Tainted Blood

by myka

Chapter 9

"Forever lost"

Warnings! yaoi, lemon

A/N: Well it's officially R now. There was a point when I actually thought this fic would never be finished. Of course back then I wasn't yaoi obsessed and this had a different plot. In the original Schu was just going to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and that was it. I like it much better now ^-^
Permanent thanks to Mini for betaing.


"Why? Why did all this happened?"

Yohji crumpled the bloody note in his hands. He closed his eyes and tried to think. All his efforts spent searching for Rayne had been a waste of time. In the end she had come to him, she had attacked his teammates and she had taken Schuldig away.

All Yohji could think of was how much he wanted to kill the little bitch. He couldn't help but feel that something very important had been taken from him. And his brain was trying to cope with the thought that this 'very important thing' was his enemy.

But there was no doubt in his mind.

He would get his lover back.

Yohji snatched an extra shirt from the closet; one that wasn't a sweater; one that showed the bitemarks on his neck. Then he grabbed the phone by his bed and called Manx. They would be there in ten minutes; plenty of time for Yohji to leave before they arrived.

The blond assassin went back to Omi's side by the stairs and quickly noticed that the teenager looked much better than when he had left him. The fear on his face had disappeared.

"Kritiker will be here in less than ten minutes," he announced. Omi looked at him as he nodded. Then Yohji noticed as the youngster's eyes reflected on something and went a little wide. Yohji knew that Omi had noticed the wounds on his neck; but the youngest Weiss member didn't say anything about it.

"Was there someone in your apartment Yohji?" He asked instead.

Yohji blinked in surprise. "Why would you ask that?"

"I heard fighting… Someone yelled your name…"

Yohji's face twisted slightly at the words as he visualized what Omi had just said; then he stood up. "There's something I need to do Omi; can you cover for me?"

A soft smile formed on the younger blond's face as he nodded. Yohji gave silent thanks as he rushed down the stairs and disappeared into the night.

"Be careful."


The street was as desolated as all the previous times Yohji had searched it. He knew exactly where to go. The door was unlocked this time; nothing and no one stood in his way.

It took a few moments for Yohji's eyes to get used to the dim light of the deserted club. Rayne's once hazel, now red, eyes stared back at him.

"So, it was a good idea to bring your little child here after all." Rayne spoke in a calm voice. She sat on top of the counter, her legs dangling.

Yohji glared at her, ignoring her words; he knew exactly what she meant by 'child'. Besides there was a much more important question he'd been urging to ask. Even if he already knew the answer, he needed to hear it from her. "What are you?"

"Isn't that obvious?" She asked mockingly. "I'm a vampire Yohji. When I saw you, I just knew I had to make you mine."

"Why me?"

"Because your one of the few who can be turned. Our numbers are dwindling, we're becoming extinct."

"You bit one of my friends."

"Yes, the little one…I thought he had the capability to become one of us, but one taste of his blood and I knew he could never be part of my clan. Hmph… such a waste."

Yohji sighed in relief. Omi would be fine.

"Well now." Rayne spoke suddenly cheerful. "Let's get down to business shall we?" she said smiling. "Kal!"

The backdoor opened and out came the male vampire Omi had mentioned. He was dragging something. The brunet vampire, Kal, acted as if Schuldig's unconscious form weighed nothing. Kal went around the counter and slumped Schuldig against the wall of the counter just beside Rayne. He remained there, as if awaiting her next order.

"Here's the deal Yohji Kudou," she said decisively. "Drink my blood and I will let you both go."

Yohji turned angry eyes at her; they had hurt Schuldig' they had hurt his lover… It took all of his self control not to lash out at her. Schuldig was badly hurt. Not only were his clothes ragged and bloodied, but the left side of his face was a deep purple and someone had slashed his right wrist open; it was covered with blood. They had beaten him down to unconsciousness. Only the regular rise and fall of his chest prevented Yohji from ambushing the pair and do the same to them.

"Why should I trust you?" Yohji asked blatantly.

Rayne frowned at him then turned her head towards her companion. "Wake him up," she commanded.

Kal pulled a small dagger from one of his backpockets, then kneeled down beside Schuldig as he slashed his own wrist and offered it to the redhead.

