You know, I'm pretty sure I am currently copying one of my favourite manga right now.

As in, get stabbed, die, then wake up as a monster in another world.

At least I'm not a fucking slime, which is both good and bad. Bad because I won't be able to have some slimy tentacle fun with ladies, and good because slimes are too damn weak and I obviously don't have the super cheat abilities Rimuru did when he became one. Much else the super cool high quality stuff inside the cave he ended up gathering.

I instead woke up and had to smash my way out of my egg, then get used to my new body and improved sense of smell, sight and the rest. It was not fun.

I glanced around to check my surroundings, and noticed that I am inside of a cave, the entrance being not that far away from where I was. Then I glanced down at my paws and noticed that I had bright yellow fur, with white fur over my belly, two small horns on top of my head and a pair of large fluffy ears slightly above them.

I had two fluffy protrusions of white fur on my cheeks, and then a patch of fur shaped like a… flame? On top of my head, right between my horns. Yeah, I had an inkling before, but I'm definitely sure that I am in another world right now. That's kind cool, but also very fucking scary since I am just a baby right now.

Where the hell is my mo- oh there she is! And she looks very dead too!

The skeleton was at least thirty meters big, and probably between ten to twenty meters long. Whatever my species is, once matured they become quite big apparently.

I don't see any other egg besides mine, so I decided to leave the cave in search of food since I am incredibly hungry. Let's just hope I don't become the meal of some other beast though.

I already knew there was water near the entrance to the cave since I could hear the loud sound of a waterfall. There was a massive forest outside the cave with a large river on the right side, and a massive crevice on the right, a crevice that was definitely made by some kind of beast since there were scorch marks and molten rock everywhere. Did my mother do this to protect me and die from the injuries she sustained in the fight, or was it another beast?

I shook my head and walked towards the river, then checked myself out by staring into my reflection. Let's just say I'm cute as hell, and that ladies have to watch out.

Still, I just now realized that I'm quite big even though I'm a baby. I can't calculate how big exactly, but I should be as big as a fully grown man's torso.

I wonder, do I have claws? I rose one of my cute paws, flexed it, and watched as five very menacing blackish red sharp claws slid out. And they are sharp enough to cut into stone too, huh. Getting food is much easier now that I can gut some fuckers.

Oh well, into the forest we go!

And instantly run into a wol- that thing ain't no wolf. Is that a third eye on his head?! Ew, it looked at me! And his tongue has a mouth too! What the hell is this thing?!

I instantly take out my claws and try to growl menacingly since… well, I can't talk for shit, so I can't trash talk this fucker away. But of course my growling doesn't scare the big ugly ass black and white wolf that is two times bigger than me.

You better scramble like an egg before I fold you like an omelette bit- and he's charging at me, fuck.

I raise one of my paws to catch his elongated slow moving tongue before it could bite my face off, then slashed with the other and tore it off, causing blood to spray everywhere as the three eyed wolf wailed and crumbled on the ground. Which allowed me to go stabby stabby on his ass!

I stopped my rampage when I noticed that I went a bit too far, then paused and reflected on my actions. Are these my monster instincts or something? Because I've always been a nice guy and never enjoyed violence, but right now… the scent of blood actually makes my blood boil and killing this guy made me feel good.

I shake my head then take a bite out of his flesh and bone, crunching on the very delicious meat and bones without a problem before I stop and blink again. It'll take a while to get used to this, but at least the food is good.

I eat the hearts, yes he has multiple, lungs and liver, then all of the bones and the rest of the meat while ignoring the other organs and the head. I'm pretty much just following my instincts on what to eat and what to ignore, and the more I eat the more I feel my body grow hotter and… stronger?

I burped loudly once I was done, ignoring the fact that I just ate a monster much bigger than me somehow, then went back to the river to clean myself and drink some water.

While I am still incredibly hungry somehow, I need to think about what to do. I don't know where I am, and I doubt I could get close to some human settlements without having them chase me away, so should I just find a plot of land and laze around there?

I hum to myself, stabbing a paw into the water and pulling out a struggling fish with bone protrusions and massive jagged teeth. Fucker was trying to get the jump on me, so now it became my second meal.

I chewed on it happily, having always been a fan of sushi, and this one tastes quite good. My enjoyment was interrupted when a strange burning itch started rising on my neck, making me reach up and scratch it a bit, but stop when I felt something change under my fur.

