So, a bit of a foreword, and an explanation.

This will not be cross-posted to Spacebattles.

The reason? This is probably going to have smut/lemons/whatever the fuck you want to call it, and we all know that Spacebattles doesn't tolerate anything even resembling those.

Given the title, you can probably tell what kind of degeneracy we'll be going into, so yeah, I'll just state it outright...the pairing is the SI, a male Riolu who only knows the plot up to somewhere around that one mission involving Scizor, except I've never completed that mission, and so he doesn't know about the Level 45 Froslass, and the only knowledge he's lost is his own name.

Now, as for who he's paired with?'ll probably know by the outset, let's be honest.

Anyway, as for the "game" mechanics, since they're both basically pseudo-gamers vaguely limited to just using the menus and shit...except, due to the other mechanics, they're fucking OP as shit, essentially.

Even though this will be vaguely following my current playthrough of Explorers of Sky...the mechanics are approximately 100% busted, because I felt like it.

The gist of the mechanics? The SI (aka, Player) and Partner Pokémon have an unlimited amount of move slots and cannot forget moves that they've learned, and they essentially share leveling move pools, making it so that they both learn the move when a TM is used and when they each level up, even if they would not normally be capable of learning that move.

Oh, and they don't have a "cap" on the amount of stat boosts they can give themselves when using a stat-boosting move (such as Agility, and the results of that can be rather hilarious, and yes, I'm adding moves that they wouldn't normally be able to learn, because I think it's funny), but it wears off quickly over time when used outside of a dungeon, and only persists within that specific dungeon, if used inside a dungeon.

As for their Levels? Due to the simple fact that I started my current run before coming up with the idea for this story, and Riolu is an absolute pain in the ass to roll as a Player even when you're using an online answer sheet to specifically get the points you want, they're both Level 20 and the story itself starts the day of the Waterfall Cave mission, though events proceeding it will be shown and more or less filled in because I'd rather not play through everything again, so there'll be...snippets, of that.

They won't be recruiting any team members unless the plot demands it, partially because my run is a "only partner Pokémon and player on the team" thing, and because I'd rather focus on just them.

Second foreword: I'm now publishing this on FFN, as you can see (no judging, lmao), and as such, do note that Chapter One through Eight have already been completed, and will be published each day until FFN is caught up.

Do also note that there are some rather long sections, as well as other small things, that are in spoiler tags on QQ/QuestionableQuesting, however, since FFN doesn't have that feature, they'll be posted normally.

Anyway, now that that's over with...

Welcome, everyone, to...

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unchained Explorers.

Chapter One: Insertion...not the kind you're thinking of.

Date: Unknown.

Time: Unknown.

The first sign that something was very, very wrong, was when I awoke on a beach in the middle of nowhere, physically numb and trying very hard to ignore the feeling of sand underneath my back.

The second sign was when a female voice asked what had happened, and whether or not I was okay...which wouldn't have normally been a problem, except for the fact that she promptly introduced herself as Vulpix, and I suddenly realized that there was a very distinct gap in my memories, exactly where my name was supposed to be, though I at least still remembered everything else.

The third sign, once I managed to pick myself up on blue hands covered in fur, was when I laid my eyes on a fucking anthropomorphic Vulpix, because apparently I missed the train to loopy land and boarded the plane directly to hell.

The fourth sign, not that I needed it at this point, was two Pokémon I recognized from the beginning of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, sort of just...existing their way towards the two of us at what could vaguely be called a sprint.

...and then the Zubat that I promptly designated as "Bitch One" rammed into the Vulpix at a speed that could probably be considered sad, knocking her to the ground and somehow causing what I knew to be the key to the flying car known as the Rainbow Stoneship to roll across the ground, which Bitch One and Bitch Two promptly stole because they're assholes, and immediately fleeing into the deepest part of the Beach Cave Mystery Dungeon.

I turned towards Vulpix as she stared at them from her position of laying on the fucking sand, and offered my hand to help her up, introducing myself as, fuck it, "Riolu", because at that point I couldn't think of anything else and it seemed exceedingly appropriate.

"So...want to go kick nonexistent ass and get your shit back?"

