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Chapter 33

Arriving in a silent pop on the island in the Caribbean, Harry took long steps towards the bungalow his family had once owned with a sense of fury rolling off him in waves. Without as much as a knock on the door, the Potter Heir pushed through the front doors to see a man standing over a workbench with a pair of safety goggles on. The man did not even flinch at the arrival of his guest, and merely held up a hand for silence as he waved his wand slowly over a golden device that Harry did not recognize. The room was tense with silence, and Harry could feel Gellert's magic trying to infuse whatever the magical object was, but clearly, the artifact was resistant. After a few long moments, Gellert swore quietly under his breath, and placed his wand down before gripping the table hard.

Harry had rarely seen the man frustrated and knew that his own frustrations were likely not a good addition to whatever ailed the man, so remained silent. Gellert however did not like to mince words, "I take it Investigator Chase has been cleared of all charges."

"There wasn't enough proof to convict him." Harry said with disgust, "I was there at the trial. It didn't really seem like their hearts were in it."

Gellert nodded thoughtfully for a moment, "Do you plan to seek retribution?"

"Fleur insists that I don't." Harry said bitterly, "But the man tried to ruin my life. Spread doubt among people I care about, and would've seen us killed or imprisoned if the opportunity arose. I can't help thinking he didn't act alone either. The man is too spineless to kill without cause. Too cowardly to murder two people just to frame someone else. Part of me wants to go after him just to ensure there are no more enemies hiding in the dark."

The man closed his eyes and seemed to reach for the future with his mind, but he shook his head, "I am afraid the future is clouded to me at the moment. I see nothing but darkness at the moment. Part of me believes my time is coming."

Frowning, the young man approached the table to stand across from his mentor, "Are you sick?"

"I am in the best health I have been in many years." Gellert answered with a thoughtful voice, "Partially in thanks to your family. This property is the best weather I have seen since my years in France. I also know the magic surrounding this place has left me very safe. I am grateful to the Potter family for this gift."

In understanding, Harry nodded his head. The two had agreed that it was ultimately in the best interest of everyone involved that the man remained in exile, at least as far as the public was concerned. James and Lily had gifted the man a Potter property, a small unplottable island he could spend the rest of his days wanting for nothing. It was a gift for what Gellert had done in the Graveyard, and for assisting Harry during his school years. It was the least they could do for the man in Harry's opinion. Of course, Harry was also a frequent visitor to the island, and Grindelwald was often found reading a book or experimenting with magic that most could only dream of.

Thinking of magic, Harry's eyes drifted to the golden artifact on the table, and instead of asking what it was he allowed his magic to surround the item. At first, confusion was the only emotion he felt.

Grindelwald watched his apprentice carefully knowing that curiosity would take over the young man. The Master of the magical arts knew his apprentice was uniquely qualified to make an assessment of the artifact he had created but had no idea the type of reaction his magical signature might cause.

Harry continued to feel the object with his magic when the artifact began to glow. In response, Harry took a step back sensing danger, before suddenly visions began crossing through his mind at rates he could hardly process.

A battlefield. Explosions. Magic hurling across vast areas. Hundreds of witches and wizards attempting to slaughter the other. Death and destruction as far as the eye could see. The vision changed in a flash to the Elder Wand in the hand of a young man Harry could hardly recognize, then another vision of the cloak of invisibility on the shoulders of a stranger, and finally, the stone sitting in a quiet shack in the middle of the woods in the hands of a man that caused a chill to run down Harry's spine.

The visions ended as quickly as they had begun, and Harry realized he was on the floor heaving for breath while Grindelwald stood over, "Are you okay, my boy?"

Nodding, he stood to his feet with the help of the older man, and glanced at the object on the table, "What the bloody hell was that?"

Grindlewald hesitated for a moment before shaking his head, "Magic that is perhaps too dangerous to experiment with. What did you see?"

Harry relayed the fast visions he saw, and by the time he was done Grindelwald had a troubled expression on his face, "I will have to think on this. Speak of this to no one. Give me your word, Harry."

Taken aback by the seriousness in the man's voice Harry nodded his assent, and Grindelwald hummed in thought pacing back to his side of the table. The silence lingered for a long moment between the two before he asked, "I think it wise to keep an eye on this Investigator Chase. As you say there could be other skeletons in the closet that have yet to reveal themselves. I believe killing him would be unwise for the foreseeable future. If I see anything that should change my mind, however, you will be the first to know."