Are these… gills? What the hell?

I stared at the half chewed fish in my claw, then blinked. Is this the power of my race? Gain powers and abilities from the beings we eat? If so, that's just so fucking cool! All the more reasons for me to go around and feast on anything I run into then!

I quickly finished chewing on the weird ass fish, then gave a bloody grin as the sound of rustling rang out from behind me. Looks like the scent of blood is attracting other beasts!

It's another three eyed ugly fuck, but eh, I'll take anything to try and quell this hunger of mine. But even when I finished eating my third prey, the hunger was still there! It's… annoying, and I'm starting to think that perhaps it's the downside of my species. Constant hunger in exchange of growing stronger by eating… hopefully this hunger won't make me go mad.

I decide to follow the river and see where it leads me since I really have no idea of what to do, so I start walking and snacking on any fish that I manage to snatch when they get close.

The day has just started from what I could tell, so I'll have quite a few hours to explore and then find a hiding place for the night in case any big baddies come out.

I did end up running into a large red lizard that could breath fire and tasted like fine barbecue meat though, but unfortunately I didn't get his fire breathing ability. That would have been incredibly cool and useful.

I think that the majority of the predators here were all scared off by my mother, or by her presence, so I'll have to get further and further away before I run into more monsters. At least this is giving me the chance to grow stronger before I meet bigger groups of monsters, which I need.

I kept following the river for a couple of hours, and I did run into man made structures here and there, but the majority of them were completely destroyed. I even ran into a small village that was overtaken by nature. The village looked like it was assaulted by monsters, so I doubt that humans still live in this forest, unless they are at the very edge of it.

I did end up gaining a new ability in these past hours, which I gained from one of those ugly three eyed wolves. I could now stretch my tongue out and create a fanged mouth at the tip, which ended up becoming incredibly useful for hunting fishes.

Still, wish I had some music, I was getting very bored doing the same thing over and over again, no matter how delicious my preys are. At least my hunger was going down now, so that's a small blessing.

I looked at the sky and noticed that it was darkening already, showing that I had spent more than I thought following the river and exploring the destroyed village. So I decided to just stay at the river and hunt more fish until it goes dark then retreat to the village and rest inside one of the destroyed houses.

There's a lot of those fishes covered in that bone armour and with sharp teeth in the river, and by a lot I mean hundreds. I've only seen these Bone Fishes and another type, which are big, fat and very long. Too bad they swim at the very bottom of the river and were quite fast, else I would have tried to catch some of them.

It's good that there are so many of these Bone Fishes since I want their ability, but it seems my chances of gaining it are very low. Having some additional defence would be incredibly useful since I'm still very small and weak right now.

I shake those thoughts away before jumping and diving into the water, my tongue snapping out and biting down on a large Bone Fish before pulling it into my jaws. It took just a few seconds to chew it's entire body and swallow it, then I moved to the next one, then the next and the next. I did get bit a few times, but luckily my skin is tough enough that their teeth couldn't pierce in too deep, or perhaps they don't have a lot of biting strength.

I must've eaten at least forty of them before I finally got out, with quite a few injuries, but nothing I couldn't ignore. The wounds seemed to heal slightly each time I ate a monster, so there was that too.

It was already dark out once I was with my slaughter of fishes so I hurried back to the destroyed village and picked the most intact house to rest in. It was nothing fancy, and I had to gather a few plants and large leaves to make a comfy bed for myself, but it was still something.

It was only when I huddled myself into my makeshift bed that I noticed something weird. The whole forest had gone quiet, which meant that an Apex Predator was around, or at least that's what I remember from watching TV shows about animals and that kind of stuff.

There was always some kind of noise, no matter the time, so now that it's deadly quiet it kinda unnerved me. I kept my guard up while I tried to rest, not really that tired somehow, but I'd rather always be fully rested.

It was only a few minutes later that I finally heard a sound, but it wasn't the sound of insects or birds, it sounded more like… steps, very heavy steps. I slowly stood once I realized that the steps were growing closer, and I walked to one of the broken windows in the room and hopped onto it to lean out and stare down the road covered in vegetation.

Whatever was walking by must be strong enough to make the monsters around here shut up, which shouldn't be hard since all the monsters I've ran into were the same and were weak as hell.

The sound of steps was growing closer and closer, and the closer they got the more the sound resembled the hooves of a horse.

