Chapter Nineteen

"What did you say?" Yusuke asked Botan over the communicator, his voice shaky.

"Akari was hit by the blast, Yusuke. She's unconscious." She told Yusuke as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

Yusuke closed his eyes briefly and opened them again.

"We're on our way." He told Botan before closing the communicator.

Yusuke closed his eyes and remained silent. He didn't have to say anything. He knew the others overheard. He opened his eyes and looked at Hiei and was surprised to see a stunned _expression on his face.

*So, it takes something like this to happen to make you realize how much Akari and your unborn child means to you, Hiei? You truly don't deserve her love or your child. Maybe now, you can make things right.* Yusuke says to himself.

Yusuke's takes a deep breath and exhales.

"Let's go."

He told his friends and they quickly left the fortress to head back to the portal to Koenma's office.

Hiei, on the other hand, was being bombarded with guilt and remorse over the way he had been acting.

*Please! Please let her and our child be alright. Please!* Hiei said mentally as they hurried outside into the sunshine towards the forest they emerged from to get to Vendetta's stronghold.


Meanwhile back at Koenma's, Botan, Keiko, Shizuru, and Yukina stood outside the door waiting for Koenma to emerge with news on Akari's condition.

"What's taking so long?" Keiko said.

"I don't know, Keiko. We can only hope that its good news when Koenma comes out." Botan told her.

"I hope Akari and the baby are okay." Yukina said.

A few more minutes passed when the door finally opened and Koenma stepped out. The girls looked at him expectedly, praying for good news.

"Well? How is she, Koenma-sama?" Botan asked.


Yusuke and the others returned to Koenma's to be greeted by an uneasy silence.

Jorju, Koenma's faithful servant, walked out to meet them.

"Jorju, where is everybody and why is it so quiet?" Kuwabara asked.

Jorju said nothing, just looked at them with a sad _expression on his face.

"Is-is it Akari? Is she okay?" Yusuke asked, fearing what he would hear.

"Come with me." Jorju said.

Jorju turned and walked back down the hallway he came from with Yusuke and the others behind him. They walked up two flights of stairs before reaching the floor where Yusuke and the others saw Koenma, in his adult form, and the girls. The girls were crying as they approached them.

"Koenma sir?" Kurama asked.

Koenma looked at them with a solemn _expression.

"Akari? Is she?" Yusuke managed to get out after swallowing the lump in his throat.

"She's fine, Yusuke." Koenma told him.

"And the baby?" Kurama asked.

Koenma lowered his head and shook it. A sharp gasp was heard. Everyone turned to look at the source. It was Hiei. He was standing there, seemingly rooted to the spot. His ruby eyes wide and quickly filling with unshed tears. He ran past Yusuke and Koenma and entered the room where Akari was and shut the door behind him.

There, on the bed in the corner of the room, lay Akari. She had the sheet pulled up to her chest. Hiei heard quiet sniffles as he approached the bed until he stood beside it, looking down at her.

"Akari?" He managed to get out.

"I lost the baby, Hiei. You should be happy. You no longer have to worry about a baby tying you down anymore." Akari said in a dead voice. Hiei began to cry then.

"Akari, I-I know I acted like cold-hearted bastard, but I really DID want this child." He told her.

Akari began to laughed and said, "Oh really. You had a real funny way of showing it."

"I-" Hiei started, but Akari stopped him.

"Look, we both know you didn't want this child, so please don't start pretending that you cared about the baby, when we both know you weren't happy about it in the first place, so please, just leave me alone." Akari said trying not to cry again.


"Please, just go. Please." She whispered, clutching the sheet to her chest.

Hiei looked at her, bowed his head, and turned to leave the room. He reached the door.

"I really did want this child, Akari. I just hope that one day you will believe that I loved our unborn child just as much as you." And with that said, he opened the door and left.

When Akari heard the door closed, she began to cry. "Oh, Hiei-chan. If only I could believe you." she said softly.

Back outside, Hiei walked past everyone without saying a word and went downstairs. He was really heartbroken over the loss of their child. If only he hadn't acted the way he did. He would feel guilty over the death of their child for the rest of his life.

As the others watched him disappear down the stairs, Koenma turned to Yusuke.

"Come with me, Yusuke." He told him as he walked to the bedroom door.

Yusuke did as told and they both quietly entered the room.

"Akari?" Koenma softly called to her.

"Koenma-sama? Is onni-chan with you?" she asked.

"Yes, he's here as you requested." Koenma replied.

