All of Me

As you all may have noticed, I have changed my name, b/c I was tired of my old one. Sorry, for the delay, but school got in the way, and I was just too tired to write anything, but I have a little time now.

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.



Inu-demon was pacing up and down in his room. Something was coming, and it was coming fast. Too fast. He could feel it in his bones, and he could hear it in his ears. The air that hung around the air was so thick, he had trouble breathing, what was happening? It was bad, very bad, and he couldn't shake that feeling of foreboding.

He wasn't alone in his fears, because his brother, The Lord of the Western Lands, and Prince Kouga of the Wolf Tribe, had arranged a meeting to discuss the strange things that were happening.

These three men were well known for their dislike of each other, but they had to swallow their pride, and face each other. They had decided to meet in Inu-demon's castle, because it was in between the Kouga's home and Sesshomaru's. Inu-demon wasn't exactly jumping for joy, he didn't want those two idiots laying around his house, but for the sake of the meeting, he would endure.


The Master's castle was in an utter chaos. All of the slaves and servants were running around like wild chickens. The Master's brother, Sesshomaru, and the Prince Kouga, would be coming in only two days! That was hardly enough time for all of the preparations that had to be made.

Emotions were high, but the tension was higher. All the people of the castle knew about the meeting, and what it was for. They could also feel the tension in the air, and wondered what was really going on.

The servants of the castle, hounded Kagome, the King's personal servant. She would be with their Master the most, and would probably hear what was said in that meeting. They all wanted her to report what was said, and what was coming that was so evil that their Master would call his two enemies for help.

Kagome reluctantly agreed. She did not want to know what was going on, and being around the King for such along period of time scared her. She would have to stand behind her Majesty's chair for all of the meeting, should he need anything.  She felt sorry for her poor legs.


Kagome walked up the long flight of stairs to her Highness' room. She hadn't seen him since before the festival, and wasn't exactly looking forward to it. The King's nerves were shot, and that only meant bad luck for Kagome. She would be treading on thin ice, and just hoped she wouldn't get fired, like the last girl…

She quietly knocked on his door, even though she knew that he had heard her footsteps halfway up the stairs. "Enter." Was his reply, but their was no malice or mischief in his voice. He must really be down…

She opened the heavy door, and was surprised to see the King with his head in his hands, sitting on the expensive carpet in his chambers. Kagome set the tray down on a table, and hurried to her master. "Are you alright, Majesty?" She asked as she bowed before him. Kagome did her best not to look in his eyes, but for some reason found it hard. She crept toward his side, making sure not to get too close to him, for fear that he may lash out at her.

"Master, your food is ready, if you don't want it, I can take it away. Would you prefer a bath? I could run the water for you." Her words tumbled out of her mouth, but then, the room was silent. Kagome felt scared at the vibes she was getting from the man sitting next to her. His silk-spun hair was a shield from the world. It covered his fierce eyes, and it carelessly fell past his shoulders.


"You feel it too, don't you. Everyone can feel it, I suspect. Mark my words, girl, something wicked this way comes, and I'm not sure I or anyone else, can stop it." The King flicked his eyes toward Kagome, and she was blown away. She had never looked at eyes like that before. She had always known they were yellow, but to stand under such a heated gaze made her feel terrified, but excited all at the same time. Only later, did it occur to her that she had the same feelings when Inuyasha looked into her eyes…

"Highness…" She whispered. The electricity between them seemed to dart all around the room. Neither party could take their eyes from the other. Inu-demon was seeing the girl in a strange new light, he felt almost, dare he say…peaceful? Why? He felt extremely better, and happy, but why?

Inu-demon couldn't take anymore of this feeling in his body. He turned his head away from the human girl, but his body was still dancing with excitement, why?

"I would like a bath." He finally said.

This broke the moment, and the electricity died, and Kagome was brought out of her enchantment. "Yes Master." She said, getting up from her place beside, him and running out of the door.

She raced down the stairs, but halfway down, tripped over something. She and the object went tumbling down the stairway, painfully, until they hit the bottom. Kagome heard the moan of another person, and instantly felt bad, because she must have brought them down with her. She and the person had landed on a heap, on the floor. Kagome turned over, and shakily got up. "I'm terribly sorry! I wasn't looking at where I was going."

The next thing Kagome saw, was a blur of red, hurling towards her. She caught the red blur, only to find a innocent little face looking up at her. "That's okay!" said the most adorable little fox demon.

"I'm Shippou! Who are you?" The sweet little kit asked.

"I'm Kagome."