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Pokémon: Sinnoh no Isekai

Chapter Two-hundred and seventy-six: Remnants of a dream gone horribly right, part two

Dawn, Kenny, Trip, Mina, Ash, Gary, and Goh were battling the forces that came out of the lab in the area of Saffron City as they fought to combat the efforts of Amaranth, who they had discovered had been up to nefarious plans this entire time with Project Mew. But even what all Kenny could of come up with for what discount dastardly deeds Amaranth could have been up to paled in comparison to what the seemingly gentle and kindly really was up to, actions that had shown that he wasn't as he seemed to be in the least.

Amaranth had been developing his own Mewtwo.

As the heroes had learned, Amaranth had actually, once long ago, been a member of the now long defunct Team Rocket, had been involved in the development of the Mewtwo for the late Giovanni. But around the same time, Amaranth had started developing his own Mewtwo for his own ends, but his work took far longer, due to a mix of needing to keep it secret and lack of proper tech for what all work was needed.

But in recent events, Amaranth had finished developing his Mewtwo, thanks in part to getting a hold of tech to upgrade what all setup he had, also he was able to get a fresher Mew DNA sample than the fossilized eyelash fraction he was able to squirrel away. Amaranth got that fresher Mew DNA sample by arranging for the kidnapping of Dawn's named Mew Froot Loop; Dawn had her reasons for wanting to keep the fact she had Froot Loop a secret from as many people as she was able to keep it from.

She... she just didn't imagine that things could have been this bad if Project Mew had learned about Froot Loop.

Thus bringing Dawn and the other heroes to their current predicament, fighting the many minions of Amaranth as the man himself fled into the skies above with his completed Mewtwo, the both of them surrounded in Mewtwo's psychic aura as they flew. Were it not for the fact that they had to fight the minions that came out, the heroes would have tried going after Amaranth, to keep who the lot of them now knows to be a madman from doing what he sought to do.

The fighting was a bit tight for them, if only due to sheer numbers. Danika and Quillon, both wearing techy looking circlets while having spacy looks on their faces, fought the heroes while commanding a Rapid Strike and Single Strike Urshifu respectively, making them the biggest threats by virtue of commanding legendary Pokémon. However, Dawn, Kenny, and Trip prepared for facing down with an Amaranth commanding a Mewtwo, rotating in some powerful Pokémon.

Dawn especially, as she rotated in a specific Pokémon of hers when told Amaranth seeks to unleash oblivion untold upon the Kanto region. "Odin, use Judgment on the Urshifus!" Dawn called out, right before Odin, Dawn's named Arceus, unleashed countless shots of damaging light that drew power from the Pixie Plate that Arceus held. The two Urshifus under Danika and Quillon were both struck hard by the fairy type assault, getting struck down in the process.

The force with which the Urshifus were struck even threw Danika and Quillon back, their techy looking circlets breaking off in the process. After that, they were able to pick themselves up, before looking around and seeing the chaos around them. They also saw their Urshifus were defeated so they recalled them. "What in blazes is going on?" Quillon called out, "How did I go from Professor Amaranth's office to a chaotic battlefield?!"

"Help us fight these guys if you and Danika can!" Gary called out, "Amaranth turned out to not be as good of a person as he came off as!"

Normally defensive if Amaranth's character was ever called into question, Quillon decided to roll with what all was happening and agreed to help fight, as did Danika. Despite the defeat of their respective Urshifus, Danika and Quillon still had Pokémon who could fight, like Danika's Azumarill and Quillon's Weavile. Although even with Danika and Quillon joining the heroes partway through the fighting, the good guys were still rather outnumbered, even though a number of minions had already been defeated.

...Up until a large number of Team Scorn members, led by Admin Kyubi, Captain Meyer, and their respective Officer's Assistants, came rushing in to help the heroes fight the minions. "Danika, Quillon," Goh called out, "Believe it or not, but these Team Scorn guys are on our side!"

"How can villains like them be on our side?" Danika called out, but stopped short when a minion tried having their Croagunk attack Danika's Azumarill.

Danika saw her Azumarill in danger, but the Croagunk was blasted away by a powerful Psychic attack. Looking to see who had saved her Azumarill, Danika saw Admin Kyubi, who had his Delphox out to battle. "Because Amaranth is a worse villain, believe it or not!" Kyubi called out, right before he led his subordinates in Team Scorn in subduing the rest of the minions.