"Good." Akari sat up and turned to them and motioned for them to approached the bed.

"Sit down, onni-chan. I need to talk to you. Koenma-sama already knows, but what is said between the three of us, remains between us and no one else outside this room." Akari told him.

"Koenma already knows? Knows what?" Yusuke asked after sitting down beside Akari and looked back at Koenma who was standing a few feet away from them.

Akari sighed and took Yusuke's hands in hers.

"Onni-chan, the baby is alive and well." She told him.

"It is? But, Koenma said it didn't make it."

"The baby is safe and sound, Yusuke. I was standing at the window when I saw the blast coming at me. I took the force of the blow while diverting my spirit energy to form a shield around the fetus and yes, Koenma told everyone that because I told him to tell them that I lost the baby."

"What?! Why?"

"Onni-chan, you know I was concerned about Hiei's reaction to the baby and I think its better that he thinks that it's not alive, so he doesn't think I got pregnant on purpose in order to trap him into a relationship with me."

"But, it's his child, Akari."

"Its also mine, Yusuke. I doing what's best for the baby and Hiei. The baby will have a parent that will love unconditionally with no doubts and I'm giving Hiei his freedom. I don't want to the baby to grow without his or her father, but I don't want it to think that his or her father regrets their being born."

Yusuke sighed and then asked.

"What will you tell the baby about Hiei?"

"I will tell him or her that their father is a hero, a renowned spirit detective, and a powerful fighter. I will tell them that he adores and treasures him or her. I will tell them about the tournaments he participated in and won and about all his adventures. My child will grow up knowing that his or her father loves them very, very much."

"Will you tell the baby that Hiei's alive or dead?"

"I don't know. I'll decided that when the baby is born, which in be in the next five months. Here, take this."

Akari handed him a golden ring with strange letters on it.

"What is it?" He placed it on his ring finger on his right hand.

"Its a gateway ring. It will allow you to travel back and forth between your dimension and mine. I'm giving it to you because I want you and Koenma to be part of my child's life. Not just when he or she is born, but even as he or she grows up." Akari replied.

"I still don't think this is right. Not telling Hiei." Yusuke said looking at the ring.

"I don't either, but until I know for sure that Hiei-chan truly wanted this child, this is the way it has to be and promise me you won't tell him or the others."

"I promise."

"I mean it, onni-chan."

"I promise, sheesh!" Yusuke said irritated.

Akari giggled and hugged her twin.

"On one condition." Yusuke said.

Akari pulled back from the embrace and looked at Yusuke.

"Why am I not surprised." She said.

"If anything happens, I want you to let your son or your daughter come to me for help. I won't tell him or her that Hiei is their father. I will leave that decision to you. Will you do that?"

Akari smiled.

"I will. I promise."

"Good. Now, that that's done, how about we eat? I'm starved."

Koenma face vaulted while Akari laughed softly.


"Are you sure you won't stay a little longer?" Keiko asked.

Everyone with the exception of Hiei, were standing behind Akari who stood in front of dimensional swirl, facing them.

"No. I have a lot of work to do when I get home, plus my coronation can no longer be put off. Thank you all for your help especially you onni-chan." She said.

Yusuke walked up and hugged his twin.

"I'm sure he's here somewhere. You're sure this is what you want?" He asked her a barely audible voice.

"Yes, at least for now. And don't forget to come and visit as often as you can. I'll send word when its time for the baby to be born." She replied also in a barely audible voice.

Yusuke nodded and let her go.

"Sayonara, minna. I'll miss you all very much." She said to them.

"Please come as visit us again soon." Botan said.

"I will." Akari walked to the portal, turned, waved goodbye to everyone, then looked up at the trees.

*I know you're there somewhere, Hiei-chan. Please know that I will always love you and that one day, I will tell you truth.*

She turned back to the portal, entered, then it vanished. The others stood watching the place where the portal vanished, unaware of the sad, ruby eyes that watched from the trees.

*Goodbye Akari. I love you.* Hiei said to himself before closing his eyes and disappearing with a heavy heart.


Six months later...

"One more push, my queen." a female voice said.

"Come on, Akari. You almost done." a familiar male voice said.

"Okay, onni-chan." a familiar female voice replied.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" The familiar female voice screamed.

"Its a girl!" Another female voice announced.

"Hey! A prince AND a princess! Way to go, Akari!" The familiar male voice said.

"Oh, onni-chan. They're so beautiful."

"What will you name them?" The familiar male voice asked.

"Dante and Bijin." The familiar female voice said happily.