Title: Dunked Confession (FoR/SD Crossover)

Author: Frostmourne (It's still me… Haze)

Disclaimer: I don't own Flame of Recca and Slam Dunk so don't sue me…

Chapter Dedication: anime_luverjc, Jeslene, Toutetsu, Misaki Asuka, ruby, bishounen lovah

Chapter 14:

(Miyagi's POV)

      Before Aya-chan could whack Rukawa to the ground, we pulled her to the closet and positioned ourselves there in such a way that we could see the outside but could not be seen by the outside people. I mean, we could be wrong.

      While we struggled a bit, Rukawa woke up. Amazing! RUKAWA WOKE UP?! He's really got it bad for someone else's girl. I mean for Fuuko-san. After all, we're not really sure if he really did seduce her.

      Rukawa woke up and blinked a bit before realizing that he was holding Fuuko-san close to him. Then he smiled and kissed the top of her head. She stirred and then looked up at Rukawa.

      "Hey, sleepyhead," Rukawa said with a slight smile.

      "What time is it?"

      Rukawa looked at the wall clock. "Nine forty eight."

      Fuuko-san immediately sat up. "Oh my gorilla's bananas! I totally forgot! Mi-chan."

      Rukawa frowned. "Mi-chan what?"

      "He might have seen us, Kaede!" She groaned afterwards. "What will he say now?"

      "Why are you so worried about what he'll say? Stay away from him."

      "I just can't do that you know. Mi-chan is important to me, okay? Oh curly tops! He's probably going to avoid me now and call me some names or something. He'd most likely hate me. He hates girls acting all b!t©hy and if he'd seen us," she didn't continue but just groaned. "That's it. This is the last time we're doing this."

      "What's wrong with this? It's not like we're doing something wrong."

      Aya-chan gasped and was about to stalk out but we held on to her and pleaded her to be quiet.

(Rukawa's POV)

      "For us this is not wrong, but for others it is."

      I looked at Fuu-chan almost pleadingly. Why is she pushing me away from her by and by? I don't think this is just because of Sendoh. Maybe it's because of Mikagami. Bananas I hate him!

      Before I knew what I was saying, I blurted something out. "Fuu-chan, look on the bright side. Mikagami may have had a nightmare and died so he couldn't have seen us."

      She glared at me and I could feel myself flinch because of that.

      "Do NOT be mean to Mi-chan! You don't know him at all and you have no right to say that! If you'd know how hard everything was for him, you wouldn't—never mind. I'm hungry."

      She hopped out of bed and left the room.

      I don't exactly know but I felt so… crushed… like I was a banana placed in a blender and… Hey! Banana placed in a blender?! Now where did that come from?!

      Never mind. I think I'll go prepare her food. Maybe she'd forgive me then and at least I'm assured that I won't have to rush her to the hospital because of food poisoning.

(Sakuragi's POV)

      I can't believe this! Either my eyesight had gone bad, or it had really gone bad. The fox actually looked like he was some banana being squished all over.

      Not that I pity him, of course not! But I can somehow identify with his feelings. I had been rejected so many times. Ha! Those girls sure are missing a lot for doing that! Anyway, the feeling was awful that I couldn't describe it very well.

      Ha! Who would've thought that the fox would get himself broken by a girl? I always thought he was gay. He did after all ignore all those girls who are practically throwing themselves on his feet. Hmm, maybe the fox is a dual gender? Something like he likes both boys and girls? Or maybe he really is gay!

      Nyahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Fuuko-san is beautiful I give her that but she acts like a boy. She's more like a tomboy. And Rukawa seems to like her among all the girl population. So he really is gay! I wonder if Rukawa is secretly attracted to Sendoh…

(Ayako's POV)

      Alright, so he did look like he had enough punishment just by Fuuko-san being angry at him in Mikagami-san's behalf. But I'll keep my eyes on him. For now, I wouldn't do anything. I think he got what he deserved but I will not let him off the next time.

      "Let's creep out of the house and go back to practice." I said in an authoritative voice. "The others must not know of this especially Mikagami-san and Koganei-chan. But if this gets out, I know who I'll whack over and over again."

