An Introduction to the following story.

Basically, this is how I would've done a Doom Movie if I had the resources to, I shared some of it online before and a lot of people gave it REALLY good feedback from just scraps of what I shared. Ultimately, here's the script idea.

I came up with it before Quarantine hit and I worked on it ever since the lockdown happened.

This is what would happen if I had full legal leeway to write the whole thing and hire whoever I wanted to play whatever role I asked them too. I hope you all enjoy it and here's to hoping this might get a '50 shades' hit of luck and gets picked up by Hollywood (Don't worry, I'll avoid the kiddy touchers and make sure that my vision is made to its fullest, I will also avoid any Alec Baldwin situations as well as making sure every employee is treated with the respect they deserve) All roles that I didn't have an assigned actor to is a sign that I'm cool with whoever fills that role. (Hell, I'm cool with ANYONE filling ANY of these roles, I'm just telling who I'd ask if I could)

If you liked it, please share it with a friend and spread the word, let's show them how we get it done in Argent D'nur!