Tilting her head in shock that I had offered to help her, she simply smiled and nodded, the two of us walking into the dungeon, and towards a new adventure- and oh fuck that's a me-sized fossil bug that happens to be called Kabuto! Punch it in the fucking eyes!

After getting Vulpix's shit back via strategic positioning and the use of a Sleep Seed.

Other than me getting a direct introduction to the world of Pokémon via a me-sized fossil bug, things went...pretty flawlessly, everything considered.

Oh, and I found out that both Vulpix and I could pull up Explorers of Sky's in-game menu, something that I promised to explain to her after we were not in a dungeon where enemies could hear us, because paranoia.

Turning towards me, the anthro Vulpix with B-cup breasts pulled up the in-game menu, mentally directly it to my Info subsection in the Teams area, despite us not currently having a team, and pointing her finger at a specific sentence, which simply stated four words.

Riolu. Origin Point: Unknown.

"So, can you...explain this, please?" She promptly waved her hand over the entire menu, which apparently could only be seen by us due to Koffing and Zubat not having reacted when I pulled a Sleep Seed out of seemingly nowhere.

I motioned for her to sit down, before I spoke.

"Yeah, about that...I'd like to introduce you to a game called Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, its plot...and a code that we'll have to use because no one can know about this."

Approximately a few weeks after having joined Wigglytuff's Guild/Cult.

So, we're a team now, Team Fire Shadow specifically, because the Naruto reference amused me and we didn't have a character limit, so I could freely avoid being forced to literally name the team "Hokage".

Oh, and I discovered that Vulpix and I effectively shared a unified move pool...upon the point where Vulpix learned Force Palm at the same time I did, prompting me to explain that it was not normal for that to happen.

Oh, and Vulpix...may or may not have done something involving Agility and a Reviver Seed that she had me promise to never tell anyone, which is how we discovered that our stat boosts were effectively uncapped, something that we've been fully exploiting whenever we feel that it's necessary.

...let's just say that she hit a wall very fast, and leave it at that.

Mt. Bristle, two weeks ago.

In pursuit of Outlaw Drowzee (secondary designation: Pedo Anteater).

Vulpix looked around at the room we had found ourselves in upon entering the dungeon, and turned to look down one of the tunnels, "So...Drowzee's up at the top, right?"

I nodded, frowning, "Yeah, him and Azurill are up there, and from what I know he's probably trying to force him squeeze through a small hole despite Minimize being a thing that probably exists."

Vulpix hummed, contemplating that, before turning to offer me a determined smile, "Alright, so we'd want to get up there as soon as possible, right Riolu?"

Then, she turned back towards the tunnel in front of us, and activated Agility.

Speed increased.

Smiling, she activated Agility again.

Speed increased. And again.

Speed increased. And again.

Speed increased. And again...

S̴̻̋p̶͍̉ȅ̸̫e̶͓̽d̵̼̊ ̵̗͒i̵̢̛n̴̰͌c̵̰͗ŕ̸͖e̷̙͘a̸̦̿ș̷́e̷̢͠ḋ̸̟.̶̸̫͓͛͌

Wait, hold the fuck up-.

S̴̻̋p̶͍̉ȅ̸̫e̶͓̽d̵̼̊ ̵̗͒i̵̢̛n̴̰͌c̵̰͗ŕ̸͖e̷̙͘a̸̦̿ș̷́e̷̢͠ḋ̸̟.̶̸̫͓͛͌

S̴̻̋p̶͍̉ȅ̸̫e̶͓̽d̵̼̊ ̵̗͒i̵̢̛n̴̰͌c̵̰͗ŕ̸͖e̷̙͘a̸̦̿ș̷́e̷̢͠ḋ̸̟.̶̸̫͓͛͌

S̴̻̋p̶͍̉ȅ̸̫e̶͓̽d̵̼̊ ̵̗͒i̵̢̛n̴̰͌c̵̰͗ŕ̸͖e̷̙͘a̸̦̿ș̷́e̷̢͠ḋ̸̟.̶̸̫͓͛͌

Oh. Oh shit.

Quite literally vibrating with contained energy and surrounded by a faint glow, Vulpix smiled, stepped forward...and a near-deafening crack promptly resounded through the current floor of the dungeon as she broke the fucking sound barrier, every single entity within the floor we were on undoubtedly flinching in unison as she crossed the space between herself and the tunnel's corner bend in the blink of an eye, going at approximately the speed of Yes.

