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Chapter 17 - Potter Is Just Plain Lucky

Theo and I were watching the spy-ball, while we should have been in Herbology class. Professor Sprout was too busy helping to make the antidote for the Petrification victims, to teach us. The entire Slytherin and Ravenclaw second year class were in their respective common rooms.

"I am beginning to find watching mould growing fascinating, Theo." I muttered sarcastically.

"I told you, it'd grow on you."

"That was a terrible joke - you should be arrested for crimes against humour." I responded snidely.

Theo suddenly jumped, and so did I - someone had appeared in the spy-ball. Weaslette was at the wall, and had started to add a fresh message.

My eyes widened, and Theo muttered a colourful string of expletives.

While Theo came up with new obscenities, that hadn't existed a minute ago, I bolted out to the common room, and tapped Cat on the shoulder, "We've got a problem, girls." I said, glancing at Blaise, who was sitting next to Cat.

"That being?" Blaise asked.

"Little Weasley's up to something, at the crime scene, and you two ought to check it out." I said quietly.

"Check it out, how?" Cat asked.

"As in try to stop her, like you did before." I growled, looking more to Blaise than Cat, at this point.

"I love getting the real jobs." Cat said, in a fake-cheerful voice, as she stood up.

I gave her a twisted smirk, which couldn't be mistaken for anything other than an insult to her last comment. "Sooner you get there, the better." I said, completely honestly.

"There's a shortcut, behind the tapestry outside the disused torture-chamber." Blaise noted, and the two girls departed the common room. Disused torture-chamber ... better not tell Filch about that, or it'd not be so disused, anymore.

* * *

Again, unable to do anything useful, I watched the important events play out from a safe distance. Cat and Blaise appeared on the scene, just as Weaslette was finishing her addition to the writing on the wall - 'Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever'.

"What's this?" Blaise asked.

"Vandalism." Cat added.

"Bad little Gryffindor." Blaise noted.

"Degrading the work of our house's Heir with your own stupid ... is that a suicide note?" Cat asked, suddenly recognising the words.

"By the Gods, it is." Blaise said, stunned.

"What's wrong, Weasley? Potter not love you?" Cat asked, "You know, killing yourself's all well and good, but don't blame it on our house. Really, as if the Heir would kill a pureblood!" she added, in an outraged tone.

I actually saw Weaslette's eyes flash red, for a second ... I'm sure of it. "Back off, children. You don't know what you're messing with." she growled.

"Who're you to call us children, Weasley?" Blaise asked, "You're younger than us."

"And you shouldn't be up here." Cat added.

"Neither should you." Weaslette retorted.

"We ought to report you, for this." Blaise said, pointing to the writing, "Filch'll throw a fit."

"Won't that be fun." Cat added.

"Go away." Weaslette growled, and this time the girls must have seen her eyes change, too. It only lasted for a fraction of a second, but it got the message across - Cat and Blaise looked at each other for a second, before turning and running as fast as ever the hell they could.

"That's it. We're screwed." I said, as I watched Weaslette enter the ghost-girl's bathroom. I tapped the spy-ball again, and it deactivated.

I stared at the clear crystal for a few seconds, before Theo said, "What now?"

"We pray that sod-all happens?" I suggested.

"We're screwed." Theo repeated.

* * *

The girls returned after about fifteen minutes. The rest of the house soon followed … and arrived Snape not long after them. "There has been another attack, and a student - Miss Virginia Weasley - has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets, by the monster." Snape announced.

"Holy shit!" one of the older students exclaimed.

Snape glared at the offending student, while I heard Pansy whisper fearfully, "She's a Pureblood."

"The school will have to be closed." Snape continued, "All students will be sent home on the Hogwarts Express, in the morning. Until then, no one will leave their house areas, for any reason." and so he swept out of the common room, and left us all to our own devices.