Feeling unsettled by the entire visit Harry did not grace the man with an answer, but stared at the object on the table with trepidation.

The end of the Summer had come and gone for the Potters and their allies. Harry and Fleur had married as soon as the leaves began to change in the Autumn of '94, and bought a house in France for the two to share their lives together. The wedding was a beautiful occasion held off the coast of France just like Fleur had always wanted. During the speeches, Justin had started off with a heartwarming story of how the two had grown close but ruined his kind words by taunting the powerful couple that they had won enough in life by being together, and expressed his hope that the loss of the Triwizard tournament wasn't too unbearable.

In the time following the wedding, Harry had helped Fleur establish her business as an enchanter. Her work was already being highly sought-after, and she worked more than Harry would've liked, but due to this, the young wizard busied himself by continuing the training of his brother. Justin had expressed interest in being a duelist when he graduated, and took that aspiration to heart while pushing himself to be the best he could be.

Needless to say, Justin had aced his OWLs the next year, and Fleur's business had boomed. It took the entire year for the world to calm down and forget about Gellert not being in prison. Occasionally an article would pop up in foreign publications speculating about where the man may be, but the non-stop harassment Harry had received was beginning to go away.

Not many days went by where Harry didn't think about his encounter with Gellert's odd magical artifact, but the man had not mentioned it since that day. Everytime the memory crossed his mind an unsettling feeling passed through him, but he didn't know what to make of it. He thought about broaching the topic with his mentor, but Gellert seemed like he didn't wish to speak of the incident until he had the answers he was looking for, so Harry respected the man's wishes.

In Justin's final year at Hogwarts Harry surprised the world by entering the dueling circuit. Needless to say, the young magical titan decimated witches and wizards around the world for a year straight and announced his immediate retirement following his victory at the World Championship in France. The celebration held at Delacour Chateau on the evening of Harry's victory was legendary, and the young man teased Justin at every turn that although he may have beaten him to the Triwizard Cup, he wouldn't be beaten by his little brother again. This was something that had amused the family immensely. When Harry was questioned as to why he had bothered with the dueling league he created an uproar of hilarity when he stated that it was merely to show Justin how it was done.

Justin's graduation night was the next time the Potters and their allies gathered. Having just been a few months since Harry had won the dueling World Championship in France the family was grateful for a new excuse to gather and celebrate.

Potter Manor was a lively place that Summer evening. Many of the Potter family allies had arrived, and the grounds were spilling over with guests. It could never be said that James Potter and his Marauders couldn't throw a party, because extravagance could hardly begin to describe the lengths the family had taken to hold such an event.

Harry was thankful that his brother had turned into a humble young wizard. The teen was more than capable thanks to his brother's tutelage, and was constantly reminded that there was much to learn on his road to becoming a master of the magical arts. Harry watched the party from the back of the room with Grindelwald standing beside him in disguise. Both were sipping on a glass of wine enjoying the scene before them. Justin was dancing with Fleur, and Harry had not taken his eyes off the pair during their time together.

Gellert chuckled, "You are going to give your secret away if you keep staring, my boy."

"We may be surrounded by allies," Harry said quietly, "But I wouldn't be doing my duty as a husband if I didn't keep an eye on my wife in her condition."

The man held his smile, "Are you going to tell everyone tonight?"

"If the opportunity presents itself." Harry answered in amusement, "I would hate to upstage my brother on his big night."

"You can't lie to me, Harry. I know the two of you take amusement in your little games." Grindelwald chided with no malice behind the comment.

"It's what brothers do." Harry replied innocently.

A voice to their left didn't even cause the two to look away at Justin spinning Fleur around the dance floor, "Most girls would be jealous to see their boyfriends dancing with a veela on their graduation night."

Putting an arm around the girl that stepped to his side Harry shook his head, "You know Fleur's allure has never affected him. To my little brother, Fleur is more like a sister to him as the years have passed."

Susan smiled at the comment, but as the song ended she dragged Harry by the hand, "Well then, I am going to steal him away after you have a dance with me."