"I still can't believe that the only Chaser more accomplished than Quillon had left Project Mew and joined Team Scorn," Danika said after the minions were defeated and subdued. She and Quillon had gone along with the heroes, as well as Kyubi, Meyer, Kira, and Inaho into the lab building.

"What I wanna know is where Dawn got that awesome Pokémon she used to defeat your Urshifus while you guys wore those techy looking circlets," Goh remarked.

Quillon's eyes widened a bit in realization before they simmered back down into Quillon's usual look. "...Those must have been brainwashing devices. We, Danika and I, were made to act against our will, weren't we?"

Kyubi arched a wry eyebrow at Quillon. "...If you knew the real actual truth of what all Amaranth was really up to, would you have gone along with it willing?"

Briskly shaking his head, Quillon said, "If you had told me before now that Professor Amaranth was evil all along, that he started up Project Mew to find Mew solely because he was after Mewtwo, I not only would have dismissed it as nonsensical ravings, I also would have struck you in the face for daring to try to slander Professor Amaranth." Looking around the lab where they were at, Quillon had a worried and concerned look on his face. "...But now..."

Shortly after that trailing off, Danika had found where Froot Loop was kept and Dawn took her named Mew out of the cage. However, she refused to let Danika get close to Froot Loop when the Chaser tried approaching with concern in her eyes. Similarly, Quillon and even Goh were kept at bay while Dawn held her Mew. Gary technically wasn't given the same attitude despite how he also was part of Project Mew, but he respectfully kept his distance anyway.

"It's because of Project Mew that all of this is happening," Dawn said as Kenny and Trip took over handling Froot Loop who although tired and hurt was going to recover, "I had no reason to trust the group, no reason to trust Amaranth. You guys were able to get what I didn't trust you with, and all it had been able to accomplish was prove that I was right to not trust you."

"We had no idea what Professor Amaranth was really up to," Danika said, "If we knew what he was plotting this whole ti-"



Danika was cut off when Dawn punched her in the side of the face, sliding across slightly just enough to break her nose a bit. Mina then punched Danika in the face on the other side, breaking her nose the other way and actually fixing some of what Dawn's punch did. Danika's nose still bled a bit from all of the trauma, though. "That's was for kidnapping Froot Loop and being responsible for what all it had gone through before I got it back!" Dawn yelled.

"And my punch was for how you stole a Master Ball from me!" Mina yelled.

"I think you girls got your point across," Quillon said, "Anyway, we-"



Quillon was cut off when Mina swung her foot right up into his holy land, scoring a critical hit that Kenny's named shiny Scizor Cell is quite familiar with. "That's for generally being an ass-hat!" Mina said as Quillon fell to his knees with his hands over his struck hidden treasure in his area zero.

"We... could have saved you striking Quillon in the shmeat after we dealt with the top ass-hat that's on our plates right now, babe," Kenny said to Mina as Dawn began helping to look for clues in the lab for where Amaranth may be gearing up to go to.

Gesturing to Quillon, Mina said, "But this one here needed to be humbled! His attitude was way too holier than thou for my tastes!"

"Yes, I agree," Kenny said, "But him being crippled by male pain means we're down a pair of hands who could have helped with finding clues as to what Amaranth is up to."

"I found a journal," Dawn called out, making everyone turn to see Dawn taking a journal from a desk drawer. Dawn flipped the journal open, skimmed the pages. "...Oh damn," Dawn swore, "Amaranth is planning something harsh with Mewtwo, alright."

"What's he planning?" Trip asked after shooing Goh away from where Froot Loop was being treated.

Looking up from the journal, Dawn said only one word, but the context of it helped to send shivers down the spines of everyone else. "Revenge."


The Kanto region government building was in utter ruins, any and all government workers and politicians that were found laying draped over rubble here and there. It was blatantly obvious that many of them, at least ninety-one point six percent, would NOT be getting up again. Floating above all of this destruction and death, like a vengeful deity surveying the oblivion he had wrought upon those below him, was Amaranth floating in the air next to Mewtwo, both surrounded by the psychic aura of the latter.

The look on Amaranth's face was one of dark, somewhat twisted, sinister satisfaction. Mewtwo, however, had an unsure look of concern on its own face. "Are you certain that those here who we had torn asunder were long overdue to be given karma?" Mewtwo asked.