      Miyagi and Sakuragi visibly gulped and I had to smile inwardly. My fan is really a very trusty weapon.

(Mikagami's POV)

      "Something went wrong."

      Sendoh looked like he was about to commit suicide. I'm sure he's desperate to end this thing about him and Rukawa in Fuuko's deranged mind. It could be very much devastating for his reputation if a thing such as this comes out. And there is always the danger of Rukawa hunting him down for the humiliation this thing would cause him.

      This scares him. Who wouldn't be scared? With Fuuko's loud mouth, I'm wondering why she still hasn't mentioned this to anyone either intentionally or accidentally.

      But then, she could also be planning something. I wonder what.

      "What do you mean something went wrong?"

      I turned to Fujima who was sitting across me in my apartment living room.

      "When Ayako-san had returned with her two companions and Rukawa, none of them were mentioning something about Rukawa and Fuuko. It was as if they saw nothing wrong. They merely said that they knocked on the door and when they let themselves in, Rukawa and Fuuko were eating in the kitchen." I explained.

      "But weren't they sleeping before we split ways? We even made sure they'd be sound asleep and very much together in bed." Sendoh said almost desperately.

      "They might have woken up after we left," I said, shrugging calmly.

      "Don't worry." Fujima assured. "A few unsuccessful plans do not assure us we'd fail in this whole attempt. We move on to the next plan."

      I nodded curtly. Next stage then.

(Mitsui's POV)

      This is turning out to be one confusing and disastrous love life scenario.

      Mikagami is Fuuko-san's boyfriend. Rukawa is her best friend but they are both in love with each other. Now they are sneaking behind Mikagami's back.

      That seems very… scandalous. I'm sure Mikagami would not tolerate this especially when I see confidence in him. And Rukawa, I'm sure he would not give Fuuko-san without a fight not that she's his to begin with. But this going to end up in a disastrous fight.

      "Don't tell Aya-chan that we told you, okay? She'll really whack our heads off."

      I looked at Miyagi and Sakuragi and nodded. "So what now?" I then grinned and I had an idea. "We bet on this?"

      Sakuragi's face brightened. "I bet Mikagami would skin that fox's hide! And then Fuuko-san would choose Mikagami again because he's so much better than that stupid fox!"

      "I bet Rukawa wouldn't give Fuuko-san up without a fight and he'll most likely ask Mikagami into a fist fight. I know I would if it was Aya-chan at stake."

      "And I bet that Fuuko-san may just drop them both. She's very independent as I can see and she would most likely not choose anyone at all to prevent a war between two people that's important to her."

      "I think Chiharu-san is having a great effect on you." Sakuragi commented, shaking his head like that was that most unlucky thing in the world to happen to me. "Hey, what about the fact on Rukawa's gender? I bet he's gay."

      Miyagi thought for a while and Sakuragi was explaining to him that Rukawa has tastes for boys and tomboys so he's gay. I thought about it. Rukawa does ignore all those girls fawning over him and the only people he ever did notice are other players he considers a rival in basketball like Sendoh. Now that Sakuragi did mention it, Fuuko-san is the only female he ever did pay attention to.  And Fuuko-san acts more like a boy.

      Oh Miyagi's curly hairs! Uh… did I just think that?! Oh no! Is there a disease circulating and the symptoms are being so crazy?! I think I need to surf the net, just to make sure I don't have that disease.

(Fuuko's POV)

      "I don't know," I said hesitantly.

      "It's a great idea! Believe me jealousy is the best way to use on two quarreling, er, dangoes!"


      He grinned. "Uh, I thought about having a secret code for Rukawa and Sendoh. And I thought dangoes would be so way out of the word gay that no one would suspect that."

      "So dangoes mean gays?"


      I looked at Kiyota like he had grown long hairs all over him, like he changed into a chimpanzee.

      "Okay, so it sounds lame." He said defensively. "But it's better than what? Dingdong? G-men? X-men?"

      "X-men? Hey, isn't that a show of cool mutants? Oh! I want to be Rogue!"

