Author's note: I was writing this probably my freshmen year of high school. I am now in my early 30s. I have felt for years like I should write a wrap-up, from the immediate plan to the large, to offer some closure to this piece of work I got 'I hope you'll continue' comments on for years after it was abandoned. Of all my stories, this had the most love and most direction. The rest I sort of just went with the flow and never had a great idea where I was going with next. So this is the only of my stories I plan to make a wrap up post for. So that's all this is. Because I'm not allowed to just do a list bc is just Like That, please accept this, starting where I left off in Book 3 after they discover Ron's rat is that whatshisface traitor guy.

The group headed back to the castle in the crisp evening air. Lupin's unexpected shift caused the chaos that led the crew into the hands of the Dementors. Harry passes out, and Rogue makes contact with one which turned out to be a bad idea. She also crumples to the ground. And of course after the mysterious patronus arrived and drove the dementors off, Minstry personnel arrived, and Sirius is imprisoned, and Rogue, Harry, and Ron are taken to the infirmary.

When Harry woke up, Kitty had snuck into the infirmary to join them and between Hermione and Kurt, was filled in. Dumbledore enters and advises them they should return to their rooms and made a hint to Hermione that she should use the timeturner.

"I'm staying vith Rogue." Kurt tells the other, still sitting on a a chair standing next to Rogue's infirmary bed. Her complexion was greyish and her eyes hollow. He looked up at Kitty, pleading for her to understand.

"Like, don't worry about it Kurt. I'll go with them. I may not be able to teleport, but I sure can get around." She finished with a wink, attempting to keep the air light. For once, it seemed Kurt wasn't up for it.

So it is a trio of Harry, Hermione, and Kitty that sneak out of the castle to save Buckbeak and Sirius, which aside from watching in horror as they witness the events from not so long ago, Harry summons the pratronus to save them.

Ron's bones can be mended, and chocolate brought Harry back, but no one knows what to do with Rogue who doesn't seem to be recovering. Alongside Kurt, Kitty and Pietro are frequent companions to Rogue's infirmary bed, though he's always sure to check first and make sure the other two aren't there before he does, even though that seems annoyingly rare for it's almost as though they switch off and on. But finals carve out space that they must be gone at once, and he took full advantage of those moments.

He's there the first time she wakes up, though partially. Her gloved hand clutches at his, nearly crushing him. "Professor." She gasps. "I need-" but she collapses again. Dumbledore sees to it that Rogue is transported back to the manor, where Dumbledore is able to help her exercise the parasitic presence from her mind.

Over spring break, mutants are exposed to the world at large. The events which led up to this make quite an impression on Rogue.

"Yah're working fah Him?" Rogue demanded in the midst of battle, hovering a foot off the ground and fists clenched as she glared now at nearly a level with the red eyed man.

"Oui mon cher. I'd t'ink you'd understand why." His reply had an air of nonchalance that neither of them were buying.

"Yeah, Ah can understand it, but that don't make it right, and I ain't gonna step aside for ya."

"We all hoped you could be persuaded cherie, and since it's clear ya won't be" He leapt back, throwing a charged card at the ground. The explosion obscured them from each other, and as the smoke cleared, Remy was gone. Instead approached a harmless looking older man, Mastermind. The psychic blow did more against Rogue than anyone else on the field could hope to bring against her.

And after the dust settles and the summer is over and our heroes return to Hogwarts, Rogue confronts Pietro. While the contact with the dementors had seemingly put her into a coma, the abilities that accompanied the alien mind made her aware of the souls around her, so she knows Pietro was there. It doesn't happen right away after Pietro fails to figure out a snarky way to shrug off his concern, but they begin to interact a little more often and to feel a little more closely.

"Rogue you absolutely cannot date Pietro!"

Kitty giggled. "You're going to drive them together with that attitude Kurt."

Rogue scowled at both of them. "I am naht dating him." Her quill broke as she tried to pretend to write her essay and she sighed heavily. "Look. We just... get each other okay?"

That year, brought the tri-wizard tournament and the goblet spitting out a second Hogwarts student to much gossip. It was strange enough that it's first selection picked an outsider. Rogue. She had been talked into it by the twins, who remarked that she was of age even if not in the appropriate class.

So Rogue is with Harry when they reach the end of the maze and are transported to the cemetery. It is Rogue's dead, lifeless face he looks at as he comprehends what has just happened. After hearing those deadly words said with intent.

