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Chapter11: A Journey to the UK

Date: Thursday. 18/November/20XX

Time: 12:02

Location: USA- New York City -Presbyterian Hospital –.

As they walked into the hospital hall, Omar told Sara everything. From when Ali visited them and finished with them in the hospital. Sara was wearing a brown-coloured suit covered with a long brown coat. She completely listened to him as she wrote notes in her small notebook.

"And that's what happened." Finished Omar and rubbed his eyes.

"Aha, ok then …" Said Sara closing her notebook. She looked at Layan and said "And Layan…" Layan raised her head, looking at her. She was wiping her tears and her running nose with a tissue. "Yes, sis?" Asked Layan sniffing. Sara bent her knees again and lowered at Layan's level.

"You still don't remember anything or anyone else other than me, do you?"

"Uhm…."Layan shook her head.

"Oh, ok then, …." Sara Looked at the ground and then back at Layan. "Do you want me to carry you up? Like the old times?" Asked Sara with a sheepish yet sad smile.

"O-Old times?" Layan blinked twice. Even though she still can't remember well, the joyful feeling made an intense interest overcome her.

"Yes! Yes, I want!" answered Layan exited opening her arms. Her amber eyes were sparkling. Sara chuckled and said, "All right, here we go!" And carried Layan up and kept holding her. Layan was having health issues with her growth, which make her look like a 3-year-old child other than 15 years old teenager. That's why Sara doesn't have any trouble carrying Layan.

"Yay! Thanks, sister!" exclaimed Layan happily.

"Ms. Sara, you have to be careful when you hold Layan." Omar brought attention, and they both turned to him as he spoke. "She might break your back because of her heavy weight." Finished with a mocking smile.

"Hey!" Layan looked at him annoyed. "I am not that heavy, right sis?"

"Yeah, she is not that heavy. She also hasn't eaten anything for the last 2 weeks. Which might cause many problems. She needs to eat to gain energy, am I right Omar?" Said Sara giving him a wink. She wanted him to support her in the talking since Layan doesn't have an appetite for food. Omar had totally forgotten about this bad habit in his sister. He blinked twice and completed the acting.

"Ooh, Yes, you are right. She must eat food to get a good amount of energy. How did I forget about it?" Said Omar and slamming his forehead with his hand slightly.

"Ok, then could you please lead us the way, sir?" asked Sara stepping aside to let Omar go in front.

"Sure, ma'am why not? I am the man here after all." Said Omar and walked forward raising his shoulders. Layan on the other hand didn't say anything. She rested her head on Sara's shoulder and spoke.

"I don't know why you guys are helping me despite I made you go through a lot of unenviable situations…," Omar turned to Sara who looked at Layan. Both Omar and Sara don't know what Layan remains to.

"What are you talking about? Layan?" Sara asked wondering. "I've heard what Omar and Ali said earlier that morning, and also what that tall-black-haired guy said to Ali that morning too." Answered Layan, clenching her bandaged hand.

"And now I am in the hospital and don't know about anything happening around me like a dork."

"Layan you don-"

"Maybe both of you wouldn't be in the hospital with severe injuries if I-"

"Would you mind if you Just stop this nonsense?" Sara interrupted Layan in the middle of her train of thought. "Huh?" Layan raised her head looking at Sara.

"Don't you ever dare to say that again. Never. Ever."


"Sister, …." Omar spoke this time.

"Even if you did that or not. It will happen. No matter how you try to stop it, It wasn't your fault. Believe me. I was with you too when all of that happened." Omar hates to admit that but it happened anyway. Now his sister needs his help more than ever. "I will do anything and everything you want to make you the happiest person in the world…Just like my father did that day…." He walked back to them as he continued talking, "So, please stop speaking like that and stress yourself out for something you can't handle, Ok Layan?" Finished Omar looking at his sister.

Layan was speechless. Her twin brother's eyes were telling her everything. His face was tired. He was tired of himself, and of what is happening around him, but he need to keep standing and stay strong, for his mom, and his tired sister too. She rested her head again saying "Ok."

"Promise?" As Layan heard that, she turned to see him raising his pinky finger. Omar wanted to make sure that she won't do something dump. She chuckled and crossed it with her little pinky finger.

"I promise." That was Layan's answer with a grin. Omar gave her a warm smile.

"Good…. Everybody is waiting for us. Let's keep going." He turned and walked away followed by Sara who was holding Layan. Layan rested her head again and tightened her grip on Sara's cloth saying, "Thank you both." Sara didn't react. She is still walking not responding to Layan.

"I owe you my life." That made Sara sigh and place her other hand on Layan's back comforting her.

"So, we are Layan…. So, we are." They were trying to change Layan's mood since she had freaked out many times and seen things she don't have to see.


Date: Thursday. 18/November/20XX

Time: 12:25

Location: USA- New York City -Presbyterian Hospital – At the parking station entrance.

"Where are these brats." Wondered Hassan Looking at his watch with a grumpy face. "What takes them so long? We are going to leave them." He knows that they won't make a step if the twins weren't with them. Hakima heard her son grumbling as she was saying her goodbyes to Bamsi.

"Be patient," Hakima told her son. "They will be here in no time-"

"Mommy!" They heard a sound and saw Layan running toward Hakima hugging her. She gave her son a smug smile. "See?"

"*sigh* Alright you defeated me," Chuckled Hassan as he raised both his hands in defeat, "…The lunch is on my bill." Hassan looked aside and pulled out his phone to call someone and walked away from the station.

"Layan? What's wrong darling?" Asked Hakima her daughter.