"The top dog fat cats here defiantly refuse to ever change their ways on their own," Amaranth said, "And nothing short of uncontrollable elements outside of the Kanto region, and said elements have to be extreme enough to warrant it, can so much as make those spoiled and pompous politicians stand up from their cushioned spinny chairs."

Mewtwo turned back to look at the destruction that had been wrought. Destruction that had been wrought by Mewtwo itself. The government building was more ruined than the crumbling remains of a certain charred tower in the Johto region. And there was also the death. Many humans now lay dead all over the ruin that had been wrought by Mewtwo at Amaranth's word. Mewtwo felt alarm when it saw a small human among those laying dead, but relaxed somewhat upon seeing it was just a short adult.

"...You said that we only had business here, yes?" Mewtwo asked.

"Originally, but now we have a number of other stops to make," Amaranth said, "Stops we need to make so as to teach those who would stand up to me better. The closest such stop is Pallet Town, as that's where one of the persons who needs to be taught what happens when anyone dares to have the nerve to oppose my will, dares to oppose my word, lives." A devilish smile spread across the lips of the steadily more unhinged man.

"...I think Goh's little friend will get what I'm trying to get at."

Back at the lab, Dawn began reading aloud from the journal she found so everyone can hear what was written in it. "According to Amaranth's journal here," Dawn began, "His reason for seeking revenge is because of how his early life had been thrown through the wringer, he and his family had been made out to be pariahs both social and somewhat politically, because of some actions that his grandfather on his mom's side of the family had tried to carry out before Amaranth himself was even conceived."

"What's the story?" Kenny asked as everyone who else looked on.

Going to the journal, Dawn continued, "Amaranth's grandfather on his mom's side, Donovan, was once long ago a member of the Kanto region government, holding a position of some degree of high rank. Donovan wasn't the absolute top dog, but he got up there a fair bit. However, Donovan and a number of his fellow government members of similar rank as him became disenfranchised with how the absolute top dogs running Kanto's government were running the show."

"So politics play a key role here," Gary said.

Dawn nodded once in the affirmative. "At the time, Kanto had a poor reputation among other regions for supposedly being lower class compared to the other regions themselves. As an example, Unova at the time was known to decry Kanto as being 'the boonies', also saying that Kantonians are a lot of backwoods country hicks."

"Kanto is by no means the boonies," Trip said, a hint of defensiveness in his tone, "Anyone who thinks so poorly of Kanto that they refer to the region as being the boonies is... they are the worst kind of people."

"As things stand today," Danika commented, "Unova itself has the overall worst reputation among the other regions."

"Anyway, back to the story," Dawn said, "Donovan and his like minded fellows, for a total of a few dozen men, were planning a coup d'état where they would seize control over enough of the right parts of Kanto's government so as to have control over all of Kanto's government as a whole, and from there they planned to run things how they saw fit."

"Amaranth's grandfather was planning to take over Kanto?!" Mina exclaimed, looking surprised.

Dawn gave a single affirmative nod. "According to the journal, everything was going as Donovan had planned. As such, nothing was going to keep the coup from succeeding. Except-"

"-Except for a little girl who just so happened to have been at the government building that day saw the men having a secret meeting," Ash spoke up, getting everyone to look at him in surprise, "Got scared when she heard they were up to no good, and ran to tell her dad who was one of the men who worked at the government building."

"...Yes, Ash," Dawn said, a hint of surprise in both her tone and expression, "How did-"

"My mom had told me the story a few times before," Ash said, "The girl in question is my mom's grandmother, my great-grandmother."

Nodding once, Dawn said to the heroes as a whole, "Yes. Donovan and his fellows were foiled because a four year old girl named Anya just so happened to have snuck over to the government building that day because she wanted to see where her dad, a man named Loid, worked for Kanto's government. Anya as she tried finding a restroom before going to find her dad had by chance come upon what Donovan and his fellows were up to."

Ash nodded in confirmation. "She wasn't seen, so she was able to sneak away and run to find her dad, who is my great-great-grandfather, and tell him what she came upon. In turn, my great-great-grandfather was able to bring attention to what was happening. The coup was still attempted, but due to losing the element of surprise, it ended up failing and all guilty men who weren't killed in the attempt were apprehended."

"Oh yeah, I think I remember gramps telling be about that event," Gary said, "It went down in history as the Attempted Kanto Coup. According to gramps, a good many people believe that were it not for that Anya girl sneaking to were her dad worked because of how she adored him and wanted to see him being awesome, then the Coup would have been successful, and as such Kanto would've been a vastly different place than it is today. And as a fun fact, one of the officers brought in to arrest all of the guilty men just so happened to be Anya's uncle on her mom's side."