Schuldig stirred. His eyes fluttered open slowly, his nose perked up, obviously called by the smell of fresh blood. Yohji could smell it too, but remained in his spot. Schuldig closed his mouth over Kal's open wound and drank from it fiercely for a few seconds.

"That's enough Kal," Rayne suddenly interrupted. The brunet followed her every word and removed his wrist from Schuldig's mouth. The telepath wined at its removal, but didn't even have a chance to protest as he was forced to his feet by the vampire, the sharp dagger pressed to his neck.

"Like I said before Yohji; drink my blood or watch your little lover's throat get torn open."

Yohji took notice of Schuldig's eyes since they had fluttered open. They were stuck on the dagger at his throat, then he gazed at Yohji as his brain finally understood the situation he was in.

"Why should I care?" Yohji asked blankly.

Rayne blinked. "He's your lover isn't he? I can smell you on him, you even turned him for crying out loud!"

"So what?"

Rayne was furious. "What is wrong with you?! I swear I'll kill him. I'll kill him right in front of your eyes!" she threatened angrily.

"You make no sense!" Yohji yelled back. "First you say you bit me because you're dying out and still you're willing to kill another just to have me?!"

Rayne couldn't respond to that. "Just drink my blood Yohji and we can all go."

Yohji truly doubted her words. She kept insisting he drank her blood; it was something so important to her that there was no way Yohji was agreeing to it. For all he knew, drinking her blood could tie him up to her forever. Yohji gazed at Schuldig's emerald eyes; after all; this was a much better plan.

Yohji sighed. "It doesn't matter now" he said, his calm returning. "Does it really work Schuldig?"

"Indeed it does, my kitten."

"What are you mumbling about?" Rayne demanded cluelessly.

Yohji smiled. "Do it."

Rayne had only a second to glance at her companion when her body froze and she collapsed to the floor, as did Kal as well. Schuldig slumped forward as he was no longer being supported. Warm arms caught him midway and Schuldig held on to Yohji as he tried to regain control of his footing.

"Can you stand?" The blond asked with concern.

"I think so," the redhead responded still holding to Yohji.

"Why didn't you shut their minds before? We could have avoided all this trouble."

Schuldig glared at him. "Well sorry" he said sarcastically. "Maybe I was a little busy trying not to get beaten to a pulp and being unconscious."

"That didn't work too well did it?"


Yohji smiled softly and Schuldig stopped hanging on to him as a reflex. The moment felt too comfortable for his taste. "What should we do with them?" He asked as he held his footing without any help.

Yohji rolled his eyes slightly as he considered the question. A grin formed slowly on his face at the thought of something. "I think I have an idea."


Schuldig and Yohji walked side by side as they left the immediate area near the club; the night air softly grazing their skin. They had just left the two vampires safely tied to each other on a nice rooftop where they could get plenty of sun. They walked a bit further when Schuldig suddenly slowed down his pace and slumped against a wall.

"Are you alright?" Yohji asked instantly as he noticed the exhausted look on the German's face.

"Fine…" he muttered slowly. "I just to need to rest a bit."

Yohji knew for a fact the reason of that weariness; it lay right across the redhead's wrist in a nasty cut. Then he remembered something. "Wait…"

"What is it?" Schuldig asked, blinking tired eyes at the Weiss assassin.

"I forgot to ask."

"Ask what?"

"I was so worried then…I just forgot the whole point of finding her."

"Ask what?" Schuldig repeated more fiercely.

"A cure; I forgot to ask her."

Schuldig frowned. "They'll be out cold for long after morning."

"Then I'll have to untie her and take her with me." The blond said as he started to turn around.

"No!" the redhead yelled suddenly, giving Yohji an angry look. "I want her to burn. They came running at me, they didn't even give me a chance to fight back. They just slit my wrist so I lost enough blood, so I couldn't fight back."

Yohji instantly looked at him, suddenly remembering the serious wound. He reached out and grabbed Schuldig's arm, taking a better look at it. He felt as Schuldig's body trembled slightly at the touch.

"Let go of me," the redhead muttered softly, still trembling.

Yohji glanced at Schuldig as he spoke the uncertain words. His eyes were closed tightly as if he was willing for Yohji to disappear. The Weiss assassin didn't let go; instead he pushed Schuldig back, pressing his body against the redhead's. Schuldig stared vividly at the ground; he seemed to be very angry with himself.