      "You can't be Rogue."

      "Why not?"

      "Because I want to be Gambit! And you can't be my girlfriend."

      "Why can't you just be Beast?"

      He looked insulted. "Because I'm handsome!"

      "Well at least he's got brains."

      "Yeah but I want to be cool."

      "Then why don't you be Iceman?"

      "Because he's cold?"

      "His body is cold but that's about it. I think he's cool." I was about to continue when I wondered why we were even talking about this. "Hey, why are we talking about them anyway?"

      "Uh, because they're from the cool show X-men?"

      "Oh yeah. But how did that show get into the picture?"

      "They show it on TVs."

      "Oh yeah. But I mean how did we end up talking about that show?"

      Kiyota thought for a while and then his face brightened up and he looked at me. "We were suggesting on codenames for Rukawa and Sendoh."

      "So what has that got to do with the show?"

      "Think. X-men. Aside from cool mutants, what do you find in the word if you scrape out Professor X and his crew?"

      "Uh. Ex-men?"

      "Right. Ex and men. So they are not men anymore."

      "Oh yeah! That's great. So we call them X-men now?"

      "No! We call them dangoes. The word X-men is still near to gays. Bright people like us would suspect."

      "Oh you're right. Okay, so we call them dangoes. So about that jealousy stuff…"

      "It's the best we've got. I mean if one of them is jealous wouldn't that prove something like emotional attachment to the other in a romantic level?"

      I scratched my head slightly. "Well maybe. Okay. We don't have any better plan so operation jealousy it is then. But how do we do that?"

      Kiyota looked like he just saw Sakuragi running naked.

      "Well we make them jealous of course!" He exclaimed. "We get someone to fuss over the other dangoe while the other dangoe is watching. If the watching dangoe reacts even slightly, he's jealous. That would prove something."

      "Okay, so who's the one who'll do the fussing? And which dangoe is that person going to fuss over?"

      Kiyota looked at me. "Are you up for scouting? We'd be talent scouts for a couple of days."

      I smiled. I'm glad I told Kiyota about this problem. He's so full of ideas!

      Mikagami looked at the mirror one last time. This plan had better work. He's already going beyond his character. And if this one last huge step out of his character is not going to warrant success, both Fujima and Sendoh would really get it.

      Turning away, he walked towards the door. It was time.

      "I told you I need to do something very important. Why can't we go shop clothes some other time? This is so annoying." Fuuko whined.

      Fujima ignored his cousin intentionally and continued pulling her to another boutique. He looked through some clothes and handed a couple to Fuuko. "Try them on."

      "What?! Are you kidding?! Those are tops with skirts! I can't wear them!"

      "Why not? Because you'd look nice in them? Fuu-chan, please! Can you stop your stubbornness even for just this time?"

      Whenever Fuuko heard Fujima use that tone and way of speaking to her, she knew that Fujima would not accept a 'no' from her and he'd find a way to twist her to comply. And Fujima being a good strategist would surely find a way to twist her around. But the bad part was he'd always use the most punishing way to get back at her if she'd really irritated him with her stubbornness.

      "Alright!" She grumbled and grabbed the clothes. She stalked off to the fitting stalls angrily.

      Fujima meanwhile allowed the smile he had been holding for a while to show. So far so good.

      Sendoh sighed and wondered for the umpteenth time why this part of the plan was given to him. He was sure that Rukawa would either throw punches at him or simply kill him. After all, the Ice Prince of Shohoku was still fuming from the discovery that Fuuko had thought them both gays and worse, involved with each other.

      "Rukawa?" Sendoh tried to sound surprised at seeing Rukawa walking from the hotel.

      Rukawa spared him a glare and walked on. Gathering courage, Sendoh walked side by side Rukawa and began a one-sided conversation.

      "It's a nice day today, isn't it?"


      "I think it'd be nice to do something fun."


      "What do you think?"


      This is ridiculous. Does he know the word silence or what? He's displaying it with perfect ease and with a perfect score. Sendoh thought with frustration. "Hey, I've got it! Why don't we go to the mall?"