Ash nodded in confirmation. "Yeah, my mom told me that my great-great-granduncle Yuri was one of the arresting officers who helped to arrest the guilty men."

Dawn nodded once in acknowledgement as she continued reading from the journal. "Although the Coup was foiled, the family of the many men who attempted to seize control of Kanto's government were made out into being social outcasts. Even the family members who didn't approve of the Coup. Even family members who weren't even alive anymore by the time of the Coup, or weren't yet born at the time of the Coup."

"W-Wow," Goh said, "Talk about merciless."

"Family members who weren't yet born at the time of the Coup," Kyubi spoke up, "That describes Amaranth himself."

"So because his grandpa and a bunch of said grandpa's friends decided to try to use the Team Scorn plan long before Team Scorn even existed," Inaho said, "Amaranth sought revenge. Doesn't exactly excuse what all lengths he's gone to, but at least now we can understand why he'd want to go to such lengths."

Ash was about to speak up, but got cut off when Kira said, "Yo Admin Kyubi, there's a breaking news report about an attack on the primary government building here in the Kanto region! People almost blamed the attack on Team Scorn, but those accusations were dropped when a single man was seen flying away with a bipedal purple Pokémon with psychic powers!"

Everyone tensed up when Kira mentioned the breaking news report. "Is there any sort of death toll yet?" Kyubi asked.

"At least one-hundred people are confirmed dead," Kira said, sending further shivers down the spines of all present, "And people who are over at the sight of the attack on the primary government building saw the man and the Pokémon fly up and a way, making a straight line for Pallet Town!"

"He's headed for Pallet Town?!" Ash and Gary exclaimed in unison.

"Well guys, we know where to go next," Dawn said grimly. The heroes then proceeded to get going towards Pallet Town, with Dawn, Kenny, and Trip having their Creation Trio dragons give lifts to the few who were coming that lacked means of flight. As Dawn's party was full and she couldn't exactly send a Pokémon to Oak's lab right now, she asked Kyubi surprisingly enough to hold Froot Loop for her as he and Goh rode together on Tsukune while following Dawn on Odin.

Goh looked confused by the arrangement. "Wait, why trust someone in Team Scorn to hold Mew?" Goh asked, "Aren't they untrustworthy?"

"Can you honestly not say the same about Project Mew?" Dawn asked, "Besides, it's your leaking of the information that had helped lead to what all is going on right now, Goh." Goh wanted to argue back, but he stopped short because Dawn, and Goh realized there's no getting around it, was right. Although he didn't mean for it, and he certainly didn't know what all was cooking in the background, was still part of the guilty party here. Same as Quillon and Danika and even Gary, although out of the present members of Project Mew it was kind of obvious that Dawn trusted Gary the most.

As the heroes rode towards Pallet Town, Goh by chance looked over to Dialga, where Ash was riding with Trip. Ash had a similarly grim and serious look on his face like Dawn, Kenny, Trip, Mina, and Gary. Goh feared that Ash's disposition towards him may be compromised due to his role in Project Mew getting this far. Although it was his goal to eventually find Mew and make it his partner, Goh did not want it if the cost would be the confidence and friendship of those Goh sees as friends.

Goh... also realized that he MAY have slighted Chloe over time, and made a serious mental note to fix what all he could there. But such business would have to wait until AFTER Amaranth and his utter madness here was stopped, Amaranth's Mewtwo defeated and Amaranth himself captured by the authorities. Goh just prayed to whatever deity that would hear him that he'll be able to fix what all damage he may have caused, lest he lose something even more valuable than getting Mew.

Oak, Delia, and Mr. Fuji were freed from their bindings by the Team Scorn grunts left behind to guard them by Admin Kyubi. But as the three of them were still prisoners, they were still being guarded. As such, when Amaranth busted down the front wall area of the main section of Oak's lab to attack the place, he actually was met with some degree of resistance as there was more than enough Team Scorn grunts to not only keep him occupied, but also try to escort the prisoners to safety.

Amaranth's eyes, however, made it clear he wouldn't let the prisoner group held by Team Scorn get away scott-free. "That woman..." Amaranth muttered as he eyed Delia dangerously, "She looks like an older version of the little girl from the photo, the little girl who foiled my grandfather's efforts to save Kanto from being consumed from within by corruption." Pointing at the prisoner group as some Team Scorn grunts tried getting them to safety, Amaranth called out, "Mewtwo! Strike that woman down with Aura Sphere!"

