Chapter Two: Being a girl is a lot of trouble.

Standing in the receiving room crying is how Uncle Lucius and Draco found us several minutes later. I'm almost certain they had absolutely no idea what to do, but they had no plans to say that out loud or admit it to themselves. After about another minute or so Cissa and I finally pulled away from each other.

"Cassiopeia, you may call me Aunt Cissa. You do not have to be formal with me." Aunt Cissa smiles tearfully at me.

"Mother, what's going on?" Draco dares to ask, hoping the crying is over with.

"This is your godsister, Heiress Cassiopeia Dorea Prince." Dad says with a lot of pride in his voice which causes me to blush and look away.

"Just call me Cassie, please. I believe we all need to have a very long conversation, about a lot of things." I smile at them sheepishly.

Aunt Cissa nods at me with a warm smile. She then has Draco lead us to one the sun room, and it was honestly so beautiful I was in awe. We sat down and Aunt Cissa had one of the House Elves bring tea and biscuits.

"Severus, Cassie, would one of you like to explain what is going on here?" Lucius says and then Cissa glares at him, "Please."

I hold back a giggle as I can tell he is trying very hard not to roll his eyes at his wife. Dad and I shared a look and he nodded at me to go first. I sat there for a minute thinking about how to start this conversation. What if they hate me afterwards? What if they decide they don't want to be my family anymore? I don't know if I'd be able to handle that. I take a deep breath and start my story.

"I woke up this morning to find a note from my mum. He told me that I wasn't who I thought I was and that I mustn't be mad at father because he wouldn't remember who I was. Mum had cast a spell and potion combination that made everyone forget who I was and change my gender to protect me. The spell on me was to break at midnight on my sixteenth birthday.

I woke up as a girl completely scared of what was happening. After reading the note I was honestly still a bit scared, and then I noticed a second note. The other note was from the Goblins. I went to the bank and there I met with dad and he was immediately given back his memories. I was also given an inheritance test and showed what blocks were placed on me. Honestly a lot of this will go a lot faster if I just show you the letter from mum and the tests." I explain my story

As I was handing over the parchments to them I realized that with all the commotion going on today that I had completely forgotten that today is my birthday. I watched as the range of emotions crossed their faces. The most prominent emotion was shock and sadness, I almost expected Aunt Cissa to start crying again and to pull me into her arms.

"I feel like you all should also be grateful that there isn't a parchment of my medical history. That would probably be as long as I am tall." I say and then my eyes widen as I realize what I said out loud and I cover my mouth with my hand.

"Little Star, what does that mean exactly?" Dad says in his 'Professor Voice'.

"Well, let's just say my life with Lily Evans' family wasn't exactly sunshine and roses." I say unhappily trying to avoid this conversation.

"My Star you deserve so much better than me as your father. I should have protected you." Dad says sadly and I move quickly to hug him.

"You had no idea what was going on though. It is not your fault at all, and I believe you have some potions to go brew. Why don't you go restore their memories so you can calm down and wrap your head around everything that's happened?" I say to my dad very gently. I can tell that he's very close to having a breakdown right now and I know he won't want to do that.

Dad gives me a hug and then disappears very quickly. His robes swished around him like a bat, I suppose that's why his nickname is the dungeon bat to everyone. I turn back to face my family preparing for the worst. I just hope that everything turns out okay.

I take a deep breath, "Draco you are basically my brother now, can we please start over?"

I can see that Draco is contemplating his answer before he smiles, "Of course, little sister, you need all the family you can get right now."

I smile so wide, my face starts to hurt, and I give Draco the biggest hug. I am so happy right now. I smile even wider, if possible, when Draco returns my hug almost immediately. A few moments later we pull away from the hug but I still stay close to him. I've never had a brother before, but Draco makes me feel safe. I turn to look over at Lucius and after a few seconds he smiles and nods in acceptance of the changes to his family.

"Cassie, you may call me Uncle Lucius. Also if you ever decide to tell us what exactly happened to you before you came to us, I will help you get justice." Lucius speaks up for the first time and I nod.

"My dear, is there anything you need from us?" Aunt Cissa asks and I think about it before nodding.

"Well, in the letter mum states that you can show me what grandmother looked like." She nods and I continue, "Also if you could please teach me how to be a girl."