Harry heard Grindelwald laugh merrily behind him as the stunning redhead dragged him onto the dance floor, and began dancing with the man she had come to admire. It was a slower song that followed, and most of the dance floor had cleared except for the two Potter brothers and their chosen women. Susan chided Harry a few moments into the dance, "Mr Potter, don't you know it's rude not to pay attention to your dance partner? I know your wife is very beautiful, but I think I am a little insulted."

Spinning the girl at her words Harry merely smiled, "You will understand my protectiveness of her soon, but we can get into that later. I want to congratulate you. Fleur would not have accepted your application because she liked you. Your decision to send her the enchanted ballerina instead of an actual job application was inspired. That was beautiful magic that even impressed me."

The redhead girl blushed at the compliment, "Well, Fleur has quite the reputation in Europe right now for her creativity. I had to do something to stand out."

Giving the girl a nod of appreciation Harry smirked, "I think you managed it. She spent an hour trying to figure out exactly what you had done to the figurine, and when it dissolved into flowers I think you had the job in an instant."

Justin had confided in Harry months ago that Susan had expressed her dream to work for Fleur in France as an apprentice in enchanting. Fleur had been turning down applications left and right, and the only advice Harry had told Justin to give Susan was to stand out above the rest. Needless to say, the girl had taken his advice to heart and was offered the job on the condition that her NEWTs were up to standard, which there was no doubt of.

"She will get nothing but my best." Susan promised.

Smiling at the girl, Harry nodded, "I know she will. Now I think it's time I returned you to my brother, and steal my wife back."

As the two separated, Harry offered the girl a bow and took a glance around the room. Many had been watching the siblings dance, and there were many smiles upon the onlookers. James and Lily were even standing next to Amelia, looking at the couples with joy on their faces.

No words were said when the song ended, and the couples returned to their chosen partners. As Fleur slid into Harry's arm, a song Harry recognized began to play, and he spun his wife one time before pulling her back as close to him as he could manage, "If I haven't told you mon amour you look étourdissant."

The woman sighed happily as she placed her head on his shoulder, and they swayed to the music, "If I had known what it would take to put that silver tongue to use Monsieur Potter I would've made sure our situation had happened years ago."

Chortling in amusement Harry said nothing as he held his wife close. Inwardly he was bursting to give the world their news, but Gellert was the only one he had told so far. Fleur was not thrilled Harry had spilled the news so quickly but had come to understand the relationship her husband had with the man, and had forgiven him easily.

The cheers made Harry smile as he glanced over to his brother and saw him on one knee. Justin had barely gotten the words out of his mouth before Susan had tackled him screaming her acceptance. Harry and Fleur separated, and joined the applause as they came forward to be the first to congratulate the couple with big hugs. Harry had of course known the big question was coming tonight, and he was proud of his little brother and was happy to celebrate the special occasion.

When Harry and Fleur were done congratulating the pair they stepped away, allowing the rest of the family to have their moment. It was not long at all before James Potter was calling for champagne, and toasts. Lily and Amelia both had tears of joy trailing down their faces and they had yet to let Susan go from their embrace.

James was the first to raise his glass, and Harry stood with his arm around his wife's waist watching in amusement as his father had a large goofy smile on his face, "Of all the things my children have done to give me pride the thing I take the most pride in as a parent is not what my children can do with a wand or with their magic. It's what they did with their hearts that fills me with joy. Like their father before them, they both pursued one witch, and never gave up."

This led to some chuckles, and Sirius called out, "These Potter men get it bad."

This led to outright laughter from the crowd and James shook his head, "Padfoot jokes, but he is right. I watched it with Harry in his later Hogwarts years. He was buried in his studies, and inventions until Fleur came along, and it was clear to me when I saw pictures from the Yule Ball that my oldest son was ensnared. With Justin, it was very much the same. I remember getting the letter telling me that my youngest son had asked Susan to be his girlfriend, and every time I saw them together I saw a little of myself and Lily in them. I'm just glad Susan fell for my son easier than my wife did for me."

This caused more laughter and James again raised his glass, "Susan, I am immensely happy for you and my son, and I cannot wait to welcome you to our family on your big day. To Justin and Susan, and the years of happiness that will follow you two!"

Everyone raised their glasses to the toast, even Fleur, but she easily handed it off to her husband, playing it off smoothly as Harry vanished one of the glasses with hardly a second thought.