Mewtwo's eyes widened with shocked surprise. "What manner of crime did she commit?" Mewtwo asked, afraid of what a seemingly innocent woman like Delia may have done.

"She's looks to be of the lineage that had worked to prevent Kanto from being saved from consumption by corruption!" Amaranth decried, "Strike her down! Now! Aura Sphere!"

Mewtwo, although it by no means wanted to as it didn't see a real reason for doing as Amaranth's word told it, still felt compelled to obey. It conjured an Aura Sphere that it then cast right at Delia, striking her on the left forearm and making her cry out in pain as force of the impact knocked her to the floor, making Oak, Mr. Fuji, and the few Team Scorn grunts with them all move to cover Delia as she cried while covering her injured arm.

Looking to where Delia was being carried away, Amaranth said, "You only fractured her left forearm! Why didn't you strike her down?!"

"I did strike her down," Mewtwo said, "I struck her, and the impact knocked her down to the floor as she and her party tried to flee. She was struck down."

Growling in frustration, Amaranth practically screamed, "When I said I wanted you to strike that woman down, I meant that I wanted you to kill her! I want that woman dead right now! Now kill her! Kill that woman dead right this very instant! Use Swift!"

Mewtwo truly didn't want to, but the compulsion to obey Amaranth was too much for Mewtwo to resist. Regretfully, it conjured a Swift attack and took aim at Delia, hoping that some greater power would intervene and prevent Delia from meeting her end here as the Swift attack took flight right for the fleeing group of prisoners guarded by Team Scorn grunts.

To the shock of Amaranth (and relief of Mewtwo), a large quadrupedal Pokémon that was mostly white and had a large golden ring around its body came in and took the Swift attack. It had some shaded, ghostly colors about it, which may be a clue as to why the normal attack Swift did no damage to so large and grand a Pokémon. Furthermore to Amaranth's shock, Dawn Berlitz was riding on the magnificent Pokémon's back.

"Odin, push them out with Flamethrower!" Dawn called out, blasting a Flamethrower breath weapon at Amaranth and Mewtwo, who were pushed out but not harmed too much due to a sphere of psychic energy Mewtwo conjured around itself and Amaranth to protect them. It was basically like a Galarian Football being kicked out from a goal by a goalie.

By the time Mewtwo was able to turn the psychic sphere shield it and Amaranth was in so that they were right side up, the two of them saw that they were surrounded; Dawn, Kenny, Trip, Mina, and Ash from outside of Project Mew, Atticus who had left Project Mew and was now decked in Team Scorn colors while cradling Mew in his arms, three others from Team Scorn who Amaranth didn't recognize, and even Goh, Gary, Quillon, and Danika from Project Mew. And all of them looked very much unamused with him.

And those were just the humans. There were multiple mighty legendary Pokémon out, too many for even Mewtwo, mighty though it may be, to stand a chance at prevailing against. Similarly to all of the humans, the Pokémon all looked unamused. Amaranth growled in frustration as even he would not be able to deny it that things were going to be ending for him here, one way or the other. It was a realization that was bringing him no end of annoyance and frustration.

"This is where your discount dastardly deed-doing ends, Professor Amity-wrath," Kenny declared as he pointed at Amaranth.

"It's pronounced 'Amaranth', you stupid boy!" Amaranth barked at Kenny, spittle flying from his mouth as a look of enraged anger encompassed his face. Gesturing wildly, Amaranth screamed, "This is just the same as what my grandfather and his fellows were forced to deal with! They tried to save Kanto from ridicule on the inter-regional stage but were stopped and made into pariahs! For trying to do good! Now you're giving me the same deal solely because I want revenge for how the ridicule dealt to my grandfather and his fellows was passed down by the people ridiculing everyone from my grandfather's generation to my father's generation to mine!"

"Your grandfather and his fellows tried to stage a coup to take over Kanto's government!" Ash yelled, "They sought to rule the region with their word being law! They weren't going to 'save Kanto from ridicule on an inter-regional scale', they would have made the problem worse!" Pointing at the mad professor, Ash said, "Admit it! This, all of this, has nothing to do with getting revenge for what all had happened to your grandfather's mad effort! You just want revenge for how you had been made to suffer all your life!"

