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NOVEMBER 29th 2021
(4 Hours After the Breakout)

Sam watched the main cell with heavy eyes, his body aching and the temptation to rest within him growing. But he can't go to sleep now. He has a job (more accurately had one as he failed the mentioned job so spectacularly) and needed to stay awake for it.

Beside him, BadBoyHalo was watching him concerningly.

Ever since Dream successfully managed to escape the prison (with help from Technoblade no less) Sam in his desperation had come back to the prison, standing in front of the main cell that had once housed one of the most feared man on the server, hoping that Dream somehow forgot to set his spawn and died in some freak accident-meaning that he would come back to his cell.
This of course was ridiculous.

And BadBoyHalo knew it. In an attempt to convince him he spoke out, "Sam, you know this is wishful thinking. This is Dream we're talking about. He isn't stupid enough to forget setting his spawn miles away from the prison! Besides it's late. Let's rest up for now. We can think about what we need to do tomorrow."

Sam of course knew that. But he didn't want to accept it. With Dream out of his prison it had become useless. More importantly, he himself would be useless if Dream wasn't be captured again. Worse, he had lied about Dream's 'escape' to Quackity the first time when Dream was still in fact in Prison.
He was already treading on thin ice here.

Frustrated with his circumstances, he said "Do what tomorrow? Stare at the empty cell helplessly? Or do you want to go join the manhunt for Dream which will be a failure and a waste of time?" He scoffed. "If you want to go and 'rest up' you are free to do so. I am keeping my guard up."
"Look- we did what we could. The cell is completely repaired now and the sensors are back online again. And we also took care of the security hole we found! What are you worried about?" BadBoyHalo said in a further attempt to convince Sam to retire for the night.

Of course, you aren't worried Sam thought bitterly You aren't the head warden. I am. Everyone will be out for my head asking question about that damned security hole.

And it was the gap in their security and some subsequent revelations that disturbed Sam the most. The gap was just a few blocks wide where the sensors weren't installed and the elder guardian's mining fatigue couldn't reach. It was barest of space big enough for one person to fit at a time and covered with lava on one side and on the other, an underwater cave which has to be mined through to reach the obsidian.
It would have been impossible for Techno to reach it randomly or just stumble upon it. Even more concerningly in the hallway before the cells Sam found a meticulously detailed blueprint of the cell room which consisted of the rooms where Ranboo and Connor were held in.
It was detailed block by block and seeing how Techno found the hole in the security, it was safe to assume that Techno had more of these blueprints. Probably of the whole prison. And this led Sam to arrive at a terrifying conclusion.
There is a traitor within his prison.
This was the reason that Sam still hadn't told Bad about the blueprints or his suspicions as he was one of the guards here and knew about the ins and outs of the prison nearly as well as Sam did. He hated it that he couldn't trust his old friend with any info but he couldn't risk anything now. The circumstances were too dire.
"Sam are you even listening to me?" Bad said oblivious to Sam's inner monologue.
"W-what?." Sam said snapping out of his thoughts. With a tired voice, he said, "Sorry I spaced out. Maybe you're right. I should turn in for the night, or else I will just go unconscious here on the floor. Not a safe place to sleep in. You go ahead I will lock the prison on the way."

"You sure you don't need any help?" Bad questioned, still concerned with his friend's odd behavior. Though given what had transpired today he couldn't blame Sam for acting odd. Keeping Dream in was his duty, after all. He must be feeling the pressure.
"No I will just lock it up on my way out. No need to worry." Sam said.
"Fine. I'll keep an eye out for anything regarding the situation." Bad said whilst unlocking the exit door with his guard key
"Yeah, please do." Sam said packing his stuff up to go back to his home.

An hour later

Sam reached back home on the horseback. With a sigh he opened the door.
Well, this day did not go as I thought it would Sam though tiredly. As he went through the door, he heard a distant wail in the basement where he had kept Michael, Ranboo's son.

Great He thought. As if my day wasn't going bad enough.

Though Sam felt quite guilty for kidnapping an innocent kid it seems he was getting enough karmic punishment for his deed. Michael quite understandably was terrified of him and the place in general. The fact that both his parents weren't here didn't help.

Still Sam was quite annoyed with the kid. With all the wailing and sobbing he was hardly getting any undisturbed sleep. Worse he can't really tell anyone about this much less ask their help to keep the brat with them so he can have some rest.

Kidnapping children wasn't something anyone wanted to be associated with after all.