She seems to think about it for a second before letting out a slight giggle, "You seem to be doing alright so far darling, but yes I will help you. First we'll have to take you shopping to get clothes. Before you complain about how much it might cost or that it might be a burden, consider it part of your birthday present."

I open my mouth to start to argue, before I realize there is probably no point in arguing. I sit back on the lounge and sigh in defeat. Draco and Lucius both laugh and the smug look on Cissa's face.

She sees the defeat on my face, "Great, let's go to France right now."

"Wait what? Right now? Is that even possible?" I say in complete shock.

Before I can even gather my wits or the others can stop her, Cissa grabs my arm and takes me to a room in the manor. This room has a lot of mismash items, and I eventually realize that they must be portkeys similar to the one Mr. Weasley had for the Quidditch World Cup. Aunt Cissa grabs a watch off of one of the shelves and then my hand before saying an activation word. Next thing I feel is a tug behind my navel and then shortly after falling. Once I get my bearings back I realize that we must be in the French version of Diagon Alley.

"First we'll go to my favorite robes shop. It's run by two sisters who've been friends of the family for years. They'll set you up with a completely new wardrobe. Because let's be honest these clothes are not befitting a pureblood witch of our status." Aunt Cissa says and I follow behind her dutifully.

We eventually made it to the shop, Delacour's Wizardwear. My first thought was wondering if they were related to Fleur and Gabrielle. When we go inside two very similar looking blonde looking women run up to Aunt Cissa and they start speaking in rapid french. I had no idea what they were saying but I felt like I was watching a Quidditch match.

"Céleste and Lisette, this is my goddaughter Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia, this is the Delacour sisters." Aunt Cissa introduces us to each other and I smile at them.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you both. I'm sorry I don't speak French like my aunt." I say sheepishly and they brush it off by saying how cute I am in a heavy accent.

"What can we help you ladies with today?" Céleste asks in her French accent.

"Cassie needs a completely new wardrobe. When I say new wardrobe I mean everything, including undergarments. I also would like a ball gown for tonight." Aunt Cissa and that last part takes me aback just a bit.

"Aunt Cissa, why do I need a ball gown for tonight?" I ask with my hands on my hips.

"It's your sixteenth birthday and we're having a ball to celebrate. I didn't mention that?" She asks with a fake look of innocence.

"When did you even have time to plan a ball?" I ask incredulously as the sisters start to pull me away to take my measurements.

"While you were calming your father down from almost having a nervous breakdown, yes I noticed that, I told Draco to send for one of his friends and his mother to start planning a ball. You deserve the best after everything that has happened today. It is also a good way to introduce you to the Wizarding World as you are now properly." She explains matter of factly and I nod.

I surrender myself to the mercies of the witches taking my measurements and putting up fabrics against my skin. I listen to them make small talk and I chime in every once in a while when I understand what's going on. Cissa explains to them that I recently became a girl again after a long time of thinking I was a boy. She didn't go into a lot of detail, like she didn't tell them who I was before. They explained to me the basics of being a girl, like hygiene and things like that.

Aunt Cissa said she'd explain to me later hair and makeup, and charms to make that easier. She also said she would explain boys to me, which I guess was her saying she'd give me the girl side of The Talk. Honestly I don't think I ever had the male version of it so I probably won't be that confused. She told me that over the next few weeks before school starts she would explain everything that I should have known growing up. I can already tell that being a girl will be more difficult than being a boy ever was, but I was also looking forward to having a mother figure that will actually love me.

As we were walking through the alley after leaving the shop, the girls said they would send home some stuff soon, and then the rest throughout the week. I was contemplating the fact that I really need to talk to someone. I have been manipulated my whole life by people who were paid to love me. Molly and Arthur Weasley were the parents that I never had and at least Molly was being paid to act loving towards me. Were all the children paid to be like that towards me too? Was it just Ron and Ginny? James Potter was trying to make my life better, but he just made it easier for Dumbledore to manipulate me. Did he really love dad or was he working for Dumbledore the whole time?

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't realize we had finally made it home. Home, that's something I never thought I would have. When we made it back to the sunroom where we had tea this morning I noticed the most gorgeous Italian boy I had ever seen before. I was in absolute awe. I guess this is what it feels like to have a genuine crush on someone.

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