"Guess who we met?" Said Layan with a sheepish grin.

"Who?" Wondered Hakima as she raised her head to see Sara.

"Hi, mom." Said Sara with a warm smile. Hakima was surprised.

(W.N: In Arabic countries, a person is encouraged to have an excellent relationship with everyone, especially his relatives and his in-laws. That is why it is permitted in Islam for a man to call his father-in-law "father" or his mother-in-law "mother" as long as he does so to show courtesy, kindness, mercy, and compassion. Sometimes in other Arabian or Islamic countries, they call a man uncle and a woman uncle's wife.)

" Sara?" Hakima put her hand at her mouth trying to believe that this woman standing in front of her is really Sara.

"Yes, long time no see." Said Sara and Kissed Hakima's right hand.

"Oh, my god." And Hakima gave Sara a warm hug. "Thank God you made it out alive. I am really happy about it." Sara's tears were in her eyes. She never expected Hakima's welcome to be like that. That reminded her of her mother who died in a car accident.

"Me too." Sara returned the hug and said, "I am so happy to see you again."

As Layan looked at them happily from aside, she felt her twin brother pulling her. She turned to him. "What's wrong bro? You ruined the moment." Asked Layan annoyed.

"Ali wants to talk to you."

"To me?" Omar nodded to her in response and signed for her to follow him. "Why me?" Asked Layan as she followed him out of the entrance to see Ali with Waleed talking near a long car.

"Oh, God…That titan…" Thought Layan as they reached them. "Is it because I called him 'Sir' beforehand?" As they reached them Ali was talking to Waleed.

"All right. I will tell her…." Said Ali and his gaze centred on his sister. "Oh, there you are." Said Ali and lowered to Layan's level.

"Look there is someone I want you to meet." Said Ali putting both of his hands on his sister's shoulder. "Someone?" Repeated Layan questioning.

"Yeah, you may not recognize him because of your health status. So, …."

"Oh, Ok…." She simply said and looked down annoyed. She is trying to hide it, but her body's language betraying her as usual.

"$h!t…..I totally forgot." Ali realized that he shouldn't… no…. mustn't speak about his sister's health status in front of her. It makes her feel helpless and despair. He had been warned about it several times, and he still forget about it.

"Ah-hh, L-listen sister…."He tried to comfort her. Layan raised her head ."Hm?" She looked at him questioning with a bored look in her eyes.

"Erm …. F-forget about what I said earlier, ok?" He said with an apologizing smile.

"It's all right…. I'm not mad at all." Said Layan looking from her brother's back and then back at him. Layan cut the silence by crossing both of her arms and asking, "So, what are you trying to tell me by meeting that person?" She wants to change the topic so fast. Even though Ali knows that she is still annoyed he tried to cover it.

"As I said earlier. That person has a very close relationship with us."

"You mean by blood?" Asked Layan Raising an eyebrow.

"Y-Yeah, you can say that." Replied Ali with a fake smile and twitched eyebrow. "Oh, God. She is as same as my father." Thought Ali as he stood up and walked to Waleed with Layan following him. Omar didn't follow them. Only standing and looking around to make sure everything around is safe.

"Layan. Meet your uncle Waleed. "

"Woah, …." Layan raised her head grabbing the top of her hat as she looked at her uncle. "Wait…." A sudden thought entered her head. "If he is my uncle, then…" She blushed and lowered her hat. Waleed bends one of his knees at his nephew's level keeping half a meter space between each other.

"Good afternoon, my nephew." Began Waleed. "I am Waleed Kanata. Your father's older brother. Do you remember me?"

She didn't respond. Ali and Waleed looked at her wondering. "Layan?" Asked Ali placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Ah…S-Sorry." She Jumped and apologized. Ali raised his hand from her shoulder and stepped aside.

"This is embarrassing." Thought Layan and plucked up the courage and started talking as she raised her head. Her face was slightly blushed.

"I am Layan Kanata. I-It's a pleasure to meet you…ummm…."

"Waleed …. Uncle Waleed." Reminded Waleed with a small smile.

"U-Uncle Waleed. I-It's my pleasure to meet you U-Uncle." Her reaction made Waleed Laugh. She looked from behind to see Ali hiding his laugh. She gave him a look. Her face was telling him something.

"Help me out, please?" Ali in return raised both of his hands in defence with a smug smile. "Traitor." She thought and looked at her uncle again.

"*CHUCKLE*Oh, my God. I haven't laughed like that for a long time. Sorry about that my nephew…. You somehow remind me of Kareem…*CHUCKLE*…Phew!…" Waleed tried to stop laughing by wiping his tear laugh.

"It's all right uncle." Replied Layan with a small chuckle. "But who is Kareem?" Waleed raised His head looking at her. "You don't know who he is?" Asked Waleed in kind tune. He wants to help her remember, but the more he does, the more he sees Kareem's actions in Layan's usual habits.

"I wish I do…, but…." She looked around as Her eyes became cold and sharp. "I don't." Answered Layan as the black baseball hat covers her eyes.

"It's ok, my nephew." Said Waleed raising her hat to see her well. Guilt was in her eyes. "We are going to help you remember everything, Insha'Allah you will regain your memory back in no time. We can do that by meeting your relatives, friends and your favourite places. " Waleed assured Layan with a warm smile. These words made the creepy guy who holding big chains let go of her shoulder and replaced it with a small peaceful comforting serenity in her chest. Is it hope? She raised her head again hoping she had heard right.

"Really?" Asked Layan with her innocent child eyes.