The party went well into the night, and when it started to wind down the family was all that remained. The Potters, the Delacours, the Marauders, and two Bones women were sitting in the family room speaking in groups when an elf appeared with a dusty bottle of fire whiskey, and a dozen tiny glasses on a tray.

James threw an arm around his youngest son looking slightly intoxicated which caused Harry to roll his eyes and Fleur to giggle, "I have been saving this bottle for a long time. It is from the year you were born in 1980."

With the snap of his fingers, the elf opened the bottle and began filling the tiny glasses magically before sending them into the waiting hands of the families gathered. James looked like he was about to propose another toast, but Harry stepped forward, "Sorry, Prongs, you will have to allow me this time."

The man looked like he would protest, but the laughter in the room dissuaded him, and he smiled at his oldest son. Harry turned to face his brother, "Justin, you and Susan have a very bright future ahead of you. You have both worked incredibly hard to be in the positions you find yourselves in. Susan, I know you are going to be great working under Fleur, and Justin, living up to my name on the dueling circuit will be a tall order, but I am certain you will manage it."

He said this with a wink towards his brother making the family laugh, and Sirius to pound Justin on his shoulders in consolation, "You two have done something truly difficult, and that is to earn my respect. Your hard work, dedication, and love for each other are going to continue to make our families proud. To make me proud. You all know I am not the type to be emotional, but I love both of you, and I am really looking forward to seeing what you will do with your future. Cheers!"

The glasses were raised, and the contents drunk with hardly a grimace, although when Fleur handed Harry her glass it did not go unnoticed this time. James offered the woman a fake bow, "I'm sorry, Fleur, I forget our lowly English drinks are not to your liking. Can I get you something else? A diamond-encrusted bottle of wine perhaps?"

The gathered group chuckled, but Harry was quick to defend his wife, "No, Prongs, it's not good for a woman in Fleur's condition to drink."

The room fell into complete silence. At the corner of Harry's eye, he saw the wide smile of Gellert, and tried to hold a straight face. James repeated the words slowly, "Her condition…"

The squeal from Susan was enough to give away the good news and she was the first to surge forward and embrace Fleur in a gentle hug. "That's so exciting you two, congratulations. You are going to be such wonderful parents!"

The word parents seemed to snap the rest of the party out of its shock, and the family surged forward embracing the couple a few at a time, all offering their congratulations. Tears were in the eyes of most of the room, and the smile on Fleur's face would be something Harry cherished for many years to come. It was even brighter than on their wedding day. This moment of sharing the news of their child coming was one she had been waiting for, and it was delivered in a beautiful moment for the family.

James was the last to come forward looking at the girl's stomach while Harry held his wife close to him, "My grandchild is in there?"

"She will be here in six months." Fleur said with a smile.

Tears sprung to James' eyes as he embraced his children tightly. When they separated James pointed a finger at Harry, "A female Marauder is needed in this family. How both of my children ended up so serious I will never know. I demand to be given a chance to teach my granddaughter the art of pranking!"

The snickering that followed made Harry roll his eyes as he allowed his father to drag his wife into a conversation about baby names, and the types of prank magic he would teach his grandchild.

The room was alight with celebration, and where previously the night was winding down the family was now in high-spirited conversation. Gellert found his way over to Harry as the evening carried on and placed an arm around his apprentice, "You have done well, my boy. Ten years have passed since we began our journey together, and I have no regrets about how it all turned out."

Harry nodded in agreement, "Your magic gave me purpose, Gellert. It drove me to be better. Showed me my own desire to prove myself. Had my first child been a boy I would've been hard pressed to not name it after you."

The joke made Gellert grin, but the man shook his head, smile firmly in place as he looked to the wife of his apprentice, "My teachings may have given you drive, my boy, but that woman gave you life. I will never forget the Christmas morning you came to me after your first kiss. I had never seen you so happy. So full of life. It gave me hope for when Voldemort was defeated you would have a life, and, oh, how right I was. That French flower was a blessing we can all be grateful for."

As Justin and Susan embraced, Harry couldn't help but agree with the man he had looked up to for so many years. A blessing was the only way he could describe Fleur, and he wouldn't change a single thing in his life…as long as all roads lead to this moment.


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