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When You Think Things Can't Get Worse, They Do

Chapter 1

"Lily! Time to get up dear!" Ms. Maggie Stover called out to her ten in a half-year-old daughter. Maggie Stover was a young woman in her middle thirties. She was a divorcee and now went by her maiden name. She was a petite woman with long, silky auburn hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin.

"Lily, dear come on now!" Maggie Stover called again. When she heard no sound of movement coming from the second floor she sighed and marched up the flight of steps. She walked down the very end of the hall to her daughter's room and opened the door. "Lily get up now or we're going to be late!" She said looking at the small ten-year-old still in bed.

"Mum do I have to get up?" Asked Lily Evans. Lily Evans was a cute little girl. She had long silky, delicate auburn hair that went to her mid back in soft loose curls. She had extraordinary emerald green eyes- like her father Sam Evans- and a very soft creamy complexion. She was very short and very small.

"Yes, now come on. Your breakfast will get soggy and we will be late." Maggie said impatiently and walked out of Lily's room leaving her to get up.

Lily sighed and got out of bed. She walked over to her closet and got some clothes out then put them on. Now she wore a pair of light blue jeans and a black short sleeve shirt, with light blue Nikes. Afterward she brushed her hair and pulled it back with two small clips on each side. Then she walked out of her room and down stairs to eat breakfast with her mom and sister.

When she entered Lily only saw her older sister Petunia Evans sitting at the table with her bowl of cereal. Lily sat down in front of her and began eating her coco puffs. Petunia looked at her sister and sniffed snobbishly at her.

Petunia Evans was thirteen years old with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was tall and thin with a long face that resembled a horse. She had a pale complexion to her also. She was very popular at school and very snobbish. Petunia hated her sister; she hated her to her very last curl. Lily never knew why though, but never said anything about it.

"Kids are we ready to go?" Maggie, their mother, asked as she walked in the kitchen while putting on gold loop earrings. She wore a black business suit and her hair was pulled back half way.

"Yes mum." Lily said in a very small, sweet, soft angelic voice.

"Yes mother." Petunia said and walked out of the kitchen and outside to the car.

"Well come on Lily, if we are lucky we can reach London five minutes before we are actually late." Maggie said as Lily stood up, pushed her chair in, and walked out of the kitchen with her mother following her to the car. Lily got in the back seat behind her mother, while Petunia got to ride up front. Seniority and all that taking favor.

"Everyone buckled up?" Maggie asked.

"Yes." The two girls replied in unison.

"Right, then let's go and pray we reach London before our appointment at the court house." Maggie said and they drove off.

(The Courthouse)

Maggie Stover and her two daughters reached the courthouse just in the nick of time. Maggie was practically jogging down the halls to the office in which their appointment was to be held.

"Ahh, Ms. Stover you made it. I thought you wouldn't. Well now that everyone is here let's begin shall we?" Mr. Smith said and gestured inside.

Maggie, Petunia, and Lily all walked inside the office and sat down beside of Sam Evans, Lily and Petunia's father. Sam Evans had short blonde hair and bright green eyes. He was very tall and very broad. He looked to his mid thirties and had a rigid face.

"Now it has come to my attention that the both of you want custody of your children and after almost two months of court it grows tiresome. So I have made a decision. You both shall have custody of your children. Ms. Stover you shall have weekdays, and Mr. Evans you shall weekend's every two weeks. Now that is my decision and I will not change it. Now if you'll excuse me." Mr. Smith said and left the office.

"Come along children we have things to do." Maggie said and she headed her daughters toward the doors.

"No good bye to their Father?" Sam Evan's asked.

"No, unfortunately you shall see them in two weeks." Maggie snapped and left the office with her two kids, her mood sour from the judge's rule.

(Sam Evans House)

Two weeks later Sam Evans was showing Lily and Petunia to their rooms in their father's house. Sam Evan's lived in a two-story house with an outdoor underground pool and patio. He first showed Petunia her room, which was very big. It came with tons of clothes and makeup. Of course Petunia loved it and immediately never wanted to go back home to their mother. Then he showed Lily her room right across from his room.

Lily's room was slightly smaller then Petunia's, but she didn't complain. Her room was pink, which Lily hated. Her bed had pale pink covers with little unicorns all over it. She had a pink and white vanity with makeup on it and her closet was full of pink clothing with puppy dogs and unicorns on it.

She stared at it in shock; she wanted her old room back. Her old room was dark midnight blue, not pink. Her old room's décor didn't make her feel as if she was a four year old again, also.

"Do you not like it?" Sam asked.

"Well the pink is a little much." Lily said truthfully, after all her mother told her never to lie.

"Do you not appreciate what I did? You ungrateful brat." Her father said angrily and slapped her hard across the face. Lily fell to the floor with tears swelling up in her eyes. "That should teach you." He father fumed and stomped out slamming the door behind him. Lily heard the door lock and started to stand up. She looked at the mirror and her cheek had started to swell and bruise severally. She started to cry silently and curled up on her bed hoping the pain in her cheek would go away.

(Some Time Later)

Lily must have cried herself to sleep because when she opened her eyes again it was dark and she was very hungry. Lily slowly sat up and looked in her vanity mirror at her cheek. It was swelled and bruised. She winced. It was also painful. She sniffled, walked over to her door, and turned the knob and to her surprise it was unlocked. Lily slowly opened her door and stepped out, but to her ill luck it was at the same time her father stepped out of his room.