"That's great!" Exclaimed Layan happily. "I can't wait to meet everyone!"

"I am glad you liked it." Chuckled Waleed and asked, "How about you and the others come with me to the UK?"


"It's Called Britain sis." Informed Omar who came from behind.

" But is it ok if we visited Britain with you, uncle?" Asked Omar his uncle.

"Yeah, sure…. Why are you asking?"

"Because we've been told that we aren't allowed to travel with you."

"What? Who told you that?" Asked Waleed and received the answer by following Omar's finger point which is centred on Ali. Ali was listening too but made himself busy talking on his phone.

"Y-Yes, I-I got it…..." Now the three were staring at him which made him start sweating and unable to concentrate.

"Aah, listen I've got something urgent. I won't forget about your message. Yeah, no worries. See ya later." And closed the line quickly with a sigh. He wipes his sweat with a towel and slowly turns to see the three (Waleed, Omar, and Layan) still staring at him.

"…. Is there something wrong?" Asked Ali like he hadn't heard their but he knows that he screwed up.

"Was it him?" Asked Waleed pointing at Ali. His nephew's twins nodded in return. Waleed stand up and walked to Ali.

"Hey, Ali." Began Waleed. "Can the twins visit the UK with me?"

"My apologies uncle I can't allow them."

"Why not?"

"They might be in danger if they go at the main time."

"Are you saying that they would be in danger if they were under my protection?" Asked Waleed crossing both of his arms and tapping the ground with his foot.

"No, that's what I meant, uncle…."Answered Ali and rubbed his eyes trying to concentrate. He felt a hand warping around his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see his uncle taking him aside.


"Let's talk somewhere else. Shall we?" Said Waleed whispering in Ali's ear.

"Ok." He can't say 'No' to his uncle, but he knows that he might get a short lecture from his uncle too. Waleed let go of Ali as they stopped at the near wall.

"So, what's bothering you?" Asked Waleed

"Well, uncle…. it's…. complicated." Sighed Ali rubbing the back of his neck with his cyber hand.

"Is it GAMMA?" Asked Waleed crossing both of his arms and leaning against the wall.

"Sort of, but mostly no…. I don't really listen to their orders."

"Ok, then what is it?" Ali didn't answer. He looked aside and his eyes darkened. Waleed had seen this look on Ali's face. It was when Ali woke up after the explosion.

"*Sigh* Listen Ali." Began Waleed, "I know you are worried about the twins after what happened to you, but you can't keep them hiding in fear forever."

"But uncle…" Began Ali, "Both of them suffered because I came to pick them up. They already woke up from the coma and their seizures came back. Also, these killers are still looking for them. The twins won't be able to stand against them. Both of them are tired…." Said Ali running his hand through his hair. Oh, … So, that is why he is saying no…. Waleed was quiet. Not saying a single word. Only listening.

"…What if these killers find out about their location? What if something happened to them when I am gone? What if…..." Now Ali needs help. Waleed Pushed himself against the wall and came back to balance. He hurried to stop Ali from Overthinking.

"Hey Hey Hey….…. Calm down, Ali." Waleed Put both of his hands on Ali's shoulders. Ali in return raised his head looking at his uncle with his tired yet worried eyes.

"We are in a different dimension and the twins are in a different situation right now. They will be safe in the main time." Waleed Let go and expand his hand in the air and added, "You also put them into the FBI protection program, right?"

"Yes, …. I did."

"You can't keep them like that. They are still at a young age and have a life to explore its secrets." Tried Waleed to explain to Ali. Ali, on the other hand, sighed.

" I…. don't know what to say…."

"Do not worry about us. Big brother." Popped up Layan from between. Waleed and Ali looked at her surprised.

"When did she-" They didn't have time to think more only to hear Omar supporting her.

"Yes, you don't have to," Omar added to Layan's talk. "We aren't afraid of death." Ali clenched his cyber arm hardly trying to hold his anger.

"Do you both understand what are you saying?" Asked Ali between his gritted teeth, and they both said: "Yes, we are." At the same time.

"Even though I don't remember everything about all of us, I can't stay like that doing nothing, big brother," said Layan making eye contact with Ali. Her eyes were filled with confidence.

"….There might be danger hiding in the journey of remembering, but I need to know brother. I want to know who I am. What is happening around me? Why are you worried that much about us? If you are ok or not after your surgery Eeeeip! ..." Layan realized what she said in her last sentence and closed her mouth with both of her hands fast. Ali's anger faded as soon as he heard that. The three looked at Layan blinking twice. That made her blush. She coughed again and continued talking ignoring their gazes.

"What I meant is that I want to get my memory back to be able to help you."

"She is right bro; you can't stay alone working 24/7 and dragging yourself to the edge of the abyss. I know you are doing that to protect us, but not by sacrificing your life in return." Said Omar, " And since all of us are here, we can help you in your work. No matter what happened with you, we are ready to face it and get through it, right sis?" He looked at Layan who Jumped saying, "Yes! Yes! Like what he said!... Oh yes, …uncle?…."

"Yes, Layan?" Said Waleed who was impressed by his nephew's attitude toward the situation.

"Can Ali come with us too?"

"Sure, he can. Why not?"

"That's amazing! " She looked at Ali again and crossed both of her hands begging. "So, can we visit the UK with Uncle, pleeease?" Ali's cyber hand stopped whirring as soon as he released it. He closed his mouth as he took a deep breath and sighed.

"Yes, You can."

