Strange book? Strange powers.

Naruto was 4 years old, attending the academy and was as usual, failing everything. He was tired of it. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't for the life of him, use chakra... the doctors all Said to the third hokage that there's no reason for the boy not to be able to use it.

Tired of being unable to do anything, naruto decided he needed to change that. So, he did the most unexpected thing he could have done... entered the village library...

Peering for books and scrolls to help his problem, he found it. A book called "the spiritual aspect of chakra called ki" interesting to him. Narutos heard about sage, physical and even demonic chakra but nevertheless spiritual before, maybe this 'ki' could help him.

Reading the book, he began to follow the steps, firstly meditating and clearing your mind, look for that energy welling deep inside you other than chakra. At first Naruto had absolutely no idea what this meant, but he tried and tried and tried until suddenly he felt am overwhelming calmness take over him. Taking a long deep breath and opening his eyes, a sparkling light was sat atop and hovering above his hands.

"I did it!"


Scratching the back of his head and apologising for disturbing the silence in the library, he got up and took the book to get registered for leave and immediately ran towards the hokages office.

Making his way through the old building and entering the old man's office, he noticed the old geezer was sleeping.

"Gramps! I figured out my problem with chakra!" the little boy yelped, causing the old man to burst out of his slumber in fright.

"naruto? My boy, I'm afraid I misheard you during my sleep."

"No problem gramps, I said I fixed my chakra problem!"

"Oh? And how exactly did you do that?"

"With this!" he handed him the book.

'What a strange book, spiritual ki? I've never heard of such a thing before...' the old man thought to himself.

Naruto then proceeded to explain all hes learnt from using this 'ki' and that if he uses it instead of chakra, hes able to use the justsu he was struggling to use before such as the bunshin.

Hiruzen was beyond shocked, there is an alternative to chakra? That just sounds unbelievable but here Naruto is using it to create a small orb of light,

"Well, my boy, keep going in this training for this new source of power and come and show me how good it is!" hiruzen was getting excited, he was thinking there was nothing left to learn in his village after learning all its jutus but now hes found something new and interesting.


Naruto was done showing off the new energy thingy to his grandpa and was on his way home but was struck by an intense pain emanating from his head. Clutching his head with his hands and screaming out in pain, he runs off into the woods on impulse and eventually collapses due to the extreme pain hes feeling inside.

It took a long couple of minutes before the pain subsided enough for him to think without hurting himself. That was the moment it happened; he saw something that was beyond his childish mind could muster... a great fox with nine massive tails flashing as images across his eyes. Confused and scared, he did the most effective thing he could, he closed his eyes and hoped it would go away on its own!

"Child..." a feint whisper said at the back of his head.

'What the hell was that? It was like someone was speaking inside my head...' was his train of thought.

The voice kept on saying the same word over and over again and Naruto kept on ignoring it until it spoke clearer than it ever has before.

"Help... me..." the voice sounded so defeated and broken, as if it was already having low expectations. Naruto being himself couldn't bear that tone and decoded to try and reach out with his own voice.

"I'll help you!" he screamed and with those words, his mind went blank, his vision blurry and black and eventually he collapsed again and when he awoke, he was in a sewer like area.

"Great, I collapse in the woods and someone decides to throw me into the sewers!" ranting about how bad his luck was and how shitty people seem to be to him.

Continuing his rant for a few minutes, he stops the moment he hears a very low growl coming from behind him.

Turning to see what exactly could emit such a low but terrifying growl, hes greeted by that same thing that flashed upon his eyes earlier, a large orange and scary looking fox with 9 tails what look like they could level a village with a single swing.

"YOU DARE COME HERE? YOU PRESENT YOURSELF BEFORE ME, THE GREAT 9 TAILED FOX!" The beast roars out, Naruto is at this point, shitting himself. The fox that attacked 8 years ago is standing right there in front of him. He wanted to run, oh so bad but was too scared to even begin.

"Silence you abomination!" a second voice yells from afar. Naruto was now even more confused, where is he? How is the fox here and wait... is it caged up? Who was that other voice?

"Another presence... but this one is... KID! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LET THAT OTHER THING OUT!" begged the fox. Adding more confusion to Naruto. The fox seems scared, but what can scare the 9 tailed fox?

Before Naruto could do anything really, he felt two soft and slender arms drop over his shoulders and a person lean on top of him with their chin resting on his head.

"My... I knew I sensed someone using KI, I never imagined id feel such a sensation after so many years of being sealed inside the moon. Imagine my surprise when it turns out to be a child..." the mystery person said.

"Do not be afraid child for I am not here to harm you, I couldn't anyway, for I am still stuck in the moon."

"it's okay child, I can sense your fear, I will not harm you nor let the fox harm you." the voice reassures him, luckily it works and his fears are mostly calmed and he can relax,

As he is a child, he is very curious, so naturally he asks the most obvious question.

"The moon? How are you all the way there and here at the same time?" Naruto asks.

The voice chuckles lightly at his question.

"Well, that, is a long story, would you like to listen?"

Feeling the boy nod under her chin, she turns the boy around and what he sees is something only able to be described as beautiful.

Stood there before him was none other than kaguya otsostuki, the sage of six paths mother in all her glory, her horns that look oddly like rabbit ears and her long kimono like dress that adorned the symbols of Tomoe. Her white and milky – almost blue like- skin and her eyes that are the exact same as a hyuuga.

"Woah... you're so pretty!" exclaimed the young boy, causing the woman to blush and giggle.

"Well then child, I offer my thanks. But now let me explain who I am and why I'm in the moon." she ushered the boy to take a seat on a chair that appeared from the water he is stepping on.

"Now where to begin, ah yes... my name is kaguya otsotsuki, I am the mother of the sage of six paths, the one who you people refer to as the great sage. I was the one who gifted the world with chakra, I planted the tree that became the fruit that I ate that spread the chakra all around the earth. Unfortunately, it came with a curse that I was unaware was affecting me the entire time. I became mad, insane really. I had a lust for power so great I resorted into killing thousands of innocent people by tricking them into thinking they would be helping chakra spread when really, they were giving it to me. If not for both my sons realising my evil ways earlier then who knows what would have happened. But alas, they both fought me for months, without rest or breaks and eventually sealed me in what you see now as the moon but is in reality, my prison. The sole reason I'm sane as of this moment is due to the fact that unbeknownst to my sons, they destroyed my chakra points and accidentally freed me of my curse. I can no longer use chakra so I had to resort to using a different type of energy I used long ago. Unfortunately, my people did not understand it therefore we deemed it useless and developed chakra trees, however being without chakra I had to resort to using that other energy, the same energy you have come to start learning, KI is its name." she looked down at Naruto after sharing her story to see the boy with stars in his eyes.

"THATS SO COOL! So, you were the one who created chakra, that must mean your super old then! Even older than gramps!" he states.

Kaguya sweat drops and realises that he was only a child so of course he wouldn't understand most of it.

'I guess I was too excited to talk to someone else after so many centuries being locked away alone.' she thought to herself.

"Listen child, I want to make a deal with you. If you are willing to listen to me." she said smiling at the boy who nodded with enthusiasm.

"Good, now the deal is, I will teach you all that I know about KI as long as you let me out of this place. My mind and my body are separated seeing as my body is inside the moon but my mind is here inside your head instead."

"WERE INSIDE MY HEAD!? WAIT DOES THAT MEAN THE FOX IS INSIDE ME TOO?!" the boy panicked and looking behind him to see a worried looking fox before turning back to kaguya.

"Yes, child we are, strange, isn't it?" she said jokingly.

"Tell me child, what is your name?"

"it's Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki!"

Kaguya smiled at how proud the boy said his own name.

"Do we have a deal?"

"Sure, but how can you get out if you're in the moon?" he asked.

"that's simple, all I have to do is use the chakra you have stored inside you and when we exit your mind, the chakra will Mold into a new body for me to inhabit, leaving my old one in the moon. I won't be able to use chakra as we will be using ki to force your chakra out and become physical."

"But how do we exit?"

"Simple, just close your eyes and think really hard about leaving this place. I will be there with you shortly."

Nodding his head, he closed his eyes and began to think about leaving the sewer mind, thinking about it, why was his head a sewer, can't it be some cool secret base or something?

After a minute or two of trying, he felt sluggish, like he just woke up from a very deep sleep. Once he opened his eyes, he noticed a white ceiling. Oh, great he was in the hospital once again, guess someone found him and got the hokage.

Speaking of hokage, Hes standing right there looking really worried. Naruto sat up, about to tell him he was fine. The hokage notices Naruto was up and approached only to be blinded by a bright light that came from Narutos stomach.

Rubbing his eyes to get his sight back, he opened them to see a woman that looked very odd to him. Noticing she was very close to Naruto he began to speak.

"I do not know who you are or how you got here, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave or I will make you!" he stated as he got into a fighting stance.

Kaguya looked at him and then immediately went right back to looking at Naruto and speaking.

"Naruto child, come forward." she instructed. Naruto does as he was told and she placed two of her fingers on his forehead before pushing harder and making his head lean backwards.

After a second or so, Naruto could see information that was definitely not his own, he could easily tell kaguya was giving him her memories and knowledge of KI.

He now understood how to use it and what it was. It was so different compared to chakra and he could tell that it was stronger. Why her people deemed it useless was beyond him. Once he finished processing all the new information he was given and noticing his surroundings he was shocked to see that kaguya was cradling him like a mother would her own child. He liked the feeling so he didn't say anything.

Kaguya couldn't hold back anymore; the boy was too cute for her to withstand and so she just had to hold him. She was never able to really be a mother to her actual children but this is a new chance, one she will not mess up!

Hiruzen was more confused, first Naruto is hospitalised and wakes up, glows and then a woman appears and acts like she's, his mother. Not trusting the woman, he asks her to let Naruto go.

She responds by glaring at the old man.

"Try and separate us and ill release the fox your people pushed into his gut." she states coldly.

This got hiruzen to panic a little. He can't actual do anything in this situation seeing as she is holding Naruto. Plus, she knows of the fox.

Naruto was oblivious to the threatening tension and decided to ask.

"Oh, ye gramps! I met a massive fox but he seemed like a massive jerk... then I met miss kaguya who became my friend!" he stated cheerfully.

"Yes, I am the boy's friend and thus I have decided to train the boy in KI and protect him. You would be wise to obey, for I am Kaguya Otsotsuki. Neglect my demands and I shall show you my wrath" she stated that last bit with a cold tone, making hiruzen and the Anbu shiver.

Hiruzen was now even more panicked, she claims to be the one who created chakra which is straight up unbelievable... yet her appearance matches that of the texts that depict her appearance. Not only that but he can't find an ounce of deceit coming from her.

"you'll forgive me for not fully believing that."

Kaguya then decides to share the story she shared with Naruto and how she's here right now.

Of course, hiruzen is not 100% trusting of her or believing her story but some of it has to be true seeing as she did come from Naruto, he decided to play it safe for now and keep Anbu on guard of the woman and Naruto but otherwise he was fine with it. It meant Naruto got a friend who did seem to actually care for the boy. Who was he to rob the boy of a friend seeing as he had so few. Also the amount of killing intent and the powerful pressure behind her scared him shitless.

"I will trust you for now, but know that I will keep my eye on you. As you do fit the description of who you claim to be and I don't feel any chakra or deceit from you... betray him and you'll answer to me" he stated the last bit with a little bit of killer intent.

Kaguya shrugs it off, he pales when it comes to power that her sons had. she doesn't really care at this point. All she wants now is to go train naruto and take him home and mother him.


Kaguya and naruto have been together as a family for 3 months now, she's taken care of him like a mother would her own child. Naruto was extremely happy, now he has a mother, something he has always wanted. Not only a mother who cares but one who is training him in KI, along with herself.

After settling in to the village and learning more about it from naruto – which isn't the best idea – she was able to grasp the do's and don'ts of what the village asks of you. This lead kaguya to believe that pranking was an okay thing to do, which she would praise naruto for doing whenever he told her about his latest prank.

Kaguya believed it was finally time to teach naruto how to really use KI and also get her own KI stronger in the process. To say she was surprised with how well he absorbed the information was an understatement, not even her blood children could grasp chakra as fast as naruto could grasp KI.

First, she gave him a simple task that should have taken a few hours to complete, it was to bring forth his ki and make it visible within a sphere in his palms. It took him no less than 10 minutes.

The same day, she asked him to see if he could spread it around his whole body. After a few hours of intense attempts, he managed to do so.

He asked her the reason she asked him to spread it around his body.

"Mommy, why did you want me to spread it across my entire body?"

Kaguya smiled at being called mommy, she enjoyed the feeling it gave her.

"Well, you see, KI can greatly increase the human body's natural strength, go ahead and see by punching that rock over there." she pointed towards a very large boulder.

Naruto sweat dropped at her calling a boulder bigger than a house a simple rock, but he did as tell and strutted his little legs towards the boulder.

Arching his fist back, he readied a punch. Before throwing his fist however, he felt something, almost as if he could feel how much power Hes pushing into his fist. This excited him so he decided to push more of his power behind his fist, a lot more.

Thrusting his fist forward and making contact with the stone surface, a massive explosion was heard throughout the leaf village. Tremors hit the streets as people fell over and screamed. Ninja prepared for battle thinking they were under attack.

Naruto stood there amazed at what just happened, the boulder was now nothing but a bunch of Debree and shattered pieces. A crater where it once stood and a trail of destroyed earth going for miles. His jaw dropped at just how much devastating power he held and due to what kaguya has stated, it can get far greater than that.

He could feel the power for what it really was now and he was amazed. Excited to learn what else he could do!

Turning around and seeing an approving smile from his mother only got him happier.

Kaguya was proud, the boy was moving fast in his training, already so strong, who knows how strong he is going to be in a few years come.

All their excitement and glee were put to a stop once a bunch of ninjas including the hokage arrived to investigate and fight if need be.

"Naruto! Are you okay?!" the old man asked.

Naruto just gave a thumbs up and his toothy grin, easing the old man of his worry.

Hiruzen took a long look at the surroundings and noticed the damage and then noticed narutos position, putting two and two together her was able to tell that it was narutos doing, shocked and amazed at the raw power the boy held gave him flashbacks about his old student Tsunade.

Turning his head to kaguya and giving her a suspicious glare, causing the woman to sweat nervously.

"I suppose this is your teaching?"

She decided to look to the sky and mumble about pretty clouds, causing all the ninja to sweat drop. She didn't want to explain, she wanted to keep training Naruto dammit!


Naruto was nervous, he had no idea how this was going to go. The test is chakra based and he hasn't learnt any chakra-based things at all. Hes focused solely on KI instead. All he has to reassure himself is the fact that his mother told him that it will be fine.

"Listen child, all you will need to do is use KI instead of chakra to pass. KI can accomplish the same as chakra if you combine the two together..."

"Alright! I can do this!"

Entering the classroom, everyone went silent. All of them know of what Naruto did with that boulder years ago, their parents told them of it. Things like "beware of that demon, Hes gotten strong" or "stay clear of the demon or you'll face his wrath" and the like. Naruto is well aware of how people view him and such, he doesn't give it any thought since all he needs is to get stronger. Not like the idiots will care anyway.

All of them decided to ignore him as he entered the room, all but one. Sasuke Uchiha, the last survivor of his now dead clan, due to his brother going batshit insane. Kaguya seemed disappointed at the news of the massacre. The Uchiha were descendants of her children, to see them fall so tragically was upsetting. Though she was happy to see the hyuuga, a clan that inherited her eyes, was still going strong. After being informed by the hokage of the caged bird seal however, she was furious, how could they imprison their own kind into basic slavery.

Sasuke had heard about the power naruto seemingly held after the boulder event. At first, he never cared, just thought it was some strong kid he never met. Everything changed however after the entire clan was murdered by his brother, he searched for ways to gain power so he can avenge his clan, nothing seemed to remotely grant him any form of power sufficient enough until he remembered naruto and that rumour... yes, once he awakens his sharingan, narutos strength will be his. Asking would be a waste of time, naruto was always very secretive when it came to him personally besides his devotion to ramen and his desire to be hokage. All Sasuke needs to do is wait for his sharingan to awake...

Naruto had taken his seat and began thinking about what today will have play out, his graduation test, becoming a shinobi – which matters most to him at the moment for various reasons, one being that he will be one step closer to becoming hokage and having the village acknowledge him for who he is! But the main gain from becoming a shinobi is protection from the civilian council. Naruto didn't give two shits what they did to him, but his family was a different matter, seeing as he was a civilian, his family falls under the civilian jurisdiction until hes enlisted as a shinobi. It's also why he and kaguya kept her existence a secret until today, where he will pass the test. His mother will no longer need to hide herself. Kaguya was in no means weak, she may have no chakra anymore and instead uses KI, but that doesn't mean she wants to fight, her sole reason for her actions back in her day was due to the chakra curse. In reality, she's a very peaceful being and would like to avoid any drama and conflict with the civilian council. Once naruto passes, his family will fall under the shinobi council jurisdiction, meaning all the clan heads – who don't particularly like or dislike the boy – get to council his family.

He finds great amusement in imagining his mother, waiting outside the academy, she looks so different, with her horns and pale skin, long hair and third eye that it would be funny to see how other people react. Probably would be similar to how hiruzen reacted when kaguya got sick and tired of him constantly interrupting their mother-son bonding moments. That ended rather quickly when she shoved her fingers into his head and showed her the truth that he couldn't deny. Needless to say, he understood and accepted kaguya but was also terrified of her existence, a very reasonable approach, naruto mused.

As the day progressed and naruto saw people come and go with their leaf head bands and some without, it was finally his turn.

"Okay naruto, you got this!" pumping himself up. You see, naruto isn't a loud mouth – scratch that, he is! - idiot as he should be, instead hes much calmer and knowledgeable thanks to his mother tutoring him in everything chakra based and even some maths and English. He only yells when hes excited or angry, which due to his calmness most the time is a rare event.

Finally, it was his time to take the exam.

First test: genjutsu. Naruto immediately sensed the life force of the caster using genjutsu to hide and pointed towards them.

Second test: substitution. Naruto channelled his ki into his chakra coils, mixing them together and then swapping his position with a log placed across the room.

Third and final stage of the test: clones. Again, channelling his KI into his coils and making the appropriate hand seals, he tried to create a clone only to have a defected version flop onto the floor.

Narutos sensei, iruka Umeno looked at the boy sadly, he wanted him to pass, he hates to see a student of his fail...

"I'm sorry naru-" he was interrupted by naruto.

"Wait sensei! Is it okay if I use a different style of clone?" he asked.

Iruka narrowed his eyes and nodded his head.

Naruto smiled at his teacher before using his hands to form a seal and shouted "SHADOW CLONE JUSTU!"

A perfect shadow clone appeared next to naruto, shocking iruka before he shook his head and smiled.

"Congratulations naruto! You passed! Now you are ready to be a genin of the hidden leaf!" he shouted with pride and mirth. He truly was proud of naruto, ever since they spoke in the grave yard and naruto told him how he was going to become hokage and get the people to accept him for him and not the demon he contained, he looked to him with respect and as an older brother.

Passing him his own leaf headband that he wore, telling him that hes entrusting this to him and he better make sure he becomes the hokage!

Naruto literally jumped with joy and hugged his teacher/brother figure before running outside the classroom, wearing his headband.

After returning to his seat inside the classroom, after everyone was done with the exam, iruka came back in and gave a long lecture on what it means to be a ninja of the leaf. Not long after was the time to depart from the academy for the second to last time, next time will be when they get put on teams together before they make chuunin.

Exiting the building alongside his peers of 4 years, they all started to proudly walk to their parents and showcase their headbands. A lot of cheering and congratulations could be heard by proud parents for their children. Naruto couldn't wait to go home and show his mother he had actually passed! Making his way to the gate, he was stopped dead in his tracks when he felt a familiar presence approach from around the gate.

Kaguya was too excited; she had read many books over the years about anything she could really get her hands on. One of the books she enjoyed was a story about a mother and her family, just a fluff piece of writing. One thing she learnt from the book however was the fact that whenever the children accomplished something, the parents would be there to congratulate them. Kaguya was no exception; she would go and claim how proud she was of her son!

Marching her way out of her home in the woods and into the populated street, causing all commotion to die down as everyone stopped to look at this strange individual and her attire and... horns?

Not caring in the slightest at the looks she was given; she used her senses to try and feel out naruto and could immediately pinpoint his location and thus making her way to him.

Arriving at the academy, she noted that many people were actually following her. She couldn't really blame them either, she didn't look remotely normal at all. What with her long hair that reaches the ground and her very elegant and long dress. Her pale skin and strange orbs for eyebrows and a strange slit upon her forehead. Don't forget the horns also...

Turning into the school from its gates, she noticed naruto stood there like a statue, smiling at him she cleared her throat before speaking.

"NARUTO! I SEE YOU PASSED! MOMMIES PROUD!" she shouted in a happy tone of voice.

Naruto wasn't prepared for this situation at all, his mother was out in public, for all to see. The next thing he knew, he saw her move at insane speeds and place him into one of her deadly hugs. Rubbing a hand through his hair and being totally oblivious to the jaw dropped and wide-eyed mass of a crowd she created by being present and for claiming to be his mother.

'Well shit... I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later, plus I passed so it's all fine now!' he thought to himself.