      "Come on, Rukawa. You have to loosen up some times."


      That's it. I'm dragging him.

      "See? You look so nice."

      Fuuko scowled at her cousin. She's beginning to dislike him by the moment.

      "It's not so bad. You look… er… nice."

      She glared. "You know, I think I'll kill you later."

      Fujima smiled weakly at his cousin. Now where are they?! "Now Fuu-chan. You know killing is bad."


      "We're relatives and—"

      "You're irritating me! What's with all the commenting of 'nice' and 'nice' and did I mention 'nice'?! Bananas! You're up to something I swear!"

      "You're just imagining things. Now, let's go find something to eat."


      "You don't want FOOD?" Fujima looked at her strangely as if she had bananas sticking out of her nose. "Are you sick?"

      "No. But I can't let anyone see me wearing things like this." She pointed to her attire consisting of a boots reaching her knee, a mid-thigh skirt, and a Venus-cut top. "I mean I look like the popular girls in school. No way!"

      "Yes way, Fuu-chan. Now come." He proceeded to pull her to the nearest food stop.

      Sendoh rubbed his jaw and sighed. Well at least I got him to go to the mall with me.

      "If some rumor comes out of this," Rukawa warned in a monotonic voice. "I'll kill you."

      First words for the day and they're all about a threat. Lemons! Can't this guy get a grip? Sendoh thought as he continued to walk.

      She was mad at her cousin, but the best way for her to forget is through food. And since Fujima was being so nice by feeding her so much food (except rice), she'd let him pass for dressing her like the popular girls in school.

      "Fuu-chan, I need to go to the men's room for you know."

      She merely nodded and continued gobbling up her food. Fujima sighed and shook his head slightly before standing up and leaving her.

      Minutes later, someone walked to her.

      "Well, well, well."

      She looked up. "Oh. Hi, Mi-chan."

      "Seat taken?"

      "Kenji ran off to the men's room. So no, it's not taken right now."

      Mikagami nodded and sat down on Fujima's vacated seat in front of her. He looked around with one sweeping look at the surroundings in a not obvious way and settled his sight on Fuuko.

      She does look nice, he thought. Fujima did a nice job. It would be easier now.

      "Well, let's go eat instead of just walking around," Sendoh suggested and walked away, hoping that Rukawa would follow him.

      To his relief, Rukawa did follow him. And they were just in time to see Mikagami and Fuuko eating together and talking. Fuuko was dressed in an attractive way and was laughing at something Mikagami had said while he was smiling slightly.

      Sendoh stole a look at Rukawa and almost sighed in relief. Shohoku's Ice Prince was only frowning and not preparing to do something bad to Mikagami. But then, it seemed that Rukawa was so absorbed in his thoughts that they'd most likely stand here for the rest of the day.

(Rukawa's POV)

      What in curly tops is he doing with Fuu-chan?! And why in all bananas is she laughing like she's really so happy?! What did he do to her?! Poison her?! He even dressed her up like she's some doll! And yes, bribe her with food! What a sly ice man.

      I need to get her away from him. He's bad for her. Really, really bad and I'm going to do all I can to make sure that she's safe from him.

      It's a good thing that this porcupine had me coming to the mall or else Mikagami would be sneaking behind me doing some things to Fuu-chan.

      Bananas! Why is everything so complicated when it comes to Fuu-chan? Why can't it be simple like she's what she was… my best friend… someone who wouldn't push me away for this guy.

      Now why do I feel like sulking? Why do I feel like some crushed banana in a blender? And why do I feel like I want to stuff Mikagami into a blender and crush him too like some strawberry? Why do I feel so irritated like I'd choke anyone who'd bother me? Why do I feel like drowning anyone in the green fluid Ganko used on me? And why do I feel like just going there and grabbing Fuu-chan away from Mikagami?

(Mikagami's Fan's POV)

      We were in the mall, hoping to see Mikagami-sama no matter how impossible that seemed when we spotted him with some attractive girl. We were so devastated when Mikagami-sama smiled at her.

      "Isn't that Kirisawa?"