"YAY!" Jumped Layan happily and hugged his leg saying, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are the best brother in the world!" Ali didn't expect that reaction at all. He tried to hide his laugh as he talked to her.

"*CHCKLE* Ok, Ok Layan, but let go of my leg!" Waleed and Omar laughed as Ali tried to free his leg from his tiny happy sister. As Layan finally let go, she grabbed her twin old brother's hand -who was wiping his tear laughing- Saying, " I will go and tell Mom!" and ran to them. Omar -who had been dragged suddenly- tumbled in his run.

"W-Wait sis! You will make me fall!" Ali couldn't hold his laugh and joined his uncle in laughing.

" Are they usually like that? They didn't change, do they?" Asked Waleed after they finished laughing. "Oh, God they will never change." Agreed Ali wiping his tear laugh.

"You see that?" Said Waleed bringing Ali's attention. " Even the twins are worried about you."

"I guess I've seen it from a wrong angle." He lowered his head apologizing, " Sorry for troubling you in that, Uncle."

"*CHUCKLE* It's all right my nephew. You don't have to. It's just because it's the first time for you to face these kinds of things. So, I understand what it feels." Waleed raised both of his hands. He narrowed his eyes and said while playing with his mustache, "You didn't sleep well after the death of that Japanese police guy, did you?" Ali was surprised. How did his uncle know about it?

"How did you know?"

"What do you think am I? You brat…" Asked Waleed Annoyed "I am your father's older brother. I have my own ways…."Ali thought that he made his uncle mad until he heard his uncle continue talking, "Besides…." He then slaps Ali's back mightily several times saying "You need to take a break. Big Guy! Ha Ha~!" Exclaimed Waleed making Ali chuckle "Yeah, you are right." Waleed let go of his nephew and walked to his car. "Oh, before I go." He stopped as he reached his car. He turned to Ali wanting to ask him.

"Does the 20th of this month suit you?" Waleed Asks and Ali answered.

"Yes, it perfectly does."

"All right then, don't forget. Take a break, and sleep well. I'll see you on the 20th of this month Inshallah. So long! My nephew!" He waved before he entered his car and drive away. Ali waved back until his uncle's car disappeared and lowered it down. Among all of his uncles and aunties, Waleed was the one who stood by Ali's side guiding him in life, helping him with his work issues, making excuses for GAMMA, and many other things. He took the father role from Kareem and used it wisely. Ali really appreciates that and wishes he could one day return the dept to both his father and his uncle.

He looked around to see the twins waving for him to come. He put both of his hands in his pockets and walked to them. Bamsi wasn't with them because he must return to his work, and Sara left in a hurry due to the sudden call she received. The only people who were remaining were Kareem's family.

He heard Layan yelling, "You are going to a wedding party?" Gasped Layan putting her hand at her mouth. Hakima and Omar were hiding their laugh, "Why didn't you invite me?" Layan asked Hassan annoyed crossing both of her arms.

"Oh Layan, please try to understand for God's sake. "Sighed Hassan, "For the fifth time, we are still preparing for the wedding. Why aren't you believing me?" Hassan's face was red as he tried to explain to her. She pouted and turned her back to his face.

"*sigh* Listen, when we are ready. I will make you in the first line of chairs. How about that?" She Gave him a side eye and asked,

"With an extra shawarma in the buffet?"

"Oh God, …. With an extra shawarma in the buffet." Repeated Hassan between his gritted teeth and twitched eyebrow. As soon as she heard that, she turned to him and said simply "Ok." With a happy smile and walked to Her twin brother.

"Congrats," Commented Hakima from behind "At least you managed to handle your anger when you talk to her." It's good that Hassan this time didn't pull his hair like a madman every time he argues with Layan. Ali coughed to bring attention.

"Listen, guys." All the family turned to look at him. "On the 20th of this month, we are going to visit the UK with Uncle Waleed."

"Ok, good." Commented Hakima, "It's been a while since I've visited my old homeland, but we need to prepare." She turned to Hassan asking him, "What about you, Hassan?"

"Sure, why not?" Said Hassan putting on his sunglasses, "What about the twins?"

"They are the first one who agreed to let Uncle Waleed take them."

"W-What?" His sunglasses dropped, " No wonder we are going there." He looked at them.

"You haven't seen our powers yet. We have the strongest intermediary in the world!" Jumped Layan and pointed forward. The family laughed at her childish actions. She couldn't resist the infection of laughing and joined them. Now, Layan has to go through a long journey to recover and regain her lost memory.


Date: Saturday. 20/November/20XX

Time: 4:45 -Before Sunrising-

Location: England- Cambridge-Henley Rd -At The Gym Group Cambridge.

The 24-hour gym didn't have a lot of athletes starting at this time of day, except for several people who have a lot of events in their schedule to do. Like that black guy who is putting on the iron weight on the dumbbells. He was sweating like a river. Wearing a T-shirt and short pants and a band at his hand wrists.

(W.N: I don't mean to say black or dark because I don't know what they call. I just don't want to be racist if I said it without knowing the meaning, So please accept my apology…. I think the significance had reached, right?)

" *OFFF* Now that is good. Phew!" Said the muscled guy and sat on the ground, wiping his sweat. He spaced out as he looked at the window.

"Ay…. yo…. It's raining heavily. I should've brought the umbrella with me." Thought the black guy and saw a thunder in front of the gym entrance which made the lights go off. What brought his attention more is the guy who was at the entrance and disappeared suddenly after the thunder.

"Maybe I am just imagining." Thought the Burst Taper-haired guy, "I need to check on the light." He stood up and walked to the electricity. He opened the door and searched for the right key using his small flashlight.

