting a tired sigh Sona accepts her apology.

"It's fine Rias, you're brother will be here soon."

Rias just nods her head.

"I'm sorry eveyone. i wanna rest for a bit could you come back later."

Rias says with a smile that doesn't reach her eyes.

Realising what she really wants Sona just does what Rias asked.

"Yeah sure rest up Rias we'll come back later"

Everyone except for Sona looks uncomfortable but still complies.

"Rest up Rias"

"Take care Buchou"

"I'll bring some snacks later Buchou"

After saying their goodbyes one by one left until Rias was alone by herself.

Sensing everyone was gone Rias just falls into her back looking into the ceiling.

She moves her body to side and hugs herself crying openly.

'What was i thinking! we almost died! i could have lost my entire peerage because of my actions! I'm so stupid! we shouldn't have quickly engaged the unknown! we could just grab Koneko and run!'

Buried deep into her own thoughts Rias couldn't sense someone teleporting into her own bedroom.

The person who teleported was a man.

The man was none other than Rias brother Sirzechs Lucifer.

Sirzechs Lucifer is a handsome man who seems to be in his early 20's. He has shoulder length crimson hair and blue-green eyes.

Quickly realising his little sister was crying he conjures up a chair and sits on it while.

Caressing her head.

Feeling someone touch her Rias immediately looks up only to see her big brother.


Suprised but glad to see her brother Rias just continues crying.

"Yes it's me Rias"

Holding back his anger towards the person responsible for her sister's current state Sirzech calms himself down and continues consoling Rias.

"Tell me what happened Rias"

Calming down a little Rias manages to answer her brother.


(Underworld, Sirzechs Office)

It was late as hell and someone was still working their ass off trying to solve the whole underworld's problem one at a time.

After checking up on his sister Sirzechs goes back to his office.

Sitting down and writing letters seemingly for hours now he finally decides to rest for a bit.

"Man it feels like this isn't gonna end!!"

Putting down his pen Sirzechs gets more comfortable in his seat and closes his eyes for a bit.

"Hey...we really should talk Sirzech Lucifer"

Sirzechs open his eyes and gained a suprise look after hearing someone's voice in front of him.

Looking upfront he sees a man wearing an all black suit with no tie sitting openly with hand on his face on top of his office window.

Quickly looking at the intruder Sirzechs readjusts his body to face him directly.

'Blonde hair and blue eyes, And judging from his lack of presence. i guess this is the bastard that attacked Rias a few days ago.'

Seeing this being made Sirzechs very angry.

"So, you're the who attacked my sister at her own territory?"

Naruto just tilts his head in confusion.

"No, she's the one who attack first without any question. you're lucky i didn't kill her"

While pointing his finger at Sirzechs.

Hearing this made Sirzechs angrier.

"You injured my sister into coma for a few days you bastard!"

Having enough of this farce Sirzechs puts his hand down and smashes his desk then proceeds to speed towards Naruto with the intent to kill.

Outstretched on his hand was condensed ball of Power of destruction.


Naruto just says a bored not even slightly concerned by the deathball nearly closing in his face.


Just as about Sirzechs was gonna hit Naruto a black portal suddenly opens infront of him and without anything stopping his momentum Sirzech easily got swallowed inside.

Seeing the Maou entering his portal, Naruto quickly conjures his own portal and hops in.

(Naruto's Dimension)

There inside his portal was a vast desert with nothing in sight.

Directly in front of him is Sirzechs in his full glory releasing a lot of demonic power and coated in P.O.D.

"So this is the real famed Power of destruction."

Hearing the blond just nonchalantly commenting about his power made Sirzechs really wary towards Naruto.

'There's not that many people who can stand this close to me with this much demonic energy'

'And not get obliterated!'

Assuming a stance Sirzechs asks Naruto.

"What are you?"

In which Naruto replies with.

"I'm human."

Hearing his answer and not a second later Sirzechs quickly moves into action.

Putting both of his hands up Sirzechs shoots out dozens of P.O.D towards Naruto.

After a minute Sirzechs stops his attack and decides to observe his opponent.

With all of the sand cleared out the way in it's place only a pure black ball was left.

Slowly opening up and getting smaller, inside it was Naruto.

'Now he looks different and with no damage whatsover.'

Revealing Naruto was in his Karma state.

Changing his tactics Sirzechs forms a sword out of P.O.D and charges towards Naruto.

Naruto seeing his opponent does the same and forms a sword out of truth-seeking orbs then charges towards Sirzechs.

Meeting in the middle both of them clash their weapons.

Exchanging attacks for a little more Sirzechs disengages and steps back shooting out his technique.

'Ruin the extinct'

Putting up his an unarmed hand up aiming towards Naruto.

Sirzechs launched a dozen of P.O.D blasts towards Naruto.