Hiruzen was currently sitting in the council chambers with the shinobi and the civilian side waiting for him to ask what todays topic is.

Not wanting to be here for long, oh how he hated these meetings with the council members. Especially those civilian members who always try and do something negative to naruto!

He already had an idea of what this meeting was about seeing as he had already heard about what happened at the academy, he was hokage after all.

"Alright, let's get this over with then shall we, what seems to be the main issue for today's meeting?"

As soon as the question was uttered, the entire civilian council in unison, almost shouted "NARUTO!" earning a sad sigh from the old hokage and many of the clan heads present

"Would you so kindly elaborate for me? I seem to be unable to see what the issue is"

One of the council members, a store owner in fact. One who has extorted unreasonable prices from naruto to flat out denying him purchase, spoke up.

"Lord hokage, it has come to our attention that the boy has gotten himself a 'mother' who is definitely not from here. It is our belief that she is a demon, given how she looks and how she dresses. Plus, the aura she emits is nothing but menacing. We here at the civilian council are all afraid that the two may be plotting something." the man spoke.

This earned a bunch of scoffs from the shinobi council, primarily the clan heads and even Danzo scoffed. While it may be apparent that the man was a war hawk and ready to do anything to ensure the leaf prospers, including creating mindless killing machines out of people he abducts *cough* even he can't help but feel a little bit of pity for the young Uzumaki.]

"Well, I can assure you that she is no demon nor is the two of them conspiring against the hidden leaf village." the hokage assured.

"With all due respect lord hokage, but how can you be so sure she isn't a demon given her physical appearance?" a woman asked.

"Well, that is actually a decent question that allows me to finally explain who she is." he replied which got everyone present curious.

He took a long look around the room before taking a large huff of his pipe and began talking,

"Her name is Kaguya Otsutsuki... she is the woman responsible for chakra being released into this world, by being the mother of the sage of sixth paths, who was alongside his brother, the reason the clans exist to this day. The reason she looks so different is due to her not being from this plane of existence. Why she is with naruto however is a different matter. It appears that, when she ate the fruit that granted her the first ounces of chakra in the world, t also cursed her with an unruly amount of desire for power, going so far as to include slaughtering countless of innocent people to gain it, causing her two sons to seal her into the moon. Due to her being sealed, her chakra coils were obliterated so she sat there silently inside her seal, no longer burdened by the curse that the chakra granted her due to it being destroyed. It wasn't until recent years where she felt a different form of power that naruto had developed that she could project her mind into his own in order to communicate. The woman you see is nothing but a being made of chakra that has been given a physical form and her consciousness to inhabit." the old man took a deep breath after finishing the story, taking a gander once more to the people occupying the room.

The shinobi side were amazed yet bewildered at this... the fuck kind of situation is this! The mother of all chakra and all things ninja is here in the town, living and mothering the one person the entire populace of civilians despise... speaking of which, said civilian side were sweating buckets! Scared out of their minds at this new information, naruto Uzumaki, the demon! Is being raised and even considered a son by what can only be described as a fucking GODDESS! All of them in a serious of loud flops had fainted in their seats.

The only person presents who seemed remotely calm was Danzo but that's to be expected, who knows what hes planning with this information at hand.

"I'd like to point out that she is also in the possession of the byakugan... although she informed me that her own is far superior than the hyuugas eyes, being the original after all. Also, her second dojutsu which is found within her third eye that is closed at all times, I'm sure you noticed the slit on her forehead. Well, when she opens it, it is a combination of the sharingan and the rinnegan that she has dubbed the shar-rinnegan. She however, can't use her eyes for their capabilities besides the natural ability to see due to her having no chakra coils. You are also wondering why I am even telling you all of this in the first place, well to explain, she outranks me I suppose as she is a literally goddess and for that matter, I can't keep any of her details a secret unless she says so. Secondly, it would be the fact that no matter how much you know of her, you can't touch her, she may have no chakra but that doesn't mean she can't use other abilities that I as a witness too, can confirm will destroy any and all who decide to oppose her. Now for my final piece of titbit into this meeting, seeing as all members are now present and awake." he said motioning to the now awake civilian side.

"Anyone who dares to deceive, trick, manipulate or even extort the goddess, will be killed by either me, herself or naruto. Yes naruto, she has been training him and dare I say the results are terrifying, now I bid you all a good day!" he said as he stood up and began to leave, leaving the whole council in uproar of cries of confusion and even fear. Hes never felt so satisfied, talking to everyone there for such a long time as he made everyone's fear increase with every word of his reveal, oh he enjoyed that very much!


Naruto had woken early, he was happy. A joyful boy wanted to bring that joy to others and who better to spread said joy too than his mother. Simply making her breakfast that consisted of carrot and more carrot. Oh, don't forget the carrot.

Seriously, she may be the rabbit goddess but so much carrot can't be good, can it? Kaguya seems to either think so or she just doesn't give a fuck.

Naruto can't help but smile at the memory of how he found out about his mother's absolute obsession with carrots.

There he was, 10 years old, coming home from the academy and he finds himself Infront of a sight he still can't believe, his mother was sat in a pile of rabbits – wherever the fuck they came from God only knows! - and had her face stuffed with at least a dozen carrots as she was prodding a rabbit's face on her lap with a carrot, trying to get it to eat it.

"Eat it you dumb fluff ball..." she growled.

Anyway, back on topic, naruto had just finished his tray of carrots that he liked to mess around with, he cuts them into shapes such as a kunai, animals or sometimes hearts. Needless to say, his mother appreciated the attempt at trying to make it more pleasant. Though she would never describe carrots as none pleasant...

Quietly and quickly taking the tray into his mother's room and leaving it next to her bed and then returning to the kitchen to create his own breakfast, his thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Someone better be dying or so God help me I will make sure they get pranked like none other!" naruto hated it when he was interrupted from eating, as per the way he trained, he has to consume a godly amount of food on a regular basis.

Making his way towards the door, he hears another knock.

"Alright already! I'm coming! Something I doubt you've ever heard before!" he jabbed.

Opening the door, hes greeted by the sight of two hyuuga bodyguards. Curious, why would they bother com- oh that's right, his mother is now publicly known.

"Well shit. This is not gonna stop anytime soon, is it?" he asked aloud to nobody but himself.

A cough took him from his thoughts and to a person standing behind them.

"Greetings young naruto, I am sorry if I am interrupting at this early time, however I had to come as soon as I could. I'm sure you understand." hiashi hyuuga states after coming forward.

Naruto just blinked, hes trying oh so desperately not to be rude at this very moment and hes finding it very difficult.

"What are you here for exactly?"

"I have come in order to meet and talk with the ancestor of our clan's specialty. It is not every day you come to such an opportunity after all." all very valid points and reasoning, too bad naruto didn't care.

"Sorry buddy but moms asleep right now, she won't wake for a good few hours." as if on cue to prove him wrong, Kaguya's bedroom door slammed open and kaguya came rushing towards naruto and forcing him into a bone crushing hug.

"Such a good and loving son, making mommy her favourite for breakfast!"

The current guests just sweat dropped at the literal goddess of chakras actions. Seriously, what else would you do? Youd expect a goddess to be all divine and elegant but nope, she's got bed hair and is acting like a typical mother.

After releasing the blonde boy from her hug, he collapses to the floor. She pays no heed to this as she notices the people at the door. Narrowing her eyes dangerously at the man in the middle, causing him to gulp and sweat nervously. Not to mention he can see a scene in front of him where the so-called son of the proctor of chakra is dying from lack of oxygen.

"Why have you come here" she asked with a tone with such venom it sent shivers down the hyuugas spines. It was more like a command than a question.

"w-we are here to greet our esteemed ancestor!" he said as he took a knee and bowed before the goddess. She didn't look at all interested but instead looked more disgusted.

"I have no need to speak to a clan that has failed their own." she spat.

This got the hyuuga clan head to go wide eyed, what does she mean? The clan has prospered for generations and have always been successful!

"My lady!? What do you mean!?" he pleaded for the answer.

At this point, even naruto was listening into the conversation. He didn't know much on how the clan worked but it seemed to have pissed his mother off and that means hes either gonna witness a couple hundred murders or the end of the world. An angry kaguya was absolutely terrifying. He still remembers the time he accidentally called carrots lame and dear god he will never forget the feeling of the inside of a volcano... fortunately his KI allows him a thin coat of protection, whether she knew he was at that level at the time he did not want to think about, doing so just sends shivers down his spine.

"It couldn't be more obvious you waste of an eye! Your clan allows its own flesh and blood to be caged by a seal and be used as nothing but mere property. My eyes are for those who are kind and loving to their family and their friends. The fact that your clan bears my eyes and yet continues the path of slavery disgusts me and insults my eyes!" she didn't yell, but it was the closest thing to it. The level of disdain and anger bellied in her tone would make even Madara Uchiha shit himself.

Before the clan head could even utter a word, she slammed the door shut and turned to a very confused and angry looking naruto. Confused at why he was showing visible levels of anger, she approached the boy.

"Child, what has you so angry this morning? Anger doesn't suit you my dear."

"Hearing about that seal just now... I have a hyuuga friend back in the academy, she's way too shy and kind to be one to believe in such an act her clan goes through. Just thinking about them putting the seal on her doesn't sit well with me." she only smiled at his response, such a kind boy. Oh, how proud she was of him and he was only 13!

"Oh, look at the time! You need to go and get your – uh – jounin servant or whatever it was."

"Instructor. It was instructor mother." he said flatly before exiting the apartment.

"Oh, you guys are still here..." he said to the all too shocked members of the hyuuga can, who didn't even notice he was there as he passed by them.

"Oh well. Least we got 3 new scarecrows that will scare of the birds from our none existent farm" he said jokingly.


Naruto walked down the halls of the academy, now he expected people to look at him, they always do, he also knew now that his mom was revealed that he would get different looks. What he didn't expect was for everyone to stand still like statues and gawk at him.

"Look, I know I'm adorable but you don't have to stare now do you?" he said to everyone who had the decency to stop gawking and continue their day.

Opening the sliding door to his classroom, he was immediately greeted by a fist making its way towards his face. Luckily, hes extremely fast and the fist just looked to be going in slow motion.

"Well, isn't this sweet? I didn't think you'd care Sasuke." he said teasingly, causing the now identified owner of the fist to grit his teeth more.

"Shut up you no good loser!" he retorted.

"Pretty harsh words coming from the princess of darkness."

"I'll kill you"

"Channelling your inner itachi?" that got everyone to quiet down and stare at the blonde.

"What? Too soon?"

"How dare you!" Sasuke shouted as he dashed towards the blonde.

Naruto lifted his leg up and axe kicked the raven-haired brooder straight through the wooden floor.

"Awe hes all tuckered out..." naruto mock pouted.

"NARUTO! Don't you think that was a little too harsh? What are you gonna tell iruka if he asks?" asked a worried Pepto bismol haired girl named Sakura.

"Clearly we were making love." he replied with a deadpan expression before making his way to his seat. Ignoring the bright red blush Sakura had after narutos obvious joke.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the jounins of the teams that are to be picked today were secretly watching from the hokage office with his magic ball.

"So why did Sasuke attack naruto?" asked Kurenai to pretty much anyone.

"He probably heard about who his mother was, clearly upsetting the Uchiha." replied the hokage.

"Okay, but why would that make him attack?" asked asuma.

"Well, I did inform the public that narutos mother, kaguya had a much better form of the sharingan, rinnegan and byakugon. Probably angered the boy to no end. Probably thought that naruto will eventually awaken those eyes, I never did clarify that she adopted naruto." he stated chuckling.

Back with the class, iruka finally came in and had to sigh at the sight of the Uchiha prodigy face planted in the floor, honestly, he pretended he didn't even see it. Today was not the day.

Reading out the team names, all fairly normal we reach the final team.

"Team seven, Sakura Haruno." he heard a 'Hai'

"Sasuke Uchiha." receiving pain filled grown as a response.

"Naruto Uzumaki." hearing another 'Hai'

This resulted in many jounins coming to collect their teams, most notably team 8s jounin, Kurenai yuhi. Naruto could not help but notice her ruby like eyes.

It also dawned on him that his teacher was Kakashi Hatake, aka the man who will be late to his own funeral. Yep, it was time for a nice short nap before he arrives.

Now that Sasuke was conscious, he was starring daggers at naruto. He really hated him at this current moment.

"How... how can the loser of the class, the dead last, have her as a mother! Hes a disappointment! I won't stand for it! I'll take everything from you so I can gain the power to kill itachi and revive my clan!" he thought to himself.

"Loser! Tell me the secret to your strength, I demand to know!" he yelled to the blonde.

It was also at this moment that Kakashi had decided to show up, a little earlier than he usually does but still late regardless.

"Woah their brooder, calm down. There's no reason for me to tell you anything, I'm not your loyal fanboy nor someone who wants to help you on your quest for vengeance." naruto said with his head still atop the table from his nap.

"Why the fuck not!? If you are aware of my goals then why do you stand in my way?!"

"Because it's a stupid ass goal." he said flatly.


Not seeing a way to get out of this situation, naruto sighed and sat up straight so he could stare the young clan head straight in the eyes.

"Listen to me Sasuke. I know you want to kill him, hell, so do I. but hunting him down won't do anything if neither Jiraiya of the sannin or the inuzuka can track him. He told you to get stronger by using hate? Hence the all-emo brooding personality you've built yourself? Why the fuck did you listen to him in the first place even after he just murdered your family and clan. Clearly, he has a plan and you doing exactly as he says is just feeding into what he wants. He wants you to kill him. Hatred and anger are not the way to go about this whole ordeal. Now, back to the original topic, why I don't help you is because it isn't my place nor have you asked for help but instead you demanded it. If you desire the help of others then your gonna have to ask for it nicely or help them in return. Good deeds for good deeds. Your Sasuke fucking Uchiha, the clan head of the mighty Uchiha clan and yet your reduced to nothing but a whiney child who can't stand when he doesn't get what he wants. You want my help then you better start doing better before I punt your arse into the grave with the rest of your people." he finished by putting his head on the desk again to try and nap again.

Team 8, Kakashi, Sakura and iruka just stayed where they were and looked slack jawed and wide eyed at the scene in front of them. For one, nobody has been so brutally honest to the kid before, about time really. Secondly, he had some very valid points. Nobody knew what to do.

Team 8 felt like they were intruding on the situation, including poor Kurenai who had absolutely no clue what to do besides gather her new gennin and get the fuck out of there, which she promptly did.

Iruka had never seen naruto like this before so he just sat there and stared like a bug-eyed statue.

Kakashi looked bored but really, he was interested in how this all played out, this was going to be his gennin, at least if they passed the test that is.

Sakura was furious, how dare naruto speak like that to her Sasuke! She wants to go beat him up but with the teacher and the fact he beat Sasuke with a single kick a few hours ago scared her.

Sasuke however, well let's just say he needed rebooting. Naruto just destroyed his whole world. He said it so casually too, like it was the most obvious thing ever! He just sputtered and couldn't respond so he just sat back in his seat and went into his own thoughts.

Naruto began snoring.

"This will certainly be interesting." Kakashi states, finally alerting them to his presence.

"Okay team, I'm Kakashi Hatake and I'm your new squad leader. I want you on the roof in the next five minutes!"

Sasuke and Sakura began rushing to the roof, Sasuke noticed how naruto didn't even move. Not wanting to think on it more seeing as he now already has a lot to think about, he brushed it off and ran to the roof with Sakura alongside him.

Once the 2 got to the roof and noticed Kakashi, they sat down.

"Well, that's 2, where's the thir-"

"Up here!" naruto shouted.

The trio had to look up... then blink, then blink again... and lastly, another blink just to make sure.

Naruto was above the 3, suspended in mid-air, he was floating.

Kakashi began to stutter, he had no idea what naruto is at this point. Sure, the ability to float or fly exists considering the tsuchikage can do it, but a mere gennin doing it is almost impossible to imagine if not for him seeing it.

"What?" is what the now descending boy asked.

What? Fucking what? How can you just respond so casually while breaking all logical thought?!

"n-naruto? How are you doing that?!" asked an extremely shocked Kakashi.

It was narutos turn to blink, before realising 'oh shit that's right, only his mom and himself can use ki.'

Rubbing the back of his head. He smiled and stated.

"No idea, I just sorta do it I guess." chuckling to himself as those present could only sweat drop.

"Well anyway, let's get back to the purpose of me being here now before I go insane trying to figure out how and why you are flying." Kakashi stated.

"Okay, now, my name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes are for me to know and you to find out. I dislike a bunch of things. My hobbies are my business and my dreams are to sleep. Now your turn, pinkie" he says as he pulls out a book and begins reading.

Jumping at the sudden attention, she manages to compose herself.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, my likes are dresses, studying and my teammates. My dislikes are bullies, people who lie, cheat or betray for their own selfish desires. My hobbies are reading, studying and dancing, also art. My dreams are to marry Sasuke, become a great medical ninja like Tsunade of the sannin and to help naruto become hokage!" she stated proudly.

Naruto was shocked to hear that she wanted to help him become hokage. Nobody really paid much attention to his almost impossible sounding dream. He would have to ask her about that later, after all, they were really good friends and have a brother and sister type relationship. Ever since he found her being picked on by a bunch of bullies for her forehead, she has taken to him as if he was her actual brother.

Sasuke on the other hand was at a loss for words because:

He knows Sakura likes him; she isn't as crazy as his fangirls however.

She and he only ever exchange the minimal number of words a day and sometimes even less.

He was actually a little happy about it. He hears girls say stuff like that all the time but the gay she said it made him feel a little happier than he usually is.

"Okay then, thank you Sakura. Now you, duck Butt, your turn."

"I am Sasuke Uchiha, I like reading, training and getting stronger. I dislike my brother, the council, anyone who annoys me. My hobbies are art, reading and training. My dreams... I don't know anymore. I know that the end game is settling with a man or woman, im not picky." he said that last part more to himself than to Kakashi.

Kakashi only nodded, after what happened in the class, it made sense for him to not really understand what he wants at this moment.

"Now we go to you, mysterious one." sarcastically pointing out.

"Sure. Name is naruto Uzumaki... for now. I like my mother, ramen, gaining new levels of power. I really dislike carrots... I hate being called weak or someone who prevents me from training. My hobbies consist of cooking, writing, sculpting and training. My dream is to have a large family. I also desire to become hokage so that the village will see me for myself and not what I contain. My last dream is more a promise, I will become the strongest being in existence, whether this world or the next."

Kakashi raised his eyebrows and his eyes widened in shock.

'So, he knows... interesting. Also, those are some hefty goals... this is gonna be one hell of a team.' he mused to himself.

"Alright then, with that over, I suggest we all go to our homes and begin to rest. Tomorrow the real test begins, today was assigning you teams for the true test. I recommend not eating beforehand either." Kakashi stated as he body flickered a distance away.

Naruto took a look towards Sasuke; he may have been a bit too harsh earlier... but it was necessary. Noticing the boy was already on his way to leaving the roof, he brushed the thoughts away and ascended to the sky and made his way to his home.

Down on the streets, there was 2 people eating dango and chatting about one of the people's new team. These 2 were none other than anko mitarashi and Kurenai yuhi. The day seemed pretty normal of course until Kurenai stood dead in her tracks and was peering upwards, with pure confusion and shock. Anko, seeing this decided to see what got her friend in such a state of confusion and disbelief. Needless to say, she also became like her friend and couldn't hold her dango anymore.

"Kurenai... was that brat flying just now?" she asked her friend in hopes that she wasn't crazy.

Receiving a very slow but reluctant nod from her friend, she could assess she wasn't crazy – well she couldn't, she was crazy – but that didn't really help, because now that just means there really was a flying boy. Of course, Kurenai could recognise the boy as naruto but that didn't really matter right now.

"that boy is really amazing, to be able to do something such as this! And hes stuck with Kakashi as a mentor! GAH!" kurenai groans in frustration.

"i love my team already, but if I had to choose, id replace kiba easily..." she said to herself.

Anko only chuckled, its fun seeing the normally so composed and proper lady such as her being completely agitated and frustrated.

"Actually, I have an idea..." said Kurenai as she smirked.


It was the next day; everyone was ready for the test. Sasuke and Sakura are already there and talking, wondering where their teammate and mentor are. Luckily, they already expected Kakashi to be late so they weren't too bothered, although they were hungry, seeing as they did as told and didn't eat.

After 2 hours of waiting for their mentor to show up, he poofed in but wasn't alone. The hokage was along with him.

"hello my gennin. Sorry for being late, I was after all, lost on the road to life."

"Sure, sure, anyway why is the hokage here and narutos late." replied Sasuke.

"I'm not late, I've been here the entire time." said a voice that caught everyone's attention, especially the old hokages. He didn't even feel the boys presence. Though he had bigger matters such as the fact that he really was floating in the air, he didn't believe Kakashi for a second but now hes no choice but to!

After waiting for them to pick up their jaws from the floor, he began to position himself as if he was laying in a bed, arms around his head and legs straight and began to slowly float around.

"this reaction isn't going to get old now is it?" he asked rhetorically.

"naruto! How- when?!" asked the Kage.

"mother... duh." now that he mentioned it, it was actually obvious where and when. But hell need to ask how to do such at a later date.

"what's up old timer?" he asked.

The hokage smiled at the addressing the boy gave him. No matter who or what naruto may talk too, he will call them how he sees them rather than with the way hes supposed to.

