~This is mostly X-men. the Harry Potter (main characters) don't show up too much. not at first at least. It's pretty interesting though in my opinion (though that might not be much. :P) and may prove promising. Rogue has Mrs. Marvels powers in this though it is Evolution! T'ank you!!! :D Oh, and please forgive me if I don't portray everyone correctly, just let me know in that case. Thanks! Have fun!!~

'This is really very weird. Ah neva would'ave expected this of all
things. Ah remember it clearly, for it was only yesterday that it
happened. Kitty and Ah came home from a small walk. It's late summer
ya know. Well, when we got in, the proffesa asked t'see me Kurt, and
Kitty. We went o' course. He handed us each a letter that had our
names on it and our address, even having our room on it.

Ah remember exchanging glances with Kit as we opened the letters. The
letter was very weird, and the beginning on all of ours was the same.
Well, except our names of course.

Dear Rogue,

We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted at
Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We understand that
your powers have come late and that we will be receiving you
while you are quite to old to start at the beginning. You will
have to take classes with a younger age group but we will be
starting you in a higher class. If you are interested in
attending this year you and your guardian will meet with one of
us and straighten anything else out. Usually those who show
traces of magic in their blood at this age are turned down, but
we cannot ignore the extreme power there is in you (especially
you as we see that some of the other residences at your house
have received this letter) we can not decline you. It could be a
danger to you and those around you.

This letter further contains of what you will be needing for
your year at Hogwarts. Please, we do ask that you tell no one
other then those in your household about this and we will
further contact you. I believe someone from the ministry or
Dumbledore himself will be coming to your resident to speak with
your guardian.

'It's odd. The professa nodded and Ah remebar him saying, "Yes, the
magical society. They do a wonderful job at hiding themselves from
this world. Hmmm. I believe a few members of the brotherhood also
received this message. I wonder why this is all happening at once."
And it is odd. Why Kurt, Kitty, some o' the brotherhood, and mahself?
It doesn't make any sense. '(especially you as we see that some of the
other residences at your house have received this letter)' That was
in mah letter but not Kurt or Kitty's. Why me? Ah've had enough o'
bein powerful. Look where it's gotten mah so far! No physical
contact?! That's hard enough! Ah don wanna be powerful! Ah wanna be
normal, Ah wanna be able t'touch! 'I believe someone from the ministry
or Dumbledore himself will be coming to your resident to speak with
your guardian.' What is that suppose t'mean? Some weird wizard or
witch people gon be comin ovah here? Ah don know if Ah'm interested in
this crazy school anyway! But they did say that Ah could become a
danger to mahself and the others around me. Aren't Ah already?! Will
this evah end?! Ah'm goin t'bed. Maybe a good nights sleep'll do meh
some good.

Rogue shut her diary, locked it, then slid it between her mattresses. She then turned off her light. "Good night Kitty." Rogue said to her roommate.

"Don't you think it's like, weird?" Kitty asked turning off the small T.V. her mother had sent her as a birthday gift.

"Do Ah think what's weird?" Rogue asked, rather forgetting about the whole thing right now.

Kitty gasped in an unbelieving tone. "I know you know what I'm talking about!"

"Ah know ya know Ah know ya know what your talkin 'bout but Ah would rather you know what yer talking 'bout and me not havin t'worry 'bout it at all!" Rogue replied testily laying down further and pulling her blankets up.

"Oh, come on Rogue. It's totally cool and your interested in it!" Kitty replied.

"As a matter o' fact Ah'm not interested by it, Ah'm annoyed. Ah'm goin t'bed." Rogue snapped, turning onto her side and away from Kitty.

'Rogue just went to bed. She's pretending that she doesn't care about
this whole thing. I know she is. It's really very interesting! I mean,
me, a witch! Who would have thought it? I know my mom will think it
crazy. She's like totally not a witch and nor is my dad a wizard. I
mean, I like wouldn't have believed it at all, would have thought this
a trick if the professor had not like said it was true. I think it's
awesome! I guess I'm a powerful witch! Isn't that great? I'm too
powerful to be ignored. Though I did take a peep at Rogue's note, and
it appears that she's more powerful then me. Dang it! That's like
totally unfair! She's been saying that she doesn't even want it and
she gets it! I don't get her; I don't get much anymore. First I'm
having normal troubles as a normal teen, then next thing I know I'm
like phasing through my bed into the basement and out of my lockers.
And now I'm a witch.
I wonder if they have you wear those funny pointed hats and we wave
wands around. That sure would be like really funny. I'd giggle while
trying to do some incantation. I wonder if we make potions! Wouldn't
that be interesting?! I bet I'd ace it!
Kurt was accepted too. Oh, I already like told you that already didn't
I? Oh well. It's so interesting! I wonder if we'll have to travel very
far to get to this school. The books on the list sounded funny! And
what's up with this Diagon alley? How are we supposed to get there?
It's in London I believe the professor said. London! We'd get to visit
a different country! Ohhh! This is so cool! I'm like so totally
excited! How can Rogue not be? She's crazy I tell you! Crazy!!!
Yikes, Rogue's like yelling at me for keeping the light on. I better
get going before I like really getting on her nerves. Well, I'm
totally on them already, but still. bye!
Kitty Pyde'