It was currently Christmas the world over. The town of Crosslands was fully beginning to forget about the mysterious heroes who had shown up months ago and the demons they had faced. The lack of actual coverage of them certainly helped with that, as did the coverup that Christopher Smith was responsible for the mass kidnappings. This was a fatal error, as the town would soon learn.

From the top of one of the tallest buildings in the town, a green creature, with white dreadlocks and a bat-like face, observed the town. This was Frightfur, one of the Bomas that had abandoned Malgramon when they learned of his plan. "Enjoy your celebrations for now, humans.", he gloated. "For soon, the new Boma Empire will rise and spread around the world. And I will be the one to herald it."

A few days later, Raquel Collins was in the town's shopping centre, doing her gift shopping. "I just hope everyone enjoys these gifts.", she thought as she walked on, carrying a large bag in both hands. In previous years, she would've only bought gifts for her mother, her uncle (the only relative who would reliably visit them) and her brother (who hadn't been back since he last left his laundry behind. Raquel had started taking parts of it for herself), but this year, Raquel was also getting gifts for her fellow Power Rangers. It was her way of saying "thank you" on behalf of the people hey saved, who would never know it.

As she was deep in thought, she ended up bumping into a man, who was walking with someone else. "Oh, sorry about that.", the man said apologetically.

"No, it was my fault.", came the reply from Raquel. Then she got a good look at the man and recognised him. "Ricky, is that you? I didn't recognise you for a minute with that beard."

"Believe me, I've told him to shave it off.", his female partner, who was now revealed as Chloe, commented. "Glad to see he's outvoted on keeping it."

"Ok then, it'll be gone by tonight.", Ricky sighed. "We are still doing that party tonight, aren't we?"

"Oh, that party.", Raquel realised. Back when they had gone their separate ways, the Rangers and their allies had all agreed to meet up for Christmas that year, even Kalia. "Artie and Roland got back a few days ago. So we'll just be waiting on Kalia to begin everything. You know the place."

"We'll be there 5 minutes early.", Chloe assured her. "It would be 15, but Ricky's going to need that extra time to-."

"I get the picture!", Ricky yelled. "Ladies don't like the beard. It'll be gone by tonight."

Unbeknownst to them, Frightfur was listening in. "So, the Gryphon's apprentice will be coming back to Earth. Oh, this is an opportunity too good to miss." He began to laugh maniacally, a plan forming in his head.

Later that night, all 5 former Rangers and the majority of their allies met at the site of Highway Base. After Malgramon's defeat, the structure had been left behind, since no-one could see it under normal circumstances. "So, how's everyone been doing with their goals these last few months?", Samantha thought to ask.

"Well in the last 6 months, Ricky and I have found and awakened 6 Bomas on the West Coast.", Chloe answered. "2 of them wanted to live in peace, the other 4 didn't."

"So what did you do with those 4?", Artie thought to ask. "Hopefully, you gave 'em hell.",

"Oh, we did.", Ricky assured him. "We also found some of the remnants of Damos' army and wiped most of them out. Only one of them escaped."

Drew seemed worried at this. "Is he dangerous on his own? It would probably help if we knew his name."

"I think it was 'Frightfur'.", Chloe answered. "As far as I can tell, he feeds off fear."

It was then that Kalia chose to make an appearance. "Did I hear you talking about a Boma that feeds off fear?", she asked.

"Yeah," replied Daniel. "Chloe said his name was 'Frightfart', or something."

"FrightFUR.", Roland and Raquel corrected him.

"Oh I wouldn't worry about him, I remember him being mostly harmless for the majority of the year.", Kalia assured them. "Now then, how's everyone been? Where's Dr. Beck?"

Before she could receiver an answer, Frightfur leapt in and grabbed her out of the air. "And here I thought I was going to have to create a panic to be more powerful. Yet you Rangers led me to an even greater power source.", he gloated.

"You must be Frightfur.", Drew surmised. "What do you want with Kalia?"

"Why, I want what you have.", Frightfur replied. "The power of a different dimensional being flowing through me. Then I'll be able to pose a challenge to you." He then fired a bolt of electricity to knock everyone back and vanished.

"Well, that's just great.", Artie sighed. "And here I thought our Boma worries were over."

"Worse, this one has Kalia.", Raquel pointed out. "And with Beck visiting his ex-wife in San Francisco, we're basically on our own."

In a cave, Frightfur walked further in with his prize. "Once I consume you, you'll become a battery granting me greater power.", he noted to the unconscious pixie as he placed her in his mouth and swallowed her. Deep within his stomach, Kalia awoke to see his digestive juices approaching and tried to climb out, but to no avail. Outside, Frightfur's fingers sprouted claws, while his dreadlocks elongated into tendrils. "Oh yes, this power is truly great." He pounded his chest, knocking Kalia down. "Now I can fight the Rangers on even footing."

"Help me.", Kalia whispered. "Rangers, help me."

Back at Highway Base, Roland and Drew were trying to work the computers. "This isn't easy.", the former pointed out. "Beck had everything password protected and we have no idea what his password was."

"And I can't reach him over the phone or comms.", Drew added. "If we can't turn this computer on, then we won't be able to scan for Frightfur."

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that.", Samantha interrupted, having turned on the TV in the corner. "We can find where he is just be following the news."

Sure enough, the news was depicting the transformed Frightfur rampaging through town. "Yes, fear! Give me your fear, humans! It makes me stronger!"

