A Thousand Years

Chapter One: My Awakening

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The very first thing I remember about my life is opening my eyes to stare into a pair of blue-white eyes. Those eyes were slanted at the corners, and they looked like they should have belonged to a Siberian Husky. The eyes moved back and I saw milky white skin, pointed ears, long white hair, and the sharp, noble features of a man.

I sat up slowly and stared at the man who was watching me expectantly. He was quite tall and well-built, with black-painted lips and nails - no, claws. One eyebrow lifted upon his forehead as he waited for me to speak.

"Who... are you?" I asked. My voice came out croaky and hoarse. I was suddenly aware of a sensation within me, a hunger so intense I could hardly contain it. A hunger for what, I did not yet know.

"I am Kain," the man responded. "And you are Raziel, my firstborn son and lieutenant. Rise, Raziel. I'm sure you are hungry." He placed one hand on his hip and waited while I climbed up slowly out of the padded stone box I had awakened in.

"Yes, I am hungry," I agreed hesitantly, "But I'm not sure what I'm hungry for."

"Blood, Raziel. We are vampires, and we feed on blood to sustain us." He lifted one of his claws up to his wrist and punctured it, allowing a trickle of thick, crimson liquid to trickle down his wrist. I stared at that small scarlet rivulet, entranced.

A tap on my head brought me back into awareness, and I suddenly realized I had Kain's punctured wrist held between my claws, with the overpowering scent of blood in the air and the sweet, sweet taste on my tongue. I licked my lips and looked up at Kain, confused. "...How did I get here?"

Kain chuckled, a deep and sinister sound, as he drew his wrist away from me and I reluctantly let go. "It will be like that for the first couple of times you feed. You will be completely lost in the act of drinking blood and you will not realize what you are doing. Now come. I do not wish to loose any more of my own blood to you. Besides, human blood is more pure and delicious." He turned and picked up something, tossing the black bundle in my direction. Instinctively I reached out and caught it. It turned out to be clothing: a pair of black leather pants, a leather v- necked shirt that left my stomach exposed, and a pair of boots.

I looked down at the clothing I currently wore and blinked. I was wearing old, rusty armor that may have once been red and gold in color, but was now brown and crumbling with age. Beneath it, the tunic and pants were moth-eaten, nothing more than paper-thin scraps, and the metal boots pinched my toes and were far from comfortable. I shed my clothing and let the armor fall to the ground with a sharp clatter that made me grimace as the loud sound resonated in my sensitive ears.

Kain simply looked on patiently as I donned the cothing he had given me. The leather fit snugly against my body like a second skin, and I found I rather liked it. It wasn't until after I had dressed that I got a good look at my surroundings.
We were in a room that allowed no light to penetrate it, but this did not bother me because my eyes cut through the darkness to see everything around me in vivid detail. The stone coffin I had just emerged from was not the only one in the room. There were five others, each with names chiseled into them. My coffin did indeed have my name, and on the other coffins, still closed, had their own names: Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah.

"Do those coffins hold vampires as well?" I asked Kain as I turned to face him. He shook his head, causing his long white hair to ripple.

"No, Raziel, not yet. They hold the long-dead corpses of humans, your former brethren. You were human once too, until I changed you."

"Why me?" I asked in confusion, looking to the others. "Why not one of them?"

"I made you first because you were the strongest of all these humans when you were alive. Now you will be my strongest son in unlife, and they will be your brothers. But before I make them, I must allow my powers to recover. Making vampires is a very draining process and I need to take care of you first.

I nodded, it made sense. He then motioned with his arm and turned to walk out of the tomb, while I fell into step behind him. I was very curious to find out what there was to know about this world.

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