"I came here to see if Kakashi was crazy or not, I still think hes crazy but I now know hes telling the truth. I also came to inform you that the raikage has come to talk to you with a few people."

"what does the musclekage want with me?"

"probably something to do with your mother and what you contain" stated Sasuke. Earning many confused stares from everyone except naruto.

"what? He said he contained something during introductions. Wasn't hard to figure out what." he said in response to the stares.

After the hokage understood, he then decided that he should stay and see how the great Kakashi tests his team.

"okay kids, now here's the test. I have here, 2 bells. Your goal is to get these 2 from me or you fail. If you do get the bells, the one who doesn't get one is going to be tied to the post and go without lunch." he said as naruto smiles.

"figured you lied about not having lunch, so I already ate." much to everyone there who didn't eats chagrin.

After that little tidbit, Kakashi jumped away as did the 3 students.

After the 3 of them disappeared and entered the same area. Sasuke was the first to speak.

"what's the plan?" this got Sakura and naruto both to stare at him shocked. Also managing to piss him off.

"i get it! I get it! But what you said yesterday really stuck with me... you were right. I was going around it all wrong and now I'm going to do better for it. Starting with trusting and talking with my team." he said with a small smile that was rewarded with the other two smiling back.

"okay heres what I got..." naruto said as they huddled together.

Kakashi stood in the open, wondering what they were gonna do. Whether they work together or rush in blindly. Sasuke he can handle because of the brooding and easy to get angry attitude he displays. Sakura doesn't have much skill but is smart so getting rid of her fast would be best. That leaves naruto... how does he go about naruto, he has no idea about his skills at all. He half expected him to challenge him straight away there and then.

As if on cue, said blondie dived from the bushes and went straight for Kakashi, way too fast. So fast that he landed a powerful punch on the jounin.


He felt another punch this time, right on his chest, sending him further back. Not seeing how he can see the boy normally, he didn't think he'd have to use this for simple gennin, but these aren't really simple he guessed.

Pulling up his headband from his eye, it was revealed to show a sharingan. Looking left, looking right, he got confused at the fact he didn't see a brooding duck Butt haired boy demand answers. Forcing said expectations aside, he looked at naruto and noticed his smirk.

"What are you smirking at? Now that I've unleashed the sharingan, you can't possibly expect to get me again."

"You would be correct! I'm not going for a punch now!" the boy shouts before spreading his fingers and placing his hands on his forehead.

"SOLAR FLARE!" he screamed as a blinding light emitted from his being. Kakashi is fast, sure, but hes by no means faster than light speed. Staring straight at the boy during the initial flare, he grabbed his eyes and screamed in pain as his eyes began to burn. Especially his sharingan one that can see things in a lot more detail.

Sasuke seeing – more like hearing – his cue, dived from the bushes and threw chain linked kunai at his mentor and managed to pin him to the ground without him noticing due to him still being blinded.

Sakura then jumped from the bushes also and ran up to the jounin who finally got his eye sight back only to see a fist swinging into an uppercut.

"OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHIT-" he was cut off with a huge crack and a massive gust of wind from the devastating punch.

He got sent up into the air with some incredible speed and force.

Naruto smirked at his plan working so well and the fact that everyone played their parts perfectly. Seeing the finale in tow, another naruto appeared above Kakashi, floating. With his foot held high, he readied himself and once Kakashi came close enough, he delivered a devastating axe kick that sent the poor one-eyed ninja straight into the floor, leaving a crater on impact. Kicking him so hard it made the clone naruto poof out of existence.

The 3 now walked up and decided to take the bells given the opportunity to do so. After naruto pleads that they should take the bells, he asked them to tie him to the post to which they reluctantly did so.

After roughly 20 minutes of the 3 talking as those with bells ate their lunches, naruto said that it was because he already ate that he should be tied up. The hokage was present the entire time but was more so baffled at seeing what is considered his strongest jounin, being beaten into a crater by 3 gennin. Hes given up, nothing is right anymore, he decided to go back to his office to talk with the raikage some more.

Kakashi finally awoke. Feeling like a boulder had decided to play volleyball with his spine. Groaning as he stood up, feeling every fiber of his being aching, he decided to slow walk to the gennin.

"YOU! Y-YOU ALL!" he began shouting.

The gennin in question gulped in anticipation.

"Pass... congratulations, im excited to train you all as best I can to ensure you become great ninjas." he said with an eye smile. Causing the team to let go of their breaths.

"naruto, that was exceedingly well leadership skills and planning. You will be team leader. I will train the 3 of you as best I can, but seeing as I own a sharingan, Sasuke will be my main focus. Sakura, I can and will get you into the medical course so you can pursue that field as you said. If you're in need of chakra control help then come to me. Naruto you... keep doing what you're doing, whatever it is, is clearly working." he said before vanishing.

Naruto and the others decided to hang out and go to get some ramen. What else was there to do? Ramen was the only thing that matters.

It was all good and fun until Sasuke put tomato slices in his ramen... making naruto hiss and profusely spout about sinners and blasphemy.

Now back with Kakashi. He just entered the hokages office, on time surprisingly and instantly collapsed on the floor. Causing many to get worried.

"Am fine! Am fine! Just a little banged up." he reassured.

Those around him were of course, the hokage, raikage, all the gennin team jounins and Jiraiya. Who were all looking ready to ask what happened except for the hokage who watched it.

"Kakashi, what the hell happened to you? You look like a boulder decided to turn you into mochi." asked a genuinely worried asuma.

"The kids, they beat me." he said bluntly. Obviously, the reactions were reasonable, many were gasping, others were shocked silent. This was Kakashi fucking Hatake, the legendary copy ninja of the sharingan. Who by the way, still has his sharingan out so it was obvious that he used it and still lost, further shocking those who noticed.

The only reaction that was different was none other than Kurenai. She was actually feeling happy.

"Every time that boy... he amazes me whenever I see him or hear of him!" she stated to herself.

Noticing that many were looking at her, she decided to elaborate.

"Excuse me, what I mean is that the boy named naruto Uzumaki always does something that catches my eye. For example, the harsh but accurate description and speech he gave his classmate Sasuke, to him being able to fucking fly and now that!" she states that last part as she points to a laying down Kakashi, who only groaned as a response.

"He really interests me." this was what got everyone's attention, Kurenai is known as the resident ice queen of Konoha, the one who rejects any and all advances from any man that approaches her and doesn't take any special actions to gain Favor for a man seeing as Shes never interested. Yet here she was, actively thinking about a BOY.

Even the hokage was curious, not even he was unaware of her reputation of rejecting those who dared ask her out.

But sadly, all trivial matters must end as he had business to do.

"Teams, report." at this, all those present, minus the raikage who was oddly silent this whole time, and Jiraiya had gotten into 'job' mode.

All teams had passed with fantastic scores. A great day for the village indeed.

After dismissing the jounins, the hokage looked to the raikage who finally spoke.

"So that's how it's done around here. Thank you for allowing me to see. Before I forget, thank you again for accepting the alliance. Plus, for one hyuuga, we send you our 2 tailed jinchuriki." the raikage said.

Hiruzen nodded to his fellow Kage. That was right, he offered a deal with the hyuugas for one member of their clan to be sent to the hidden cloud in order to establish the hyuuga there, in exchange for that they would retrieve their second jinchuriki. Now why the raikage was so easily accepting of giving up his niece was simple really, in her own village Shes seen as nothing but a demon, much like naruto and thus he thinks the two of them can connect better together with their pasts.

It seemed like a fair trade; all things considered.


Naruto had just gotten out of bed for the day, kakashi stated that the team will be unable to do missions until the raikage leaves. Seeing as the raikage in an act of kindness had his jounin escorts such as his brother and his students go and deal with the remaining missions. Apparently, they encountered one of the seven swordsmen during one. Naruto was a little bummed out about missing the opportunity to battle a swordsman of the mist but no point in dwelling on what you've missed.

Seeing as his mother was still sleeping, he did his morning routine as he made her breakfast and then left to go train.

On his way to the training field that Hiruzen had told him was his own personal one, he decided that it's time for a makeover. His academy days are over and he no longer needs to be so laid back. He needs a new outfit.

Stepping into a store, he was greeted by fearful looks from the staff and wary ones from the customers.

"I don't suppose I'm going to be kicked out, am I?" he asked the clerk at the till. The only response was a shake of the head. Taking his time when walking down the aisles, he peered into a few different clothing. After a while however he decides that he isn't going to find anything worthwhile and decides to ask If it was possible to get custom made ware, his answer was a yes from the clerk. Deciding to write down an order and place it down for manufacturing.

Exiting the store and silently smiling at the fact he just had a real experience in a store without being beaten out of it, kicked out or even extorted.

"I wonder what else would have changed now that my mother's known."

Finally entering the training field, he took a few deep breaths to calm him down from any emotions at all. It was time for him to test a theory of his that his mother hasn't realised yet. The memories and information she gave him was very limited, such things as spreading ki around the body and so forth. Naruto however has a theory about ejecting KI outwards. Not seeing any downside in trying, he places his arm straight in front of him. His hand pointing upwards with his palm facing away from him. He focuses his KI into the palm, slowly he can feel it gathering and traveling towards the point. He then attempted to push it out of his body. What he saw was astounding, the KI he just moved was forming on the outside of his palm... there it was, a blue and white ball, just on the palm of his hand. He brought it closer and inspected it, noting that it felt powerful to wield.

Now was the real test, can he use this effectively in battle... putting his arm back forward and then wondering what to do, he noticed there was another presence that just entered the field.

Turning to look at the newcomer, he noted that it was the team leader of team 8, Kurenai Yuhi.

'What is she doing here? Does she hav- HOLY FUCK SHES PRETTY! Ahem, calm down me. Great I'm talking to myself inside my own mind. Anyway, well get to her in a second, also who is we now!' naruto thought to himself, thinking himself to be insane. Shaking his head and gesturing to the woman to come forth.

Kurenai saw the gesture and approached with a smile on her face. She has yet to meet the boy she's heard so much about and decided that it would be worth seeking him out.

"Hello naruto, you already know my name from the team formations day. Forgive me for interrupting but I just couldn't help but notice you were doing something I've never seen before..."

"Ye I'm literally creating new physics. Don't ask. Simple version is, I'm about to make this go BOOM." he said to her as he gave a very mischievous grin.

Turning back to the orb, he decided that he needed to get it off his hand somehow and by gods he figured it out. PUSH MORE INTO IT BUT FASTER. All in all, it worked, the ball shot out of his palm and hit a tree that it completely obliterated and a small portion of the surrounding area, creating a crater.

His wide eyes and gaping jaw morphed into one of excitement and pride. He did it, the fucker actually managed to shoot of his energy into an attack that can cause heavy damage. He cannot wait to practice this!

Kurenai had stars in her eyes, that was really new to her. She felt 0 traces of chakra coming from the boy. She turned to face the boy and asked.

"naruto, I'll be honest, I'm interested in you. I don't find many males interesting but the more I hear about you, the more intrigued I become. THAT just confirmed that I was correct to be interested." she stated with a smirk.

Naruto was a little shocked, of course people would be interested in his abilities and such but to just come out and say it was something he wasn't expecting.

"Well, now that you know... what you want?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"For you to teach me that. Look my main aspect is genjustu, but that can only achieve so much and I need more to be a better ninja. I barely made jounin and half of it was my mastery in genjutsu and therefore I request that you teach me whatever the fuck that was." her whole tone became that of someone who sounded like they were giving a report for their latest mission.

He pondered it for a moment, he didn't know whether to accept or not, on one hand it would take a lot of time, on the other hand, she's pretty and he could brag about teaching a jounin something.

It was her next words that got him to give his answer.

"Plus, I find you cute..." she said blushing and looking away from his eyes. That would do it, she was way too cute for him.

'Fuck, I lost the argument that wasn't even real...' he thought.

"Deal, come back here tomorrow and we can begin." he liked when people complimented him, after all, he was used to the standard mother compliments and then also used to the village sending hate towards him all the time.

"Thank you, I'll even bring a cooked meal!" she said as she rushed off to God knows where.

Naruto watched as she ran off, he had one thought in his head.

'Fuck I'm in trouble, I have the hots for a teacher... AND ALSO A COOKED MEAL?! FUCK YE!'

Naruto proceeded to continue practicing this KI expulsion for a few more hours until it hit him, what if he did It bigger? Well, hes about to fucking try it. The saying is "the bigger the better" and naruto took that literally.

Placing both his hands in the same pose and pushing the ki into it, he noticed that the ball of energy was much, much, MUCH larger than the others, so big that it was easily triple his size and width. Pondering what this would do if he released it for exactly 3 seconds before shrugging and saying fuck it. He released the ball.

He expected a large explosion. He was excited for a large explosion. What he got was a much bigger explosion than he was expecting.

He stood there with a blank expression, not fully giving into the temptation to scream out in shock or jump for joy at the power he held.

He just stood staring at the field, no, former field that is now a large crater.

He knew the hokage and those who could deal with any threat that the village comes to would show up. But he continued to stand there, staring into nothing with an expressionless face.

The hokage, raikage, killer bee aka 8 tailed jinchuriki, kakashi Hatake, asuma sarutobi, Kurenai yuhi, anko mitarashi and lastly, might gai had shown up to the training field. They were all struck with shock when they noticed the large crater and the one standing next to it was none other than naruto Uzumaki.

He turned his head to face those that had just come to the field and smiled a very nervous and crooked smile that just screamed 'I fucked up' to them.

The hokage just raised a questioning eyebrow and gestured his hands to the large crater as if asking for an explanation.

Naruto sighed before repeating his stance and creating another large energy ball and firing into the crater, enlarging it slightly and furthering the depths of it.

Now those who had just arrived were stood with expressionless faces much like the one naruto was sporting. They had no idea how to proceed, they came to deal with an enemy attack but stumble upon a kid training. A KID THAT JUST OBLITERATED A FIELD. Not to mention he even did it a second time...

Kurenai was ecstatic because he had already agreed to train her, the others present were a little afraid. After all, he was only 14 years old and he could wield such devastating power. The raikage was so happy he agreed to peace with this village and wouldn't have to battle that during a war.

They all opened their mouths to question the boy but before anyone got a word in, a new arrival had gotten them all to shut up.

"My, my naruto dear... this is quite interesting." said none other than the hovering form of kaguya.

They all looked up to stare at her, she was there alright. Very present. Kaguya never leaves the home unless it was training naruto, seeing as he was able to do it alone, the only time she had left her house in recent years was to congratulate naruto at the academy.

"Lady kaguya? What has brought you here?" asked asuma.

She looked at the man before tilting her head and stating.

"i felt a very powerful force twice. I decided to check what it was because it was either naruto or someone naruto would no doubt be battling." she stated, she knew her son well. He would no doubt battle an opponent far stronger for the fuck of it. She loves her son but she is aware of his tendencies.

"naruto child... do that again but I have a suggestion." she stated and got the attention of everyone present, naruto mostly of course.

"Aim upwards and this time keep pushing the energy. Even after the ball has exited your palms."

"So, you knew I was forcing the energy out of my hands?"

"I could guess from watching when you did it the second time."

He nodded and then proceeded to do as she had suggested. What happened was almost comical, one second Naruto was there and pushing what looked like a beam of energy, the next, he was being propelled backwards by the force of the attack being too much to bear. With a loud yelp, he was sent flying backwards and into the walls of the training grounds barrier.

"Ramen is god, ramen is life, why is the ramen the secret to life." he said as he could see stars. The rest of the group just sweat dropped at the boy's antics. He really fucking loves ramen.

Shaking the no concussion and injuries off, he got back up and redid the stance and tried again but this time, he had KI spread throughout his body and managed to stay put on the ground as the beam went straight up.

He began laughing maniacally, he just discovered something that the previous users of KI had not. Does that mean he gets to write his own book? Fuck ye he will.

"Well, done." came from kaguya who was also imitating the action but with just as single finger and aiming for the floor. She managed to do it just as he did, proud of her son for making such a stride.

"Now let's test how it works on people, whether it pierces." she said as she pointed straight for naruto who could only pale.

'Oh fuck...' was his only thought as finger blast went straight at his chest and forcing him on the floor.

He stuck his thumb up and said "not dead!" earning a smile from kaguya. The reason she used him as a test dummy was simple, he has a healing fox strapped inside his gut. Naruto swore he heard a grumble going on about being reduced to a med pack.

"Maybe it varies on the output or even shape of the KI that extrudes... I'll have to test this..." naruto began to mumble new theories as soon as the thoughts entered his mind.

"naruto, allow me to introduce you to the raikage, he has news for you." the hokage points to the said Kage.

Naruto looks at the man, hes very fucking tall and has more muscle than Sasuke has fangirls... which is a lot. Walking up to the man and offering his hand and receiving the gesture back, he stood and listened to what news the Kage has.

"Young man, I'm sure you have heard of my villages 2 jinchuriki? Well in exchange for a member of the hyuuga clan, we have given the leaf one of them. Now it is a young girl of the same age as you and has a very similar past that involves the people of the village. You see, unlike bee here, matabi, the nibi had gone on a rampage and thus she was looked down upon much like yourself and so I'd like it if you could try and become friends with her."

Naruto took a look of thinking; he would do it. There was no reason not too, another person like himself who had endured the villages wrath was someone he would no doubt try and make happy.

"of course, I'll do that! Not every day you meet another container!" he said enthusiastically.

The raikage sighs in relief, at least he knows his niece will not be lonely in a new village.

"Thank you naruto."

Waving the thanks off, he began to inform his mother that there will be another container coming to the village and this time permanently. Kaguya narrowed her eyes before adorning a very mischievous glint.

Floating towards Kurenai she grabs her hands and goes.

"It appears you are going to have competition soon." confusing all those present once more. Kurenai was also extremely shook at the fact that the goddess was talking to her specifically with that message.

Kaguya noticed the confusion and leaned into her ear and whispered.

"there's another woman who may be entering my son's life very soon, while I don't care for who he chooses, I recommend picking up the pace." now Kurenai was slightly afraid about the fact that she thinks Shes romantically interested in naruto and doesn't know how to say she isn't to her. It's not like there's anything wrong with naruto per say, he seems better than most men in the village but there's the age difference that really hits the nail in the coffin. There's no law against dating those who are of a young age but there is a law for sexualisation of minors of course, so the prospect of dating him was there but she just didn't know...

Her thoughts went on from there, thinking of dating naruto, going on a date to a restaurant, laughing and talking... then it took a turn she wasn't ready for, her imagination went a bit to the darker path of perversion. Naruto pinning her down to the bed as he stripped her...

On the outside world, kaguya blinked at the woman in front of her who seemingly began to drool and take on a very red shade of blush.

Backing away from the now strangely acting woman, kaguya bid her farewell and made her way back to narutos home.

Kurenai snapped out of her perverse thoughts and decided to go back to what she was doing before the entire ordeal. She needed to really get this grocery shopping out of the way. All those minus the kages and kakashi did the same.

The hokage and raikage approached naruto and the hokage started the talking.

"naruto, that display of power, is this really what that KI can do?" naruto responded with a nod and gestured for them to continue.

"Do you think that we could borrow the book that first enabled this? That way both Konoha and kumo can get stronger military wise." the raikage asked.

"Sorry but as soon as I memorised it, mother told me to burn it. Something about balance and peace." he said with a shrug, he was of course, lying. He had the book stored in case he needed it. He did not like the idea of multiple people wielding such power as this going around. It was safer to lie here than be truthful even if he despised lying.

The Kages both nodded and decided that they should leave and let the boy continue with training.

Now all that was left was Kakashi. Poor kakashi had no idea what to do, the boy was strong, scarily strong for his age too... like him and itachi were... Kakashi wanted to ensure naruto wouldn't end up like either of them but had zero idea how to start. So, he decided to speak from his heart and open up to the boy, he was in his team after all so it was bound to come out eventually.

"I used to have a friend you know... name was obito Uchiha." he stated as he found the sight of the floor much more appealing than anything else, he didn't know if naruto was listening or wasn't, it didn't matter, he was going to continue.

"He uh... he was the only person who would argue with my logic. He was an idiot, a fool, strong in his own right and weak in others... he taught me a very valuable lesson the day he died." he took this time to look directly at naruto who was gazing at him interested.

"Those who abandon the mission are scum... that's true... however, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum." he took a deep breath.

"What I'm saying naruto is... don't lose sight of those you care about. Itachi was a lot like you before he did what he did... I don't know why he did it, but what I do know is that if someone like him can change then so could someone like you. I almost did once but I remembered my friends and what they died for. Take my advice and keep them close okay naruto?" and with that he turned and left. Leaving naruto to ponder on what he had just said. He doubts naruto would do that but seeing as naruto was also exceedingly talented like both him and itachi and they BOTH faced situations were defecting or betrayal or anything of the sorts occurred. He didn't want to chance losing naruto like itachi was lost. Just because he was able to see rationally doesn't mean others could. He will ensure that naruto doesn't get lead astray.

Naruto glanced to the floor for a second then to his hand that he closed into a fist before shooting his head back up with determination ridden in his eyes. Kakashi was right, he shouldn't seek out power for the fuck of It, but he should use that power to keep those closest to him safe. Never abandon your friends and never forget them even for a second.

'Thanks, kakashi...'