"Why?" He whispered. "I believed those two were going to kill me… I thought I was going to die… why were you the last thing I though of… why?

Yohji didn't respond to the confession; after all; he was practically in the same situation. He had completely forgotten about getting the information he so desperately wanted. The redhead's safety had taken a much higher priority. Schuldig was still trembling slightly and Yohji deduced it probably was because of the blood loss he had suffered.

He tilted the German's head up and planted a fierce kiss on the cold lips. It wasn't long before the redhead responded to it and kissed him back. Yohji broke the kiss and let Schuldig's head fall on his collarbone. Yohji didn't have to wait to long before he felt the soft sting of the German's fangs piercing his skin.

Yohji let out a soft moan as Schuldig drank from him. They had taken blood from him in order to weaken him and Yohji had every intention of giving it back to him.

"Excuse me."

They instantly pulled apart at the voice. Schuldig swiped the few drops of blood at the corner of his mouth with the arm of his shirt. They both turned their heads to the entrance of the alley to find a tall man with bloodred hair, bloodred eyes and dressed in nothing but black.

"Who is your sire?" The man asked calmly.

Yohji blinked in confusion, the question had been directed a him. "What?"

"Are you the one Rayne blooded?" He asked again as he stepped forward, getting closer.

Yohji blinked again, becoming a little more cautious of the newcomer. "If you mean to ask if she bit me? Then yes."

"But you haven't drunk her blood yet," he said, not a question.

"Why would I?" Yohji replied.

The man's red eyes turned to Schuldig. "And this one?"

Yohji instantly glared at the vampire, placing a hand on his watch. "He's mine." He said in a solid voice as he took a stance in front of the telepath. Schuldig hadn't taken enough blood from him, he still wasn't up to put up a decent fight…Yohji had his watch.

The redhaired vampire raised his eyebrows slightly at Yohji. "He drank your blood," he said, as if he'd just discovered this.

Yohji kept glaring. "So?"

A plain smirk formed on the vampire's face and he directed his gaze at Schuldig. "Tell me how was the sun today?" He asked in a slightly mocking voice.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Yohji asked, not caring that the question wasn't addressed to him.

Red eyes instantly turned to him. "I assume you can walk freely in the daylight."

"Of course I can, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"And you?" The vampire asked Schuldig again.

The telepath glared slightly at him. "It hurt like hell."

Yohji spared a look at the German. "But we're not even sure if that was it?"

"I assure you it was." the bloodhaired vampire interrupted.

Yohji turned his gaze back towards him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Markhas. I am Rayne's sire and clan master."

"Oh, so you are Mark," Schuldig commented, instantly regretting that he had spoken the words out loud. Both Yohji and Markhas turned to look at him. He directed gazes at them both. "He was the last thing Rayne though of before she fainted." He added calmly.

The vampire reacted instantaneously. "What have you done with her?!" He yelled furiously, and Yohji placed a hand on his watch instinctively.

"She's safe…" The Weiss assassin responded quickly. "At least until morning" he thought. He didn't dare say it out loud; something told him not to get on the vampire's bad side; not that he already wasn't. "Now, what about the sun?" He asked, returning to the prior subject.

Markhas knew that the blond was telling the truth, so he calmed down. "She didn't tell you did she?" He said.

"Tell us what?" Yohji asked.

"Not everyone has the potential to become a vampire; but we can sense when a person has that potential. We don't know what it is or how it works; but whatever it is you both have it."

Yohji frowned a bit. "Rayne bit a friend of mine believing that, but then she said he couldn't be turned, she didn't even give him her blood or anything."

Markhas sighed. "A bite is enough." Then he closed his eyes and started massaging his eyelids as if feeling the beginnings of a headache. "Rayne's been disobeying orders; she is supposed to run all potentials through me first before biting them. I know she's worried about our fading numbers but she just can't break protocol. You both are a perfect example why we have this protocol."

"Well, you're a real bad leader then. She already made the mistake." Schuldig spat, provoking Yohji to give him a very disapproving look.

Markhas ignored the comment. "I know and I can't offer any apologies; but…" He stopped briefly, as if he was thinking what he was going to say. "There's still a way for you to be human."

A surge of hope rose up inside Yohji. This is was it; what he had wanted to hear ever since he had bitten Schuldig. "What is it?!" He asked quickly.

