Tainted Blood

by myka

Chapter 1

"Run down luck"

A/N – I posted this a looong time ago under another pen name when I was extremely rusty on my writing skills. That was over a year ago. That's why there's three chapters done already. It has been rewritten. I've decided to give it another shot. I'll continue this or not depending on how it's received.

Warnings! some language, maybe a little bit AU.

Disclaimer – I do not own Weiss.


The full moon shone over in the middle of the night sky, illuminating better than most of the light poles that decorated the deserted street. A lone figure walked down that dark street; his footsteps the only sound, aside from a cat chasing a mouse. Yohji Kudou walked slowly, cursing at every step; until he came to a halt and raised his head to look up at a street sign; pinpointing his exact location. It was still more than an hour's walk away from home.

Why me?

"At least I'm not lost" he thought as he massaged his forehead a bit, trying to diminish his headache. He stared up ahead; searching; until his eyes found what he was looking for.

A lonely phone booth stood at the corner of the next street, it's small bulb shining, filling the confined space with light. Yohji stepped inside the booth, not even bothering to close the door for privacy; the street was empty after all. He picked up the receiver as he took some change out of his pocket at the same time. Once his back rested against the wall of the booth he finally relaxed a little as he waited for someone to pick it up on the other side.

Such a long day; no; awful day. Now why the hell did he agreed to do that last minute delivery, that just happened to be in the middle of nowhere? And on the same night that his car decided to break down too. He cursed at the mechanic who had 'fixed' it the day before "Stupid asshole; he's definitely going to hear from me" he cursed.

After two minutes he gave up on the incessant ringing. No one was picking up; there was nobody home. He slammed up the phone and kicked the booth with his right foot; cursing once again as he did so. His feet; his entire body; refused to walk any longer. He sighed and closed his eyes as he crossed his arms; his back resting against the booth once again.

The familiar sound of the engine of a car forced Yohji to open his eyes again; his curiosity peeked. He saw a car stop at the next corner; it was the first he had seen in a while; it was black with flashes of golden shimmering from its sides along the entire length of the car…a quite expensive car. Browsing at their direction Yohji could see a group of people getting out of the vehicle, two couples and a lone girl. The group looked around his age.

He picked up the phone again and put it up to his ear; if the group spotted him and didn't see him using the phone he would stand out. Something he didn't quite want at the moment. He kept looking at them as discreet as possible as the car drove away, leaving the group at the corner. After a few seconds of just standing there; chatting amongst themselves; they started to walk, the lonesome girl the last to move. One by one, they disappeared into the alley; when it was her turn she glanced towards Yohji, looking straight at him as if she always knew he had been looking at her; a soft smile curving her lips as she vanished out of sight. Yohji found himself caught; caught between waiting inside the phone booth until someone finally picked the phone at home or to follow the group into the alley.

Ah, the hell with it

He decided to follow; he had nothing to lose.

Yohji peered his head slowly around the corner that lead to the alley. The first thing he noticed was how dark the entire passage was. The second was that there was nobody there. What the…

A small blinking red fluorescent light shone at the end; so Yohji entered the alley hesitating with every step and instantly felt for the weapon at his wrist, there was no such thing as being too careful. He dropped his guard at the light. There was a big black metallic door at the bottom of a small flight of stairs he hadn't seen before; the light came from a red light bulb above it. There was nothing else; just a door, the stairs and the red light. It could be the door to anything; but at this point Yohji didn't really care. The group he had seen looked like they were dressed for a night out. He was tired and a drink seemed like a excellent idea at the moment. He shrugged, went down the stairs and grabbed the doorknob, opening the door enough for him to walk inside.

The blond assassin never noticed the pair of eyes that was looking at him.