Raquel gasped. "I know where he's headed. That's the deepest part of town. We can be there in 5 minutes."

"Well, what're we waiting for?", Artie asked. "If Ricky will just give the word, we can get going."

"Fine then.", Ricky nodded. "Rangers, it's go time!"

Out in the town, Frightfur was continuing to utilise his new abilities for terror. He breathed gas onto a building, dissolving it. "Oh, I could get used to this level of power.", he mused.

"That's too bad." It was then that Ricky and the other Rangers came riding in on their bikes, jumping off to face him. "Because we8re planning to take our friend back.", Drew finished.

"Rangers!", Frightfur hissed. "I won't let you take this from me. Savants, arise!" He waved his hand, conjuring a group of Savants. "And this is just a taste of my true power." He then sent his foot-soldiers against the Rangers, before leaping onto the roof of a tall building. "Catch me if you can!" In his stomach, Kalia began to be overwhelmed by digestive juice.

The 5 began engaging the Savants, with none of them managing to gain a significant advantage. "Whatever Frightfur did when he created these guys, it made them more powerful.", Roland noted.

"One of us will have to go on ahead and cut Kalia out of his stomach.", Raquel stated, taking a long hard look at Ricky.

"What me?", he realised. "No, I can't leave you guys behind."

"You have to.", Artie urged. "You're the only one who has a way fo cutting through that guy. With your Auto Saber."

"Right.", Ricky nodded. "I'll leave these guys to you." He then turned and ran into the building. As he kept running up the stairs, Kalia was being digested more and more, having lost consciousness in the process. "I should've dealt with Frightfur before.", Ricky thought. "This is on me. And I've got to set things right." He then initiated his morph as he ran. "Start Up! Ready, Go!"

The Red Ranger burst onto the roof of the building. "Right on cue.", Frightfur gloated. "I'm about to win."

"Don't count your chickens yet.", Ricky warned. "Because I'm about to cut you down to size."

"I'd lie, to see you try.", Frightfur mocked as he breathed gas at Ricky, who narrowly dodged out of the way, as a nearby water pipe was dissolved. "Now taste my Alto Saber!" Frightfur conjured up a sword and ran towards Ricky, swinging it into a fight with Ricky's own Auto Saber, where the Boma had the advantage. But then Ricky managed to knock Frightfur down with his bare hands.

"You should've stayed in hiding.", Ricky declared. "Today is your end."

"Wishful thinking.", Frightfur said mockingly. "Destroy me and you shall destroy your pixie friend as well. I hold the advantage." He breathed gas at his opponent, sending him backwards.

"I… can't lose here.", Ricky wheezed as he tried to recover. "Not while Kalia still depends on me."

Inside Frightfur's stomach, Kalia, who was barely holding onto her consciousness, looked longingly at a heart shaped pendant she was carrying. She remembered where she had first obtained it, all those months ago.

It was the day Kalia was to return to her own dimension, to fulfil her new role as a delegate. The 5 Rangers were there, and presented her with the pendent in a box. "Let's just say it's a message from us.", Drew explained.

"A message saying what?", Kalia asked.

"Even if we never see each other again, we're always there for each other in our hearts.", Raquel answered. "I made them for everybody to wear, right guys?" The boys then nervously scratched their heads, as Raquel became angry. "Right, guys?"

Back in the present, Ricky was once more thrown back. "Now I'll get even with you for the destruction of my allies and my superiors.", Frightfur announced as his dreadlocks grew out further. "I'll destroy the Power Rangers with the power of their own friend, who they hold dear to their hearts."

"That's it.", Ricky realised, as he held out his own heart pendant. Despite Raquel's annoyance with him over not wearing it, he still chose to keep it in his pocket. He knew from asking her that the pendant was made of tourmaline, a mineral that conducted static electricity. "I can still save Kalia."

"What?", Frightfur asked, as he leapt down to engage Ricky, who knocked him back, before pulling out his Auto Saber and charging it with electricity.

"I think you'll get a shock out of this.", Ricky said as leapt forward to stab Frightfur's stomach, with the energy running to Kalia's pendant. As Ricky held strong, the shock electrified the pendant, pulling Kalia out with an explosion.

Down on the ground, the Savants that the other Rangers were fighting all vanished. "What happened?", Artie asked. "Where did they go?"

Ricky soon answered that question by approaching with Kalia, who lay unconscious in his hand. "Let's just say that Frightfur won't be bothering us again."

"So that's it then?", Roland asked.

"All of Malgramon's Bomas have now been destroyed.", Drew nodded. Everyone then began cheering, raising their fists in celebration.

In the town's prison, one of the inmates had seen the explosion in the distance. He felt like he was supposed to do something at this point, but he wasn't sure what. So he merely ignored it and went back to reading his book, a short story about society collapsing around a girl and her sister.

Later, back at Highway Base, the Christmas party was now in full force, with Mrs. Collins having joined the celebrations. "It's a shame Beck couldn't have seen this.", Kalia lamented. "He'd probably have been pretty happy to see me again."

"Well, he's spending time with his family.", Mrs. Collins explained. "And after all, that is what Christmas is all about. People coming together to celebrate their differences."

"And we're pretty different from each other.", Ricky commented. "But you know what? That just makes us more closer than we'd be if we were all the same. Our differences helped us defeat Malgramon and Damos. And I'm sure that they'll help us win no matter what gets thrown our way. Now that's something to look forward to."