"Aha! Gotcha!" Exclaimed the athletic guy happily and turned it on. The engine of the electricity started as soon as he turned it on. He went out of the room and closed the door behind him.

As he walked back to continue his workouts, he saw a huge black hoodie guy covered in rain and holding a long black bag enter the gym. He was about 1.82 meters long (W.N: 5,97 Feet Long) which makes him nearly as long as a tree. The hoodie guy was putting his hoodie on and covering his face with a mask, and sunglasses while his hands were in his hoodie pockets.

"Who is that guy?" Mumbled the black guy wondering and he continued walking back to the dumbbells. The hoodie guy stopped for a moment hearing what that black guy said.

"I remember that I said that I will be absent for 1 month due to my exams," Started the hoodie guy talking in his hoarse voice loudly to let the black guy hear him well. The black guy jumped at the sudden hoarse voice and turned to the hoodie guy.

" …. But I didn't say I will be absent forever…. But…*COUGH* In both situations, I don't blame you…"He lowered his hoodie and take his hat off showing his silver hair. He adjusts his silver hair to the side with his hand. The black guy narrowed his eyes at him.

"…Maybe you didn't recognize me because of my unusual appearance and sudden hoarse voice and…. several other things…." The silver-haired guy removed his black mask and sunglasses showing his dark silver eyes. He took off his hoodie cloth showing a wide white t-shirt with baggy dark green cargo pants. He tidied his items and placed them in his bag with closing it.

"Am I right? Leo?" Finished the silver-haired guy looking at the stunned black guy.

"J-Jaber?" Said the black guy (AKA Leo) blinking twice as he looked at the silver-haired guy.

"What do you think?" Grumbled Jaber loudly, "Nobody in this place has a sliver hair colour other than me-" He heard a sudden yell coming from Leo.

"AYO! JABER!" Yelled Leo while running at Jaber, "WHAT'Z UP, PAL!" Jaber chuckled at his friend's actions and greeted him (by putting his hand on his chest and bowing his head a little), but Leo had another new way.

"Hehe~ I am doing good. What about—URKKK!" He couldn't finish his sentence as he felt a hand warping around his neck nearly suffocating. It was Leo's new way of greeting.

"WHAT TAKES YA SO LONG!" Yelled Leo in Jaber's ear. "DON'T TELL ME THAT YA BECAME A GHOST?!" He saw Jaber raise his left arm showing his clenched hand and tightened veins.

"Oh, $&%!" He realized what Jaber is going to do, "Look! I-I will release you but lower your arm first." Jaber did as he told, and Leo released him so fast. Jaber lowered one of his knees as he took several breaths and rubbed his neck.

"He He~ My bad, pal…" Apologized Leo with a sheepish grin. Jaber was trying to take a breath.

"What kind of greeting is this?" Asked Jaber between breaths.

"It's my new way of greeting." Answered Leo excitedly, "Did you like it?"

"No." Jaber's answer was dry, "I see it as a new method of sudden fighting other than a greeting."

"KE~KE~ You can say that." Laughed Leo, "But man look at you." Started Leo noticing by looking at Jaber. "You've completely changed in one month." Leo raised his index finger pointing at him while talking. "Ya even adjust yar hairstyle."

"I didn't do anything for my hair."

"What happened to Ya?" Asked Leo ignoring Jaber's note. Jaber usually gets mad and starts chasing Leo due to the huge number of pranks that Leo put in for Jaber. After his absence for 1 month, he changed. He became calmer, less active, weak (despite his big muscles), and…bigger than before?

"Well," Jaber put his hand at his neck rubbing it. "It's kinda a long story." Indeed, it happens a lot of things during his absence from the gym. Jaber told Leo what happened while he was performing some stretching exercises. Beginning from the time of his exams and finishing with the call he received about the incident which shook the world after 12 years passed since the explosion. At that time Jaber was performing some workouts. Leo was deeply listening while lifting light dumbbells, so he won't hurt himself.

"So, let me get this straight." Said Leo lowering the dumbbell and placing it on the ground.

"The twins who had been found in New York City had a relation with the explosion that happened 12 years ago IN THE SAME CITY!?" Leo was surprised by what Jaber told him.

"*COUGH* Believe it or not. It's up to you. That's what they already said in the news." Said Jaber opening a bottle of water and drinking it. He tightened his hand at the bottle as soon as he finished it and throw it in the trash. He walked to a bar that was attached to the wall. He grabbed the bar and started pulling himself up and down.

Leo was still thinking about what he heard. He wished he could play a detective at least once in his life. So, he went to his bag opened it up and pulled out a pencil and a small notebook then close it. He sat down and started writing his thoughts.

Now the incident started 12 years ago, right? Right, good. But the date of the explosion which date it was? Leo needs to check the internet. He opened his phone and wrote down 'The explosion in New York City which happened 12 Years ago.' And enter. To Leo's surprise, it was the same date. On the 26th of October. That was…. insane…He searched more to know the victims' names. The internet said that the police couldn't identify the victim's identity due to a lack of identifying supplies at that time. He grumbled and closed his phone and returned to his notebook.

Now the twins were kidnapped or let's say…. attacked on the 26th of October, but it was the same date number when Jaber and his sister were attacked the last year ….and that same date when the explosion happened…. Was it a coincidence? He tried to connect the dots …thinking about it like that will lead to one thing….

