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All of Me

Ch. I- Split Decision

A/N-Will be a little angsty, but what can ya do?

"Filthy half breed." spat a now angry Sesshomaru. He was wounded in several places, as was his sibling. They circled each other, and the elder brother continued to hiss out obscenities, "I'm not going to fool with you, and your dirty human blood." That last one stung Inuyasha, but didn't let it show, as his brother escaped the scene. Sesshomaru was losing, and decided to at least spout out a few insults before he left, so it wouldn't be a total failure.

After his departing brother's last words hung in the air like a disease, the hanyou's two split personalities began to feud. The demon in him hounded his human side, "screaming" insults o f weakness, and his human called the youkai a crazed monster. The never-ending fight that was always raging inside the half human. Today, the hanyou was even more tormented than usual; Sesshomaru's words echoed in his troubled mind.

He was dirty, filthy, disgusting, among so many other things, but he was above all unclean. Worse yet, he couldn't get clean, no matter how much he bathed that feeling of un-acceptance never washed away. That's why the jewel was so important to him; he could finally be like everyone else. He wouldn't have to fight all the time, because people were treating him badly.


"What's this, Kaede?" Kagome asked, while picking up an old dusty book. She blew on the top, and dust flew off in all directions. Kaede coughed a little, and took the book from the child, and looked it over.

"I've never seen this one before. Why don't ye read it, and find out." The two women were cleaning the old lady's hut, and were rummaging through some old books.

Kagome sat down on a stool, and opened the book. She flipped through the book, and couldn't decipher what language it was in. She almost closed it, until she saw a page folded. The handwriting was careless, but at least it was in her language. She spoke the words softly aloud, and then saw a green light come from the book. It went out the entranceway of the hut, and Kagome immediately got up and followed it.

Kaede couldn't see the green light, and figured Kagome had gone outside for some fresh air, or to be with that boy. She nodded her head, and went back to work.


Inuyasha was pacing the forest floor, still fighting his internal battle. He wished that people's comments wouldn't get to him so much. What did he care, that people called him dirty? He didn't get to decide his parentage, right? No matter how he tried to deny it, he knew it bothered him to no end, that people wouldn't take him as he was. He just wanted to normal, not the some freak that people point and laugh at.

He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts, that he didn't notice a green light snaking it self around him. Well that is until he felt an unimaginable pain zip through his body.


Kagome ran after the light; she wasn't sure what it was, but something told her it was bad, really bad. She finally caught up with it just in time to see it wrap itself around the hanyou. It glowed even brighter, and then started swirling into his body. She heard his pain-filled cries, but was to shocked to do anything. The strangest thing happened next.

Inuyasha's head started to split into two. One head had silvery hair, purple strips on both cheeks, and deep amber eyes that were gleaming with hatred and malicious. The other had midnight black hair, and deep gray orbs. The rest of his body soon split into two parts, and they both fell to the ground.

Kagome ran over to them, and examined them closely. Both of them were Inuyasha. 0_O was the expression her face. One was a full demon and the other was whole human. Inuyasha split into two people!


Kagome didn't have long to ponder this new situation, because the rest of the green light exploded, all over. All memories of the hanyou named Inuyasha were forgotten. In their place, memories of a ruthless, blood- thirsty youkai king named Inu-demon, and a mischievous human named Inuyasha, were planted.


The Lord Inu-demon woke up in his forest, with a human girl by his side. She was very beautiful, and was vaguely familiar. She must be one of his slaves. "What's your name, wench?" The girl looked terrified as she looked up to see her master's fangs. Inu-demon, noting her fear smiled even wider. She gasped, but answered his question.

"" she managed to stutter out. He smiled again, and turned on his heel, and flew back to his castle, never noticing the human boy that lay at her side.


Kagome shook after her encounter with her king. He was horrible demon that enslaved all the humans and lesser demons. Master, as he was vastly known, set fear in the hearts of all in his domain. His horrible treatment of his people made Kagome sick. She loathed him, rather than feared him. Kagome then heard a groan come from behind her.

She turned around to see an extremely handsome boy get up, off the ground, only to fall back again. Kagome grabbed him before his head collided with the hard ground. "Thanks." He said while cradling his aching head in his hands.

"Are you ok?"Said the girl with worry on her face. He looked up at the pretty raven-haired girl, and smiled. His head was in her lap, and she was currently checking his temperature, with the back of her hand. Her soft skin felt cool against his hot forehead.

"I've felt better."He finally replied, his mouth was dry and he needed water. He told the girl, and she laid his head softly on the ground, and ran to get some water, from the creek. Kagome praised herself for remembering to bring a water pouch with her. She scooped up the water, and ran back to the feverish young man.

She gently laid his head back in her lap, and guided the water to his lips. Kagome would stop and let him gulp down the liquid, then lift it to his mouth again. Once he had enough, Inuyasha placed his hand on her arm, causing both of them to look at the other. They smiled and thought how nice looking the other was.


Kagome helped Inuyasha to his feet, and let him put his arm around her, for support. They walked slowly back to the village. The two introduced themselves, and found out that they both lived in the same town, yet had never crossed paths. When Inuyasha asked what Kagome she was doing in the forest, she shrugged and said she couldn't remember. She told him about her waking up to the King, towering over her. Inuyasha growled at that, saying what an idiot the king was.

Kagome looked at him in surprise. No one had ever admitted that the Lord of the forests was a mindless imbecile. When she told him this, he laughed, saying he wasn't your average boy. They both laughed together. Finally they made it back to Inuyasha's house. It was small, but cozy, or at least considering where it was.

Inuyasha lived in the rough side of the town. Most young ladies were forbidden by their papa's to ever go there, but Kagome wasn't afraid, and told Inuyasha when he asked. He looked down at the petite girl with complete adoration. She was beautiful, and brave.

They stopped at the front door of the hut, and Inuyasha unsteadily walked into the room. Kagome stayed outside, because it wasn't proper for an unmarried girl to be in a man's apartment without supervision. Inuyasha smiled understandingly, and watched as the girl walked back to her home. He prayed that no one would try to bother her, as she made her way back to her own hut.


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