Markhas looked straight into his jade eyes; his tone was very serious. "Don't drink Rayne's blood."

Yohji blinked. "That's it?"

Markhas nodded. "Once a potential's been bitten, he or she has to drink from the vampire who bit them in the two weeks after that first bite; if they don't their side effects will fade and they will return back to normal." Markhas finished.

Schuldig stepped on forward, ignoring Yohji's watchful eye over him and giving Markhas his trademark smirk. "Yohji never drank from that bitch. He never became a vampire; he bit me. If he goes back to normal, so will I right?" he asked.

Markhas gave him a grave look. "I'm sorry…"

Everyone hushed.

Then suddenly Yohji moved up front, between his lover and Markhas. "Wait! What are you saying?!"

The grave look never left the vampire's face. "During those two weeks you had every capability to turn another, even if you weren't a true vampire yourself. He is just like me…now and forever."

"Wait. Are you telling me that there's no cure for me; that I'm going to be like this forever?" Schuldig asked in disbelief.

"You drank your maker's blood during the required period. You are one of us now."

Nobody spoke, no one replied to the words. Yohji stared at his lover who seemed to be staring at nothing at all. What could he possibly say to him now?

Markhas cleared his throat to gain Yohji's attention and the blond turned towards him with confused jade eyes. "I don't believe you will drink Rayne's blood will you?" redhaired vampire asked softly.

Yohji took a moment to understand what he was asking. "…no." he answered quietly but certainly.

The vampire gave him a brief look, then turned his red eyes to Schuldig who was still staring at nothing in particular. "You have no attachment to my clan, I can't force you to remain with us, but you're welcome to join us if you want."

Schuldig blinked; his first reaction in the past few moments. His eyes were still emerald. "No." His voice was calm. "I think I want to be on my own right now."

"Very well then." Markhas gave a small bow and moved on forward, disappearing into the alley. Yohji followed him with his eyes; he knew the master vampire was heading up to the roof to rescue his children. There was a sound of quick footsteps and Yohji instantly gazed toward Schuldig again to see that the redhead was already halfway down the street in a mad run. Yohji didn't even give a prior thought before he started running after the telepath.

"Schuldig!" he screamed as he caught up with his lover and snatched his arm.

"Don't touch me!" Schuldig screamed instantly, swiping Yohji's hand away.

Yohji felt instantly hurt. "Schu…"

The redhead only glared at him. "Go home! Live you normal life, because I certainly can't anymore!"

"I'm sorry Schuldig."

"You keep saying that! You might be sorry, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm condemned to being a monster when you get the chance to go back to your normal life!"

"You call murder 'a normal life'?" Yohji asked solemnly.

"You know what I mean." Schuldig replied. "I can't even go back to my team…"

Yohji remembered the briefing from almost a week ago. "Is there anything I can do?" He asked, standing in front of the redhead and resting his gaze on him.

"I think I need to be alone for a while." The German said as he avoided the blond's jade eyes and turned his back to him; he only took one step forward before Yohji spoke again.

"I don't regret it…" Schuldig stopped in mid-step and glanced back at the blond. "I don't regret the time we spent together. Do you?"

Schuldig blinked slowly. "…I'm the one who wanted you in the first place…so no. As angry as I am with you right now, I still can't regret being with you."

Yohji smiled softly. "Give me time Schu, maybe someday I'll change my mind."

Schuldig grinned; his attitude returning back to normal. "Deal. I'll give you time. But know this Yotan, one day I'll make you mine." Yohji couldn't help but grin back at the words. Schuldig's grin widened as he walk back towards his lover, grabbed the back of his head and planted a sultry kiss on his lips.

They kept their mouths together as long as they could hold their breaths; then the kiss was broken and Schuldig started walking away.

"Auf Wiedersehen" Yohji."

"Sayonara, Schuldig."


"Yohji wake up!"

Yohji snapped his eyes open at the sound of his name. Aya's angry face stared back at him and Yohji knew instantly why his teammate was so pissed. He had fallen asleep in the sofa, in the middle of a weekly briefing.

"Sorry…" the blond said, directing apologetic eyes to Manx who was glaring at him.