He checked on the kid to see what was the matter. Reaching there he opened the flap slightly and saw that Michael was in his bed now sleeping. Probably tired by all the wailing and crying. Checking in the food compartment there was enough food there to last a day so he doesn't have to worry about it. Now, he could just go and try to forget this day ever happened- as impossible it was.
He took the netherite armor out and hung it in the stand. Laying down, he closed his eyes and felt sleep coming over him like a gentle wave.

Then, of course, nightmares. Sam saw himself getting kicked out of Las Nevadas for his perceived lack of loyalty, being held guilty for letting Dream escape and the murder of Ranboo.

He saw Techno coming towards him with the infamous "Axe of Peace" in his hand ready to chop his head off. In Background he saw Dream behind his expressionless smiley mask. He can hear him mockingly saying "Hey Sam I lost my clock again. You wouldn't mind replacing it would you" like the sadistic bastard he is. He then watched in horror as an axe swung towards his head at breathtakingly terrifying speeds, the wind whipping against his face as the axe neared closer and-

Sam's eyes snapped open.

With a gasp he sat up, chest heaving. Not wanting to sleep again- not wanting to experience the nightmares again- he went to the kitchen to get some water. Gripping the jug tightly as he stared into the now-empty cup, he thought over the day's events again for what felt like the millionth time already.

For months I was there, making sure that Dream was locked up for the sake of server's safety- without any recognition and yet tomorrow I would be the first one blamed for the escape Sam thought resentfully, taking gulps of cool water. There were dozens of people there, all of them geared up for battle and yet they couldn't stop Techno and Dream- just two bloody fighters from escaping. They had advanced warning and everything. And yet I am the only one who would be shouted on for the mistakes they did.
Then again, his expectation shouldn't have been high. Techno was the only one fighting directly against all those people during the final battle for L'Manburg all those months ago and yet he was slaughtering them all.
Granted he had help from his hounds and those ghastly withers of his (courtesy of Philza) and the TNT rain that Dream brought out but it was still a poor performance from L'Manburg's army if he did say so himself.

Thinking of Techno, he was another person he needed to protect himself from. In hindsight angering that madman more than he already was by slaughtering his hound and his best friend in front of him wasn't the best Idea.

Now he had to worry about Techno and possibly Philza descending into his home and prison to destroy it block by block with withers (Sam was pretty sure Techno still had some left), just like they did it to L'manburg. He could imagine Dream tagging along just to "have fun" with Sam like he did to Tommy.

If what Quackity told him was true then he was looking toward a fate worse than death.

He would have tried to make more allies but by killing Ranboo in front of everyone, he probably burned many bridges. Ranboo was close to many people on server. Not many are happy with Sam over Ranboo's death by his hands.

In fact, now that he thought about it, the nation of Snowchester lead by Tubbo wouldn't help him either. In fact, Tubbo being a close friend to Ranboo will quite possibly come after him to take Michael back if he ever came to know Sam was the one who kidnapped him.

Snowchester wasn't as powerful as L'Manburg ever was. Far from it. Nor does it hold any major influence. But it has some decent fighters, and the last thing that Sam needed was another faction wanting to destroy him.
He couldn't trust Las Nevadas to help him, especially with his relationship with Quackity so strained. Neither could he trust his fellow prison guards to help protect him with one them being the traitor.
Useless. All of them Sam thought hopelessly Las Nevadas, the prison guards, the players- they all get obliterated when a competent players team up.

Then again, I am like them too He thought, dismayed. They were boxed in the hallway with limited resources and yet they broke out. Worse I wouldn't have known about this inside man if the prisoners didn't leave that blueprint in by mistake. If only there was someone who could have combat skill to take those two monsters out. Someone to match Techno and Dream both out. If only I cou-

Suddenly it hit him. The problem they faced with Dream was that only person strong enough to oppose him was against them. They were practically helpless when Techno and Dream came together.
But he could fix the problem by the best way he knew how to: Build a solution to it.
Feeling very much enlightened and inspired now, Sam got up from the bed and donned his armor again. He went into his workshop made just outside the house, his head feeling cleared of some of the issues, almost like sunlight hitting him after days in a secluded, dark box.

This would be his masterpiece. Something even better than the prison, something better than the trap maze he made to kill Techno's horses after his betrayal to L'Manburg. Just because someone with skill and capability to kill Dream and his allies doesn't exist that doesn't mean they couldn't be made right?

Sam could feel himself smiling almost maniacally at the thought of finally getting his revenge on Dream. This little science project of his would be fun.


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