Staring in utter shock at where she had previously been, I turned just in time to hear the sound of her hitting the wall, only to pull up the menu at the sound of a cheerful ping.

Reviver Seed used.

Watching in horrified bemusement as she staggered back towards me, my partner promptly shoved me to the ground and laid down on top of me, seemingly ignoring the feeling of her breasts pressing against my chest, and breathed out a single word.


Even had I wanted to, I couldn't suppress the laughter that came out of me, raising a fur-covered eyebrow up at her as she shifted until she was looking me directly in the eyes.

"Riolu, can we just...not tell anyone this happened? Please?"

Grinning up at her, I got my chuckling under control and nodded, giving a single reply, "Y-yeah, sure. Heh."

Her stare turning as deadpan as she could possibly make it, she rose one of her own furred eyebrows, "Promise?"

I nodded at her, still smiling, as she rose to her feet and promptly used Force Palm to put an approaching Nidorino into a new crater formed solely from the force of its body hitting the wall.


End of Chapter One.

So, yeah, that's Chapter One, though it's really just sort of a prologue, honestly.

Also, here's a list of their current capabilities and inventory, built up from a few IRL hours of me grinding (not that kind, lmao) through Marowak's Dojo, exploiting the fact that Chansey's Daycare hasn't been unlocked yet in order to get free money (1000P a pop) via "?" Reward Jobs and promptly refusing them when they want to join the team (shit's busted, let me tell you).

Anyway, rambling explanation, here's the list, though don't worry, this isn't going to be the kind of story where you need a fucking spreadsheet.

Anyway, I'll have these in spoiler tags as to not take up the entire fucking page.

Riolu, Male.

Type: Fighting.

Level 20.

(Note, I'm lowering the evolution requirements for Riolu, because holy fucking shit that is excessive, you apparently need an IQ of over 3 Stars, and a Sun Ribbon, and that's for a non-player Riolu. Player Riolu also needs to have completed the game, Manaphy needs to have told you about the Marine Resort, and you apparently need to have recruited both Dialga and Palkia. What in the actual unholy fuck, that is absolute insanity).

Abilities: Steadfast and Inner Focus.

Riolu's Moves:





Force Palm.



Quick Attack.

Brick Break.


Roar (from Vulpix, mutually learned).

Confuse Ray (from Vulpix, mutually learned).

Flamethrower (from Vulpix, learned via TM).

Dark Pulse (from Vulpix, learned via TM).

Will-O-Wisp (from Vulpix, mutually learned).

Vulpix, Female.

Type: Fire.

Level 20.

Moves: Ember.

Tail Whip.



Quick Attack.


Confuse Ray.


Counter (from Riolu, mutually learned).

Force Palm (from Riolu, mutually learned).

Feint (from Riolu, mutually learned).

Brick Break (from Riolu, mutually learned via TM).

Money, total: 1,297P.

Bag Inventory, 15/24:

1x Apple.

1x Cheri Berry.

2x Oran Berries.

1x Pecha Berry.

1x Heal Seed.

2x Reviver Seeds.

2x Sleep Seeds.

1x Stun Seed.

1x X-Eye Seed.

2x Max Elixirs.

1x Foe-Hold Orb.

Storage Inventory, 140/200:

1x Fuchsia Bow.

8x Apples.

17x Big Apples.

10x Cheri Berries.

36x Oran Berries.

18x Pecha Berries.

1x Rawst Berry.

1x Sitrus Berry.

6x Heal Seeds.

2x Reviver Seeds.

10x Sleep Seeds.

2x Slip Seeds.

6x Stun Seeds.

4x Warp Seeds.

2x X-Eye Seeds.

11x Max Elixirs.

3x Drought Orbs.

1x Escape Orb.

1x Foe-Hold Orb.

1x Luminous Orb.

1x Rollcall Orb.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the interactions in this chapter, as few as they may have been. Don't worry, next chapter is probably where they really pick up, even if I'm personally not the best at dialogue.

Also, something to note for later...they can learn Copycat, and then copy Sketch...which they then cannot forget, and therefore can exploit repeatedly because fun.