She cleared her throat and continued. "Like I was saying before I was so cordially interrupted; Schwartz still seems to be disorganized since the death of one of its members and the disappearance of another. As of today this matter will become a lesser priority. Also one of Kritiker's spies reported that a gang of drug dealers is planning… "

The words became distorted in Yohji's head. Since he didn't really care what was being said. Old news. No guilt whatsoever over them. Yohji just wanted the briefing to end so he could go to bed.

There had been no sign of Rayne or Markhas since that night and Yohji was pretty certain that he would not encounter them ever again. Which suited Yohji just fine. He had sworn to himself that he would kill the woman if he ever saw her again.

The briefing ended and they were dismissed. After saying his goodnights Yohji went straight to his apartment, locked the door and fell asleep in a matter of seconds.


There was a noise; a soft rasp of something that sounded like nails against a window. Then the window opened and closed softly, the next noises were clearly footsteps.

Yohji just dug his head deeper into his pillow, ignoring the noises; he had become accustomed to them after all in the past four months.

The bed moved as another body sprawled itself on it. Then a hand wrapped itself around Yohji's waist, pulling him in.

"Yotan…" a voice purred. "I'm hungry…"

Yohji raised his eyebrows slightly. "You were supposed to have fed already."

"I did" Schuldig purred in his ear. "But it's not that type of hunger."

"Well; that's what happens when you don't show up for a week."

"Aww…C'mon Yohji" the redhead whispered as he let one of his hands travel down the length of Yohji's body, around his waist and into his lover's boxers until he grasped what he was searching for.

Yohji gasped, feeling as the usual heat of their encounters started taking him over. He forgot his train of thought and another replaced it. "Did you close the curtains?" He asked between breaths.

"Of course I did, you think I want to burn?"

Yohji was about to reply when Schuldig let him go; so instead he protested, "I thought we were going to…" Yohji was cut off when Schuldig pushed him face down on the bed, molding himself on top as he pressed his chest against Yohji's back and licked the spot between his neck and ear. "Yeah, I know you're just worried about me. I'm fine, you're fine, now shut up!" he said fiercely as he sucked at the spot he had been licking before.

"No biting," Yohji reminded him.

Schuldig smirked. "I know."

Yohji felt as Schuldig's weight and certain body parts pressed against him. He let out a soft moan at the touch of Schuldig's lips on the back of his neck and the sounds of his lover getting rid of the clothes. How the redhead managed to do this was still a mystery to Yohji and he sincerely couldn't care any less. Yohji in return didn't need to do anything, he had made it a habit to sleep in just his boxers; and those he could get easily rid of. Schuldig pressed his body against him again and Yohji was certain that all the German's clothes were lying on the floor. Then his own remaining piece of underwear was quickly removed by swift hands.

"Please Schu… don't make me wait like the last time," Yohji begged as Schuldig left hand traveled between his legs and started massaging him up to the limit. Yohji bit down on his pillow so his moans couldn't be heard.

"Don't worry." The redhead said with a smirk. "I want you so bad…"

Yohji was already in a semi-dazed stage when he heard the sound of his drawer opening. Then Schuldig removed the hand from between his legs as he needed both of them now. More sounds followed, and Yohji recognized each and every single one of them. He took a deep breath; preparing himself.

There was no prior warning. Suddenly Schuldig forced his legs apart, positioning himself above his lover and thrusted deep inside him. Yohji screamed at the sudden invasion. Schuldig's hand went around his waist and between his legs again, grappling him, forcing Yohji to be in the perfect point between pleasure and pain. Schuldig pulled out slowly and thrust again even deeper and faster than his first thrust, starting a rhythm between them.

Cries of bliss filled the room and Yohji screamed out for his lover, not caring if his screams could be heard beyond the walls of his room.


The sun had risen, and Yohji lay by Schuldig's sleeping form as he stared at him. The redhead could have bitten him during any of their encounters, whenever they made love, and say it had been an accident.

But he hadn't. Just like Yohji had asked him to; and that meant a lot.

The thought of becoming a vampire still made Yohji extremely uncomfortable. But he wasn't as opposed to it as he had been at the beginning, but still he knew that he wasn't up to it.

He had asked for time and it had been given to him. Sometimes Schuldig would bring the subject up and Yohji's reply was always the same… "not yet".

But deep in his soul he knew; he knew that there would come a day when he would say yes.