Half an hour later. "Which house do you think you'll get into, in Durmstrang?" Theo asked me, as we sat in the common room - he was sitting upside-down, on his back, in one of the chairs, so that his feet were on the back of the seat and his head hung over the edge where his legs were supposed to be.

"Dunno." I replied, sitting imperiously in another chair, nearby, as much like a monarch on the throne as I could manage to look (and just within kicking range of his head, should I choose to take advantage of that fact). "It's not like I've really looked into it much."

"I hope I'm in Schwardunmage ... it's the one that's always best in the Dark Arts course." Theo continued.

"Then so do I." I said, trying not to sound distant and sad - I didn't want to lose Hogwarts - I liked the place.

"Look at the bright side - proper Dark Arts classes." Theo said, trying and failing to sound cheerful.

"Look at the bad side - bloody freezing climate, far from home, Karkaroff of all people is the Headmaster, and Lord Evil-Sod is going to come back, just to make things more fun." I said, dropping into sarcasm-mode with the part about 'fun'.

"Yeah. Life stinks, sometimes." Theo said, shrugging it off, "Get used to it now, cause fate'll screw you over every chance it gets."

"Lovely sentiments." I said sarcastically.

Half of Slytherin house moped around for the rest of the evening, while the other half celebrated. I went to bed early, intent on avoiding the real world, in sleep.

* * *

No such luck. I found myself in an unfamiliar location, obviously underground, but it was too dark to make out anything.

"Yes, this is a dream." Tom Riddle's voice said, from behind me. I spun round to see him emerge from the surrounding shadows, "But it is also real."

"Meaning ...?" I asked.

"Meaning that I am projecting myself into your dream." Tom answered, staring at me. I quickly looked away. "What do you think of this place?" he asked, and as he said it, the shadows lifted enough to let me see where I was. A huge underground cavern lined with giant pillars, each pillar had an equally giant stone serpent carved around it, and at the end of these was a statue of Salazar Slytherin that reached up towards a ceiling which was concealed in shadows purely by its height. This could only be one place - the Chamber of Secrets.

"It's amazing." I said, in all honestly, "But how am I here?"

"You're not. This is an illusion I have created in your mind as part of the dream." Tom answered calmly, "But it looks exactly like the real thing."

I had turned round, now, and was facing the statue. It was then that I saw Weaslette lying on the ground. Obviously the image was completely accurate, right down to her presence in the place. "Is she ... dead?" I asked nervously.

"Not yet ... soon, though." Tom answered, and I felt his hands rest on my shoulders as I stared at the motionless body of the girl.

"How long?" I asked, obviously meaning how long until she died and he was resurrected.

"Less than an hour." he answered. I could tell that he was looking down at me, and I didn't like it one bit. "Soon, I will be unstoppable."

I continued to watch Weaslette, trying to ignore the fact that Tom was too close to me - it made me feel sick, especially considering that kiss.

He let go of me and stepped back, saying, "Turn round." I did so, carefully not looking him in the eyes - I didn't want to look back at that intimidating stare if I could avoid it. Instead, I fixed my gaze on one of the carved serpents behind him. "Look at me, Draco." he said, in a deceptively soft tone. I forced myself to look at him. "You fear me?" he asked. I didn't know how to answer that one - of course I was scared of him, but did he want to know that? Would he want me to be afraid of him? I guessed it was probably obviously that I was afraid, if he had even asked the question ... besides, he seems to relish the idea of his very name being feared, so I expect he wants to be feared even by those loyal to him.

"Yes." I whispered.

"So you should." he replied, smirking. He reached out and took my left wrist, turning it round so my forearm was exposed, "When I return, you will have this." he said, and I looked down to see a symbol that I had only ever heard of before - it couldn't be mistaken for anything else - the shape of a skull with a serpent emerging from its mouth, branded on my arm in a jet-black tattoo - the Dark Mark.