And then the monster finally came into view. It was a large horse, very mean looking, and with a pair of curved horns on it's head. It had dark red fur from what I could tell with the little lighting the moon had to offer.

I couldn't help but feel my blood heat up at the sight of the big menacing monster, and the urge to just go down and fight it was growing stronger and stronger. I don't think I have any chances as I am now, but if I play it smart then I think I can take it down.

I slide back and wait hide from the gaze of the demonic horse, then grin when I heard it started walking down the road towards the house I am in. Perhaps it's hunting me down because this is it's territory? Then is that why there were so few monsters around? Because this place was claimed by this guy?

Then will I become the head honcho if I gut this fucker? The thought alone made my claws slide out from my paws and sink into the old cracked wood of the window.

I slightly peek out of the window, noticing that the horse had slowed down and was now sniffing the air while getting closer and closer to the house I was in. Yep, definitely hunting me. But why did it come out just now though? Oh well, not that I really care now!

I leaned out of the destroyed window, waited a few more seconds for the demonic horse to get closer, then vaulted over and launched myself towards it in a sneak attack before it could react.

It noticed my presence as I was coming down, but it was too late to move away as I sank my claws into it's side and cleaved ten large gashes into it, all the way down to the belly.

It roared, not neighed, in pain as I rolled away and watched as lots of blood poured out of the large and deep wounds I left behind. Now that should make this fight easier- and the horse just set itself on fire somehow. Son of a bitch!

I rolled out of the way of it's charge that left a flaming trail on the ground, then ran back towards the house. I wasn't running away, but now that I am still a child I need to fight smart until I have enough strength and confidence to not do that anymore.

And just as I expected, the demonic horse did not use the door like a well mannered being and instead came through the fucking wall like the Kool Aid Man, but on fire.

The entire house groaned from the loss of another fragile wall, making me grin as it started cracking and slowly crumbling forward. I rolled out of the way of yet another flaming charge and then ran outside as the house kept falling, leading the pissed off demonic horse outside. I'm sure it was somehow smart before, but now that I injured it so much I think it's so pissed off that it's not paying attention to anything than me, which is quite good.

I gave it the equivalent of a middle finger as I jumped back once more, and watched as the house finally crumbled and fell on the far too shocked horse, burying it under a great deal of rubble as a large cloud of dust rose up from the impact.

I approached the rubble and started digging around the place where I know the demonic horse was buried. I quickly found it, still alive but badly injured and unable to move.

I'd apologize for not giving it an honourable direct fight, but I must do what I must to gain strength as quickly as possible so that I can survive whatever this world throws at me.

I closed my eyes, released a breath even as I felt disgusted with myself, then pierced my claws into the horse skull. God, my monster instincts are literally cursing me right now.

I shake my head before spending a few minutes dragging the corpse out of the rubble to feast on it. It's flesh was very tough, and the bones even more, the hardest I've eaten since I woke up… and yet I could feel the difference.

If this world had Mana and Magic, than the hot energy that I was currently feeling coursing through me was definitely it. The more I ate, the more my hunger disappeared and the more satisfied I became. I ate the corpse faster and faster, feeling as if an entire volcano was threatening to explode inside of me as I finally finished eating the large heart of the demonic horse, thus quelling my hunger.

And then I instantly started feeling drowsy. Even with all the energy and power coursing through my limbs, it was becoming harder and harder for me to move as my body grew heavier and my vision grew more hazy.

I managed to crawl myself into a nearby destroyed house before I crumbled down and let sleep take me.

[The Next Day]

I woke up to the loud chirping of what was definitely not a normal bird, causing me to groan and stretch my stiff limbs as I slowly sat up while yawning.

I rose one of my paws and started scratching my neck while I looked around, noticing that the sun had already been up for a bit by now. Man, what the hell happened to me? Why was I suddenly feeling so sleepy after I finally filled my belly?

I shook my head and was about to head outside, but froze when I noticed that the ground was further away than I remembered. I blinked slowly and looked at my paws, said paws having gone from cute to fearsome beastly claws. My fur now had a red hue at the tip, and I now spurted a fiery red mane along my back.

Holy crap, I grew a lot overnight! I'm the same height of that demonic horse now, but just two times larger. Is this what happens when I eat strong monsters or when I finally quell my hunger? Or was it a mix of both?