"And why shouldn't I get revenge for it?" Amaranth barked back, "I, through no fault of my own, due solely to having been born into the wrong family, had been made into a reviled social outcast for a good portion of my life! I had to lie about my background, do some cover-ups, just to escape the condemnation people keep giving me because of the actions of a relative of mine who lived and died before I was even born! If there really are such people who would think nothing of it to torment an innocent person so, then all of such people need to be ERADICATED AND SENT TO OBLIVION!"

Amaranth was too caught up, too enraged to hear reason. At this point, nothing but battle would work to make the mad professor settle down. And although he was outnumbered, he still had the mighty Mewtwo at his side. As a testament to its power, Mewtwo with its efforts was able to knock back all of the non-legendary Pokémon sent against it, even knocking out some of them such as Goh's Scizor and Gary's Electivire. Ash's Pikachu, who Dawn suspected is some secret form of myth in and of itself, was able to avoid defeat, although when thrown back it was caught by Ash.

Yes indeed, Mewtwo was able to best the non-legendary Pokémon sent against it. But there was no denying that there were a good number of legendary Pokémon sent out to contend against Mewtwo, many of which were deity-level. Mewtwo tried to keep a psychic barrier up to block such a legendary assault, but after the barrier was pummeled by Spacial Rend, Roar Of Time, and even Judgment, the barrier was busted away by a slamming Shadow Force.

Amaranth and Mewtwo were sent flying away, tumbling on the ground before coming to a stop. The Master Ball that Amaranth used to capture Mewtwo flew from his person. Seeing it, Dawn ran in and scooped it up. Checking and confirming it was the ball Amaranth used to capture Mewtwo, Dawn decided to break it. An aura of light blue light washed over Mewtwo, and it was noted that, as it was passing out, Mewtwo had a relieved look of elation on its face before slipping into dreamless sleep.

Later, police cars pulled up to Oak's lab, along with a few ambulances. The worst injury that was suffered was Delia getting a fracture to her left forearm, but keeping it in a cast for a while ought to do the trick. Ash, although upset to hear his mom was hurt, was relieved to hear that the worst that his mom got can be mended. And hey, given testimony from Delia confirmed that Amaranth straight up tried to murder her, the fact she only got a fracture in her left forearm is getting off lightly.

Mewtwo was also roused, but it was questioned by the heroes and their group. Some of the more perceptive members of the group held curious looks towards Mewtwo. "...You never wanted to do any of what Amaranth compelled you to do, huh?" Dawn asked.

Mewtwo gently shook its head in the negative. "He wanted to use me as naught but an engine of destruction, to wreck and... and kill, even. There are humans at a government building in this region laying dead because I was compelled to act upon Amaranth's word. He even wanted me to vanquish that woman who I got it is named Delia Ketchum solely because she looks to be related to a little girl who foiled the efforts of Amaranth's grandfather and said grandfather's compatriots."

Ash did not look happy to hear that. "...But you were able to keep from doing so."

"I was able to make use of exact wording to do as told without doing what was actually expected," Mewtwo explained, "At least the first time I was sicced on that woman. It was only by the grace of you humans busting in that the second efforts Amaranth tried ordering me to do was foiled." Mewtwo nodded to the heroes. "Thank you for stopping my efforts."

"Why didn't you just disobey Amaranth?" Goh asked, "Or better yet turn on him when he was telling you to do something you didn't agree with?"

Mewtwo had a resigned looking scowl on its face. "He had caught me. Such a condition, with him holding the reigns, compelled me to obey despite my objections."

Dawn took a step forward. "...You aren't the first Pokémon who did questionable acts due to being compelled to act at the word of the trainer ordering said questionable acts. The Pokémon that I speak of was able to escape the command of so cruel a trainer and is now working for good. You can be given the same, if you want."

Mewtwo gave Dawn its full attention, its curiosity piqued. "How so?"

Dawn took out and expanded a spare Ultra Ball. "Come along with me, Mewtwo. I can help show others that what all bad you had done was because you had been compelled to act at a bad trainer's word, but you can do good if given the right guidance."

Mewtwo eyed the ball Dawn had out. "This one looks different from the one Amaranth used to make me his servant."

"He used a Master Ball," Mina explained, "One stolen from me no less. Pokémon, no matter how strong, can't resist capture if a Master Ball is used. They can, however, attempt to resist capture if an Ultra Ball is used."