No one understands why it is that as Harry and Voldemort stand, wand-locked in battle, that Rogue gets up and is able to charge Voldemort, a man, she realizes with horror, she remembers.

But he doesn't remember her. She was just a child when he knew her, and even if he could recognize her, she had had a different name then and still hadn't met Irene, who had always been able to see that Rogue was a girl even while the rest of the world had assigned her otherwise.

So Voldemort never realized that the mysterious Horcrux that was made without a killing all those years ago, when a new magic appeared in a small child with a painful touch, died that day in the cemetery at his own hand. Instead it was all a puzzling mystery.

Rogue realized everything that day though. She had forgotten that some of earliest childhood had seen her in the home of a Death Eater, that she was startled by a scary man and tried to push him away, but their contact triggered her powers, and she absorbed a part of his soul and magic. But it was clear that's how she ended up in Irene's hands. The death eaters had to get rid of the child to protect the child, and Irene was ready and waiting. She asked the girl her real name and took her shopping and gave her a new life.

"I hope you know you like, didn't need to tell us all of that Rogue." Kitty replied tentatively, breaking the silence after hearing her out. They had just all learned of the horcruxes and set out on their mission to destroy them more than a year after the events in the cemetary, and Rogue finally understood how she had survived that night. At first she had assumed it was her indestructibility. And perhaps it had been. Damaging magic had still otherwise had no effect on her indestructibility. It might have all been an effect of the horcrux dying inside her, when she felt her own magic powers also diminish in potency. But it had sure felt like she had died for a moment. She definitely had no plans to throw herself in front of a death curse the way she would jump in front of lasers and boulders when fighting beside the X-Men.

"Y'all are family." Rogue said tentatively, scanning the faces of her friends, who were all various levels of surprised. Except Ron. He had a strange look on his face.

"Don't you love supportive parents? My mum was so excited to finally have a girl. Poor thing. It was clear pretty early on that wasn't a right fit for me. She and Dad just went with the flow though. Thank god for Ginny." Rogue grinned at him. The others' surprised expressions turned to Ron. He gave a careless shrug that didn't quite manage to hide the tension.

"So..." Harry said, almost pensively. "That's one less horcrux we have to find is what you're saying."

Rogue gave a nod. "Yeah. Ah don't think he realized what happened. He certainly wouldn't recognize me, and a lot was going on that night." She gave a strained grin. "As you well remember."

Harry ran a hand through his ragged hair, still in thought.

"uh," The sound was quiet in a way that seemed to try not to draw too much attention and in that way drew everyone's. "Does this change anything for us?" Ron asked without looking at Kitty. Hermione looked away sharply, a flush of frustration on her cheeks.

"What? Oh? No! I... You're a boy. I like boys. I think... Like, I think I actually do like girls too? Does that help? I don't think that matters?" She flushed crimson.

"Kitty?!" Rogue exclaimed. "Oh my gawd! Danny?"

"Danny?" Ron squeaked.

Kitty's hands waved, seeming to flutter spastically for a moment. "Nothing happened! I swear nothing happened! I just... we had a... Nothing happened!"

"She's telling the truth Ron. It was... a mutant thing, an' she was just tryin' to be there for a new friend."

"Yeah! I didn't like, realize how my feelings had... been different until she like, she didn't stick around. We send letters sometimes but it's totally platonic and nothing has happened."

Ron's ears were red. "It doesn't matter if you like girls because I'm a boy. Totally a boy. Like sure I wouldn't be able to get you pregnant or nothing, but we're barely adults. We have a long time before we think about that."

Harry elbowed Hermione who glared daggers at him.

Rogue put a hand on Kitty's shoulder. "We're comin' out, so I get it. We were sharing so you wanted to too. But to clear the air, what ya said came off as making it sound like you think of Ron as less of a boy now that he admitted this to you. It's not the sort of thing we want to hear."

"Because it doesn't make me less of a boy." Ron glowered.

"I'm soo sorry! I'm like, I didn't realize. I just want to support you. You know I love you." She looked between Rogue and Ron.

"Yeah," Kurt piped up with a big grin. "Nozing's changed! Not really. And we're one step closer to defeating Voldemort. Let's do this!"

