Author's notes: This is chapter 1 of my adult fan fiction story A Villain's Payback. It mostly involves Kim Possible, Shego and Motor Ed. With some minor parts including Dr. Drakken & Ron Stoppable.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment. It's more of a thriller then sexual however...

** WARNING: This story will NOT have any sexual content. Chapter 1 is SFW. Later this story will get very NSFW.**

A Villain's Payback

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 1 - Ron Breaks Some Bones

Kim & Ron have always had a solid relationship. From just being friends in high school to being boyfriend / girlfriend and to graduating high school together. They fought many villains in there years together and experienced so many adventures too. They've been through a lot.

After graduation, and after Warmonga and the aliens tried to take over the world, both Kim & Ron took 6 months off from school stuff to do more missions. As the world tried to rebuild Kim thought for sure that the alien invasion would create a void for a supervillain to take over. She was wrong. Kim's arch rivals Dr. Drakken and Shego were a couple now. They were staying out of the media and not doing as many villain things. As for her other super villains they seemed to have disappeared too. It was as if the alien invasion scared off all the supervillains.

In the months after high school Ron kept his job at Smarty Mart until it was time to go to college and the same for Kim too. She worked part-time at Banana until she started college too. When it was time to buckle down and do more school stuff the missions took a back seat. It looked like Kim Possible - the hero - wasn't needed anymore.

And that's how it's been for the past 4 years or so.

Kim and Ron are now 25 years old. Both of them go to the same college, Upperton Community College. But they also still go on missions from time to time too. Not as many missions as they used to (college life is hard) but once or twice a month they go out into the field to keep up with the action they love so much. Most of the time, nothing exciting happens.

That was until...

On this day, they were out on a mission in New York city. Wade told them he found out on the dark web that Dr. Drakken and Shego were up to there old tricks again. Kim & Ron thought that Dr. D & Shego were retied from villain life after Warmongna and the aliens tried to take over the planet. That's one of the big reasons Kim and Ron went to college. Very little super villain stuff to stop. But they also knew it wouldn't last forever. Which is why they still went on missions from time to time.

Anyway, as they walked through a dark ally of New York, Wade popped up on her wrist communicator. He told them, "Drakken's new hide out is by the abandoned East 18th subway station."

Kim reached the steps of the East 18th abandon subway entrance and was a little cheeped out, "Are you sure Wade? These steps look like nobody has touched them in years."

"I'm positive Shego is there. I can track the heat signature from her green plasma power now. She activated her power less then 10 minutes ago. As long as she lights up her power, I can find her. As for the subway, the station was built in 1903 but closed in 1948. If you think about it, this is the perfect place to make a new villain layer."

"Good point."

Kim walked down the steps into the darkness. As they walk through the 100 year old subway station, Kim used her communicator as a flashlight to see all the old artwork on the walls, "This abandon place is so beautiful."

Ron thought different. "Not for me. The creepy factor is through the roof. There's spider webs everywhere."

As they continued walking, Wade beeped her, "Kim, my scanners tell me the wall over there is hallow."

Ron shoot with a ting of fear, "Secret entrance? This will not end well. Haven't you two ever seen Raiders Of The Lost Arch?"

Kim gave him a stair. "Duh, we both have. Come on, this will be fun. Finally some action!"

Wade told them, "Push on the red brick with the D on it."

Kim said thick with sarcasm, "A 'D'? Could he be more obvious?"

"This is Dr. Drakken we're talking about."

"True. I see he hasn't changed much."

Kim pressed the brick and the wall moved! They found a secret entrance. The wall moved to revel a large and long sparrow concrete staircase going up. Kim and Ron slowly walked up the winding staircase. As they continued to walk up Ron complained, "Just how far does this staircase go?"

Kim turned around and told him, "SShhh! It's sneaky time."

Wade sent them a text that read: The staircase was used in the early 1900's as a fire escape for the subway. It goes up about 100 feet.

Ron says too loudly, "A 100..?"

Kim grabbed his lips. "Shut up!"

Ron whispered, "Sorry."

They reached the top and peeked around the corner to see Shego is at the top right by a door, waiting. They also noticed that the top of the staircase looked like a small patio for an apartment. It was about 20 maybe 25 feet across.

Shego looked down the staircase saw them, "What? How the hell did you find us?"

Kim pointed to her wrist device, "Wade can track your green heat signature now. All you have to do is use your power and I'll find you."

"Crap! I hate nerds."

Dr. Drakken opened the door to his layer. To his surprise he saw Kim and Ron, "Kim Possible! How did you find us?"

Shego lite up her flame, "Techy boy can track my power now."

"Great! Get rid of them and let's go Shego. We have plans."

Shego shouted, "Put finding a new layer on the shopping list too."

Kim raised one eye brow, "The only place your going is back to prison."

"Not if I can help it."

Shego started fighting Kim at the top of the staircase. When Kim kicked Shego, she ducked out of the way and moved to the side where Kim & Shego continued fighting. Dr. Drakken was left looking at Ron. "Well, move out of the way."

Ron got in a fighting stance, "I don't think so."

Dr. D noticed that Ron didn't have Rufus. He asked, "Wait, where's your little rat thing?"

Ron put his hands down and proceed to tell him, "The little guy got sick. He's doing better now but I worry about him. I've had him for such a long time. I miss him." At that moment Ron looked to the side and got distracted thinking about Rufus.

Dr. D took this opportunity and kicked Ron in his chest as Ron was looking away, depressed. Dr. D yelled, "I don't really care. It's still a rat to me."

Ron lost his balance and fell backward. He started rolling down the entire 100 feet of concrete stairs tumbling and hitting his legs and arms on the sharp hard concrete edges of the steps as he continued to fall. Ron tumbled down all the steps getting very badly banged up in the process.

Since Kim was occupied with fighting Shego she wasn't able to run after him and save Ron from falling down the steps in time. Kim stopped fighting Shego and ran down the steps to help Ron but it was too late. He was lying on the bottom unconscious. It was very obvious that Ron's leg was broke since it was twisted backward in a position it shouldn't be in.

Dr. D told his side-kick, "Shego, come on. Let's take the back way out."

Shego's words echoed ageist the walls as she yelled, "Later Princess!"

Kim heard a door slam shut and now she knew, Dr. D & Shego walks got away.