After one hour and a half of steam coming out of Leo's head -Which brought a lot of people's attention in the gym-, Leo turned to Jaber who was now doing a plank with keeping both of his legs away from the ground and raising his body with his arms. Sweat was covering his face and dripping from his body. "Ayo, Jaber. Do the twins have a relationship with ya?" Jaber wasn't answering. He was putting a sound isolation device in his ears.

"Hey, Jaber?" He came a little bit closer to Jaber to see his eyes were sharp and scary. His face was almost turning dark red. Leo panicked.

"AYO, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YA!" Yelled Leo, but Jaber didn't respond too, "STOP IT!" He smacked Jaber's shoulder. Jaber lost his concentration along with his balance and fell to the ground coughing. He managed to turn and sat down trying to take deep breaths. "W-What's wrong? Is there something urgent?" Asked Jaber and removed the sound isolation device and cough again. His facial colour returned to normal but became pale all of a sudden.

" You ok, pal? Ya freaked the heck out of me." Asked Leo looking at Jaber who nodded and stood up trying to keep his balance only to fall on one of his knees clenching the right part of his lower abdomen. Leo hurried to help Jaber up only to be stopped by his friend.

"I-It's ok…Y-You don't have to…." Jaber raised his hand telling him to stay away. He can't let Leo be involved in his secret missions and put his friend in danger, "Could you please bring my bag from there?"

"What's wrong with ya? You hadn't been normal since you came." Wondered Leo while he brought Jaber's bag to him.

"I'm fine. *COUGH*. It's just a cold I caught several days ago. " Answered Jaber between his breaths. " Thanks for bringing the bag." Said Jaber and opened his bag pulling out his hoodie and the other items.

"Then, don't stress yourself out like that." Said Leo annoyed, "You must take some rest."

"I-I can't." Said Jaber with his shaky voice wearing his hoodie and putting on his hat, mask, and sunglasses.

"Why not?"

"We have special guests that will visit us today." Answered Jaber holding his bag and opened it up.

"Who are these special guests?" Asked Leo who was rolling the screw of the dumbbells.

"My cousins." Answered Jaber pulling out two umbrellas and closing his bag.

"Are those who hadn't met since you were 3 years old?"

"Yep, those are the ones." Replied Jaber with sounded 'p' and throw one of the umbrellas to Leo. "How did you know that I needed one?" Leo catch the umbrella as he asked.

"I didn't. I heard you grumbling when I entered the gym."

"What about you? You are sick. You can't get out like that."

"Don't worry. I always take an extra one with me just in case I saw someone in need of it. Thanks for caring my friend." Said Jaber and looked at his watch. He turned and walked to the entrance saying, "I've to go now, pal. See ya later." He raised his clenched hand to Leo and went out of the gym.

"So long my frinedo and take care of yourself." Leo did the same with a grin.

"That moron." Thought Leo, "He adds a special atmosphere to this place. I am sure he will be fine…" He smiled. Leo was amazed by Jaber. He took a lot of roles to assist himself and others despite his young age and what happened to him a year ago. He looked at the umbrella with a sigh "Looks like I owe him one now." He suddenly remembers, " $%#! I forgot to ask him about the incident."

*1 Hour Later*

The sliver-haired teenager was wiping her sweat as she looked at the results satisfied. She went and took a shower then went out of her room wearing thick clothes. Then she went to the cabinet in the living room to check which book to read today. Her Gaze stopped at a scarlet book colour with ' The Hound Of The Baskervilles ' written on it. She took the book excitedly and heard and sudden thunder from outside.

"That's fascinating." Thought the girl and sat down on the couch. She began reading the book happily after she cleaned the whole apartment and prepared the snacks for their cousins attending. She stopped when she heard a doorknock.

"Coming. Coming!" She jumped from the couch and ran to the door and opened it to see Jaber lowering his mask with an apology grin.

"أهلاً جمانة."

Tr: "Hello, Jumana." Began Jaber who was grabbing his umbrella speaking in Arabic. He was completely exhausted with his face flushed. He tried to close the umbrella for the third time. Finally, it closed.

"أهلين أخي. شبك؟؟"

Tr: "Hi brother. What's wrong?" Asked Jumana in her kind yet worried tune. He didn't answer. He was taking off his boot, but he loses his balance and almost hit his head against the wall. Jumana hurried to prevent it by grabbing his hoodie. He was so heavy, but he needed her help. That's what are they for; to support each other when they are in a time of hardship and prosperity.

"آ-آسف. سهوت شوي"

Tr: "S-Sorry. I …slipped a bit." Said Jaber who was partly awake and tried to return to his balance. She put her palm on his head which was on fire because of his cold. He needs to sleep well.

" ولا يهمك. يلا على مهلك وإنت عم تمشي."

Tr: "Don't mention it. Come on, take it easy when you walk." She helped him to stand up and enter the apartment. Jaber didn't listen to his sister when she warned him not to go to the gym at the main time. She knows that he might come back unable to stand up. As she helped him to enter the apartment, she closed the door with her foot and Jaber let go of his sister and spoke.

"شكراً جمانة. كافي هيك. فيني أروح لوحدي."

Tr: "Thanks Jumana. That's enough. I can go by myself." He walked to his room grabbing his abdomen. As he reached the room, he closed the door behind him. Jumana knows that Jaber wasn't only tired because of his cold. She went and brought a small basket containing cold pills, painkillers, bandages, sterile tools, and medical tape. She placed them on the cabinet, which was near Jaber's room.

"جبتلك الأدوات والدوا. هنن فوق الخزانة."