I stared at the Mark in shock, for a moment. My lip twitched, and just before the sneer of disgust appeared on my face, I caught it and forced it to pretend to be a smirk instead. "Thank you, My Lord." I whispered, knowing it was what he wanted to hear - at this rate he would return to power soon, and I was not about to alienate myself from the would-be most powerful wizard around.

Tom let go of my wrist, and seemed to be startled by something, "He's early." he whispered, looking distracted - his eyes darted, unfocused, as if he was sensing something outside the dream he was projecting to me. After a moment, he turned his attention back to me, his eyes lighting up with enthusiasm, "I will see you soon, Draco. It is time for my rebirth, now." and with that, he faded, quickly followed by the environment around me, and suddenly I woke.

I shivered, as I looked around the dormitory, checking that it was real, this time. The first thing I did was to check my left arm ... thankfully, there was no Dark Mark there - it had just been part of the dream ... or should I call that a nightmare? Definitely a nightmare. I could guess from its abrupt ending, that Potter had found his way into the Chamber of Secrets, and he was going to get himself killed trying to rescue the girl. I lay back down, again, silently praying that something - anything - would go wrong with Tom's plans ... I didn't care that I was effectively hoping that Harry Potter would win - I just wanted Tom Riddle to lose. I slowly fell back to sleep, and this time I thankfully didn't dream at all.

* * *

Later that night, the whole school was summoned to the Great Hall ... apparently in such a hurry that Theo saw fit to drag me out of bed still in my pyjamas - at least I wasn't the only one - everyone in the Great Hall was wearing pyjamas, aside from Weasley-the-sidekick and his little sister ... little sister? ... Weaslette was here! Alive and well! McGonagall then stood and addressed the Hall, "I have good news for you all." she announced, for the second time that day, "As some of you can see, Miss Weasley has been returned to us, in good health. The culprit behind the attacks on the school has been apprehended and brought to justice. The school will not close, and Professor Dumbledore has returned to the position of Headmaster, at the request of eleven of the twelve school governors." I am sure she looked at me, there, and I could guess who the odd-one-out had to be. Father. "And to celebrate these events, an impromptu feast has been arranged." McGonagall continued. And with that, said feast appeared on the tables. Everyone happily tucked in.

After approximately a quarter of an hour, Potter arrived. Ten minutes after that, all the victims of the Petrification - now returned to their original state - entered the Great Hall. Filch was holding his foul feline, protectively, while skulking in a corner and glaring at everyone who looked his way. Sir Nicholas was given a very warm welcome (especially for a ghost) by everyone. The Hufflepuffs were all celebrating wildly, and Finch-Fletchley made a point to apologise for suspecting Potter ... Potter, by the way, looked disgusting - he was covered in slime and dirt ... bloody heroic git (literally - he was also covered in blood). Hermione was too busy celebrating with Potter and Weasley-sidekick to even look at me ... that was the worst part of it, I think - I wanted her to at least look at me - to at least acknowledge that I had tried to help. Although I noticed Prefect-Weasley sneaking off with Clearwater - that put me off the feast, entirely. McGonagall then stood up and declared that exams were cancelled. After all the effort I had put into being the only person in the whole damned school to be ready for the exams (since Hermione was Petrified) and they cancelled them! I was one of only two students who didn't cheer at that ... take a wild guess who the other one was.

If you hadn't noticed, all the suggestions for what the good news might have been that morning applied now.

Of course, The-Boy-Who-Was-Bloody-Lucky and his pet Weasley won the house cup for Gryffindor ... apparently, suicidal heroism earns two-hundred house points a-piece for rescuing silly little girls who should have known better anyway. And the real icing on the cake was that Harry bloody Potter (I am taking full advantage of the fact he's really covered in blood to call him bloody without any possibility of being told I shouldn't) drove Lockhart over the edge ... I'd been working on the man all year, and Potter was the one to drive him insane, rather than me. Life is just not fair.