With Naruto seemingly parrying all of his attacks Sirzechs controls all of the parried blast to go float behind his opponent.

Naruto with his Byakugan sees the faint attack forms a shield of truth-seeking orbs to tank hit.

Suprised to see his opponent easily guard his attack Sirzech was almost caught off by approaching the Naruto.

Throwing the sword and conjuring up a shield in the last minute he manages to guard the sword that was supposed to slice him.

Naruto puts more force into his sword which started cracking Sirzechs shield.

Sirzechs seeing the shield about to crack, quickly dives out of the way and repositions himself and pulls his arm back then launchs himself back at Naruto.

Naruto disregarding his sword and pulls back his arm aiming at Sirzechs.

Their fists hitting each other causing a massive shockwave that made a deep pit as far as the human eye can see.

After that their fight went on for hours with both of them not looking exhausted or anything.

Getting tired of staying in the same place for hours Naruto says.

"This isn't going end anytime soon."

Hearing his opponent statement Sirzechs agrees.

"I agree. let's finish this already."

Putting some distance between themselves both start powering up.

Sirzechs releases his true form and becomes a being made out of P.O.D

With Naruto he uses Karma to cover more of his body and both of his eyes.

Both start to gather an unspeakable amount of energy in their palm creating both of their attacks.

In Sirzechs hand was a gigantic size ball of pure destruction ready to atomized his opponent into particles.

Naruto too conjures up a gigantic size ball of pure energy ready to grind his opponent into dust.

As if there was an unseen signal both of them launch their perspective attacks at the same time.

Both gigantic balls of destruction clashed with each other and neither were losing ground.

Pushing it's limits both of their attacks breaks apart and explodes.

Resulting in a catastrophic disaster absolutely destroying everything it touches.

In the aftermath a much more bigger hole was created in the sand landscape and in its center was Sirzechs and Naruto.

Sirzechs look torn up pretty badly with several deep cuts littering his body and is laying on his back with his only clothes remaining was his pants.

Other the hand Naruto body is hidden with a steam coming out of him.

Clearing out of the steam Naruto emerges with no damage or whatsoever with the only casualty was him losing all of his clothes.

Quickly summoning some clothing, Naruto now is wearing his old orange jumpsuit.

Walking towards the downed Sirzechs and stopping in front of him.

Sirzechs managing to still move cranes his neck to look at Naruto.

"How about an agreement?"

Curiosity won over his judgment Sirzechs replies.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I help you. you help me. that simple. and I'm pretty sure you know what im talking about."

Sirzechs contemplates Naruto answer didn't answer right back.

"You don't have to answer right away. as i said earlier we should really talk."

Hearing nothing Naruto decides to give a little more incentive.

"Here, as a sign of good gesture I'll heal you."

Summoning a portal Naruto outstretches his hand inside and grabs something into his dimension.

There came out stumbling from the portal was a pretty young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes.


"Hey, what's up Asia sorry about the sudden intrusion but i need your help"

Although suprised by her saviors action, she calms herself down.

"Okay what do you need?"

In which Naruto just points his finger towards Sirzechs.

"I need you to heal him."

Looking at the man, Asia rushes towards Sirzechs and starts healing him.

"Hang in there Sir! you're gonna be fine!"

Looking at Asia being a nice person towards anyone made Naruto smile a little, but quickly replaces it with a neutral look.

After several minutes Naruto decides to stop Asia.

"That's enough Asia. He'll survive."

Looking towards Naruto, Asia answers back.

"But he still needs help, he still in pain!"

Calmly thinking Naruto explains.

"Yes, he is Asia but he isn't a being you should take lightly. if you heal him there's a chance he'll take you as a hostage and use you against me. i know you're a really kind person and wants to help people but sometimes not helping someone is helping a lot more people."

Seeing as no way to argue back Asia reluctantly stops her healing and walk towards Naruto.

"Are you sure?"

Looking straight into her eyes Naruto confidently answers.

"I'm sure, trust me this guy won't die from something like this."

Asia just nods her heads and looks back at Sirzechs.

"Let's go home, Asia"


Opening up his portal Naruto lets Asia walk through first.

Taking one last look at Sirzechs, Naruto says.

"Think about what i said, Sirzechs.

I'll see you soon."

And with his piece said Naruto too steps in his portal after creating a portal for Sirzechs to fall in and get back to his office.

So what do you think?

God i wish i could write a much better fight scene I'll probably re-write The Naruto vs Sirzechs in the future when i get better at writing.

I wanted a more fleshed-out fight between them.

I had a lot of ideas for the fight but i can't seem to write it properly so i kinda cut it short to move forwards sorry about that.

I'm gonna give Naruto a flashback to how he got there sometime later.

He's too op so I'm just gonna make him not use magic or other energy, he can convert it into chakra but not as it is.

I really need to improve my grammar so if anyone is willing to be my beta reader i would appreciate it.