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly actually, the only notable difference was Kurenai being his student in KI and the likes. She took to it pretty quickly but for some reason she seemed to be avoiding his gaze a lot.

'Wonder why?' he thought before brushing it off and then meeting up with his team for the day.

Kurenai found herself thinking about the boy a lot more and especially now that she's gotten to know him a lot more during this week. She admires the boy a whole lot and finds his drive to be inspiring. Sadly however, thanks to his mother's words, she can't seem to shake the perverted thoughts from her mind whenever she looks into his eyes. It really made things awkward at times but she dealt with it later at her own private times...

Now back to naruto, he finally got his new outfit made in bulk. A nice ocean blue hoodie with the Uzumaki swirl and the kanji for energy on the back underneath the swirl. Some ocean blue and form fitting jounin like pants, accompanied by black ninja sandals with the soles being detachable and inside it was enough space to conceal soldier pills.

Checking himself in the mirror and noting that it looked decent enough, he exited his humble abode and made his way to the field where he was expected. Surprisingly kakashi was already here and early for once. Someone must have died...

"Ah good. You're here. I was beginning to think you'd be late as you have one of your dates with Kurenai." the copy ninja joked, causing naruto to groan in annoyance.

Sure, the two of them have been spending a lot of time together the past week and gotten closer but that doesn't mean they're romantically involved and it doesn't help that everyone is teasing the two of them about it. Sure, he likes her but that's mostly physical attractions. Any man would be insane not to like her in that way, but when it comes down to whether he actually romantically likes her, he doesn't know and besides! It's way too early to decide that. They get along great and they laugh a lot sure but there is a fine line between friends and then lovers.

Deciding that its best to not focus on this matter, he looks to kakashi and asks what they are going to do for today.

"Well, we aren't going to do anything. In fact, I only came here to give these to all of you." he handed them sign-up sheets.

All 3 read the title 'chuunin exams' and they all looked at him like he was crazy. They aren't really ready for this so why?

"Uh kakashi, why are you giving this to us?" asked sakura.

"Well, you guys aren't ready for it. Now why I gave them is simple. The exams consist of team work, which you guys have been training in from day one of teams. I also think your capable of it. Even if you lose, you will learn valuable lessons from this and that is why I recommend you, all you guys have to do is not die and focus on protecting one another rather than passing." he said before bidding his goodbyes.

The 3 stood and looked at one another before nodding.

"I'm down, I say fuck it, what could go wrong." naruto stated.

"Regardless of what could go wrong, it seems like it would be great for experience." stated Sasuke.

"Even if were not ready, this gives me a chance to try active combat medical strategies." Sakura smiled and stated.

And with that, the chuunin exams begin and the 3 of them were very excited, none more than naruto. He knows hes powerful, but people in his village aren't that strong, the strongest people hes faced were the kages, kakashi and gai and finally, his mother. Being able to face people who could be stronger if not as strong as him, excites him greatly.

For the next week, naruto began training for the exam. Kurenai and him spent the whole week doing that together.

"Hey Kurenai... how do you feel about what people are saying... you know, about us?" naruto asked her.

Kurenai stopped her mediation she was told to do by naruto, apparently it helps build up your connection to your KI. She opened her beautiful eyes and stared right into his. Her cheeks gained a red hue to them and she swallowed nervously.

"I'll be honest naruto... I don't know how I feel for the rumours because I never actually pay attention to them. However, I do know their premise and all I can say to is-" she interrupted herself as she appeared in front of the boy via body flicker and leaned down towards him, not by a lot, he was tall for his age.

Naruto could have moved away, he could have easily parried her if she was attacking but he trusted her so he allowed her to do what she was going to do, how bad could it be?

Well colour him surprised when the woman smashed their lips together. He stood there stiff as a rock, his entire being became as dense as a statue and he had no idea what to do. Relying on pure instinct, he grabbed her waist and returned the kiss.

With the two giving and taking, the kiss deepened and eventually became a full on make out session between the two of them. Kurenai eventually pulled away.

"Look naruto... I did that because I'll admit, I do in fact like you. A lot. However, I can't really do that again until you're of age. So, if you're okay with waiting to be intimate... I wouldn't mind if you-" she leaned into his ear.

"Claimed me for yourself." she whispered. Causing the boy to shiver. He nodded very enthusiastically, almost as if he was in a trance. Kurenai giggled at the action before stepping back and then stating,

"You know, you are more than likely going to need more than one spouse." turning to see a confused looking naruto.

"What I mean is, you being a goddesses adopted son makes you a very important person. Meaning that you will be expected to take many wives to ensure your blood doesn't die out, you may not be directly related to kaguya but you are important to the world now." she clarified.

Naruto nodded in understanding. Truthfully, he didn't care, in fact he didn't really want to seek out other lovers, he was okay with just Kurenai. However, if he managed to like a girl just as much as he likes her then this just means he doesn't have to choose one or the other.

"I'll keep that in mind I guess, for now, let's get back to training."


Today was the day, the week was spent training and spending time with his new girlfriend- which he found weird saying – he was sure that his power level was sufficient enough. There was one problem though, containment. He will need to hold back a lot.

Kaguya didn't seem to react when naruto told her of what happened the day Kurenai confessed her feelings and how. He found it strange, she was always so active when it came to his love life, telling him to find someone and get busy. He never should have let her read those icha icha books...

Secretly however, kaguya was beaming, she was so happy for her son. She wanted to glomp him and lavish him in hugs and praises but it was taking all her will power not to do so, why? Because she knows a mother shouldn't get involved in their sons love life, as much as she wanted to.

Now, the exams began with a boring small genjutsu test and an exam that required you to cheat and obviously stay behind after a warning which means you passed.

Now, the main part of this that is interesting is actually the second part, the forest of death. Monsters, murder and battles. Just what naruto wanted. Sasuke shared his sentiment.

Anko was giving her speech before throwing a kunai at naruto seeing as he appeared to not being paying any form of attention. What she expected was for him to get cut but instead he caught it and threw it right back at her and it grazed her cheek.

She stood there and blinked dumbly for a few seconds before going back to explaining the rules of finding the opposing scroll, heaven finds earth and earth finds heaven. After explaining, she got everyone to go to their respected entrances to the forest.

Team 7 was idly waiting for the doors to open, before that though, they all heard a shout from behind them that belonged to Kurenai.

"naruto!" she shouted as she ran up and hugged the boy for dear life.

"You better not die on me, okay? I know how strong you are, but you could make a mistake any time..." she pleaded and almost broke down into tears.

He gently placed his hand on her head and told her.

"Hey now... I can't die yet, I still gotta beat that record for eating ramen with my hands tied behind my back." he said with a small chuckle before looking her into the eyes and smiling a warm smile for her, one that he doesn't show that often but he can't help it when she's around.

She looked relieved to hear him say that, she knew hed be okay, still as his girlfriend she had no way not to worry. She returned his smile with one of her own before he placed his forehead to hers and they both shared a silent moment together.

After separating and saying their goodbyes, she went to go greet her team and give them a good lucks warning, they may have to fight naruto after all...

He completely forgot his team sans for kakashi were present... he looked to see a blushing sakura and a smirking Sasuke.

"you're not gonna by any chance... not ask right?" he asked hopefully.

"Not a chance." Sasuke replied quickly.

Giving a sigh in defeat, he told them of the day Kurenai and him officially became a couple. Sakura squealed at the whole situation while Sasuke patted him on the back. Naruto could only roll his eyes so fast.

All of their good fun was cut short as the doors Infront of them began to open and show the forest inside. Looking at one another and sharing a nod, they dashed straight into it.

Checking around at all times, making sure they were in position, Sakura in middle with either Sasuke or naruto at the front or back of her. Naruto being the one that is the strongest and team leader, held the scroll, sasuke with his sharingan was the scout and they had to make sure sakura was protected due to her being the medic.

Everything was fine until they accidentally stumbled upon a team, 3 grass ninjas and 2 were dead.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the scene and noticed that the one living was holding a kunai in the others neck, clearly betrayal. Why? He had no clue. Did he care? Not a single bit. All he cared for was the fact that they had the heaven scroll to complete their earth.

"Hand us the scroll." sasuke said. This caused the figure to turn to the group and once he noticed Sasuke he smiled very creepily. Sasuke gulped at the smile before instinctively stepping back.

"Come now Sasuke... don't be afraid. I have a gift for you." he said as he approached the group in speeds that they weren't able to comprehend sans for naruto. The grass ninja wasn't expecting naruto to be able to compete with him in speed so when naruto cold cocked him in the face, it hurt extremely.

"Well, you are certainly an interesting one, not many can hope to compete with my speeds."

"You call that speed?" naruto smirked as he appeared behind the man and landed a kick that sent him spiralling towards a tree, just before he hit the bark, he spun around in air and landed with his feet, using chakra to stick to the wall. Before he could get a look around, he was punched in the gut by naruto who appeared yet again in front of him.

"HOW DARE YOU?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM BOY?!" the angry grass ninja bellowed.

Naruto shrugged and spoke.

"Forgive me for not giving a fuck, I don't care who or what you are." he then got ready for another attack.

The grass ninja seethed at the boy in front of him, how dare he make a mockery of him! Grabbing his face and ripping the skin off and showing what seemed to be pale and snake like scales underneath.

"don't get so confident boy, you're in the presence of a sannin."

"orochimaru..." naruto looked at the man in front of him and got angrier, he hated traitors and those who pick on the weak, and this fucker in his vision had done both those things.

"Oh, so you know of me, do you? Yet you still look eager to fight me, such a fool." orochimaru taunted. He didn't realise the boy he was just calling a fool was now above him and sending down a kick that caved the sannins skull in. Grabbing the scroll from the man's waist.

Naruto dashed back to his team and told them to take the scroll and run.

"Guys, this ones no joke, hes here for Sasuke it appears which means you gotta get away fast. I'll hold him off or kill him if I can. Take the scroll now."

"don't be ridiculous naruto! We won't abandon you!" yelled a defiant Sasuke.

Naruto only shook his head and looked at sasuke.

"You can't let this guy take you, I don't know what he wants but it can't be good. I know you don't like it but I am the stronger of us 2 and we need help, go inform the hokage. Sakura won't make it back to the gates alone and she needs you to keep her safe." naruto pleaded.

Sasuke hated it. He had just gotten out of that depressing vengeance ordeal thanks to naruto, he was harsh at the time but he was right. Now that same person was telling him to run and get help so he can fend off a threat alone? He didn't like it at all. He couldn't even argue, the logic was sound proof. Sighing to himself as he conceded this argument.

"Fine. But, do. Not. Die." he stated and then nodded to Sakura who reluctantly left the area with the scrolls.

Naruto watched them as they slowly vanished in the distance before taking a heavy breath. Turning to see the body or orochimaru as its face opened up and out crawled another orochimaru? That was fucking disgusting.

"BRAT!" he yelled before sending a tendril shaped like a snake towards naruto.

He managed to dodge it but didn't expect it to explode and so he was sent stumbling backwards, being caught off guard enabled orochimaru to appear and shove a sword towards naruto. His eyes widened when he saw the blade come towards him and he barely had enough time to move his chest out of the way. The sword pierced his left arm and caused the boy to yell out in pain.

His face went from agonising pain to sheer fucking anger. How dare this freak hurt him.

"that's it... you've pissed me off now!" he shouted before creating a ball of energy in his hand and propelling it towards the man who has his sword impaled in his arm.

'The rasengan? No, it can't be, it feels different...' the sannin thought before he registered the attack, leaning his head to the right and swiftly dodging the ball. Leaving them in a stalemate, naruto was pinned through the arm and stuck as orochimaru was stuck holding his sword and his face dangerously close to a strange attack.

"To bad kid." he taunted and began to laugh but his laughter was died down when he noticed that naruto was also laughing. Further angering the sannin, how could the boy laugh at this predicament.

"what's so funny?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

"This." and with that, the energy ball that naruto had in his palm exploded and got orochimaru straight in the face. Orochimaru screamed in pain from it, letting go of the sword that was in narutos arm. Falling back as he clutched his face in pain.

Taking this opportunity to put some distance between the two, naruto jumped back as he pulled the sword out of his arm, grunting in pain as he did so.

'Should reinforce my body with some KI, stop myself from being stabbed.'

Hearing a loud scream come from orochimaru that was clearly laced with unrivalled rage, he looked towards said screamer and saw a massive white snake... made of little snakes... with orochimarus face. Seriously what the fuck is this guy. Naruto had to blink to make sure he wasn't going crazy from blood loss, surely, he hadn't lost much blood from a simple arm stab, right?

Regardless, this man/thing whatever the fuck it was, was out for blood, specifically his blood.

The snake thrust itself forward in hopes to crush the boy with its sheer weight but was caught off guard once again when naruto caught his head and held him in place. The physical amount of strength behind this kid was amazing.


"Oh, you know, push ups, sit ups and plenty of juice." he said sarcastically. Further pissing off the giant snake man in front of him.

Deciding that he was kind of short on time right now, he didn't know how his team and friends were doing or if they made it to the gates at all yet. He had to end this quick.

Digging his nails into the flesh of the snakes that built up the main body, he began lifting the snake up, much to its confusion. Gritting his teeth, boy was this fucker heavy, and constantly squirming. He began to ascend upwards. Any time the snake would attempt to break free from the hold, naruto would slam it into a nearby tree, they were huge after all.

It was at this time that the hokage and his entourage appeared in the forest. Witnessing naruto carrying a giant snake form orochimaru into the sky. Needless to say, they were a little speechless, especially a certain dango loving snake mistress.

"anko... is naruto flying with the villages most hated traitor in his hands?" asked the hokage.

"I believe it is... Kurenai really snagged a good one huh." she absently added.

"WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO FROM UP HERE CHILD!" The snake once again demanded.

"Oh, nothing really, I'm a let gravity do its work with this one." he stated with a sadistic smile as he threw the snake towards the ground.

Orochimaru fell with a large yell as it descended towards the grounds. With a massive crash and the ground all but flying all over from the impact zone. There lay the form of orochimaru, now reverted back into his human form. Seething at the sight of naruto as he stayed hovering in the air and had not moved an inch.

Naruto adopted an even more viscous smile and began to laugh a little creepily.

"You know, snake skin makes a nice wallet actually... I think I may need a new one, your sword seems to have destroyed my last one, care to help?" he asked rhetorically as he put his hand straight and his palm flat as it faced orochimaru who's eyes narrowed dangerously.

It seems the boy had not noticed the presence of those around him because the hokage immediately told his unit to run, they did not want to be hit by this.

Naruto shouted out an attack that would be listed down in history for this day.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!" a small orb of energy had shot out and hit the ground before orochimaru before his eyes widened in something he never thought hed experience... fear. He could feel the pressure of the area drop and then a massive explosion could be heard throughout the forest, no, the entire hidden village.

All those in the forest had begun to run towards the blast out of curiosity. What they saw was astounding, firstly the only thing you could notice was a new and dashing crater to go with the décor of the forest, the hokage of in the distance and lastly, naruto who was still hovering above the area with his palm emitting a tiny bit of smoke.

As soon as the smoke that was present in the crater had vanished, naruto grit his teeth in a small bit of anger. Orochimaru was gone and in his place was a large black snake, no doubt a summon. Used as nothing but a shield for him to escape.

The hokage seeing as it was dealt with had decided to back away for now, letting the exams continue, if orochimaru was alive, he wouldn't dare try and do something at the moment.

With that over with, naruto looked around to notice that everyone seemed to have arrived. Swiftly turning his head to face them, they all got goosebumps, they didn't know what exactly happened. They did know that this kid was strong, very strong.

Not wanting to stick around, naruto began to fly towards where he could sense sasuke and sakura at, just so happens to be an exit.

"naruto! What the hell was that?" asked sasuke, he of course felt the pressure and heard the explosion that he no doubt suspects came from naruto.

"That was me winning and him retreating like a bitch." he smirked at sasuke and sakura who both sighed in relief.

Sasuke pulled naruto into a one-armed hug as sakura embraced both of them, causing the blonde to smile.

They separated and began to unfurl the scrolls and out popped iruka who gave them a riddle that was easily solved by Sasuke. Thus, earning them a seat in the next round.

"Holy shit we did it." sasuke stated.

"We really did..." sakura responded.

"I didn't get a new wallet..." naruto said.

"Huh?" was the other 2's response to that, shrugging it off after as they didn't want to know.

The exams were supposed to be a week inside the forest, but it appears they finished in 2 hours' worth of time so they got to kick back and relax for the rest of the week. Which is exactly what they did.

After the week passed, all those who passed were ushered into an arena like room. After a while of waiting, all the teams jounin instructors appeared as did he hokage and raikage. He seems to be around a lot lately, must be some business going on that requires his presence for a while.

The hokage then began to congratulate all those who passed.

"Now we shall begin something that has never actually happened prior to this, due to the sheer number of teams that passed, we will need to host a preliminary match here today to determine who goes into the finals. Think of it as a bonus stage to the exams." he then gestured to Hayate who was down on the arena floor.

"We will use this device here that will showcase your name and opponent on screen, first up is sasuke of the leaf v kin of the sound."

Both people listed had to walk past naruto, sasuke did so naturally but kin, she stopped dead in front of naruto and tilted her head.

"you're the one that did that massive attack earlier aren't you?" to which he nodded.

She then leaned into his ear- people seem to do that a lot lately – and whispered.

"I work for orochimaru, before you react, it's not of my own will... you can kill him; I'll tell you everything you want to know about him after the match... even your hokage." she then moved from his ear and walked down to the arena. He watched her with wide eyes as he processed the information.

Kurenai watched with a raised eyebrow, she knew hed most likely have more than one girlfriend and she honestly didn't mind it. She didn't want to see the flirting however, that was just annoying. She didn't know the real meaning behind what just happened after all.

Naruto walked to the hokage and told him in private of what Kin had told him, he then in turn told the raikage and they both agreed that as soon as the prelims were over, all 4 will converse in a more secure area.

The fight was fairly equal at first, kin had sasuke working for his victory but as soon as he unleashed his sharingan, he was able to predict her movements until he forced her into conceding the match.

Sakura faced Ino next and this was a very funny match. Ino thought that she was going to be equal to her old friend and rival in love. She went on and on about how she was going to win over sasuke and such but unfortunately, sakura was inspired by naruto years ago to take her ninja career seriously and thus she easily beat Ino who was knocked out after a few good punches from the pink haired ninja. Hopefully this would really show her that being a ninja is no joke and make her get serious, oh how asuma prays for such.

The rest of the matches went according to canon but that's boring to write after all so we'll skip that. Although there was one difference, anytime the team that Kin accompanied was supposed to fight, it would seem that they couldn't due to the Anbu coming and arresting the 2 for conspiring against the leaf and working for orochimaru. They vocalised their complaints to Kin who seemed to be the only one of the 3 unaffected and all she did was playfully stick her tongue out at them.

"Final matches. Of the day, naruto Uzumaki v gaara of the sand. Rock lee gets a pass." Hayate announced.

Naruto looked to his opponent and noted down the intense bloodlust he was receiving full force from the dude. What did he do to earn such a reaction from him?

Hopping over the railing and getting into position, he took note that gaara seemed to stand there wide open.

Hayate gave the GO sign and neither of them moved. Naruto wasn't stupid, he knew that him standing all open was a trap.

"Uzumaki naruto... mother demands your blood..."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at this.

"Tell her she can't have it, my bloods for the doctors who need it for testing or adorable vampires." he joked, angering the boy opposing him. He soon saw a large mass of sand try and envelope him and conceal him in a crushing bind.

He just charged his energy and the pressure caused the sand to retract and fall.

"Nice try but not gonna work."

He then looked directly into gaaras eyes and he could see a lot of things honestly, loneliness, pain, anger, sleep deprivation and severe issues. Those last two were just obvious by the mental state however.

"You aren't the social type are you." he said from behind the boy, whose eyes became saucers, he didn't even see him move!

"H-HOW?!" asked a shocked gaara.

"Ask your mother." he said flatly.

Naruto could feel something from this boy, a presence that isn't just his own... much like him and the kyuubi...

'Ah I see, jinchuriki.' he thought to himself.

'So that's who his mother is. Got it.'

He then placed his hand on gaaras head, shocking those from Suna because gaaras defence didn't even react to him. It does not allow for anyone to touch gaara at all.

The fact that the sand defence didn't react to naruto touching him sent red signals all throughout gaaras body. He needs to move! But before he could react, he was somewhere else... a sewer like room.

He looked around for any identification of where he was, not noticing anything he decided it must be genjutsu but it wouldn't dispel at all.

"it's okay gaara, this is your mindscape." said the voice of naruto who stepped out of the darkness and came towards a frightened gaara.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. But there is something here that's trying too." as soon as he said this, the darkness that was shrouding the room began to lighten and there was a massive cage and inside was none other than shukaku, the one tailed beast.


"Yea, yea. Sure, you will. The 9 tails said the same and he hasn't bothered me in years since the last time he tried." he then pointed his thumb back and the wall morphed into another cage and inside was a giant 9 tailed fox, but it was different, it looked scared...

"KURAMA?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!?" the 1 tailed asked in high shock.

"The kids' mother... it's her and you should do as he says if you value your life..." the now identified Kurama responded.

Naruto tilted his head to the fox and stated.