* * *

That morning, at around six, when we had all finally got back to bed, and everyone but me was already asleep, I could be found sitting sulking in the common room. I heard a snapping noise, and looked up to see Dobby standing in front of me. "What are you doing here, elf?" I growled.

"Dobby is free now, sir." the elf replied, smiling too much.

"How did that happen?" I asked, truly surprised.

"Harry Potter helped free Dobby."

"Only one of your owners can set you free, you twit." I said.

"Harry Potter gave Master Lucius a book, wrapped in a sock, and Master Lucius threw the sock to Dobby." the elf answered cheerfully, holding up a stinking, slimy sock, as evidence.

My eyes narrowed dangerously, "Why are you talking to me, if you're free, then?" I asked, barely restraining my anger. I didn't want to take out my frustration on Dobby - better let the homicidal rage build up until I could throw it all at Potter.

"Because Dobby likes Master Draco, sir."

I blinked, my anger forgotten, "You like me?" I asked, stunned.

Dobby nodded, "Master Draco was Dobby's favourite master."

"Father must have been really cruel, then." I said, smirking. I had thought I'd been pretty horrible to the elf ... I'd gone out of my way to be cruel to it, and now it was telling me that I was its favourite master. Dobby nodded, raised his hand to hit himself for doing so, then seemed to remember that he wasn't bound to our family, and lowered his hand again. I shook my head, smirking at the elf's compulsive behaviour - it was highly amusing. "What did he do to Potter for freeing you?" I asked, looking forward to hearing this.

"Master Lucius tried to curse Harry Potter, but Dobby stopped him, sir."

"Why?" I asked. "And what curse?" I added as an afterthought.

"The killing curse, sir." Dobby said. I blinked again, startled that Father would do something so stupid. "But Dobby stopped him after the first word, sir." Dobby said proudly. "Dobby knew Master Draco didn't want Harry Potter hurt, and Dobby owed Harry Potter for his freedom, sir."

"Good elf." I said quietly, "And please tell me Father was pissed off."

"Yes, sir. Very much so, sir." Dobby answered, nodding and grinning.

I looked the elf in the eyes, and smiled, "Thank you for coming to tell me this, Dobby." I said, deliberately trying to sound almost civil - I didn't own him anymore so I had no right to treat him so badly as I had before, "Good luck with your freedom."

* * *

Now, after all the excitement, I wasn't the only one who was glad that sod-all happened until the train home. As we were boarding the train, I apprehended Weasley-the-sidekick, "Weasley."

"What do you want, Malfoy?" he snarled at me.

"To buy your broken wand." I said calmly.

"Why would you want to do that?" Weasley asked sceptically.

"Do you need a reason? I'm offering to take that thing off you for the price of a proper wand." I replied.

"Why?" Weasley repeated.

"If I told you, you'd not believe me." I said.

He gave me a you've-gone-mad look, "How much?"

"Ten galleons." I said.

"I bought it for seven. If you're trying to turn me into a charity-case -"

"I am doing nothing of the sort. I just want that wand." I interrupted irritably.

"You are up to something." Weasley growled.

"Of course I am." I said, surprised that he bothered to mention it - it should go without saying that all Slytherins are up to something, "But it's nothing to your expense, so will you let me buy that wand - you can buy a new one for the ten Galleons I just offered you for it."

He glared at me suspiciously, as if expecting to guess what I was up to simply by glaring. "All right." he finally said, taking out the broken-and-spellotaped wand. I took out ten gold coins and the exchange was made.

As I climbed onto the train, Theo joined me and asked, "What do you want that thing for, that's worth ten Galleons?"

"It backfired when Weasley tried to cast the slug-curse on me. I heard that it backfired when Lockhart tried to use it for an Obliviate curse. Both of those are viridus-type curses ... green light ... I wonder what might happen if a certain evil git got his hands on it." I said, with a vicious grin.

"Oh, that sounds fun." Theo said, catching on to my train of thought.

"It does, doesn't it?"

* * *

End of chapter 17

End of Book 2

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