Over the course of the next few days, there was a little extra wariness to Rogue and Ron, but the others went on as usual. Except for Harry, who had gotten very quiet and pensive. Everyone assumed it was a matter of focusing on the task at hand. Everyone understood that he carried a greater burden here, being the Most Wanted and The Boy who Lived and all that.

But on the fifth day, he pulled Ron aside privately.

"I uh. I have a weird question."

"Shoot." Ron said, picking up a stone and throwing it, skipping it across the body of water they'd set up camp near on this day.

"Is... Is there a thing where one feels like... I don't know. Like gender is fake?"

Ron bristled. "What do you mean?"

"Not like that!" Harry said quickly. "I just... I never realized someone could be a different gender." He gave a wry grin. "Seems a bit daft huh? All this magic in the world, and it never occurs to me that not feeling like I fit in as a boy is quite right."

"Are you saying you think you're like Rogue?" Ron asked, surprised.

"Not... really? I thought about that for a while right? I kept trying to think of if that's what felt wrong. If I felt like a girl. But that doesn't seem right either. I mean, I kind of like the idea of growing out my hair. I've always hated cutting it. So maybe I like more feminine things? But I tried referring to myself as like, Henrietta or something, and that doesn't feel right. Harry is fine. It's one of the few things I have left from my parents y'know?" He picked up a rock and chucked it into the water. "How do you do that?"

"Not overhand like that!" Ron replied with a laugh. "You've got to get a side angle on it. Here." He picked up a rock and demonstrated. Harry picked up another rock. "Not that one. See if you can find one that has a flat edge. You want that to hit the water."

Harry nodded and crouched down, inspecting the rocks. "I'm not making any sense am I?"

"Not really to me." Ron replied honestly, picking up a rock and handing it to Harry. "Try this one." Harry picked it up and turned it around in his fingers, feeling the sides. "But I feel differently than you do. It probably didn't make much sense to you that I knew I was a boy right? Afterall, you're saying neither seems quite right. Maybe you are like Rogue and you're just not ready for it yet. Maybe there is something else. The world is full of surprises right? There's nothing wrong in just... trying to figure it out. For me, it started with not wanting my hair long you know. And mum let me do that. And then I told her I didn't want to wear the dresses she got me. And she let me do that. So I think what I'm saying is just... if you feel like you need something from us on this journey, let us know and that's that. You know?"

Harry nodded slowly. "Yeah, I think that makes sense. Can you not... tell anyone else?"

"I'm no blabbermouth!" Ron said with a grin. He brought his index and thumb together in front of his lips and drew them across. "Lips are sealed."


It's wasn't until after the final battle that Harry finds himself learning the term agender and nonbinary, and the thing that has been sitting with him all this time falls into place. He is elated to learn the terms and Ron is the first he shares it with. And by this time, Ron and Kitty haven't quite worked out. Turns out, Hermione hadn't made her feelings known to him because he was with Kitty, and Kitty had to admit that her feelings forged with Danielle had been stronger than she'd wanted to admit. It all worked out in the end, the group all remained friend.

Even Rogue and Pietro did finally try dating, and they had some good times. But they were still kids and young adults and not yet ready to figure out how to make a relationship work out, so it didn't quite last a year. But their stories continue. Sometimes thing end before one seems ready for them to not because we don't care or want to pursue them but because life gets in the way. We grow and move on. And sometimes, things that got left seemingly before their time get revisited. If you're really lucky and it was something left too soon for you, that revisiting will offer some closure.

Final Note: Frick trans exclusionists. Trans rights are human rights. No, at the time I was writing this I did not even really know what it meant to be transgender so that wasn't part of the original plot, but I've had reason to question my own gender and is a journey I feel may be the rest of my life making full sense of though I don't identify as trans myself. (Gender is complex!) ((Also damn if Rogue's narrative in particular isn't perfect as a trans narrative imo. It felt very natural to go there in particular though obviously the rest of those I included in this story were others that sprung at me over the years. I couldn't just divorce my developed headcanons from what i wrote today bc it wasn't in my head as a naive kid.) I do identify as bisexual and began to figure that out as a direct consequence of interactions stemming from my interactions here on fanfiction. Fanfiction and fandom communities are so important. So to reiterate, queer rights are human rights and that fundamentally includes trans people. I have grown to know many beautiful, valid trans people who have brought so much love and light into my life and their rights and dignity are profoundly important to me. Therefore, this just felt like the right time to add some closure to this story. Trans people are valid.