"So, your names Kurama? I thought all tailed beasts were nothing but monsters... to have names is very... human." he smiled at the fox. Kurama seemed to be mildly surprised by that statement and was less afraid than he was before but still afraid of course, his mother was someone who could literally end their existence. This human seemed different than the others...

Naruto turned back to the one tailed beast before speaking.

"Now I'm going to unseal you, if you even try to move, my mother will come and kill you and you won't reform after." he said icily but the beast laughed.


"Why not see for yourself" naruto said as he pointed upwards and low and behold, there was kaguya, staring at the 1 tailed beast with anger in her eyes.

"I thought I felt another one of you here... to think you would forget me so easily. Maybe I need to show you why you were once a part of me!"

Shukaku was frozen in fear, he didn't even notice that naruto changed the seal because he was so stricken with fear. Kaguya was back, of all things to return, her. The fucking 10 tails!

Before any more actions could be taken, naruto had ended the little session in their minds and both him and gaara were returned to the real world.

Gaara blinked once, then twice and then thrice for good measure. It was silent... no voices, no screams and no begging for kills... he looked up towards naruto who was stood there eyeing him with curiosity.

"You got rid of the voices..." those of the Suna were once again shocked beyond belief.

"Ye, now instead of all that bloodlust, you can use the power to protect those close to you."

"Those close to me?" he asked puzzled.

"Ye like your siblings and your village." he smiled at gaara.

Gaara did something he hadn't done in years... he smiled. A true and joyful smile.

All the jounins were aware of gaaras reputation in the hidden sand and were worried about him being present during this time. However, they were all busy watching the scene before them, it was genuinely touching, how naruto got a boy who was unable to smile or feel joy to... well, to experience it.

"Thank you Uzumaki naruto... I forfeit the match." he stated as he used his sand to lift himself up to the stands before the hokage and told them that he has something he needs to tell him.

After that, all those who won were given a random ticket and the person with the same would be their opponent. Narutos opponent is Neji hyuuga... should be interesting. Now they have 1 month to train in order to prepare for their opponent.

Now naruto, Kin, gaara and Jiraiya and the two kages plus the jounins of the leaf and cloud were all stood inside the hokages office with a silencing seal.

"Kin, I ask you go first."

"I work for orochimaru against my will, he has a jutsu that enacts fear upon you. Basically, what it does is, it takes the fear you have for that person and then converts it into obedience, it was used back in the ancient periods for slavery. The reason it's not affecting me anymore is because of naruto handing orochimaru his shit on a silver platter and I stopped seeing him as this fearful being. I can list you all of the hide outs I am aware of and all the experiments I'm aware of." she then began to go into detail about a lot of stuff naruto didn't really care for but there was one thing that got to him, one of the experiments. Orochimaru used blood of the 4th hokage and a woman named kushina Uzumaki to create a child in one of his labs. This only interested him due to the womans last name being the same as him, maybe they were related, or just a member of the Uzumaki clan that he is part of. The hokage looked absolutely horrified at this piece of info, he would have to file it away for later though as right now he had more important matters.

"It was gaaras turn I believe."

Gaara nodded and then proceeded to inform them about the invasion that Suna and sand were plotting, of course both Ai and Hiruzen were shocked and angry at the fact that an ally was scheming behind their backs and the jounins present too. He told them of all their plans, who was involved, his role and the sorts.

After it was all set and the information jotted down and ready for planning a counter attack and defence for later, the hokage addressed everyone in the room.

"The next part of this meeting is only happening due to the fact that naruto is capable of defeating orochimaru with extreme ease as he showcased in the forest of death earlier this week. Almost killing him in fact." this got everyone's eyes to widen and stare at the boy who laughed nervously.

Jiraiya was the most curious after all, he knew who naruto was and stuff but didn't know the kid was this strong.

"Also, the fact that Kin here has just given us a piece of information that relates a great deal to naruto more than It does to anyone else." now naruto was curious, what information. Noticing the bulging eyes of Jiraiya, he figured this really was something he should pay attention too.

"naruto... that child that he created using both the 4th and kushina Uzumaki's blood, would no doubt be your sibling. You are the son of Minato namikaze and kushina Uzumaki, those are your real parent. We were going to inform you once you reached the rank of chuunin but I see no better time to do so than now." the hokage swallowed a nervous breath when he looked to naruto after revealing that.

The raikage was flabbergasted, much like kin and gaara. The jounins were in a panic as well, this was really big news. Kurenai was worried about how naruto would take this, he wouldn't attack anyone but it would be understandable if he was angry.

The room soon quieted down as everyone looked to naruto who seemed to be focused on the tiles of the roof at the moment.

He began a low and dry sounding laugh, kind of scary really.

"That bastard... his own son huh..." he whispered just loud enough that the others could hear.

"That means that, I own a large plot of land. The 4ths estate, I want it. No shittier apartment. Mom will like that. Honestly, I couldn't care who my father and real mother were. I have kaguya who took me in. I get the 4th saved the village doing what he did and that he couldn't ask someone to sacrifice their child the way he did, I get it. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. Now I'm going to forget about that whole thing because I really don't care." he said with a blank expression that made him unreadable to others present. The hokage nodded and then dismissed all those present, the ones who didn't leave were of course naruto, Kurenai, Kin and Jiraiya.

They all looked at Kurenai who just looked back and stated.

"You just dropped that bombshell on him and expect me not to be here?" they were dating, it made sense. Though they looked to Kin next who then stated herself.

"I have nowhere to go."

"You can stay with me." was Kurenai's input. Receiving nods from the others, naruto then assured Kurenai that he'll be fine, she should go take Kin to hers and then do whatever it is she should do, like eat dinner or bathe. She reluctantly left him and went back with Kin.

"Now..." naruto started as he proceeded to stare at the door Kurenai had just left.

"Explain." he more so demanded than asked when he turned to face both hiruzen and Jiraiya.

"Your father had no choice to seal the fox in you when he attacked, as you said before, he couldn't ask someone else for their child without willingly giving his own first. Now the reason we never told you was because your father had many enemies so it was safer for you." was Jiraiya's explanation.

"I didn't have the heart to tell that boy that used to call me gramps..." said a sorrowful Hiruzen.

"Also, Jiraiya here is your godfather so I assume you two have that to talk about." he added in hopes to deflect the conversation.

"Oh really..." naruto spoke, turning his head with a very strong piercing gaze that bore holes into Jiraiya's skull, causing the sannin to gulp. He knew he was fucked; he knew he was probably more fucked than whenever Tsunade caught him peeping...

"Where is my godmother then?" asked naruto as his eyes never left Jiraiya.

"Lady Tsunade left the village before you were born due to personal problems regarding her life. She most likely believes you to be dead as well." Hiruzen answered. Naruto then closed his eyes before sighing.

"I'm not happy... to be honest I'm not really sad either. I have a family now; I have my mother. That is all that matters, my real mother and father are gone and I can't change that and I wouldn't If I could. My godfather is a failure at being just that it seems so I don't care, but my godmother is someone I'd like to meet eventually." ignoring the slight wince that Jiraiya gave to being called a failure as a godfather, he then looked to Hiruzen.

"I would assume so. Very well then, once this whole invasion and exams are over, I will allow you to seek her out on a mission. It would be nice to pass the hat over finally." he says with a smirk. That 2wellannouncement sent everyone through a loop. He wants to retire? It actually made sense now that they all thought about it, he did already retire but was reinstated once the 4th died in battle.

"that's an S class mission you know." naruto stated.

"Indeed, receiving a candidate for hokage is no joke and I expect you to handle it seriously. And give your godmother a hug." he stated with a chuckle, causing the boy to shake his head.

"Am off then." naruto waved as he exited the office door and leaving the 3 present to discuss plans for this invasion coming.

Before heading home, naruto made a stop at Kurenai's to check in, Kin was staying at hers after all.

Knocking on the door, he heard muffled speaking as it got closer and once the door opened to see Kurenai but she looked all dazzled up. Naruto marvelled at the beauty she was displaying and could only stutter.

Once Kurenai noticed it was naruto she couldn't help but blush at her state of appearance.

"Kin and me were having a bit of fun you see... it's like having a little sister..." she said nervously. Smiling at the statement, he forgot how easy it was for girls to bond when alone with one another for a short time, case in point, whenever Ino and sakura argued and the next day they are best friends again.

"Glad to see you two are all buddy, buddy." he took a look inside the apartment and made eye contact with Kin who Blushed at the sudden attention.

"Well, I best get home, just wanted to see if you guys were getting along."

"Oh yes, were getting along just fine, we enjoy talking to one another a lot, especially about how attractive Kin thinks you are." she said teasingly and Kin was once again a new shade of red. Naruto raised an eyebrow in question before looking to Kin for confirmation.

"Well, I- uh - I mean... shut up!" she stammered out before looking away and at anything that caught her eyes.

Laughing to himself and rolling his eyes, he kind of enjoyed teasing her. Giving Kurenai another smile and then turning to leave. Before he could exit the building, he was grabbed by the arm and pulled back into a very heated kiss from Kurenai. Not really knowing how to react to such a sudden action, he stood there like a statue once again.

"I'll see you tomorrow for training... I uh... that was for not dying on me." and with that she went back to her apartment and closed the door.

It took a second for his brain to reboot and process all the data he just received. As soon as it did though, you could see a large shit eating grin appear on his features as he decided to take a walk home and not fly, really take in the moment.

Once he got home, he opened his front door and as soon as he made it through the hallway and into the dining room of his apartment, he noticed his mother. Sat on the couch looking at him with a serious gaze.


"I felt it... that battle you had... your power is growing naruto. Faster than I expected and far greater than it should." she stood from her seated position and walked over to him.

"Continue what you are doing, it's working. Now, I have another important matter to discuss with you." she then led him outside and took flight, naruto copied her and followed her to their destination.

It was the training grounds, why?

"My chakra coils... they were destroyed as I have informed you." she said not looking to her son.

"Okay and?" he asked with narrowed eyes and his jaw held up as he pondered what she's getting at.

"they're regrowing... I don't know how, this body is made of pure chakra, your chakra. I think that its adapting to me ever so slowly and is becoming a more... real like body." she stated as she turned to see her sons face. Naruto for the most part was speechless, the fact that a corporeal body such as his mother had is growing coils is just impossible... yet his mother is saying its true and she wouldn't say so unless it has some truth to it.

"Wait, it's like the tailed beasts... they have flesh and blood and bones, the 5th tailed state of a jinchuriki proves that, they're also made purely of chakra. Maybe my chakra that is used for your body is slowly growing through the natural amounts in the air... mother I think your slowly becoming something similar to a tailed beast's existence."

Kaguya thought about it for a second, that made sense, they were sentient and that means they needed to work like any living being, if that's the case then what would happen when it completes... will that mean there will actually be 2 Kaguya's?

"Does this mean you're able to use chakra again?" he asked.

"a very little amount as of this moment but yes... actually..." she put her hand out and manifested her limited amount of self-chakra and formed a miniscule ball in her hands.

"Take this and eat it." she said flatly.

"Ha?" he said with a deadpan expression.

She moved it closer to his face and spoke again.


He knew his mother was weird, he always did. But asking him to eat chakra was absolutely ridiculous. Who knows what could happen! That's right, everyone knew and it makes you explode!

"Why? Ill explode!" he yelled.

"that's if you digest it. Don't do that. Instead, once it enters your stomach, absorb it as you would any other chakra." she explained.

"Okay but why?" he has lost all reasoning as for if his mother was mentally sane.

"Once absorbed, it will merge with you. My chakra is like my blood. It will make you truly my child in both appearance and genes. It will combine with your chakra coils and force your old chakra out and merge with your already owned DNA. Normally you would die but due to your KI reinforcements, you shall survive." he didn't know if it was better or worse that she kept a neutral expression throughout the whole thing. Looking at her, then the chakra and then back at her. He placed his hands on his head and gave a pained expression, signifying extreme amounts of thinking at once.

"Ah fuck it, why not! I could just die from it but here goes." he exclaimed as he grabbed a hold of the chakra.

"Down the hatch!" as he slammed it down his throat.

'Is that pain? It is. Shit...' he thought to himself as the pain got worse and worse by the second, eventually causing him to fall to one knee with gritted teeth as he tried his hardest to not scream at the gods for inventing pain! The last thing he saw before he blacked out was his mother's face as she had a worried expression on her face, he hated seeing her face like that and it seemed to only happen rarely but whenever it did, it means he should be just as worried.

The next thing he noticed he was in the hospital. Fucking white ceilings and the smell of medicine. He hated these places, they reeked of mistakes, death and idiots. He sat up and noticed something, his body felt a lot lighter than it should. Looking at his body he noticed that he was skinnier but not so skinny he needed to eat asap. He also noticed that his skin was a lot paler than it used to be, not like his mother's but definitely noticeable.

Hearing a noise brought him out of his examination of his own body as he looked to see kaguya, Kurenai, the two kages, Kin and Jiraiya.

They were all staring at him, kaguya was smiling at him as if she was proud of something he did, whatever that was he couldn't remember.

'Oh, that's right, I ate her chakra... and I didn't explode so that's a good sign.'

He looked to the others who all had varying expression on their faces. Jiraiya looked horrified. The two Kages had no looks that screamed 'I've no idea how to perceive this' written all over.

Kurenai looked to be worried for him, cute. He should get her a gift for being here for him, he should also take her on a date maybe but that can wait for after the exams.

Kin just looked fucking lost, as if she has no idea what the fucking is happening and isn't even trying to figure it out.

"You guys' act like I've grown a third eye. What's wrong?" he asked in hopes to get an explanation but noticed how Jiraiya gulped.

Okay now he was getting scared, he didn't like the silence or the looks anymore.

"Okay you guys are freaking me the fuck out with all the staring, can someone explain why you're all looking at me like I'm dying." he all but demanded them.

Hiruzen handed the boy a mirror that he slowly took and then before looking into it, prepared himself, clearly something was different.

Shoving the mirror in front of his own face and staring into it, he noticed 2 things first, his hair was now as white as Kaguya's and second, he had a slit in the middle of this forehead.

'Oh... oh fuck, it worked, it worked way too well it seems!' he then looked to his mother who had an approving and smug look on her face. She clearly didn't think hed change this much but she was happy all the same.

"Mother has some explaining to do" he stated as he smirked at her. She pouted at him for putting it all on her, so she proceeded to explain what had happened.

"And that is why he was asleep for 3 days, his body had to change. He is now half of my species as well as his own." casually dropping the bomb he was asleep for 3 days kind of unnerved him a little but he immediately filed it to the back of his mind.

"You have my third eye child... it won't fully awaken until a few years but once it does, it will be very powerful." she stated as she nodded her head.

After taking the information in and accepting it, he looked at the one person whose reaction mattered the most, Kurenai.

Her eyes didn't seem to change the way they looked at him, that was good, means she hasn't changed at all. Though the creeped-out expression was understandable, he now has a third eye and has drastically changed appearance.

"I think it looks good... at least this way people can't say you're not her son anymore." she said. This is true, no more of the comments people would whisper about him being a false child and what not.

"How are you feeling naruto." asked the raikage.

"Honestly? I just wanna train and hang out with Kurenai... I don't know why; I know this whole eye and change is important but I can't seem to bring myself to care more than the desire to train." he said flatly with his eyes closed as he leaned into the softness of the hospital bed.

And that was how naruto got his new appearance that resembled his mother, it was a little weird for everyone else to see, after all, it's not every day a boy grows a third eye. Sasuke took it the worst, sure naruto had changed his view of the world and how to go about his goal, but that didn't mean he wouldn't still be jealous of the guy. He was supposed to have the cool eyes that granted a plethora of abilities and now he finds out naruto will get a single eye that's better than all of the eyes the world has to offer but in one. It felt as if he was slowly being forgotten in the 'eyes' of everyone, he didn't care much for it besides the fact that it sort of seems like the Uchiha clan was slowly being forgotten but he would do everything he can to make sure that was not the case!

Naruto had spent a full day with Kurenai, taking her shopping, cooking for her, turns out they both really love to cook. That then led to the two of them cooking dinner together. He also found out that she really enjoys being together with naruto, not for the romance but just being around him and his carefree attitude was freeing in a sense. She also voiced how she still felt it was weird because of the age difference.

During the time he spent with her, he found out a lot about her team and she heard a lot of his team from him. One piece of information that shocked him deeply was that Hinata seemed to have a crush on him. He was so completely oblivious to it and when Kurenai saw the shock on his face, she couldn't help but bellow a laugh. After a few minutes of stomach-churning laughs from her – much to his disappointment, he really likes her laugh – she then sighed sadly as if she remembered something she didn't want too.

"what's wrong?" he asked with genuine concern. He didn't like that sad sounding sigh at all.

She looked at him dead in the eyes and then brought his head to her chest as they cuddled on her couch.

"Well, you know how I said you will be needed to take multiple spouses?" she asked.

Receiving a nod that she felt on her chest, she continued.

"Kin likes you, that's obvious, I also enjoy her company and I think she'd be lovely for you. That's not what's concerning me however..." she then took a deep breath.

"Hinata isn't going to like that me and you are together..."

"How do you mean? Couldn't she just join my apparent harem that seems inescapable at this point?" he asked with confusion and also in defeat. He didn't care for multiple partners but if it was required by law then he couldn't really argue.

"She could but... she's the one they're sending to kumo, which means that contact will be scarce between you... I don't want that for her, I want her to have a love life where she can wake with the man she loves. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

"Ye, at least I think I do. You want her to be with someone who will really cherish her and be there as much as he can and not have to divide his time for those hes closer to due to distance."

"Exactly! See, me and Kin, we live together now so it's easier for you to divide for us."

"I agree with you, I don't think it would be fair to her if she got in a relationship just for her to be sent away." he then sighed as he leaned into her more for an even more comfortable position.

"You know, my birthday is soon, next month, just after the exams. You won't have to be so creeped out about our age difference no more."

"you'll be 15, that's not much better naruto. But you are right. We should do something for your birthday." she says excited.

"I actually have something already."

"Oh? What, pray tell, is that?" she inquired.

"I got a mission, S rank. I get to pick a team of people who can go with me and that pervert sannin to find Lady hokage. My godmother. Not only do I get to meet her but I also get to escort her back to the village as she is now officially a candidate for the choosing of the hokage position."

Kurenai was shocked. That's a very important mission for him to be a part of! It makes sense seeing as she's his godmother however... but then again, hed only be either a gennin or chuunin depending on his performance of the last stage of the exam. She didn't care if he could take orochimaru on or not, it's not a matter of safety but national importance...

"I'll go with you!" she yelled.

She forgot he was right on her chest so yelling was kind of painful for the boy, after he shook his head to get rid of the pain, he looked at her and smiled.

"Thank you, this actually works too, I'll need someone to keep me in line incase I go overboard." he states chuckling as he remembers the crater he created when training.

She chuckled at his remark as well and pulled him back into her chest as she ruffled his now white hair.

"Who knows, maybe the snake fucker will show up, after all the damage I dished out, he'll need someone of her level to heal him." he remarked.

"Then you can finally make that wallet you so desperately want."

"I will get that damn wallet..." he mumbled as he slowly began to drift off into the land of dreams.

She smiled as she continued to ruffle his hair before deciding to join him on his trip to the land of slumber.

She was happy, sure he could be a very terrifying force of power every now and then but normally hes just a down to earth, funny and idiotic person. He also gives amazing shoulder rubs after training sessions, that will always be her favourite part of him. The joy she gets when they both cook a meal for them to share as he cracks some stupid or really fucked up and dark joke that she can't help laugh at. Shes happy with him.

The rest of the month was pretty normal minus the planning for the invasion forces for when they attack, gaara had convinced his siblings and instructor that it was better and more beneficial for them to aid the leaf and betray orochimaru. It took a bit of time but they had finally agreed.

Kin had informed naruto, Jiraiya and Hiruzen that the child he created using the blood of the 4th and kushina Uzumaki is part of the sound 4. a red headed woman named Tayuya.

Naruto then told them all that they will leave her to him. She is technically his sister by blood, therefore she's, his responsibility.

Hiruzen was reluctant but decided that it was for best, if anyone could talk to her then it would be here brother, whether she knew that or not.

He also informed them that if things between orochimaru and the tow Kages seemed to be out of hand, he will step in and regardless of the priority to capture him or not, he will end him. None of the two Kages had the will to argue, especially with the venom laced in his tone as he stated it.

Gaara, sasuke, the sand siblings and lastly, all the other rookies will be keeping the people safe as they evacuate the area. Gaara will then take sasuke and aid in counter attacking the invasion force that will be set up outside the village walls.

It seemed like a very solid plan after all, but only one thing was occupying his mind as of right now... his mother... what the fuck will she be doing if she is doing anything. He did what he knew would be a pretty stupid idea.

"So that's great an all, but what of my mother?"

"We don't know... Shes a goddess so it doesn't feel right to ask her for aid..."

"Yea but see, you asked me and since I have her chakra now, that sorta makes me a half god..." he said as he rubbed the back of his head as those present in the room just looked out at space. He was right, they had completely forgotten that and that would mean hes got God stuff all up in him!

"Will your mother even help?" asked the raikage.

"Well, she doesn't like orochimaru, who no doubt will use snakes he summons as a distraction, if I asked her too then she would fend off the larger once as the rest of the jounins take on the smaller portion of the snake forces." he stated as he pointed to the front gate on the map, confusing the members present on the planning team.

