Disclaimer: I don't own either Ranma ½ or X-Men
Evolution. I wish I owned one of them. *sigh*

Ranma's Evolution
Ranma ½ / X-Men Evolution Crossover
By Hawk

Note: This fic takes place after Season 1 of X-Men Evolution
even though this prologue takes place during 'Grim

Prologue: A Grim Reminders Birth


The room shook violently.


The ceiling above began to crumble and fall to the
floor in dust and chunks, voices echoing throughout the

"You caged the wrong animal, Bub!" A rugged

"Stop! This place is going to blow!" He recognized
the voice. It haunted his dreams.


"Let it! Kitty, leave!" The rugged voice again.


"Not without you!" A higher pitched voice, obviously


"No argument this time!" A different voice from all
the others, a strange accent he couldn't place.


"Project Weapon X has been terminated!" The rugged
voice one last time.


The ceiling above him crashed down around the tube
filled with green liquid and the naked body of a young teen.
The standing tank tittered and fell over, the glass cracking on
impact, but not breaking open. The body inside slammed
against the glass, the wires connected to the arms and chest
were ripped off, cutting off the connection to the life support


Two blue-grey eyes opened, looking utterly lost,
confused, before glazing over and becoming lifeless.

Next Time: Ranma's Rebirth
The explosion during 'Grim Reminder' has awoken the last
of the Scientists creations. Not knowing where he is, or
what's going on, all he knows is the name Logan, and that he
must kill the man known as Wolverine.

Authors Notes: The above lines are from the episode 'Grim
Reminder'. I'm skipping over the Cauldron episodes simply
because I didn't like them that much, and I'm starting right
before the beginning of season 2, 'Growing Pains'.