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Path Of A Ninja

Sakura was watching the battle for a long time already. The violet haired woman was striking again and again and it seemed, that if the battle was not between two equally strong opponents, then Mukade was the weakest of them two. You can't say that the destiny of her sensei, master ninja for the others, didn't interest Sakura. Otherwise, she was hoping, that Mukade would be defeated, so that the place of master ninja would be free, and Sakura would not let the opportunity of taking it slip away.

Mukade could not bare the weight of fury unleashed on him by the violet haired women and fell down beaten, something rolled away from his hand. The women came nearer and broke his neck with her foot. She stood near the body, thinking about something for a few seconds, then picked up the object and ran away into the darkness of night.

Sakura remained where she was; her lips were distorted in disappointment. Were all her artful plans of killing Mukade in vain? Was he always so weak that could be beaten by some student-girl? Was she postponing the death of Mukade in vain for all these long month?

It was not safe to come nearer Mukade's body yet, besides the warm air from the ventilation pipes of the house, which's rooftop she selected as a place for watching, was blowing at Sakura. She felt herself very warm and cozy this night, which appeared to be colder then Sakura wanted it to be. Even the thought of leaving streams of warm air seemed blasphemous to her. Suddenly the steam from the pipe in front of Sakura became much more intensive then before, with a light movement of her hand Sakura changed the preferences of her visor. Though she could do it mentally (the electrodes of visor not only sent information on the sight nerve, but also received it from the other parts of her brain) she preferred to do it manually, if, of course, she was in relative safety.

What she saw made the self-satisfied smile leave her face: Mukade was slowly getting up. This made Sakura leave her warm watching spot and head into the cold of starless, as all that were before this one, night.

Less then in a second after she left her watching spot, Sakura was already standing behind the cleaning himself of dust Mukade's back. Mukade must have heard the rustle of her kevlar overalls and turned himself around, facing Sakura.

They were looking at each other for some seconds without any movement; only the wind was fluttering Sakura's short-cut hair. Sakura was absolutely sure that Mukade's face under the mask was looking shocked, grimace of disappointment and indignation was casting a gloom over her own face. Seeing, that she will have to break silence first, Sakura said:

"You, should be dead", her words sounded cold, without showing any of the feelings she had.

"How dare you speaking to me in such a tone!" hissed Mukade, his haughty voice was not only distorted by the mask, but also full of anger and rancour.

Mukade leaned forward going to strike Sakura, but he was stopped by the katana of young ninja pointing to his neck. No muscle of Sakura's face moved, when she challenged her sensei, the one who she at one time considered invulnerable.

"You were defeated, Mukade." Sakura's voice remained as cold as before. "You were defeated by a girl, who is noticeably weaker then me and much less skillful. Do you really think you could possibly defeat me? Especially now, after your battle?"

Mukade kept silence; he understood that Sakura was right. Meanwhile she slowly moved her sword down, without hiding it in sheath.

"I saw your defeat, Mukade. You clearly know what happens to the defeated, but left alive of your rank." Mukade knew it, he was interested what kind of game was his former learner starting; he went out from the battle stand. Meanwhile Sakura continued:

"So, it would be better for you to be dead, but it is not so. Probably you have already understood that if you would remain in the clan, then your defeat would invite such unwanted publicity." Sakura's words sounded slower and slower, returning to her usual way of speaking slowly and song-like. "It is better for you to disappear, Mukade. Dzyenin will here a heroic story about your battle with a dozen of Syndicate soldiers and about you dying of a traitorous bolt fired into your back from the Mercury Bow of one of the Syndicate troopers." self-satisfied smile returned to Sakura's face and she reminded of a cat warming itself in the rays of mid-day sun."

"Why are you doing this?" apart from being distorted by mask Mukade's voice sounded curious, suspicious and angry at once.

"Why?" Sakura's brows went up and become seen from under the visor. "I respect you, Mukade. I owe it to you what I am now. But you can no longer be the master; there are now people who fit into being a master much more then you." Sakura grinned. "But I don't wish your death… Don't wish your death anymore… After seeing your weakness. You should leave the clan, but leaving the clan and remaining alive is impossible, that means that dzyenin should consider you dead."

"You underestimate the mind of others in the dzyenin. Your "heroic story" is not enough for them to consider me dead, they will think that you, as one of the nearest to me are only trying to help me leave the clan. You need the proof of my death." this time his voice was not distorted by anything except his mask.

"I think that your mask would be enough for the dzyenin to believe in your «sudden and unwanted end» and not to try following or seeking you." Sakura slightly leaned her head back and to the right.

"You want me to take off the mask?" Mukade's voice was filling with indignation with each word. "Well… It might be the only way…" he continued in a tone more unsure then agreeing.

Though Mukade agreeing to her so fast puzzled Sakura, she soonly forgot her worries. She was much more interested in whose face was hidden under the mask.

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