"What I mean is, it would be most efficient for him to use those forces here, use the foot soldiers over here, he personally would have most likely infiltrated the village with his 4 guards already if he desires to kill you, meaning he will be close to you during the exam day, which means having the most powerful ninja on your guard duty would be better." they had only asked what he meant about snake forces and hes giving a much better counter attack plan than they had... nobody had interrupted minus the small suggestion here and there to which naruto would either praise with accepting or calling out how stupid it was. One thing was for sure between the two Kages, naruto would be a force to be reckoned with for any and all enemies that go against him.

"naruto, this would ensure as many casualties as possible will be at the lowest amount... this is great!"


Sighing seemed to be his only form of communication this morning, the invasion was going to hit them this day and they had to do everything correct or countless people will die.

He woke from the bed and made his way to cook some breakfast for his girlfriend who he allowed to stay the night at his along with Kin due to safety and protection reasons. They didn't know if their plan to counter the invasion was leaked or not so it was better safe than sorry.

His mother had agreed to his idea of helping the forces defend the village and summed it up to being able to stretch her limbs in combat, seeing as her only opponent has been naruto for years.

After eating his breakfast and getting ready for the day, he gave both Kurenai and Kin a kiss on the cheek, that was new for him as during the whole month of planning and training, he and Kin had also entered a relationship. Having 2 girlfriends felt awesome in his opinion but it also meant twice the responsibility when it came to keeping them safe at all times. He had no doubt that Kurenai, with her training in KI thanks to his mentoring will be able to hold her own, but Kin has just now started her training in it and would have a large sum of difficulty.

Once he made it to the exam arena, he was floored by the amount of people there that were cheering for the students, surprisingly enough, a large amount was cheering for him. It felt good to be recognised.

"Okay, all those but naruto Uzumaki and Neji hyuuga can leave and enter the stands." the referee stated.

Naruto eyed his opponent with curiosity, he didn't seem all that special in comparison to him, but hes been surprised before so who knows.

Neji smirked before pointing towards naruto.

"You, who dares call himself the son of the famed mother of all chakra! Are a disgrace to all that those really related to her stand for!" he stated proudly as he began to huff.

Narutos eyes could only twitch.

'Guess he got word of the incident with the clan head and my mother; they probably didn't take that all too well after all... don't tell me I'm their outlet! That's just-' he never finished his thought as Neji was upon him readying a palm strike.

"Woah now! Calm down for a second there..." he said as he stepped to the side, like a bull master does to a raging bull that charges.

"I cannot be calm when such a false existence stands before me!" Neji shouted as he began to spin with speeds that made him appear as a blur. Hoping to hit naruto.

Narutos eyes widened as one of Neji's rotations had actually hit directly and made his arm go numb for a few seconds.

'He can hit my pressure points... that's not good but at the same time... EXCITING!' he thought to himself as he could feel a grin show on his face.

Naruto then thrusted his arm towards the rotating hyuuga and managed to grab his forearm.

"My wrists usually hurt around here when I spin too much you know." he said with a smile.

Neji's eyes narrowed before he spoke.

"What does that ha-" he was interrupted by naruto snapping his wrist with his left hand.

"GYAAA!" he roared out in pain as he collapsed as he held his hand to his chest.

"Much like that actually, but my arm doesn't bend weirdly." he stated as he shook his wrist to emphasise his remark.

"YOU- YOU- FUCK!" Neji all but screamed. He was in serious pain right now. Is that his bone? Oh dear.

Forgetting the pain, he was in at the moment, he tried to use his left hand to swing at naruto, only for him to step out of the way.


"Destiny? Was it destiny that made your clan slave drivers! I know you are a member of the branch family yourself so tell me oh great hyuuga! Is it destiny to be enslaved? Or is it the sick and twisted minds of your elders that had deemed it morally, correct?" he spat with anger and venom directed at the hyuuga who could only gulp at the state of his eyes, they were burning with rage.

Naruto had bottled it up, he didn't focus on the whole clan at all, it wasn't his business but ever since Kurenai had informed him that Hinata had a crush on him, the whole slavery business was extremely angering to him. What if she was forced to have that seal placed on her? she may very well be the only member of the clan who has a good heart...

"The bird cage is there to make sure no one steps out of bounds-" he wasn't able to finish his statement as naruto had implanted his foot into Neji's face.

"THATS NO EXCUSE TO ENSLAVE YOUR BRETHEREN! THERE IS NO REASON OR EXCUSE THAT CAN JUSTIFY SLAVERY! YOU AS SAID SLAVE SHOULD UNDERSTAND!" He screamed at the boy who was now kneeling as he held his nose with his last working arm.

Naruto placed a hand on Neji's shoulder and spoke softly.

"I, as my mother's son, will make sure that this seal that prevents you from being free, will be forgotten. I promise you Neji." he watched as the boy's eyes widened before kneeing him in the stomach and knocking him out.

'I mean that too...'

"Winner! Uzumaki naruto!" the referee announced as a medical team came and escorted an unconscious Neji out of the arena.

Back up at the crowd, many were amazed at how the Hyuuga prodigy was so easily beaten but more were shocked at the declaration naruto had given at the end. To free the branch family is a very serious declaration after all, especially since his mother is by all logic, the founder of that clan, this boy has all the power to change it.

Naruto looked to the crowds and spotted Hiashi Hyuuga and the elders all sat there with very angered and serious expression on their face, glaring at the boy. So, he glared back and he released a lot of Killer intent towards them. The elders and clan head all but fainted from the levels of fear they were feeling from the young boy, he really does not like them and it was extremely apparent.

Naruto made it to the stands and as soon as he turned the corner to enter one of the booths, the whole arena went silent and looked towards him. He paid them all no mind and found the 2 he wanted to find, Kurenai and Kin. Exchanging greetings and then readying himself to watch the next battle.

As soon as the final match was about to begin, which was going to be naruto v rock lee, seeing as sasuke had been forced to forfeit so as to make it to the defence lines on time, all shit broke loose.

Explosions were set off, screams, fighting was heard and turns out that the fucking kazekage was actually the snake bastard in disguise, who would have guessed!

As soon as he revealed himself, he and the other 2 Kages had begun conflict where it took them to a nearby rooftop.

Naruto was looking for the sound 4 that Kin had informed him about until he saw a large sealed barrier erect itself around the Kage battle. He made his way to one of the 4 corners as that was probably where the barriers were connected.

Noticing a dude that had 6 arms, he noted that it was a member of the sound 4 but unfortunately not the one hes after. Shooting a KI blast towards the guy before he could react, he instantly killed him. He didn't want the other members of the sound 4 to retreat after noticing one of their members had been killed so he created a shadow clone and got him to continue keeping the barrier up.

This continued to repeat twice more. Then he stumbled upon the final member of the sound 4. he could only describe her as beautiful, just like the images of their mother that he was given by the hokage... he may not really care for his real parents all that much on the outside or what he tells people but really, it saddens him deeply that he'll never ever get to know them.

But here and now was his last real family member. He will get her back, it didn't matter that he never met her prior, she was his sister and that's all that matters.

Taking a deep breath, he sat down on a piece of rubble that was caused by one of the earlier explosions no doubt.

"Yo..." he said just loud enough for her to hear.

Tayuya jumped, she didn't sense him at all! How did he get the jump on her. Releasing her hold on the barrier, she used a jutsu to call for her allies.

Noticing it didn't work, she adopted a confused expression.

"don't worry about that, I already took care of them." he said sadly, he didn't know how they were to one another so he didn't want to disrespect them.

"Tsk, knew they weren't worth their shit... guess that means I'll be the one to take you out." she smirked as she readied a Kunai.

Naruto just quirked an eyebrow and pursed his lips together as he nodded.

'Okay then, this will give me time to think on what to say actually...'

He then stood and got into a fighting stance.

She dashed at him and began a flurry of blows using the Kunai that she noted was bouncing off his skin as if it was harder than the actual blade in her hands.

"So, tell me, Tayuya of the sound 4... do you know who your parents are?" he asked her, to make sure she already knew the information so he didn't have to explain.

"I wouldn't go so far as to call them parents, the snake cunt up there just stole their blood and made me..." she admitted.

"I see... so you know that you are related to the 4th and his wife." he took note of the shocked expression of her eyes, so she didn't know of her actual parents, just the way she was created...

She put down her kunai and stepped back before narrowing her eyes at him.


He shook his head before explaining.

"Your old comrade, her name was Kin. She found the files once when being nosey and it stated that a project was enacted with their DNA and it was named Tayuya." he said bluntly.

She looked at him even more disbelieving than before, that just made no sense!

"I have the file... here." as he unpacked a sealing scroll and threw it to her.

She caught it and reluctantly opened it, sure enough it revealed a file that was named after her...

She eyed him before he took a step back, telling her he will allow her to read it.

As she scanned the contents of the file, she couldn't help the feeling of dread and despair come up from her throat. He wasn't lying, it was all here and it even had orochimarus fucking signature... she couldn't help the tears, she hated crying. It made her feel and look weak. She began to let out the tears and she tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen to her.

She kept on crying and it kept getting worse and worse, her parents were basically fucking superheroes and she didn't even know! She belonged to a village... she wasn't an outcast like he had told her... her crying continued but momentarily stopped when she felt two arms wrap around from behind her.

Startled she spun around to see the same person she was just fighting moments ago.

"WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she choked out between sobs.

"WHY DID YOU TELL ME THIS!?" she demanded answers, while she is thankful for being told, she also wanted to know why, what did he gain.

"What do you get from telling me this..." she said lowly.

She looked up and into his eyes, they were full of compassion and kindness... it warmed her to see someone look at her like this.

"What I hope to gain? Well, that's simple." he snickered as he placed his forehead onto hers.

"I will hopefully get to know my sister..." he closed his eyes but he could tell hers had widened. He allowed a tear of his own to fall from his own eyes now. This was the moment, he had told her, this was his sister and he was scared of what she would do now with this information.

All his fears were halted when he felt the hug, he gave her be returned, he opened his eyes to stare into ones that looked to be extremely saddened and yet at the same time, equally elated.

"I have a brother... I HAVE A BROTHER!" she exclaimed, earning a laugh from the boy in front of her.

"Wait... if you're my brother, why is your hair white and that slit in your forehead..." she asked curiously.

"Well, that's what happens when you eat the chakra of a Goddess who you call your mother." he said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Tayuya was opening and closing her mouth to retort but didn't know what to say to that so she just settled on hugging her new brother.

"Okay, Tayuya, I know we just reunited... for the first time... it's weird. Anyway, I gotta go help the Hokage and beat the shit out of a snake for a new wallet. Go and wait at a ramen stand, it's called ichirakus, tell them I sent you, they will allow you to wait there, okay?" he said to her, noticing the reluctance in her eyes, he assured her.

"I'll be okay, I'm sure you noticed his injuries that time he came back from the second stage of the exams?" she gave a nod but also an unsure gaze.

"That was me. I promise I will be fine." this caught her to gasp, the only time anyone asked him how he received those injuries got someone killed so they knew better to ask. Now she finds out it was her brother that did that...

"Fine... ill got but you promised! I just got a brother and I don't wanna lose him before I know him..." she said with a smile before she got up, hugged him again and ran to the location he gave her.

Making sure she was gone and safe, he looked up and channelled KI into his body and began to float upwards. Once he got above the roofs by a small portion, he took notice of the battle before him.

The raikage was fighting what looked to be undead versions of the previous 3 raikages. The Hokage was having the worst of it as it seemed, he was facing the 1st and 2nd hokages.

Now, naruto noticed first that nobody had noticed him yet, the Anbu were all waiting for the Kages to give the orders to engage, they were told to hold position before the fight begun. This was why the raikage had stayed in the leaf all this time and hasn't let his jinchuriki come from the cloud, didn't want her dying. At first it was to get the alliance finalised.

Now, naruto loves dramatic entrances just as much as anyone... so he will wait, until he sees a perfect opportunity or until something bad happens.

About 30 minutes later and all of the forces that Konoha had deployed had arrived to either watch or wait for the Kages to ask for aid. Said kages were looking worse for wear at this point, whenever they landed a crucial attack, the enemy would reform due to the Jutsu used to bring them back from the dead. Interesting was all naruto could think when looking.

'Everyone seems to be here... time for my entrance, now the Kages can get some rest and be protected as they do so.'


"NO! WE CAN HAND-" he was unable to continue as something dropped from the sky and landed right on the undead form of the 1st hokage, flattening the poor soul.

"Ow..." he managed to squeak out. He was not ready for that at all.

As the dust from the impact was clearing, many people had their eyes glued to the form of the person with his foot holding the 1st hokage pinned to the floor.

Naruto had just axed kicked the 1st from the fucking sky. Much to everyone's surprise. He took a look around him, settling his gaze upon orochimaru and the undead hes brought with him before adopting a very crazed looking smile.

"Well... this will be fun wont it?" he asked to nobody but himself.

As soon as the words escaped his throat, he ducked a blow from the 3 raikages before pushing both arms to his sides and shouting.

"WIND PRESSURE" as the he used the KI to force the wind from his palms and pushing 2 of the 3 attackers.

The 3rd one begins to level a punch down at naruto and managed to connect, sending naruto to crash into the prone form of hashirama.

Hashirama uses the opportunity to escape being pinned and re-join the others as they regroup.

Naruto slowly places his hands on the floor as he pushes himself up and looks at the Kages in his front.

"Oh, this is going to be real fun..." he disappeared and reappeared behind tobirama before landing a kick to his lower back and sending him flying towards an open area of the roof.

Walking towards him as he spits out a glob of blood, he grabs him by the colour and begins to throw him up but was halted by the remaining 4 as they hit him from all sides. Naruto grunts as he grits his teeth as more blood spews out.

Tobirama recovers mid-air and turns to face naruto before doing some hand seals. Those who watched on looked on in horror as he used a very familiar jutsu.

"WATER DRAGON JUTSU: TSUNAMI!" he screeched as a massive form of a dragon appeared out of his hands. Easily capable of hitting naruto as the other 4 have him pinned.

As the dragon rapidly descend upon naruto, he stares in dead in the eyes and laughs. Causing the kages pinning him to look at each other confused.

Then the dragon smacks dead on in the centre of the crowd, the full force hitting naruto and causing the others to dissipate before they reformed.

Silence was all that greeted the village as everyone looked at the still descending water that was atop the location that naruto was previously. Once the water had stopped falling, it revealed a hunched over form of naruto... he wasn't moving, their hearts stopped at the sight...

"Ha... Haha... HAHAHA!"naruto began shaking as he laughed, clutching his stomach as if it was the funniest thing in the world. He looked up and his eyes were showing excitement. He was indeed excited; this was the best challenge hes had so far. 5 Kages at the same time?

"THATS MORE LIKE IT! FINALLY, A FUCKING CHALLENGE!" he vanished again and this time he reappeared in front of Hashirama before shoving a ball of KI into his face, causing his head to explode as it slowly reformed.

The second raikage had tried to get naruto in a bear hug but he managed to kick behind him and then pierce his hand into the kages chest, pulling out a seal and then ripping it. The second raikage then crumbled and this time he wasn't reforming. Many people gasped at this, he actually got one to stay dead...

"So that pulse of energy I was feeling was the source of their resurrection. Easy," he smirked as he could feel the scowl that orochimaru was sending him for figuring out the secret to the impure resurrection jutsu.

"I don't care for you two. Begone." he states as he vanishes and reappears behind the last 2 raikages and grabs their seals and destroys them.

He then turned to the remaining hokages and gave out a very crazed smile that caused a bit of the remaining blood in his throat to drool out. It sent shivers down the undead kages spines. This was one terrifying kid...

"WOOD RELEASE: THOUSAND SPIKES!" Hashirama demands as thousands of spikes came forth from the ground and flew straight for naruto who didn't move, they all but crashed and dropped as they didn't cut his skin.

"you're gonna have to do a lot better than that." he states with a smirk.

Hashirama was baffled, sure the kid was strong but this was ridiculous at this point. Tobirama was pissed that a kid was actually pushing them to such lengths.

The two nodded at each other before simultaneously casting a new jutsu.

"WOOD/WATER RELEASE: SPLINTERED WHIRLPOOL!" a massive tornado like mass made of water with a lot of wooden splinter sized spikes going at insane speeds had formed and aimed straight for naruto who only crouched.

"that's neat... wanna see something cool?" he said as he readied a punch aimed for the floor.

"I HATE THIS FLOOR!" he screamed as he punched the roof of the building they were on as a massive shock wave had sprayed from the impact as the roof imploded and crumbled, causing all occupants save for the 2 living Kages and orochimaru to fall beneath it.

The dust cloud had hidden a large amount of the battle, nobody could tell what was going on. The crowd gasped as they saw the figure of tobirama come flying out of the dust and the speeds caused the wind to force the dust to settle and showed naruto once again pinning Hashirama to the floor with his foot and his other aimed in the air, as if he just sent a kick. Probably explained the flying 2nd hokage.

Hashirama substituted with a piece of the roof that is now rubble and then rushed naruto, punching the kid in the face and sending him spiralling at the wall, creating another hole.

Tobirama managed to land with a large thud, he was done for. He wasn't moving but the seal was allowing him to live, that kick would have caved his ribcage if he had one. He eventually woke up and saw his brother and the Kid battling toe to toe with strength.

"Geez Kid, you are one powerful foe. I'm glad to see you appear to be on the Leafs side." he said with a smile.

Naruto returned the smile.

"Well, its home after all. Plus, it was so boring without someone to get me to get this serious." he laughed as did Hashirama.

"But I think it's time I stop playing around." he then said much to Hashirama and his brother confusion.

Naruto charged his KI into both his palms and straight into a KI blast.

"It was fun, really. But this next attack will end you both. I'll stop the snake fucker and keep the village safe." he said with another smile that made the 2 of them feel as if he could be trusted with such a promise.

"Well then, I leave my village in your capable hands. Uh?" hashirama states before scratching his head as he never got the kid's name.

"Naruto... Naruto Uzumaki. I'll be the hokage one day." he says with pride.

"Well Naruto Uzumaki... you have my vote, goodbye." hashirama gives his farewell as he places his hands on his brother's shoulders who nods.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!" The floor erupted into a large explosion, not as large as he did with orochimaru, who shivered once he saw the attack again.

Many of the spectators had to actively run back as to not be hurt by the explosion.

Many of the people who were safe away from the explosion looked on in awe and fascination at the battle that was just held, naruto had just defeated 5 Kage level shinobi at once.

Kurenai looked on in pure shock and fear but she was also proud. She loved naruto... she hasn't said it to him yet because she was going to wait till, he came of age but that doesn't mean she doesn't love him.

Kin looked on in what appeared to be lust... pervert.

Tayuya was rebooting for what seemed like the hundredth time today, shit keeps happening and her mind keeps on getting blown every single minute. She needs a minute to process God dammit! Wait is her brother – weird – floating up.

The blast died down and there was nothing, just a crater, all the dust and rubble? Gone? The two undead hokages? GONE! Naruto obliterated them.

"YOU! YOU WRETCHED DEMON!" screamed an enraged orochimaru.

"Aww that's not nice... you shouldn't make such a big fussy wussy about losing your toys." naruto spoke to him as if he was a baby, floating upwards and towards the sannin who was actually shaking. He wasn't scared, no he was terrified.

"One chance snake fuck. Surrender." he demanded.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!" orochimaru cried as he got up and started to run. He didn't care for pride or anything but his own life at this point.

"WELL THEN! IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE IM GOING TO BE GETTING THAT WALLET NOW!" naruto said as he flew after the sprinting form of orochimaru, catching up with ease and stomping on the sannin and forcing him into the floor.

"You know... I'm glad you ran, because now I get to kill you." he chuckled before grabbing the pleading snake man's hair and pulling his head upwards.

"Thats right... beg for your life... like all those who begged you to spare them, like those you stole from their own homes so you could cut them up, those you pretended to care for before abandoning them... I'll treat you just as you treated them. Without mercy." his eyes flashed purple as he placed his hand onto orochimarus back.

"DESTROY!" he screamed as orochimarus entire body began to decay into what looked like dust. His screams slowly getting lower and weaker as the attack spread through him and he eventually stopped. Signifying his death.

Naruto took a deep breath through his nose and mouth, inhale, exhale. That was very satisfying, very therapeutic as well...

He felt the presence of a lot of people behind him. He turned and noticed the forms of most of Konoha's populace, such as civilians, ninja and traders from other villages staring at him.

The cloud ninja too was gaping at the boy. But the ones that caught his eyes were his mother, was she present the whole time? Kurenai, Kin, Tayuya, his team, kakashi and the two Hokages. Jiraiya was also there but he seemed more interested in the dust that lies beneath his feet.

Naruto didn't know how to react to all the stares. So, he just smiled and waved.

"Hey..." he said nervously.

"Hey he says... fucking 'hey' as if he didn't just do all of that!" exclaimed a bewildered Tayuya.

"Well sorry sis, I don't think this situations in the 'how to be a ninja: for dummies' guide book" he deadpanned.

The conversation was halted when kaguya dropped down in front of Tayuya.

Tayuya looked at the woman before tilting her head.

"Who's this bitch?" she asked, not noticing the bug-eyed people around her who know that she just insulted the only person close enough to be called a God.