My horns also grew a lot more, now they looked fierce enough that I could use them to skewer my preys, which is cool. But the one thing I want to try out the most is the new ability or skill I gained from eating the demonic horse, because I know I gained one since I can feel it.

With a simple thought, my entire body is soon set ablaze with bright scorching flames. It feels tingly and weird, and I don't think it will be that useful since I can't control or throw it, but it might be a good way to protect myself or push away large groups of monsters.

Now if only I could find more of those fucking fire breathing lizards, breathing fire would be incredibly cool and useful! Albeit I should do that somewhere far away from the forest, I'd rather not set the whole thing on fire after all.

I walk back to the river, and noticed that I definitely slept for more than a day since the head of the demonic horse was half eaten and almost fully decayed already. Luckily no monster tried to approach me while I was sleeping, nor are they approaching me now. Looks like I am releasing a sort of presence that scares the weak ones off.

I hop into the river with my much bigger size and start devouring Bone Fishes left and right while using the river to move down. My hunger as back and was even stronger, and I doubt that another one of those demonic horses could fill me, so I'll have to hunt for a longer time now before… 'evolving' again.

But no matter how far I go, I just can't seem to find anything good, just the same monsters. It's getting very annoying since none of them can put up a good fight now.

I suddenly notice a mountain in the distance, not too big but neither too small, so maybe I could use it to kinda map the area around me and set zones of interest. With that in mind, I hop out of the river and start zooming through the forest, and a couple of trees, at incredible speed.

My body has grown so much stronger that it's terrifying. The Bone Fishes couldn't even harm me anymore, and now I could just bulldoze my way through large trees without even flinching. I'm afraid of even punching monsters now as I don't want to turn them into bloody pulps!

It doesn't take me long to reach the small rocky mountain, and I use my sharp and large claws to climb it without a problem, albeit I do almost fall down several times because some spots start crumbling, but the risk was worth it as I instantly spot a village in the distance, very close to the horizon actually, and I would have missed it completely if my eyesight wasn't incredibly good.

Behind me was just an endless forest, and a couple of mountains far into the distance, a lake towards the east and more forest towards the west. The lake could be a good place to vis-


I perk up and turn my head to stare towards the south, where a large explosion happened several hundreds of meters away from my location. It was soon followed by another, then another and another.

A couple of strong monsters fighting? Count me in!

I completely forget about the city as I jumped down the mountain and ran full speed towards the fighting, but the closer I get the more I realize that it's not monsters fighting, but humans. I could hear shouting and voices, thus making me growl in anger at the thought that I won't be fighting strong monsters.

Oh well, I can always rough up these fuckers until they are all covered in snot and bruises! That will teach 'em a lesson!

"We finally got her boys!" I sped up when I was finally able to hear the voices more clearly, hearing a group of guys laughing together with a series of pained grunts. "She must be a scout from the city, let's bring her back to the camp!" I narrowed my eyes at that. Are these guys bandits or something? If so, I could just kill them off after finding their camp.

I slow down and stop on top of a hill, peeking through the bushes and the trees to stare down at a small destroyed clearing in the forest. There was a group of five guys surrounding a small crater, and inside of it was a small girl with long silver hair and glowing white wings.

Her white sundress was tattered and she had a large bleeding cut on her side, her small hands were pressed against the wound and glowing with golden light, clearly trying to heal it. Is she an angel or something? She looks so damn adorable!

The guys surrounding the crater instead had bat like wings, each holding either a sword or spear made out of swirling black energy, and I gotta say that they kinda looked like the common anime scrubs that always tend to talk shit and then get their asses whooped in a couple of seconds.

Wait, isn't that what's about to happen?

"Heh, who knew that going out without authorization would have us run into a spy!" The biggest of them, who clearly looked like the leader of this small group, laughed loudly and licked his lips while checking out the small girl inside the crater… then paused and clicked his tongue. "Tch, she ain't even that good looking. Feel free to have some fun with her before we bring her back!" How fucking dare you say she doesn't look that good!? She's so frigging adorable!

Oh, I'm so going to tear these fucker's apart! Protect the loli!

I felt my blood boil and my muscles flex as I blasted off the ground with a terrifying roar that made the goons jump in fear and turn towards me as I smashed my way through the trees and foliage without a care.