Dawn nodded in confirmation. "I want you to have some degree of freedom, to grow into the kind of character that you want to be. I figure that letting you know you'll have some freedom of choice would be a step in the right direction. You can even try to resist capture with this Ultra Ball if you want to be sure I'm going to give you what Amaranth never considered giving you." Mewtwo, after considering Dawn's words for a moment, nodded in consent for Dawn to try capturing it.

Dawn then tossed the Ultra Ball at Mewtwo, who went inside before the ball fell to the ground softly. It only shook once before Mewtwo burst out from the Ultra Ball. "...You really are going to grant me more freedom of choice than Amaranth ever would have considered," Mewtwo said, looking right at Dawn with a look of amazed wonder and humbled surprise. Dawn nodded once in the affirmative before Mewtwo gave her the cue to try again.

The second Ultra Ball actually succeeded, netting Dawn a Mewtwo. Scanning the ball Mewtwo was in with her Pokédex, Dawn saw that Mewtwo was genderless, timid nature, and it had the Unnerve ability. Dawn also saw it came knowing Psychic, Swift, Aura Sphere, and Recover; Kenny using his named Sabeleye Ban, or Dawn using her named Spiritomb Marquess, could have walled Mewtwo for days. "So you caught Mewtwo," Mina said.

"Given what all Mewtwo had done while under Amaranth's word," Dawn began, "Especially as a lot of it made the news, people won't feel right if Mewtwo roams around without supervision." Calling out her newly caught Mewtwo, Dawn said, "Welcome to the team, Khan."

Mewtwo arched a wry eyebrow. "Khan?"

"I actually nickname the Pokémon that I catch," Dawn explained, "And I feel Khan would be a fitting nickname for you. Unless you object to it."

A look of wry amusement appeared in the Mewtwo's eyes. "Actually... I feel such a name has a nice ring to it. And using that moniker can help distance me from my past under Amaranth."

Patting Trip on the side of his arm, Kenny said, "Dude, I just realized we now got a Pokémon who can speak with and understand humans. It's like Mewtwo to our posse is similar to Meowth working for Team Rocket." It was then that Trip realized the impact of what Kenny pointed out; Dawn's named Mewtwo could translate for the humans what Pokémon are saying. It would be quite the boon, as it may speed up the process of solving certain problems, as well as making said problems easier to solve.

There were still a few issues that needed to be covered, but Amaranth's madness was brought to and end. What this meant for Project Mew moving forward was a mystery, especially when word got out to the Chasers what their big boss was REALLY up to. But that could be handled later, as for now there was some cleanup to do.


Author's notes;

This chapter goes over Amaranth's backstory here, shows why he's a bad guy here. The heroes rush to Pallet Town to stop Amaranth when they hear he's flying there with Mewtwo, and are able to stop him from doing something that would have drastically changed Ash's character. A rant about how life had screwed him over, combined with a quick fight, defeats Amaranth, while also stopping the potential region-wrecking threat that was foretold. A good thing Dawn used Odin.

Additionally, Mewtwo was released from Amaranth's ownership when the Master Ball used to catch it was broken, and Dawn later caught the Mewtwo. Given what Mewtwo did while under Amaranth's custody, even if Mewtwo did so unwillingly and only did so because told to do so by Amaranth, there will be people uncomfortable with Mewtwo running around free. Dawn at least showed she can take on the responsibility of handling Mewtwo.

Anyway, the next chapter will handle some cleaning up of other points from this arc, as well as cover some other points, many of which stem from Alola. Until then, take care.

Dawn's Pokémon: (on hand) Chi-Chi (female Infernape), Tsukune (Palkia), Odin (Arceus), Germany (male Garchomp), Leni (female Lucario), Khan (Mewtwo)

Kenny's Pokémon: (on hand) Roshi (male Torterra), Cell (male Siczor; shiny), Godzilla (male Tyranitar), Hoodini (male Noctowl), Android 21 (female Weavile; shiny), Black (Giratina; Origin Forme)

Trip's Pokémon: (on hand) Myde (male Emploeon), Deelia (Dialga), Natalya (female Copperajah), Akibot 966 (Golurk), Alfred (male Marowak; Alolan; totem), Mr. Popo (male Magmortar)

Mina's Pokémon: (on hand) Scar (male Eevee; scared over one eye), Dragonite (male), Gardevoir (male), Espeon (male; shiny), Jolteon (male; shiny), Flareon (male; shiny)