(The Credits are flashbacks of Doom 1, 2, 64 and his encounter with the Night Sentinels, they flash through in similar fashion to this one and even the same song plays (Basically the same Credits from Doom 2016))

After the flashback credits end, it cuts to the following scene:

Lucifer is sitting in an office somewhere and looking out the window as he watches something burn, a Demon approaches him and she tells him)

?:"She's here…She wants to know what your plans are about you know who."

Lucifer:"Send her in."

(A Yellow light flashes but the camera never pans off Lucifer, he sits there in a yellow light as a mechanical female voice echoes and speaks to him.)

?:"Well, I anticipate whatever scheme you intend next to deal with our problem."

Lucifer:"Oh, I do… How ARE the rest of the Maykrs? Are they doing well with the bonus time I've given them? Argent Energy isn't cheap you know, it's much like wine…Only with more torture and screaming."

?:"Irrelevant, Answer my question!"

Lucifer:"Very well then, I have one more scar I wish to give the man…Tell me, oh great Khan Maykr…How do you torment a man whose life you already ruined?…"

(Lucifer then swivels around in his chair to face the person he is speaking to and forms a sinister smile.)

"…Why… you ruin his Death of course…"

(The screen then cuts to black.)

[Remaining Credits scroll as the song "Fight Like Hell" (by JT Music) plays]



Our Hero - The Doom Slayer (CGI model)

Major Abel "Abe" Abdon - Terry Crews

Dave the "Rookie" - Tom Holland

Dr. Leia Gurit - Anna Ferris

Dr. Stan Myers - Benedict Cumberbatch

Dr. Malcom Church - (Any Actor)

Dr. Leonard Hargrove - (Any Actor)

Dr. Ethan X. Pendable - (Any Actor)

Corporal Dwayne "Joker" Walkman - (Any Actor)

Corporal Clara "Eyeball" Yu - (Any Actor)

Sergeant Judas "Boomer" Smith - (Any Actor)

Corporal Annette "Ninja" Wyatts - (Any Actor)

Private "Playboy" Mark - (Any Actor)

Private "Gunner" Rey - (Any Actor)

Valen "The Betrayer" - Dwayn "The Rock" Johnson

Satan - Tom Ellis

The Executioner - Edward Bosco (Voice)

[More Credits]

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After The Credits finish:

A Revenant Demon was shown to witness the Ship leaving Mars and fly off to return to Earth, it then turned around to see the portal in the sky that led to Hell close…It then looks at the viewer and shrugs as it pulls out a trumpet and begins to play a tune on it.

The Message "Find out what happens next in Doom 4 (2016)" appears and everything fades to black.