Changing the rule

Warnings/notes : Kaiba/Joey, slight fluff, focus on Joey and Yugi (not as a couple!)

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 18th may 2003, by Misura


"Well, class, that's all for today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!" A bright voice brought Yugi back to the present. Where Kaiba and Joey were glaring at eachother again.

"So it's back to your cot for you, puppy!"

"And you go back to count your money, Kaiba-boy?" Joey spoke out the nickname Pegasus had used with a smirk, savoring the other boy's reaction.

"Don't call me that, mutt! Or you'll regret it!" Kaiba threatened.

Most of the other people had left, leaving only Yugi, Joey and Kaiba in the classroom. Yugi almost wished any of the others were here ; surely Ryou or Yami would know what to do.

"I'll call you whatever I want, mister!" Joey taunted.

Neither of the two seemed to notice Yugi. He didn't know if that was a blessing or a curse.

"I'm warning you, puppy. Don't make me mad." Kaiba glared. Yugi noted his cheeks were flushed with anger, which was rather unusual. Usually he freezes all over.

"You're already insane, Kaiba-boy, so why would I bother?" Joey replied.

It was the last drop.

"You're hopeless! I don't know how I could ever fall in love with such an utter idiot!" Kaiba screamed. Yugi wasn't sure who was more surprised ; him or Joey. Or Kaiba.

"You -you're in love with me?" Joey asked finally, his voice unusuallly soft.

"Yes, I am, even if the why is a mystery to me." Kaiba hissed.

"That's-that's great!" Joey said slowly. Yugi prayed the blond wouldn't ruin things now.

Seto confessed, now it's Joey's turn. I know they can work things out between the two of them.

"Oh, you think so? Well, let me tell you, puppy, that if you think you can make me the laughing-stock of the school by telling them, you are in for a disappointment." Kaiba glared.

"Chill out, man! What on earth would I do that for?" Joey asked, honestly confused.

"Because, as you have made abundantly clear, you hate the mere sight of me." Kaiba replied.

"But I don't! I love you too!" Joey protested. "Or at least, I think I do."

Kaiba's eyes narrowed. "Don't mock me, mutt. That's just not possible."

"Why not? Because you're always such a jerk? Well, I don't care. I can't help it."

"I hate liars!" Kaiba spat out the words. "I had expected better from you."

This is going wrong! I have to say something! I wish Yami was here ; they'd listen to him!

I'm just Yugi ...

"What?!? I can't believe this!" Joey raised his voice too.

Kaiba opened his mouth for a reply when Yugi had finally had it.




"What kind of idiots are you? Joey, you love Seto, Seto you love Joey. Don't bother denying ; you both told me. So what's your problem?" Yugi yelled. It feels good to yell. Maybe I should try doing it more often.

"You promised you wouldn't tell!"

"You gave me your word!"

Yugi gulped as both Joey and Kaiba came at him, before bolting to run. As Joey stepped up to run after him, Kaiba stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.


"But he- "

"He told me you loved me." Kaiba said pensively, deliberately not looking at Joey.

"Yeah, so? He was supposed to keep it a secret!"

"And he told you I love you." Kaiba continued.

"Could you get to the point?"

"Do you?" Kaiba looked up, locking gazes with Joey, who started to blush in an interesting shade of red. "Do you really have such feelings for me?"

"I said so, didn't I?" Joey answered sulking. "Now you can go and laugh at me."

"I told you I love you. Yugi told you I love you." Kaiba stated.

"And? Doesn't mean anything, does it?"

Kaiba sighed and wondered how Yugi could put up with a friend like Joey.

Or with me, for that matter. He chuckled. I'm not the easiest person to deal with sometimes either. Though most people would be shocked to hear me confess that.

"I see there's only one way I can convince you." He sighed. In theory he knew what he was supposed to do now, but ... I haven't exactly practiced this.

"Yeah? And how - "

Kaiba shut him up with a kiss.

And perhaps it wasn't the best kiss anyone had ever given to the person he loved, but it was a good first attempt, at least in Joey's opinion, who hadn't been kissed *that* often to be any judge.