Tr: "I brought you the tools and the medication. They are on the cabinet." Jumana told Jaber behind the door and walked to the living room. She heard him saying "Thanks. I will take it later." In English. She knows that he is speaking English, so he won't be selfish in front of his cousins. (Since they are Half Arabian and Half British). She Shrugged and Grabbed the book reading it again.

While she was reading, she heard footsteps going back and forth. She knows that was Jaber who gained energy a bit, so she ignored him and turned her back to face the couch. Half an hour later, Jumana reached a scary part of the book. She was deeply concentrating on it. That's why she didn't feel the footsteps coming from behind. She looked in front of the book to notice a huge shadow behind her back. She slowly turned to see a tall guy covering the light. His hair was soaked in water with a towel around his neck. Jumana was speechless.

"Hey, do you know where-" Began the guy only to hear a loud thunder. He raised his head looking at the window commenting. "That's a loud one." But Jumana lost it.

"WAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLIIIIIIIIII!" Her yell filled the apartment. The guy turned so fast worried about her. "Jumana! Are You -*OFFF*!" Asked the tall guy and received the novel book flying at his face smacking him and falling to the ground. Jumana narrowed her eyes to see three birds flying above Jaber's head.

(Quick Note: Waili or Wail is a word said in Arabic which has a close meaning to ' Oh My God ' or 'When acts of evil and torture fall on someone' Or Wail which is ' the name of a valley in hell.)

"Oh, it was you." Blinked Jumana twice, "Could you please stop scaring me?" Asked Jumana crossing both of her arms annoyed. "Ouch. My head." Moaned Jaber standing up with rubbing his head. He asked annoyed, " And Could you please stop throwing items at my face whenever I came to ask you about something?" And Jumana replied in return,

"How about throwing a kick at your face?" Jumana suggested with a raised eyebrow and dirty grin, "It's faster, and can't even be noticed. In less than a second. You will find yourself on the ground." Oh, forget to tell you. Jaber and Jumana are Karate players. Which makes it an interesting competition between them and their cousins (Omar and Layan).

"Wow" Jaber's eyebrow twitched, "I wonder if you are able to do that." Said Jaber in mocking tune daring her.

"Wanna give it a try, Mr. Wolf?" Stood Jumana staring at Jaber.

"Heh," Chuckled Jaber mockingly, "I'd like to see you try. Mrs. Sensitive." Said between his gritted teeth cracking his fingers with his other hand. Then a small sparkle appeared between their eyes. He is indeed taller than Jumana, but he won't lay a hand on her. They both know that Jaber's kind heart won't allow him to hurt her. He is doing that only to tell her to toe the line. They kept staring at each other for solid 5 minutes until Jaber couldn't handle it.

"*ACHOOO!*"He turned his face and sneezed aside losing the challenge. The cold is definitely affecting him along with his injured body.

"Yay! I won!" Jumana jumped happily. She turned to Jaber to see him putting tissue on his nose and sneezing again. She heard him whispering "Oh God." And grabbing his abdomen in pain. Her heart softened, "Well," Began Jumana bringing Jaber's attention, "Since you are still tired and can't concentrate well. I will let it pass this time. So don't worry about it." Jaber's mouth opened for a second and said,

"Did you catch a cold from me or what?" Jaber's reply made her eyebrows twitch. "Instead of saying ' Thank you, sister. I won't forget it '. You say that?"

" No, I am serious because you don't usually let it go that easy. You're as same as my mother sometimes." Even though Jaber was right, saying That made her pout with turning her head aside.

Jaber Chuckled with a shrug. They suddenly heard Jumana's phone ringing. She stood up and grabbed her phone checking it on. "Who?" Asked Jaber, "A message from Daddy." Answered Jumana tapped on her phone and read the message. She put her hand at her mouth with tears in her eyes.

"W-What's wrong?" Jaber stood up from the couch walking toward her.

"They are in the UK." started Jumana speaking wiping her tears before they falls.

"Ok, good… then why are you crying?" Stopped Jaber waiting for her to say more.

" 'Their seizure came back to both of them, …' " Jaber was speechless. As he remembers, Omar's and Layan's seizures were only when they are in childhood. Which means that it has gone a long time ago. Then why did it come back? Unless something else happened with the twins making their seizure return back. His crowded thoughts faded when he saw her want to say something else. "What else?"Said Jaber waiting for her to finish.

" 'Layan had lost her memory.' " Jaber's eyes widen, and Jumana continued reading, " 'She*SNIFF* don't remember anything. So, they won't stay long here. At the main time, you and Jaber try to help them both. They are not completely recovered. I'm sorry I've told you late darling.' That's what he said in the message." Jumana finished not able to resist her falling tears and Jaber's eyes darkened. Omar and Layan were considered brother and sister to Jaber and Jumana. They (Jaber and Jumana) thought they (Omar and Layan) were doing good as they heard from James. That was shocking for both of them.

He gritted his teeth with his clenched hand. Maybe if he told them earlier about what that black wolf told him. They may at least manage to save the twins and prevent Layan's memory to be lost. He felt that he is the only one responsible for what happened to all of them since he consider himself the oldest one of the four. He knows that he can't do anything about it right now, and anger won't help him in a thing. He took a deep breath and let go of his clenched hand. He looked at Jumana who came back from the bathroom drying her face with a towel. He knows saying that won't help him, but the instant guilt which filled him all of a sudden - when he saw the scar still at the back of Jumana's head- made his lips speak without noticing.

"Maybe if I told them about what that wolf told us. None of this could happen." He was looking down not facing his sister. She raised her head looking at him.

