The Beauty of a Single Strand of Hair

By ringo-gurl07

Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to me. I do not own them (Although I do wish I owned Zack). The characters and the basic storyline belong to Fox and James Cameron.

To All: I have taken some time and re-written this story. I hope the readers will find this one more interesting and not so rushed.


Chapter 1: How it all began

2008-Manticore had always kept the soldiers head shaved. This way they could be identified by their barcode easier.

"I would like to find out how fast their hair grows," the man in charge named Lydecker said.

"But, it would take an immense amount of time to complete the analysis and tests," said the new director Renfro. "But, I suppose if they could grow hair fast it would help them when they have to go away on missions."

"Yes, very curious."

"I will allow it, but what series are you going to test it on? It must be a female in the unit."

"I was thinking the X5's. They after all are the superior race of soldiers."

"Yes, indeed! But, how long shall they grow their hair out?"

"I was thinking a year."



Two days later in a classroom of the X5's. Suddenly, Lydecker walked in.

"X5/452 and X5/599 please stand," barked Lydecker.

A girl who was about 9 years of age stood, she had enormous brown eyes. They were like gazing into a deep tunnel. She answered to X5/452.

The guy that answered to X5/599 was tall and judging by the looks was about 12 years of age. He had blue eyes that, since he was always emotionless they were like a dark river bottom.

"Please follow me to my office." He said speaking to them. To the teachers. "That will be all please continue with your lessons."

The pair of X5s followed Lydecker down the hall and inside his office.

His office was lined with pictures of the X5s. They were the most recent pictures of them. They were the mug shots that had been taken only last week.

"X5/452, I have asked the council to take some deep consideration about an experiment I have had in mind for a long while. This experiment is about hair growth. You have been chosen to be the one that will grow your hair for a year. You will go weekly to the infirmary followed by X5/599. You will be check upon to see how fast your hair is growing." He now turned to X5/599. "This experiment may cause difficulties with many things. First off, X5/452 will get 7 new hair ties every week and a hairbrush to keep her hair from knotting up. She is to have her hair up at all times during training. You may not I repeat may not punish her for stopping during a drill to pull her hair back again. Do you understand?"

"Sir, yes sir." Barked X5/599.

"Well then soldiers off to the barracks. I believe you two will need to talk about this before the others are notified. Dismissed."

They silently marched back to the barracks and sat down comfortably on the bunks they had been assigned to. Their bunks were right next to each other considering X5/599 was CO and X5/452 was SIC.

X5/599 broke the ice, "Max, are you okay with this?"

"Yeah, I guess. It will be cool to be the only one with long hair!" Her eyes widened with interest.


"Yeah Zack?"

"I just want to tell you be warned, because I have reason to believe that the others may get a little catty about this."

"It's okay Zack, I can take care of myself. Plus, if I don't I have my big brother to help me out." She playfully punched his arm smiling.

He instantly turned his straight face into a large grin. "Why is it Max that you make me feel normal?"

"Dunno, but if you find out first. Tell me. Okay? By the way let's go tell the others this news I think it will come as a shock to them."

"Yeah, I'm sure it will."


For the next 11 months Max went to the infirmary weekly to graph the hair growth. At just 11 months and 30 days her hair was down to the bottom of her shoulders.


The next week Max went to the infirmary they told her that in 3 days they were going to shave her head again. This time Zack was not allowed to go in with her.

When she came out she was shaking very badly.

They marched silently back to the barracks.

Once inside Zack grabbed Max's arm and flung her around. Her eyes were glazed over; they were ready to shed the first tears she would ever have cried in her life. "What's the matter Max?"

Fighting back tears she cried, "They said they were cutting my hair in 3 days. I don't want to lose my hair. I think it is beautiful."

"It is, but you yourself is even more beautiful." He looked up with her. To her amazement there was something different in his eyes. It was like a caring deep down that couldn't be explained.

"Max, I have thought this over for a long time. We are going to escape."


"Tomorrow night."