"Holy fu-!" One of them cursed, trying to get out of my charge, but I skewered the blasphemous fuck with one of my horns, then flung him off of it with a shake of my head as I turned to the closest one, who probably pissed himself when I glared at him.

This what you get bitch!

I charged forward, then shot my tongue out and gouged his throat with it, letting him crumble to his knees as he tried and failed to stop his bleeding. Two down, three more to go.

The leader apparently didn't want to run away, which was good for me, and instead charged at me with that large magical sword of energy. I didn't dare be careless and set my whole body on fire, then slammed out with one of my large claws to meet his blade.

There was no epic clash unfortunately. I just shattered his sword and slammed the poor fuck into the ground hard enough that his head popped like a watermelon being squeezed between a pair of sexy muscular thighs… why did I just compare a head exploding into a gory head to that?

The remaining guys tried to fly away, but I managed to chew one of them in half before he got too far into the air while the angel girl shot a light spear at the back of the other, causing him to fall down while screaming in pain before I quickly ended his life too.

They were quite a big source of energy, so I didn't waste time to gobble up their corpses once I was done. They weren't that tasty, kinda spicy, but I'll take anything.

I finally turned towards the small crater with the adorable girl inside, and I frowned when I noticed that she was just kneeling there, as if she accepted the fact that I was going to kill her. Which I'm not going to do.

I might as well take her back to the city that I saw in the distance since she is most definitely from there.

I approached her slowly, growled gently and laid down beside her, making her look at me in confusion before her eyes widened in understanding.

I watched carefully as she slowly stood up while holding her side, some strange black energy was swirling around her wound, clearly causing her pain as she winched with every breath she took. I need to get her back fast, because I doubt she'll be able to hold on for much longer.

"Thank you." Her voice was soft and cute, but also very pained, so I simply growled gently and stood up once she was laying on my large back and holding onto my red mane.

I started running slowly, then sped up more and more as I paid attention to her breathing. I didn't want her to end up falling off and get more injured, so I had to pay attention to when she was growing weak.

Hopefully I don't get attacked on sight the moment I reach the city.

As I ran, I couldn't help but think about how I so easily killed those guys and felt nothing. Guess becoming a monster has changed me a lot more than I thought.

I don't know for how long I ran, but I know I was getting closer, and I know that the angel on my back was getting weaker. I'm sure that she is close to fainting too, so I speed up as much as I possibly can, and finally break out of the forest a couple of minutes later.

The city was close, and I could see more Angels flying around and above it, either patrolling or doing whatever. I roared loudly without a care to grab their attention, causing the Angel on my back to slowly raise her head to stare at the city, her breathing heavy and fatigued.

My roar was successful in drawing the attention of some of the Angels, and I could tell that the girl on my back was waving at them as best as she could with the rest of her strength.

I didn't approach the large walls of the city and slid to a stop as at least two dozen Angels floated down towards me, making me lay down to let the girl on my back slide off and crumble on the ground.

"Sister Miniel!" One of the Angels in the group flew off and approached me, but she had four white wings instead of two like many of the others. I presume that the more wings one has, the stronger they are?

Wait… that sounds familiar… Oh for fuck's sake.

The other Angels all wielded glowing golden spears in my direction, but I simply ignored them and watched as the busty and milfy four winged Angel approached, so I stepped back and let her lift the now named Miniel off the ground, then watched as bright golden light enveloped the smaller Angel, closing the wound and removing the dark energy that was clearly making it worse.

I sagged in relief at the sight, and was about to take my leave since my job was done, but stopped short when I felt a chill go down my spine. I didn't even have time to blink before a stunning woman appeared beside the four winged Angel.

She had long flowing golden hair and brilliant sapphire eyes, a figure to kill for and possibly the biggest pair of breasts that I've ever seen. She was wearing a flowing white dress that seemed to be made of feathers, and which showed lots of cleavage and hugged her large curves very nicely.

But the most stunning part of her were the twelve massive platinum gold wings behind her. She was clearly the head honcho of this place, so no shit she gave me the chills before she even appeared.

"Sister Gabriel…" The small Angel, Miniel, called out softly as her cute eyes opened slightly, making the very beautiful woman with twelve wings turn towards her. "He saved me, don't hurt him, please…" She begged gently, making me snort softly and shake my head, but Gabriel seemingly relaxed and the coldness in her eyes faded away to show warmth, kindness and care, making her hundreds of times more beautiful.