"It's not your fault." Said Jumana who finally stopped crying with a sudden strict tune, "Either you told them or not, it would happen. We couldn't tell them because we barely survived and took a long time for us to recover. Not to mention that you needed several physical and psychological therapy sessions until you were able to stand up. So, don't blame yourself." sighed Jumana and spoke,

"Let's just prepare ourselves. There are still two hours until we meet them. Go and take a rest. You didn't sleep well in the last several days." She tried to change the topic because she was tired of what is happening around them. Jaber didn't say anything else. He walked to his room and grabbed the basket -which contain medicine- and closed the door behind him.

Jumana didn't do anything. She only tapped on the phone and closed it with a shaky sigh. "What can I do to help her memory come back?" Thought Jumana hugging the couch's pillow. A sudden thought popped into her mind. She ran to the cabinet and searched between the books until she find it. She pulled out the book which was written 'ALBUM.' On it.

"This Insha'Allah would help a lot." Jumana opened the book Looking happily at it.


Date: Saturday. 20/November/20XX

Time: 10: 22 – Before afternoon -

Location: England- Cambridge- At Trinity Street.

The place wasn't that crowdy, but there were people going here and there which make it half and half. Thank God, the rain had stopped, which means a lot of people don't have to cancel their plans, and others can go to their work. Most of the shops in this city open at 9 or 10 in the morning, but the meeting was centred at the bookstore which is on the side of Trinity Street.

The four (Max, Ali, Omar and Layan) were walking on Trinity Street looking at the UK's buildings and the surrounding shops. Layan the only thing she is doing was taking photos here and there with her Nikon camera. Hakima wanted to go with Hassan to meet her parents after the long absence, so she apologized for the meeting.

"Are we there yet?" Layan asked so fast and wanted to run. Omar had got the feeling that Layan is about to do something dump. Before she even began stepping, Omar grabbed Layan's wrist telling her "Don't forget what mom told us." She moaned in return and kept walking with them.

Max was wearing a black uniform covering his face with a mask showing his eyes only. He looked like a bodyguard. Meanwhile, Ali was wearing a shirt with black Jeans and a jacket. He also wearing sunglasses, so nobody notices him.

Omar was wearing a shirt with an ochre sweater vest above and wide straight ochre jeans. Not to mention his baseball hat and his mask, but the colour was ochre, not black. Layan was wearing a white wool shirt and loose-fit jeans. Not to mention her long wrap coat which has the same colour as her eyes and her black baseball hat. The twin's outfit was familiar with the Korean outfit style. It was Hakima's idea for them.

"I remember they told me that they are in this place," Ali said looking at his phone and then at the Heffersbookstore.

"Woah, …." Layan's eyes sparkled," A bookstore!" And entered so fast, "L-Layan what did I tell you earlier?" Omar was annoyed and tapped his foot on the ground. Max noticed that Omar wanted to check the store too.

## Why don't you go and take a look at the store too, Omar? ## Max asked Omar. His robot voice tune was dry. Omar turned to him questioning. "Huh?"

## You love reading books too, do not you? ##

"I do, but …." Said Omar looking at his sister who disappeared inside the store. Omar sighed, " Fine, checking some books won't be bad. I haven't read one in a while." And followed her.

"It is this place." Confirmed Ali checking his phone for the last time putting it in his pocket and turning to see only Max standing.

"Where are they?" Asked Ali looking around.

## They entered the store. ## Answered Max pointing at the Heffers bookstore.

"My hands are tied, you know." Chuckled Ali rubbing the back of his head and entered the store.

"Wanna come in?" Ali asked Max before he take a step to the store. ##I have an important meeting. ##

"As you like." Replied Ali, "See ya later." And entered the store. Max instantly walked until he became between the crowds and disappeared.


"They said they will be at 10:00." Mumbled Jaber looking at his watch. "What takes them so long?" He crossed both of his arms. He was wearing a grey hoodie a shirt and waggy military pants. He didn't want anyone to recognize him, so, he put on his mask and hat – since he and Jumana are VIPs and the youngest students in the college-.

"Maybe there was a traffic jam." Wondered Jumana who was wearing her hijab, wool t-shirt, and long cornflower blue coat. They were sitting on the couch near the books.

"I want to check what does this store have." Said Jaber suddenly standing up and walking between the books. Jumana remembered something.

"Jaber before you go." He turned to his sister.

"It's ok to have some freedom." Jumana reminded her brother who replied, "Whatever." and walked deep into the bookstore.

He reached the novels section and looked at the books they have. He also removed the mask as his sister ordered. He found Agatha Christie Novels which weren't that far from him. He wondered how could the others grab the book.

He heard a squeaking voice and wondered if there was a squirrel in the store. He turned around to see Layan trying to reach 'The Study in Scarlet' book. She gave up and turned her back trying to think of a way to get it without asking the tall creepy guy. Jaber was trying to believe that this little girl is Layan. She didn't change in the last 12 years ago. He pulled the book out and walked to her. She turned to give it another try only to see Jaber handing her the book. She took the book with Her hat covers her face and says " Thank you, sir. My apologies for causing noises. I-I didn't want to disturb you. " With adjusting her hat and putting her hand on her chest thanking him.

" *Chuckle* No problem Layan." She raised her head as soon as she heard her name. She had a sudden speedy memory showing in it two grey-haired twins. That tall guy was somehow in this memory. Layan wanted to know if she was right or not. She tightened her grip on the book while asking.

"Have …" She plugged up the courage and asked again raising her head and looking at Jaber in the eye,

"Have we met before, sir?"

To Be continued...

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