Kaguya quirked her none existent eyebrow at the girl.

"You are a rude one, aren't you?"

"So what? Gotta problem with it?"

"I do actually."

"What you gonna do about it then bitch." she said as she put her hands to her hips as if daring her to do anything.

Kaguya smirked before wrapping her hands around the girl, confusing her.

"Adopt you." she said flatly.

The others who were watching this all let out a loud 'HUH!' In unison.

Tayuya who was still confused by the sudden hug from the woman she was just insulting and practically asking to fight her could only blink before going 'wut'.

"Well, you're my son's sister, correct?" she received a nod.

"Then that makes me your mother, no?" she said as if it was obvious.

"I'm fairly certain that there are a couple steps before that one..."

"There, there. No need to worry about that anymore."

"I feel like there is..." tayuya mumbled...

"Okay, ignoring my mother's surprise adoption, what next?" asked naruto to the 2 Kages.

"Well... I guess dividing into 3 groups, one for rebuilding, one for rounding up survivors on both sides and then people like us who will file away and figure out the next move from here. Naruto nodded at the answer before putting his hands together and creating a metric fuck ton of clones.


"That should help." naruto said to himself.

He heard a clap, then another and another and another. He turned to see that everyone was clapping at him. Then came the cheers, the wails of thanks and even some whistles. He didn't really know how to react to this actually... he wasn't prepared for this. All he could do was smile and bow towards the crowd who were giving him praise.

'I got my dream a little earlier than expected... they see me for me!' a tear couldn't help itself from escaping his eye.


It has been 2 weeks since the invasion had ended, everyone saves for a select few were exhausted. Naruto was physically perfect but mentally he was all drained. Hiruzen had the great idea to 'train' him for him one day becoming hokage. He didn't mind the work at all, he even said hed use shadow clones to do it. But Hiruzen didn't allow it, hence the mental exhaustion.

After all the paper work was done, they all basically took a village wide rest day. Most of the construction was completed thanks to the help of narutos clones.

The survivor retrieval was all over in a few hours of the first day. Not that many really... pretty dark.

Naruto had left the hokage tower after 2 weeks, he needed a shower, he needed sleep and he needed a damn minute of rest.

You would think he would go home but he didn't, no he had a better place in mind. His girlfriends.

Once he reached the door, he used the Key that Kurenai entrusted him with and opened it. He went straight for the bathroom to shower. Oh, how good it felt to have water rush his body. Taking his sweet time in the shower and allowing his muscles to fully relax, he let out a soft groan. The soft feeling in his hands when he washed his hair with the soap, making his hands relax after all the writing.

Turning off the shower head and stepping out of the tub, picking up a towel and quickly drying off. Using a bit of fire jutsu to dry his hair as well. Putting on his boxers as to not be nude.

As soon as he opened the door, he made his way to the bedroom where he could see the sleeping form of Kurenai. Making his way over and crawling into the bed and grabbing her and pulling her closer to his form and allowing himself to relax.

"mmmm naruto?" groaned out Kurenai.

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

"Ish okay. Jus go shleep." she mumbled.

He giggled at her slurred talk.

She turned to face him with half lidded eyes before pecking him on the nose with a chaste kiss and then stating.

"Love you."

Narutos eyes widened. Then they narrowed as he processed it and then widened again...

'I... I didn't think I would be so happy hearing someone say that...' he began to silently weep. Someone actually loved him. Not like how his mother loves him, he cried when that realisation hit him back then too. Growing up as the 'demon' had made him seriously believe he would never find this type of affection and love from someone, let alone the village that outcasted him...

As if she could sense it, she grabbed hold of him much like he had her and pulled him closer into an embrace. Further adding to the boy's cries, he was just so happy.

"I... I love you too Kurenai." he said as he stared at her sleeping face, noticing as it creaked into a sleepish grin.

Closing his eyes and sighing. It felt like a massive weight had just vanished from him, as if he was 100x lighter and he loved it. Now he could sleep and he was excited for once, about what his dreams would entail.

Closing his eyes and allowing the exhaustion to take over and set him down to sleep.

Naruto slept a whole 12 hours... 12 fucking hours and so did Kurenai, they must have been extremely comfortable holding one another to not awake until an ANBU alerted them that the Hokage requested Narutos presence.

Groaning as he got up and had to struggle to release himself from the grasp that Kurenai had him in. He got dressed and made breakfast for him, Kurenai and Kin for when the two decide to exit the confines of their beds.

On his way to the hokage office, something was off to him, missing if you will. He couldn't place it for the longest time until it hit him.

'The stares... there different, no more are they filled with hate or disgust but... gratitude...' he thought to himself as he put his head down in hopes that nobody would see his smile.

As soon as he entered the hokages tower, everyone stopped to watch the teen as he walked to the Kages office.

He noticed 3 things, there was a new face there, stood next to the raikage. Second was the fact that Jiraiya has a serious face on. Last but not least, Kakashi was there and he didn't have to wait for him.

"There are a few things here that indicate this as an actual meeting rather than the casual chats we usually have."

"You would be correct." the old man said.

"Well, let's get this over with shall we."

"Agreed. Now as I'm sure you remember, I informed you of a mission that you would undertake over the next few days."

"Retrieve the next candidate for hokage and reunite with my long-lost god mother as well as celebrate my birthday."

"Correct. Now, you will be picking the team for this mission but Jiraiya's spy network will be the Key to locating her therefore he shall be accompanying you."

Naruto nodded. As long as he kept him away from his Girlfriends then it should be okay.

"I already have a team in mind. Also, before I leave... why do I feel a very odd presence coming from her?" he said, pointing to the girl stood next to the Raikage.

"That my boy would most likely be due to her status as a jinchuirki much like yourself. Now that she has arrived, it is time for me to leave."

"My name is Yugito Nii. Container of the 2 tailed cat, matabi the nibi." she said as she bowed.

"No need to bow... I don't even know why you thought to do so but names Naruto. I would like to talk after this mission if that's alright?"

"But of course, master." she said a little hesitantly.

'Yup, filing that for later. I'm out.' he thought to himself as he exited the room.

Naruto was at the gates of the village, stood with him was all the people he recruited for the mission. Sasuke Uchiha. Kurenai yuhi. Kin. Tayuya Uzumaki. Sakura Haruno. He tried to get kakashi but it was almost as if the scarecrow was avoiding him almost like he didn't want to be on this mission...

Regardless, they were all set and ready to leave along with Jiraiya. This will be the first time he actually gets to go somewhere far away from the village, all his missions took him to areas close around the village after all. The furthest he went was a mission where he had to protect the daimyo of snow country – now spring – on her travels from a nearby town to Konoha. It was weird meeting a literal princess/queen but they quickly became friends along the way.

Their first stop was a very small town with a bar, few shops and a couple inns. Taking a room at the cheapest inn they could find, they all relaxed besides Jiraiya who more than likely went off to 'research' as per usual.

He noticed that during the check in, after he had booked a room for him, Kurenai and Kin. Sasuke booked a doubles room... sakura also didn't book a room...

'Could they be...? Noooo, that would make no se- actually... it would. AHA!' as if he pieced a very important part of a puzzle together, he pumped his fist in the air, causing Kurenai to look at him funny.

Naruto also booked a room for Tayuya seeing as she has no money. She isn't actually a ninja of the leaf now that he thinks on it... have to solve that one later.

He was conversing with both Kurenai and Kin about a book they all shared a liking too.

"Look! What I'm saying is that, just because the heroine could fight for herself, it doesn't mean she has to do so. The male hero should be the one to protect her so that she never has to fight." he was about to continue but a knocking at the door alerted them, not expecting anyone or any services at this hour, he decided to be cautious.

"Who is it?" he asked.


Then the door knocked again, he placed his book down and motioned for the 2 of them to get behind him incase it isn't friendly.

Opening the door slowly, he was greeted by 2 people he recognised. A blue skinned shark like individual and a young man with two distinct lines between his eyes that went down his cheeks. Kisame of the seven swordsman and Itachi Uchiha.

He exhaled a large breath before muttering to himself.

"Well shit."

"Good evening naruto." Itachi spoke.

"naruto... we are here to retrieve you. We are aware of your recent doings during the Leafs invasion. It would be more beneficial for everyone around if you come willingly." stated the Uchiha, in a tone that was almost calming, if not for the fact that hes a fugitive. He had no idea how strong itachi was besides the obvious 'fucking strong'.

Kisame on the other hand was exceedingly powerful by the amount of chakra he holds. He has the nickname 'tailless tailed beast' for a reason and the more it sunk in to him the more he recognised just how much shit hes in. It wasn't for him, he didn't doubt he could match them in power and speed, but itachis eyes, he doesn't know of a way to counter them if he uses them. Fighting 2 S ranked ninjas and also keeping both his girlfriend's safe would be troublesome...

Somewhere, one shikimaru Nara sneezed.

"Can we perhaps take this outside as to not destroy any of the building?" he asked in hope to avoid any of his friends/family from getting hurt.

Seeing the two Nod, he gave a slight sigh of relief as he followed them to outside the inn. He saw many openings to leave but they were so obvious. They most likely left them open as traps...

"Now then brat, shall we dance?" kisame remarked cockily. Naruto responded by flipping him off.

Kisames eyes twitched with annoyance and audacity of the brat before him. He so wanted to kill him but due to the mission and orders he can't, oh how angry that made him.

"I am going to cut of his legs..." he said darkly as he slowly approached the white-haired teen, unwrapping his giant sword. Samehada, the sentient sword that devours any and all chakra.

'Wait, if it eats chakra then it's useless against me...' he began grinning once again like he just discovered someone's inner dark secrets.

The grin wasn't missed by either the S rank ninjas either and they both felt a shiver as they saw it form and how the boy began to laugh maniacally at whatever it was, he was thinking about.

Kisame wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth after all and took this moment to swing samehada downwards onto naruto, hoping to clock the teen out. He expected a large scream and then a thud after he made contact but nope, he got stopped mid swing by the boy.

The sword was stopped by the boy's hand, his fucking hand! How the hell was this kid holding back one of the 7 legendary swords of the mist with just his hand! Kisame couldn't make any sense of it. Realising that he didn't actually know his opponent as much as he thought, he backed away to gain distance.

Kisame wasn't looking impressed, he was annoyed, he wanted to end this fast and easy but just by that one feat alone he knew this was going to be troublesome.

"Thats a strong arm you have there... do you mind if I as-" he only got a glimpse, a single glimpse of bright blue eyes inches away from his own before a guttural scream was emitted out of his mouth. Clutching his stomach in pain as he felt as if a rock just flew at mock speeds into his abdomen.

Thrusting his head upwards he narrowly managed to escape a punch aimed for his face, gripping samehadas handle hard and then swinging it to his left in order to swipe the boy.

'FUCK THE MISSION AND FUCK ORDERS! KIDS DEAD!' he seethed at the mere thought that such a brat had caught him off guard. He was out for blood; this kid's blood was what he oh so desired.

As soon as the sword came into contact with him, it was like a bat hitting a ball and sending it a distance, only the ball could recover mid-air and stay there.

Naruto peered down at Kisame, ignoring the enraged glare he was spitting towards him. He then turned to itachi who was looking at him as he was analysing the teen, his sharingan active, clearly trying to copy the boys jutsu. He was tempted to admit that he wasn't using one, just to confuse them.

"You know, when I saw two S rank criminals at my front door, I expected a bit of a challenge. Seems that nothing in the short future will be as challenging as 5 kages and a sannin at the same time." he admitted as he checked his nails for any dirt, he may have gotten from his hit on Kisame.

Kisame actually growled, his sword wasn't working, he knew he definitely couldn't handle him in a hand-to-hand combat and seeing that the kid can fly makes it easy for him to avoid his jutsu... he has to merge with the sword.

Grabbing samehada and twisting it around and eventually, feeling a surging amount of pain through his body. Wanting to scream but holding down the urge as best he could, he opened his eyes and a bright light shown over the entire area.

Naruto cleared the blindness out of his eyes to see what looked like a shark monster dashing straight at him. He wasn't fast enough to react, too confused at what the fuck he was looking at.

"TAKE THIS BRAT!" kisame screeched as he slapped naruto across the chest with one of his arms that held a sharp fin on the edge of his elbow. Scraping the boy's chest deep.

Naruto grit his teeth at the sudden feel of pain, it fucking hurt! That is one sharp fin and he will need to step up his KI reinforcing to not get shredded.

He spun around after he felt the pain slowly relinquish from his chest and instantly threw his arm to his chest as he clashed with Kisames second elbow fin.

Kisames eyes widened. The boy was taking damage just a second ago but now hes holding him at bay?! This kid is seriously dangerous...

With his free hand, naruto grabbed a hold of Kisames shoulder and squeezed, causing the even more shark-like man to grunt in pain. Naruto kept on applying pressure until kisame was on his knees in front of the teen.

"I will give you a choice, either die, live and talk or Itachi and you both leave me alone. I got shit to do and I don't feel like being interrupted as I do them." naruto looked into Kisames eyes with such a killing intent, he felt the shark shiver.

Kisame never, not once, gives up or runs. No matter how out classed he is or afraid, he stands his ground and so he just spat a load of blood onto narutos face.

He nodded in acceptance of the answer he received, not a bad choice honestly, was respectable. Refusing to run and to stand your ground was admirable.

Sighing to himself and then opening his eyes to show that he was full of conviction and also saying silently that it was too late to back down from this to Kisame.

Applying twice the amount of pressure on his shoulder and then pulling his arm back with so much force that it tore Kisames arm off. Leaving the shark to wail out in pain and gasp at the sudden sting his now EX right arm gave upon detaching. Gripping hold of his now empty shoulder as blood began to flood out of it heavily, he looked up at naruto. Cold, dead and terrifying eyes stared back at his.

"AMARTARASU!" Was heard from the side-lines as Itachi decided to join in the battle, hoping to save his partner before he allows him to be killed.

Naruto barely managed to escape the impact zone of the black flames that assured him a bad time if they hit. He stared directly into the eyes of Itachi, he knew that was a bad idea and could fuck him up for the long run. Never look an Uchiha in the damn eyes!

Luckily, Itachi seemed to think that him staring directly into his eyes was confirmation that it wouldn't affect the boy. He was very wrong, maybe. Naruto never had a pair of sharingan strong enough to battle against.

Itachi eyed the teen; he saw how nervous he got as he looked right at him.

'Perhaps they would work...'

"TSUKUYOMI!" itachi bellowed. As soon as the words left, naruto could feel a tug at his mind as he entered what looked like a black and white realm. The moon was red as blood and he was strapped to a cross. Only one thought could go through his head as of this moment.

'I fucked up...'

Itachi appeared in the boy's direct front, with a glare that promised a lot of pain but... naruto could see more behind it. He would dwell on that later.

He looked at Itachi with a bored expression as he saw the man bring out a dagger; really thought that torture would work? Hes experienced training with his mother, that will not work.

'Wait a second... mother... THATS IT!'

Itachi was mid insertion of the 8th dagger when he noticed that naruto wasn't reacting to the pain, this didn't sit well with him.

"How is it that you aren't reacting..."

"My training is a lot more intense than this. Forget that though, I have a gift." he said as his grin widened.

Itachis brow raised in suspicion before his other brow joined it as his eyes widened in fear. The slit above narutos face, right in the middle of his forehead was opening.

"You got some good eyes there, be a shame if someone poked them." he began laughing as the slit opened fully to reveal a fully developed shar-rinnegan.

"YOU THINK YOU GOT THE EYES THAT ARE SO SPECIAL? HAHAHAHA!" Itachi swore the kid was insane at this point but was too lost to do anything about it but stand there.

Suddenly the genjutsu world began to shatter, revealing the real world once again. Naruto stood still, before opening his eyes that were back to their vibrant and full of excitement. His slit was closed again as well.

Itachi had planned on grabbing his partner and running, too many variables have just now revealed themselves and the mission as it seems is now impossible. Before he could reach his partner however, a deafening howl was heard to his left, from a person he really did not want to see at the moment.

"ITACHI!" screamed an enraged Sasuke.

Itachi steeled himself as to prepare for the upcoming conversation.

Sasuke dashed to his elder brother and the two clashed Kunais together.

"ITACHI! I have waited, I have trained and here and now, I will kill you for the clan you slaughtered!"

"Same old sasuke, all bark but no bite. I don't sense enough hatred inside you. How do you expect to beat me without enough?" itachi retorted.


The older Uchiha had his eyes widened at the proclamation, this changed a lot of things for him, he needs to retreat now!

He dashed backwards and put some distance before looking to his partner and feeling a large amount of dread upon seeing naruto punching the shark man repeatedly in the nose and drawing blood with every single one. A squelching sound every time his fist connected was paired with the pained grunt of the beast bellow him.

Itachi hadn't thought of an effective way to escape with both of them yet. Luckily, Jiraiya decided to drop in and have a very dramatic entrance, such as appearing from a toad's mouth.

This was perfect, as everyone's attention steered to the toad idiot, he swooped in as fast as he could and grabbed his teammate before shunshinning out of there.

Noticing a small flicker of movement, naruto turned from his godfather and to the shark he was previously beating the shit out off to find that he was gone. He blinked, blinked again and once he realised that he was actually gone, he sighed. He didn't feel so good at the moment, that whole situation sucked completely. The only good note he took away was the fact that he may be stronger than he thought as he had doubted his ability to fight the S rank duo but he held his own alright.

He was a little pissed and stressed that two very known S rank criminals managed to track him down, that wasn't good. He would think on what to do about that later, he needed to thank kurenai and Kin for getting back up, that was a good idea seeing as he himself had no idea if he could handle the two.

After a couple minutes of him explaining what had happened, Jiraiya was in thought.

"We need to find Tsunade and fast, the sooner she becomes hokage, the sooner we can get you out of the village to throw them off your trail enough for the leaf to prepare defences."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this and asked for him to explain.

"They want your Bijuu. They are called the Akatsuki, they hunt containers and extract the beasts and then use them for God knows what. You are strong yes but they also don't care for casualties so the best plan is to get you out of the village publicly and make them try to track you down when outside, that way it leaves the leaf enough time to arm themselves for your return so that less people will die in the most likely crossfire between you and them."

Naruto nodded to the man, showing he understood. He agreed that it made sense, the group would leave the village alone so they could get him. A long vacation was something that didn't sound too bad he thought, maybe taking his family and girlfriends along would be a good idea as well.

"What can you tell us about this group?" asked a concerned Kurenai. She didn't like this news. A group hunting the man she is in love with would sit terribly with anyone. Visibly showing her disgust for the group on her face as she listened to the old pervert give as much info as he could.

"Not much, all I know is their leader is apparently the closest thing to a God this world has minus narutos mother. Other than that, the two you saw today are the only known members of the group. They always operate in pairs, if you see one and not the other then be on guard at all times."

"Okay, okay. Everyone relax, we can talk about this another time, we just got out of a fight and a very stressful situation and I think it would be best that we focus on the mission at hand and then discuss the super evil and bad guy centric threat around the corner." argued naruto as he wanted to really move this along, discussing a group that are hunting people such as himself just served to anger him and now was not the time to be angry, he was hungry, tired and horny. He can't really do anything about that last one for a few weeks but he can certainly eat himself into a food coma!

He did just that, he spent time with his two ladies and his lovely sister bonding over the weeks it took for them to reach their destination, the last known location of Tsunade senju.

The had finally made it, this was her last whereabouts so she had to be here either now or recently according to the information. Splitting up and looking for the Lady of the Senju clan, they searched high and low but nobody could find anything.

Naruto decided the best idea next was to use a fuck ton of clones and so he did.

They all sat waiting for naruto to gain the memories of his clones and finally it came, naruto let his clones all disperse before they all made their way to the restaurant that she was currently occupying.

Sat in a booth with her attendant was a very annoyed Tsunade. She was enjoying her time drinking and talking to her pig holding friend shizune until a loud-mouthed teen barged over to their table and screamed 'AHA!' as he pointed to her before poofing away. This was going to be a large headache and she knew it...

A few minutes later, naruto and Jiraiya had entered the building and made their way towards the busty woman.

Naruto spoke to Jiraiya as they approached.

"Is it weird that I find her hot?"

"Not at all, that's just the way she comes off to people." the elder man replied.

Tsunade heard this, smirking a tiny bit but forgot it the moment she realised it was her old teammate who approached her. She sighed as she could already feel the headache.

"Come here for more help trying to locate our old crazed teammate?" she asked, knowing that's what the man was here for before her mind was blown by his answer.

"Ha, nope. Here for other business." he said as he smugly looked to the gaping wide jaw of Tsunade.

"What could you want with me then? Orochimaru is out there causing chaos, shouldn't you be tracking him?" she asked incredulously.

Naruto and Jiraiya looked at one another before sharing a laugh. Further adding to the woman's confusion.

"Tsunade princess, orochimaru is dead." the two woman in the booth gasped. That was unexpected, after all this time they had thought him to be unkillable...


Jiraiya pointed towards naruto who gave a very exaggerated grin and waved at her. She only raised an eyebrow as she didn't believe it for a second.

"Seriously pervert, how?" she asked again but received no answer.

There was just no way, this brat? Bullshit.

"It's true, I obliterated him right after I beat the resurrected kages." naruto noticed the confused stare she was giving him so he decided to tell her the entire story of the invasion and what happened.