My weak heart can't handle this!

"I won't, but you have to rest now." Gabriel stated softly, pressing a finger against Miniel's forehead and seemingly making her fall asleep. "Bring her back, make sure all of her injuries are healed." She ordered the four winged woman, causing her and more than half of the Angels to fly back towards the city before she finally turned towards me.

The other Angels around me were clearly nervous, clearly expecting me to attack at any moment, but I ignored them all and used one of my claws to write a word into the ground.

"'Devil'…?" Gabriel read the word out loud, her eyes soon widening as her gaze snapped towards me. I turned around and pointed towards the forest, then wrote several more words down onto the ground under her watch.

'Devil' 'Attack' 'Miniel' 'Dead' 'Hidden' 'Camp'. Simple and direct, mostly because I didn't want to write sentences that are far too direct and well worded, else it might attract too much of their attention. Not that showing that I can write and understand them doesn't attract any.

Besides, I kinda already guessed in what world I am right now. Angels, those bat winged fucker's were devils, boobs that defy reality. Where else can I be but the tiddy wonderland anime? Or better known as Highschool DxD, where a retard gains power by poking breasts.

"There's a hidden group of Devils in the forest?" Gabriel questioned, her voice holding some hidden anger in it, and I simply nodded before stretching myself, clearly getting ready to leave.

Gabriel understood and waved her hands to order the Angels around us to fly back, which they did without a second of hesitation, leaving the two of us alone. Now that would be amazing and I'd try and use some lame flirty lines, but alas I cannot talk, and I doubt anyone would be into a monster.

I perked up when Gabriel approached me, making me realize just how much her chest defies reality with the way it jiggles and bounces and… it's just divine! I wanna lay my head on those soft looking melons so bad! And she also smells very good.

"Thank you for saving one of my sisters." Gabriel states softly and warmly, raising a hand up to stroke my and scratch my cheek, which actually feels quite nice for some reason. "If you want to stay here then-" I cut her off by shaking my head, just the thought about living in a city fills me with hate and disgust. This new me highly prefers forests and caves over cities, and as much as I want to have some company, I doubt I'll be able to keep my temper in check if I stay in there. I do also have to constantly hunt too after all.

"I understand, then please do be careful." How sweet! Are all female Angels just perfect waifu material or what? To not talk about how all of them are either incredibly sexy and beautiful, or just impossibly adorable, like Miniel.

I nodded my head, then turned around and departed back into the forest at full speed.

I might as well go and look for that hidden camp, then maybe I can lead them there later.

That's what happens when you harm the loli!

[With Gabriel]

"Sister!" A soft male voice called out, making her snap out of her gaze as she turned to stare at her brother Michael, who landed right beside her with a worried look in his eyes. "I heard about what happened…" He paused to look around, probably looking for the beast that had bought Miniel back to them, before turning towards her with a silent question.

"I let the beast go, he saved Miniel and was peaceful, plus he has given us important information. Look." She pointed at the ground, showing the words the surprisingly smart beast wrote down. It took just a few seconds for her brother to decipher the message, and his eyes instantly shot wide. "It is very likely that they are here to prevent us from forming an alliance with the Chinese Pantheon. They must have somehow learned that the Jade Emperor will come here tomorrow for the meeting." She couldn't help but thank the beast from the bottom of her heart. If the Devils still had the advantage of being hidden, then they could have unleashed a surprise attack that might have erased their chances of forming an alliance with the Chinese Pantheon.

The further their Religion is spread and followed, the more power they will have, and the more power will their 'Mother' have too, which is the most important thing since 'She' was greatly weakened from the sealing of… that thing.

Any kind of help they could offer to their 'Mother' was very welcome.

"Should we expect the Fallen to interfere too then?" Michael asked, his tone hard as he glared towards the forest. It was unbefitting of them to hold anger, but this time it's justified.

"Azazel is wasting most of his resources on finding Sacred Gears wielders, and hasn't been doing any big moves for a while. But we should still expect some of his Cadres to make an appearance, like that madman of Kokabiel." Michael nodded, then without further words they both spread their wings and flew back into the city to get ready to receive the Chinese Gods.

Gabriel gazed on last time towards the forest, a worried look in her eyes. She hoped that the beast wasn't going to try anything stupid and approach the Devil camp.

But alas, she was going to be disappointed.

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