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The lights of Cyberdelia shown as she rolled in and down one of the ramps, coming to a stop at the bottom looking around. She twirled a strand of short black hair, looking around at the place she had spent so long away from. She looked like she belonged in this place. Blades on her feet, a laptop in her bag at her side, and her hair messed up perfectly. She remembered all the time she had spent here not long ago and smiled happily realizing not much had changed. She looked to a table and saw who she was looking for a tall blond guy, a short Hispanic, and a semi-tall brunette girl. With them was sitting another man, who was smiling and touching the girl's hand lightly. She paused studying them, not daring to move any closer at first.

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"No way man, you can't do that," stated Cereal Killer the blond said as he shoveled more fries into his mouth.

" Nah you totally owe me more fries, every time I order some, I never get to eat any of them," Dade pointed out quickly before he was interrupted by Phreak.

"Dade, give it up it's useless. I bet he owes me millions of fries, don't even try to collect, it'll never work"

"Hey!" came the yell from Cereal " I take that offensively!" They all looked at him curiously before laughing in unison. He looked offended before joining in on the laughter. Suddenly though their laughs were disturbed by the girl who had just come to the table, sat down on Cereal's lap and kissed him. she pulled back smiling as the foursome stared at her in awkward silence. Dade the only one who was wondering who she was.

"Well, don't you have anything to say to me?" she asked, again twirling short strand of her black hair. He paused not knowing what to say at first,

"Hello Kat. " she smiled then looking around the table she realized she was still being watched. she looked at the person she didn't know, "hi, who are you?"

Dade looks at her confused "uh hi I'm Dade, wha......"

"No...what's your name? your true name?" she interrupted. he looked as her confused for a second."

"Um....Crash Override" she sticks out het hand shaking his lightly

"Well nice to meet you Crash, you can call me Kat. Short for the Cheshire Kat."