"Lily." He said brightly, acting as if nothing had ever happened.

"Dad." Lily said very softly, wary of the man in front of her.

"Your cheek looks horrible, follow me." He told her and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Lily followed him. "Sit on the sink." He instructed. Lily did as she was told, but where the sink was so high and she was very short she had problems. Sam looked at his daughter and smiled smugly before he picked her up and sat her down on the sink. Lily's eyes were cast downward; Sam put a cold compress on her cheek.

"Now come, off to bed with you." Sam said and left the bathroom, but entered a moment later closing the door behind him. He looked at his youngest daughter. "Now don't tell your mum about this, it's our little secret ok." He said. All Lily did was nod her head. "I didn't hear you." He said angrily.

"Yes dad." She said.

"Good now get to bed." He said arrogantly. Lily at once hopped down off the sink and flew in her room to go to bed.

(Later Back At Her Mother's House)

Lily was glad school was over. She hated school because all the kids made fun of her. She never figured out why. She thought maybe is was where she made the best grades or perhaps was a bookworm.

"Lily, are you ready for your birthday?" Her mother asked her three days before her birthday.

"Yeah." What she said was true but wasn't at the same time. She had to spend two days with her father before her birthday actually came. She dreaded it; she hated going to her father's house to stay. Petunia loved it, but of course he didn't hit her like he did Lily.

"Well go get some clothes packed." Maggie said.

"Ok." Lily said and walked off to her room. When she was in her room she closed her door and locked it. Then she went over to her bed and curled up in a ball. 'The last day for two days of safety. I wish I could stay with mum, she would keep me safe.' Lily thought as she drifted off to sleep.

(The Next Morning)

The next morning Lily and her older sister were dropped off at their father's house. Lily stood on the sidewalk and watched as her mum drove away. She sighed and walked inside up to her room. She sat her bag on the floor and sat down on her bed and closed her eyes. This always helped her when she was scared of something. She would close her eyes and imagine someplace safe. It was usually an image of her mother at her house.

"Lily, how nice it is too see you again." Sam Evan's said from Lily's door way. Lily opened her eyes and looked at her father. She bit her lip and gulped. "Your sister is going out with one of her friends she made, do you want to join her?" Her father asked.

"No dad." Lily said. She knew when she was not wanted, and that was whenever she was with her sister. "Can I just stay here in my room?" Lily asked in her soft voice.

"Of course. I'll call you when lunch is ready." He said and walked away.

Lily sighed and laid back against her pillows, her hair sprawled out. She let her thoughts wander. 'I thought it was over when mum and him got a divorce. I guess I was wrong, maybe if I would have told her when he first started she would have gotten full custody. To late now I suppose.' Lily thought and rolled over toward the window in her room. She never had anything to do when she was at her dad's, unless she would do what she most enjoyed.

Lily reached down and pulled out a book from her bag. The book was called 'Dancing on the Edge'. It was one of her favorite books to read. She was so caught up in it she barely heard her father saying it was lunch. She put down her book and ate her lunch, and afterward resumed reading. That was how it was for the rest of the day until she decided to go to bed.

Lily put on her pajamas. The long bottoms were light blue and the top was light blue with a cloud on the front. Afterward she brushed her hair and climbed into bed. She lay awake staring at the ceiling when she heard her door creak open. Lily turned her head and looked at her doorway. She saw his large frame standing in the entrance of her room. Lily gulped and sat up. Her father walked into her room and stopped at her bed.

"Dad what's wrong?" Lily asked her voice wavering slightly. Her father looked down at her and with full force slapped her. She let at a whimper and she fell against her headboard. He continued slapping Lily until a hour later. Then he calmly left her room leaving Lily crying into her pillows and blankets.

(Lily's Mother's House)

"Happy Birthday Lily!'" Her mother said to her eleven year old daughter on Monday.

"Thanks Mum." Lily said when she sat down for breakfast. She smiled at her happy mother. Lily always wondered why her mother never wondered how she got some of the bruises on her face, but never asked.

"You received a letter Lily. The strangest way to. It was delivered by owl." Maggie said handing a rather large and heavy envelope to her daughter. Lily looked at the envelope and then opened it. "Read it aloud if you don't mind." Maggie

asked cheerfully.

/Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Ms. Lily Evans

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins September 1. We await your owl by no later then July 31

Yours sincerely

Minerva McGonagall,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress/

When Lily finished reading she looked up at her mother. Almost at once her mother engulfed her in a large huge. "I'm so proud of you Lily." She said.

"Wow." Lily said. The rest of Lily summer was spent as happy as she could make it.

A week before September the first Lily and her mother were off to Diagon Alley. They left Petunia at home because she had refused to go to some freakish place.

"Well this is the Leaky Cauldron. Come on dear." Maggie said leading Lily into the pub. "Excuse me sir I was wondering how do you get to Diagon Alley?" Maggie asked the bartender.

"Muggles eh." The bartender asked.

"I beg your pardon?" Maggie asked.

"Non-magical folk like yer self." The bartender explained.

"Oh yes." Maggie said.

"Yeah I'll help, come along." He said and led them to the back. They came upon a brick wall. Lily looked at her mother skeptically and got a returned look. Suddenly the wall parted and Lily was amazed by what she saw. It was a whole different world. A crowded street with people that were dressed funny lay before them.

"Well come along Lily." Her mother said grabbing her hand and walking into the crowded street of wizards and witches.


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