I've recently introduced a character into an roleplay that I'm in (Guardians Of Endiness: AUC), and he is a dragon slayer. He carries a dragoon spirit as a trophy for the first dragon he killed, and though it recognizes him he's never used it. He ends up meeting Diamanta, my other character, who is a dragon cursed to wander the earth in human form for the rest of eternity. At first he is intrigued by her, but then finds out she is a dragon and doesn't know what to do. That's what spawned this.
My Blade, Your Heart
By xaphanea

You took my breath away
The first time I saw you
The hot lifeblood in my veins stopped short to stare
You caught my attention
Not just your beauty
But your attitude
And everything that makes up the perfection of you
Now it's changed
My life charged with the vengeance of my family
Forcing myself to live forever
Injecting myself with the blood of the enemy
To fight on and annihilate every last one of your beastly kind
When your claws unsheathed
You took down that minion of darkness
I admired your grace
But died at the sight of your weapon
You might as well have slashed my throat
For when I grabbed your wrist and you knew who I was
You didn't waver, you calmly stood
You stared at me and read my frustrated thoughts
Written all over my face
You called me 'slayer'
The word spat out like a vile thing
And you told me you were a dragon
You are a part of that horrid species that shattered my heart
So many years ago
And I know what must be done
When this journey is over I must take my blade
To your throat
And end your life
Stop that human-masked heart
From beating any longer
Tear you from Endiness
From your lover's arms into those of Soa
Because I've dedicated my life to this
I am that vile word you hit me with
I am a slayer
And though you captivated me in those few hours we knew each other
I will slay you
Put up your claws, beauty
For Diamanta, I trust
This will be a fair fight
But one I must win
The end of the Aurora Dragon is near
It's simply my blade
Against your heart.


Heeeeey. I think I could spawn a fanfiction out of this. Slayer falls for dragon in disguise, finds out later she's a dragon and she finds out he's a slayer... they fight, one of them dies. *evil grin* Hmmm....