      I looked at one of my fellow Mikagami-sama admirer like she had turned into some UFO but when a couple of them commented about that, I turned back to the girl a bit far away from us. I looked at her and soon it dawned on me that she did look like Kirisawa. But that Kirisawa is a tomboy and this girl is well… a girl.        Does that tomboy have a twin or what?

      But when she laughed, there's no doubt that that girl is the tomboy we know hovering about Mikagami-sama like some pest. But what the heck happened to her? OMG! Are they in love with each other that they're being so different?!

      "OMG!" One of my friends exclaimed. "Are they in love with each other that they're being so different?!"

      "That's what's on my mind!" A couple of them exclaimed in sync.

      We all looked at each other in alarm. Since when did they fall in love with each other? I mean yeah we do see them together but not this way. I mean… whatever! How could this have happened? I always thought that that tomboy was hanging out with a couple of new bishies. There was this Fujima guy that many girls were talking about. There's even this Sendoh guy that many girls talked about and I think I've heard them huff angrily about a week's date. And lastly, there is this Rukawa guy I've heard so much of.

      Why that sly tomboy! She's keeping so many bishies to herself! Che! Pretending to be a tomboy so she can hog all the boys. She's really looking for a big trouble if she continues this… this… flirty insanity of hers!

(Rukawa's Fan's POV)

      We've been following Rukawa-sama and Sendoh secretly for a long time and then they decided to go to the mall's food court. Sendoh's fans were also following them around secretly.

      I never thought that they're friends. From all the researches our club has, it always comes out that Rukawa-sama treats Sendoh as nothing more but a rival and that he doesn't spend any time with Ryonan's ace. But now, it seems our researches are wrong.

      Then Rukawa-sama stopped and he frowned. We looked at where he was looking at and prepared to get rid of whatever or whoever had displeased him. But then we saw another bishounen with an attractive girl. According to our files, Rukawa-sama doesn't know anyone like her.

      She had a purple-colored hair and had a nice body to be honest. She was… well… gorgeous. But really, we don't know that he knows someone like her. He does know a girl with a purple hair but that girl was… well… not really a girl. She's some tomboy who's well… a tomboy. And this girl is certainly far from that girl with the silver-haired bishounen.

      Besides, Rukawa-sama would never fancy someone else's girlfriend. He can't and wouldn't settle for some leftovers. He deserves the first taste. And judging from the interaction between the purple-haired girl and the silver-haired bishounen, they're going steady. I mean look, the girl is laughing and the guy is looking at her affectionately. And then the girl stops laughing and reaches out for the bishounen's hand and even squeezes it affectionately. So it's pretty obvious that they're in a relationship.

      But why is Rukawa-sama frowning at them. The silver-haired bishounen couldn't have stolen that girl from Rukawa-sama because as far as we know, he never had a girlfriend. He doesn't hang out with girls and well, he may have an interaction with Ayako-san but she's the manageress of the team. And that other girl, he doesn't even say anything to her. Technically, the only female he gives his time to was that tomboy. So what is going on?

      Does Rukawa-sama find this scene upsetting? Or does he take a liking for that girl? Impossible! He doesn't give his precious time to anyone but the tomboy so this is---- wait a second.

      I looked closely at the girl with the silver-haired bishounen. She does look familiar the longer you stare at her. I think I've seen her somewhere… I wonder who she is… hmmm… OMG!!! Isn't---

      "OMG!! Isn't that the tomboy Rukawa-sama is hanging out with this school break?!" My fellow Rukawa-sama fan exclaimed together.

      Hey! Isn't Fujima's fan club talking about her being intimately close to Fujima that he kisses her cheek?! Isn't Sendoh's fan club also talking about her dating Sendoh for a week?! Wait… I think I know that guy. He must be the Mikagami person many girls were talking about while talking angrily about the tomboy?!

      What the heck is she trying to prove anyway?! That she can juggle bishies?! Why that sly tomboy! We would never let her hurt Rukawa-sama! She's really looking for a big trouble if she continues this… this… flirty insanity of hers!


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