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The loud buzzing awoke her as she smacked the air wildly, in search of the small alarm clock from which the noise emitted. She picked her head up off the pillow and picked up the small buzzing instrument, before throwing it across the room to hit the wall, She let out a happy sigh at the silence that now filled the room once again. she laid back down and drifted back to sleep in the early morning light.

An hour and a half later the door was wrenched open as she skidded to a stop inside the classroom. The teacher looked away from his writing on the chalkboard, long enough to realize who it was.

"Ah Miss Katherine Evans, rejoining the ranks of public education so soon?"

" Couldn't stay away missed you too much" she grinned as she took a second to look around the room.

" Alright take a seat, you're already late as it is," he let out a heavy sigh as she moved to an empty seat next to Dade and Kate, before resuming the class.

Hours later as the bell sounded for end of classes, the group assembled in the hall.

"so where to, I got time before I gotta make some phone calls," Phreak asked as he slumped back against a nearby locker.

"look" they all turned in the position that Cereal was now pointing and saw Joey bounding towards them, arms waving frantically.

"hey guys, hey guys, wait up, hey guys !" came the yells from down the hall as he got closer. soon he had come to a stop in front of them and was struggling to catch his breath. "Hey where ya go...." he trailed off as he noticed Kat, he looked at her stunned for a second before giving her a rather large hug knocking her back into a locker.

"Geez Kidd. Get off me!" she pushed him off playfully "haven't changed much, still dressing like Dorks-R-Us. and what's this?" Reaches into his pocket and grabs a pack of cigarettes that were peeking out. "what we got an addict on our hands? oh, little Joey is trying to be all grown up, how adorable."

"very funny Kat, give em back" she tosses them back to him and he puts htem quickly away in his pocket again. " so where we going?" he repeated, smoothing his hair.

"hey Kat, we should so Dade the shop," Kate answered after a seconds pause.

"yeah sure, he looks worthy enough"

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