Welcome to this rampant bunny that won't stay quiet. This story contains graphic sex, heavy angst, cheating and group sex. If you read Desire, it's written the same way. Kind of drabble, kind of not. Daily updates (for now). Won't really be any A/N's other than this one. Banner is up in the FB group ~ Creaatingmadness

Not beta'd, not pre-read, just raw musings x

Thirst drives me from sleep, tall glasses of water dripping with condensation plaguing my dreams until my parched mouth drags me awake. I open my eyes, blinking to adjust to the light.

It's dark in here, but the moon is bright, the flutter of the curtains in the summer breeze painting the white bedsheets with living shadows that twist and turn.

Closely intertwined bodies lie next to me, a strong arm curled protectively around a tiny waist, blonde hair cascading down her tanned back. Heat sears between my legs as I recall the way she tasted on my tongue, the way she panted and moaned, her cherry lips pressed to mine as he fucked her on top of me.

The feeling intensifies when I think about the smoldering green eyes behind her shoulder, his large hand squeezing my thigh. His long fingers pushing inside of me, the sudden sting of his cock as he entered me the first time.

I pull myself out of soft sheets, my breath leaving in pants as I vacate the room, donning the first item of clothing my hands come across on the littered floor.

It's his. Wrapped around me, and my belly flips at the knowledge, my fingers shaking as they button up and up, feet padding across soft cream carpet, the same carpet six feet rushed across only hours ago as we devoured each other.

As he devoured me.

But it wasn't about me and him, it was the three of us, all touching, taking, sharing. Even if it felt different when he touched me, the barest brush of his skin lighting up every nerve in my body. I wonder if he felt it too, the way the whole world seemed to tilt on its axis when our eyes connected.

I thought I saw it on his face when he slid inside of me, his mouth parted in ecstasy, hooded emerald burning deep into mine. He looked away when her dainty hands slid down his chest, when she straddled his face, her soft mouth meeting mine as he fucked us both.

She tasted like cherries, but he tasted like madness, the tiniest hint of something sweet and sinful that I could never get enough of, never stop wanting to taste.

But none of it matters. They belong to each other and I belong to no one. I'm a flicker of fire in calm waters, and already the flame wanes in that blue abyss.

The kitchen looks different in the dead of night, street lights illuminating the room with pale yellow, drenched in shadow. I turn on the tap and the sudden rush of water drowns out everything. I don't want to search the cupboards for a glass so I bend forwards, catching the liquid in my mouth with needy gulps.

The running water must mask the footsteps behind me, because when I pull back and press the handle down a voice behind me has me jumping out my skin.