The more and more he spoke, she could feel her head begging her to take a drink, this fucking brat did all that!

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" she demanded as her brain finally snapped, this was way too much to process at once.

"Well... for starters I'm your godson. Names Naruto Uzumaki. Pleasure to meet ya!" he said as he used his two thumbs to point towards himself.

'N-naruto... I thought he was dead... how... hes so big!' Tsunade's face went from complete mind blown to contemplating what she was told to almost ready to burst.

She threw the table that separated her and the young teen before her and held hm in a bone crushing hug, unable to hold the dam of tears back anymore. This kid was the last thing she had to a living relative. The last Uzumaki and her godson!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR ALIVE! I THOUGHT YOU TO BE DEAD!" She shouted at the boy before furiously caressing his hair.

"Is that why you never returned to the village?" he inquired as she nodded.

"Partially, there were a multitude of reasons but yes."

He noticed the tears became heavier upon being reminded on her reasons for leaving and he began to soothe her as he returned the hug.

"Shhh, it's okay, I am alive and I am doing well." he whispered to her. It seemed to be working, much to his relief. After she had calmed down enough and returned to her seat. Her expression seemed much more vibrant than they first saw. Then her face returned to the Stoney and expressionless one she had earlier as she looked to Jiraiya.

"While it's great to reunite with my godson, sure. What did you really come here for?" she knew that they wouldn't come all this way just to meet, there had to be more too it.

"Well, master has decided to retire... he wants you to be Hokage after him. Well, no, that's a lie. He wants naruto to be Hokage but hes not the right rank or age to be one yet so he has placed you forth as a candidate until the kids got all the markers checked."

She looked to naruto once again with a shocked expression.

'Master thinks naruto is Hokage material? He thinks I am?' she began to think.

'I would have to go back... I don't want to go back at all after all that it had done to me... but I get to be with my Godson... heh, guess it was obvious from the start.' she smiled as her thoughts progressed.

"When do we leave?" she spoke with a smirk, causing the two males to return it.

"Tomorrow, the kid has company with him and they're planning on spending his birthday together. When it reaches 9pm however, his girlfriends want him back at the inn."

That got Tsunade's attention, for one it was his birthday so it was extremely coincidental that they found her today. Second was the fact that the word 'girlfriends' was used in the plural...

"Girlfriends? Plural?" she asked the boy.

He nodded, using two fingers to show that he had two. She looked at him with a curious gaze before nodding.

"Not bad brat... then I suppose me and Shizune shall go pack and meet you here again tomorrow morning. It was great meeting you Naruto and can't wait to spend more time to bond." she gave him one last bone breaking hug before departing.

The day was honestly some of the most fun hes had, sasuke and him played a bunch of random pranks as a team rather than him alone. Sakura had gave him a couple books on medical arts. That was nice, he did wanna try and learn healing techniques and see if KI could help there. Kin and Kurenai hadn't shown up so he summed it up to whatever they had asked him to come early for later tonight. Tayuya gave him a flute, it was a very cute sight actually, tayuya has never had a family nor anyone she deemed close enough to actually gift anything. The usual foul mouth and headstrong attitude was replaced by a shy and extremely embarrassed sister.

Now he was stood outside his and his partner's room. They had told him that they would inform him when he could enter.

With nervous fidgeting and a lot of pacing, he waited like they instructed. He had no idea what they could be planning. Especially if it took all day for them to prepare.

He heard a muffled 'enter' from the other side of the door. He took a deep breath before opening the door.

Inside was a darkened and red tinted room. Very alluring to his eyes, as if tranced and hypnotised by it. Peering around the room and catching sight of the romantically lit candles and scented ones causing an intoxicating atmosphere throughout the room. The thing that caught his eyes the most, the thing that made his blood boil with absolute lust was the sight of both Kurenai and Kin laying atop the bedsheets, posing in ways that made the teens breath hitch, inviting him in ways that were working ever so greatly. Both of them were as naked as they day they were born, with the most seductive expressions and lust filled eyes that made him stare like a deer in traffic. He wanted to jump straight onto the bed and have at thee! But he took it slow as he undressed upon approaching the bed and climbing on for what would be the greatest night of his life.

Naruto awoke the next day to the sound of yelling and what was obvious arguing. Why can't he ever have a nice night with the two he loved the most before someone decides to ruin it. Seriously, he never gets much alone time for him and his ladies and its problem after problem.

He decided to try and get up but knew it was in vain, he was busy being grappled by Kurenai and Kin from both side. Not understanding how they had such a great grip on him. Using his brain for once in his life he created a clone with great effort due to his inability to use the hand seals. He then substituted himself with said clone, making them hug him and not him. He felt a bit of regret and jealousy of his own clone when he got a good look at his two beautiful lovers again. Telling himself that it would be bad to stay because he wouldn't ever leave if he didn't do so now, he got dressed and exited the room to where he heard the shouting.


Definitely towards Jiraiya, it was the only sane option.

"I'm telling you princess, it's about time we leave..." he tried to reason.

"You just wanted to see your godson having sex." stated naruto as he came round the corner behind Jiraiya and pummelled him between the legs with his foot.

"YOUCH!" screamed Jiraiya as he felt the pain of seven suns exploding in his crotch, he won't be able to peep for a week after that. Tsunade was laughing as if she just witnessed the greatest thing in her entire life, in some cases that would be true actually.

"Nice shot brat." she said with a smirk. He responded with the hand symbol for 'okay' as he opened the door to get some fresh air.

Deciding to join him for the moment, seeing as his night time company didn't seem to be awake and the now out of commission Jiraiya would mean a bit more time to wait.

She turned to face her godson, she wanted to get a look at him and she meant a real look at him, all of him. She spent so many years believing he was dead and he shows up out of the blue with the offer of being hokage! She would do it, if only for him. She didn't give a fuck about the job itself, but it seemed to mean a lot to the brat, therefore it means a lot to her. It's just how family worked, regardless of reasons.

"You seemed to have gotten strong without any of your family around..." she stated solemnly.

He took his turn to look at her with one eye closed as the sun was now blaring down at him.

"I mean, your parents, Jiraiya and me... we weren't there... some have excuses for not being there but there not supposed to even exist! We should have been there dammit!" she couldn't hold the tears as she spoke, he hated it. She hated knowing that hes been there the entire time and thinking he was without real family this whole time, alone and scared in this world that did nothing but take. She hated herself for leaving and not checking, for running from her problems like a child would... she supposed that's what she was really deep down, nothing but a child who acted mature and drank away her sorrows as she moved away as fast as she can from them.

Then she felt a warmth that she hadn't felt in a long time, one that offered protection and what felt like... love... not the typical type, but the type that you give to those you hold dear to your heart after forming a bond...

She looked at what was warming her and she couldn't supress the smile that threatened to split her face. It was naruto, holding her in an embrace that one would a mother when they saw her crying, her heart couldn't hold it and she just cried more at his actions. The hug alone showed his forgiveness, his trust and his 'I don't care about that' attitude all in one. All her feelings she's bottled up, she let out with an ugly wail and sobs that just kept coming for what seemed like hours... her fears, her guilt for her brother, her ex-lover and her parents. All of it coming at once, all her regret for not even knowing her godson lived this entire time, all of it was just there on the table ready for her tears to claim. It panged her chest each and every time her sob released. The pain was washing away every time he stroked her arm and soothed her, it was nice...

"It's okay... nobody blames you, I don't. If anyone tells you that what you did was wrong then I'll kick them in the dick. You were hurt, you thought you lost it all, you did lose it all."

"Thank you naruto" she muttered through sobs, causing the boy to chuckle. It was an experience, after all, Tsunade is revered as the strongest woman in the world and here she was breaking down in his arms. He would be damned if he didn't comfort her, hed never live with himself if he didn't!

"When we get back to Konoha, we can forget about all this ninja bullshit for just a few days. The first were going to do is go to my home, you, me, my sister, my lovers and we can just talk. Hell, I'll convince mother to join too!" he declared.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at that, there was a bit of information in that which she didn't know.

"Mother? Sister? I'm confused I thought that-" she was interrupted as he shushed her an tightened the hug.

"My mother is the woman who took me in when I was around 4-5. Her name is Kaguya. She is literally a Goddess, not kidding. She invented chakra but can't use it, she'll explain when you meet her." he stopped his explanation of his mother when he noticed the confused look on Tsunade's face.

"Is she why you look the way you do now?" she asked as he nodded.

"Then what's this sister. As far as I'm aware, kushina was carrying one baby."

"The redhead, foul mouthed and pretty lady that you most likely saw earlier, she's, my sister. Orochimaru made her in his lab using my dad and moms DNA, ironic since he wanted to see what their Childs power would hold and not realising, he already did." he laughed lightly.

Tsunade sighed, of course orochimaru would do something as fucked as that, he was always a creep. Still can't believe he's dead though, after all, he was famous for an immortal jutsu for swapping bodies. Dead and orochimaru didn't go well in the same sentence when referred to him. But the one responsible was holding her at this moment, washing away all her problems and fears.

They continued to stay like this for a few more minutes before naruto heard the door to his room open, he decided that he should greet his lovers and help them get packed for the road back home. He passed Jiraiya who was just now regaining his composure from his seemingly broken crotch.

"Hey girls! I'll help you get started packing, so you go get some breakfast." he gave them a smile that they Glady returned and pecked both his cheeks as they passed, sharing a giggle at the struggling Jiraiya and a smile at the much happier looking Tsunade.

As soon as they all got done packing, they were a few hours away from departing, naruto had to do one last thing first and that involved his close friend sasuke. Looking for him, he found him resting on a roof top that looked at the entire town they were temporarily holding fort.

Sasuke spared him a glance before sighing, he knew this was gonna happen, part of him wanted it and the other didn't. He was happy that his friend worried about him but also pissed at it. It was complicated for him.

"I'm fine naruto." he lied, he was very much not fine and it was obvious. Even to naruto of all people.

"Alright, if your fine, you wouldn't mind me sitting right here then." he sat down right next to him. Looking up at the clouds, much like sasuke was doing.

Sasuke knew this was a trick, make it so he would talk. It was working too, further frustrating him.

"Damn you! Fine!" he shouted before putting his knees to his chest and hiding his face.

"I lost! I found him, I finally found him dammit! Part of me knew that I wasn't ready... but part of me didn't care, so I lost and I am so angry! He didn't even spare me a glance... does he care? Do I mean nothing? I don't understand it at all!" naruto could hear the pain and the sorrow between the silent tears that the boy shed. He didn't say anything, sasuke needed to vent this all out.

"I-I tried to get close to people like you said, you were right, I still believe that. Me and sakura, we are close now. Closer than we should be..." he said with a faint smile.

"I don't know... I'm scared, I was close to my family too but they were ripped away from me so what if she or you, kakashi or anyone for that matter, gets taken too!"

"Then that's just part of living. People come and go. Simple as that. What matters is growing strong enough to protect them, if not right now then soon, keep growing. Keep training. Keep them close to you so you won't lose them. Your brother will not take us, we are not damsels nor will we go down quietly. You want us to stay then make sure that your strong enough to do so. I did it, hell, I'm so strong now that if I tried, nobody could mess with me... probably. Its only because I love my friends and family that I got this power and it is because of them that I will continue to make it grow." he hasn't moved his gaze from the clouds yet, he knew sasuke was listening and he knew that he was taking it all in.

"Thank you, naruto." that was all that was needed to be said. He took it all, he absorbed the entire speech, he devoured all that it meant and he smiled. He was thankful for whatever put naruto on the same path in life as him because without him, who knows what he would be right now.

"You should probably go and tell sakura to leave your room before the girls get suspicious." naruto spoke. Noticing the Uchiha tense and his face blush, he hit the bullseye. It was super obvious what they did, he isn't condemning or shaming him, he did it with his lovers after all.

The trip back was fairly quick, time flies when you're having fun, everyone was talking and laughing. Sharing stories, naruto was retelling his bout with orochimaru in the forest of death and the fight with the Kages and then how he managed to get his damn wallet.

Tsunade was very interested after all; she was amazed and perplexed. It was a moment of pride and being proud of her godson. She shared stories of her gennin days as Jiraiya chipped in here and there with a joke or two to make the story funnier or to clarify a part that Tsunade forgotten.

The worst part, or best if you were anyone but naruto that is. Was when Kurenai shared some romantic and embarrassing stories about naruto. He asked her, pleaded for her to allow him to keep some dignity, but she spared no such mercy.

Kin had decided to secretly tell Jiraiya of their session the previous night on the condition that when he no doubt used it for his book that she gets a share. He was all too happy to comply, he got some very juicy material after that, this would be his bestselling book in a long time. This also got him to point something out.

"Hey naruto, why don't you take a turn at writing a book. I may be unable to teach you much in terms of being a ninja but when it comes to writing, I am a professional."

"You wanna teach me to write smut?" naruto asked incredulously.

Jiraiya placed his hands in a defensive manner.

"No, no. I mean just writing in general, you decide and write what you want but I can help you with the wording and the structure."

Naruto took time to ponder for a moment. He did have enough stories to write a book, romance, action and some drama... didn't seem so bad of an idea after all.

"Sure! Actually, sounds like a lot of fun."

After four weeks of walking, they made it back to Konoha. Home at last, no longer on the road, no more Akatsuki – for now at least – and just ordinary bullshit missions like that damn cat. But before they go to the hokage, naruto and his ladies, sister and godmother got to go to his home for some much-needed family time.

"Naruto... are you sure that avoiding the Hokage at this time is a good idea? He wants to retire after all." Kurenai reasoned.

"He spent what? 43 years as Hokage? He can spare 2-3 days more, besides! Jiraiya and the rest of team 7 sans kakashi are gonna inform him of the mission." he explained.

Kurenai only sighed and shook her head; her boyfriend was so powerful yet so carefree at the same time. Dangerous combo.

Once they all entered narutos home, Kin and Kurenai acted as if they lived there and instantly prepared tea for 5 and a bowl of carrots that made Tsunade raise her brows. Naruto chuckled at seeing her reaction.

"Give it a second." he assured her.

Not even 10 seconds later, the door to the master bedroom opened up and out came a half-naked Kaguya who darted straight for the bowl of carrots.

Tsunade had her eyes widened; the fuck was this thing in front of her shaped like a human. She kept on trying to figure it out before she recalled what naruto told her during their therapy session, a Goddess... A FUCKING GODDESS!

Naruto watched in amusement as he witnessed his Godmother piece together what she was looking at, the absolute horror and fascination that a being from above was sat there devouring a bowl of carrots as if she really was a rabbit. Deciding that the fun was over and introductions were needed.

"Mother, this here is Lady Tsunade, my Godmother." he pointed to the lady in question who shrank at the attention she gained when the Goddess eyes slid towards her.

"You can't have any carrots." she said with a blank expression. Tsunade was as confused as she was drunk most the time. Carrots? Goddesses? Rabbits? Mothers? All of these were washing over her head and she can't piece them together at this current moment.

"I-What? I don't want carrots..." she stuttered.

"Good." kaguya replied before a few more seconds of eye contact and then going back to the carrots that deserve her full attention.

"Mom, I told her that you would explain who and what you are, plus she's the next hokage so it would be best to know anyway." naruto reasoned, causing the pale skin beauty to pout. Yes, he made a goddess pout.

"But carrots..." she said dejectedly.

"Have them after. This is more important." he spoke and then turned his attention to his girlfriends as he gestured for them to follow him into his room. No, they won't be doing the nasty, that would make this fic way too sexual than it is already. Instead, he sat down on his bed and allowed the two entry into grabbing a hold of him for a nice comforting nap.

"You make a fantastic pillow Ya know?" Kin asked rhetorically.

"He does, it's harder to sleep without it." Kurenai added.

"I am still amazed that you two are even in my room, literal murders would take place from men who want this position." he began to rub their shoulders with his hands.

"Why has that not happened then hm?"

"Because if anyone tried, I would literally make them leave this plane of existence." he deadpanned. The girls just giggled at the answer. They loved how over protective he can get sometimes. They also understand why he gets this way, due to not receiving love like they grant him and he so desperately clings to it. Luckily, they have all the love they can give and it won't stop anytime soon.

It's almost tragic; love is something he needed so much and the only few who could grant it him weren't exactly showing it. Sure, they may have loved him but they really never ever said it to him minus his mother. Having two woman who will in fact show him how much they love him, tell him how much they love him, means the world to him.

"We love you naruto." Kurenai's soft voice had breached his ears as he placed a hand on his cheek and rubbed his whiskers.

"We are here for you, just as you are for us. You freed me from orochimaru by showing me how weak he can actually be, then you killed him, I owe my life to you. Luckily my heart fell for you anyway." Kin spoke this time.

Naruto didn't speak, he could feel his tears wash down his face. Not sobbing or sad tears. No, these were tears full of his joy and love for the woman here in his arms. Speaking would alert them and he just wanted them to hold and have no interruption as they nap for a few hours. Closing his eyes, he allowed his mind to go and seep into the land of dreams and this time, he knew they would be some extremely pleasant dreams.

"Hey Kurenai?" Kin whispered.

"mhm?" was her reply. She was close to sleep, was to be expected.

"Back at the inn after we did the woohoo... I don't remember seeing you use that jutsu..." it was true, Kin used the Jutsu as soon as she woke as to not get pregnant. It's a common technique that is used all the times, seeing as this world doesn't have any form of protection in material form minus pills. The odd thing was, Kin noticed that Kurenai never did it once, either she forgot to do it or doesn't expect to be pregnant. However, she was not getting a response from her sister spouse... she took it upon herself to lift herself up so she can get a look at the face of her companion and see if she was asleep, ignoring or panicked.

Kurenai for the most part was sweating bullets, she completely forgot! How can she forget such an important step! What if she actually was pregnant, it was too soon... she adopted a face of pure horror when the whole situation actually dawned on her... but also a bit of excitement, having narutos kids didn't sound bad at all to her personally, it's just now was 100% not the right time for that! Hes only 15 for god's sake! Welp, she began to mentally write her will before kaguya kills her or worse, Tsunade. This would also explain the nausea, headaches and holy fuck Shes in trouble...

Kin noticed the wide range of expressions Kurenai ran through and silently shook her head before chuckling to herself. This was entertaining at least, wonder who will get her first.

'Shes fucked.' she mused to herself.

Kurenai then decided that, it be best to get a check-up. Fortunately, the world's greatest medic is in the next room. Unfortunately, that same medic is also the godmother of the person who may have gotten her pregnant.

Kurenai and Kin both had their thoughts side stepped when they heard giggles coming from the other room, being the nosey people they are, went to go see as well as not waking naruto.

Once they quickly made it out of the bedroom and into the living room, they were greeted by a sight of kaguya, tayuya and Tsunade looking at a picture book. One full of images of naruto that kaguya secretly took, for special occasions such as 'embarrassing him'. The 3 were too pre occupied to notice the 2 newcomers as they joined this gathering before them. The 2 almost busted with laughter at seeing a 5-year-old naruto absolutely covered in ramen that he spilt all over himself.

The group were chatting and talking about one another, about naruto and whatever else came to mind. It was a very enjoyable moment between the 5 woman. A bonding between just them, without anyone else. All of them were a part of narutos life after all and thus it was him that enabled their meeting and bonding.

The chatter died down when the door to the man of the house's bedroom creaked open. With a yawn, naruto stepped out and somehow had seemingly lost his shirt somewhere, Kurenai and Kin were sure he had it on but whatever.

"How loud can you guys get?" he spoke before looking and becoming confused, why were they all trying not to laugh and failing miserably. He saw they were holding a book of some kind and were all huddled around it. Curiosity got the better of him but before he acted on it, he needed a good cup of tea because it most likely won't end well for him.

As soon as he finished his tea, he sat alongside his girlfriends and began to join in on the chat. Groaning whenever his mom would show of a brand-new image of him and them all laughing when he looked at her bewildered and asked how she took these and in ways he didn't know.

It was nice for him honestly. He was dealt a bad hand when he was a baby and after 4 years of hard long years, he gained a mother, got strong and found friends, he learnt what it's like to have people in his heart and what they truly gave him... strength and with that strength he found the desire to protect them. He would protect them all, no matter what the threat is, he will make sure they are all as safe as they can be.

He took a long look at the family he has right now, two mothers, a sister and two amazing lovers. All of them completely fill his heart with nothing but joy and love. He closed his eyes as he truly and fully embraced it, a smile crept on his face as he did. Nothing could make him happier than right now besides a big bowl of ramen.

His musing was taken from him when he felt a finger on his shoulder. He turned to to who it was, Kurenai was looking at him in a way that got him a little worried, she was looking scared, very scared. It also didn't help that he could see kaguya and Tsunade watching with narrowed eyes, they knew what she was afraid of – he had no idea that it was them she was fearing – so he gave her his attention as she began to try and speak.

She opened her mouth to close it again, becoming frustrated that she can't just say what she wanted to say. He noticed this and placed her hand in his own and smiled at her. How that amazing and adorable smile always seemed to work will forever be a mystery. She took a deep breath and began.

"So, Kin made a good point when we were all laying down. Now I decided to confirm said point with Tsunade before I brought this up and she has gave it the green light." she looked at him as he took a sip of his tea, she licked her lips and fidgeted a small amount. This was terrifying after all.

"I'm pregnant." she stated.

The poor boy spat his tea and began to choke but managed to say.