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Mukade slowly turned himself around exposing his back to Sakura and reached with his hands to his face. Now only hissing and clicking of the locks Mukade's mask was held on broke the silence of cold night. Filled with excitement Sakura's breath was slower and slower until she completely stopped breathing. Suddenly the backside of Mukade's helmet fell off. For a second or two Sakura could see Mukade's neck and back, only a bruise was seen instead of fracture, until the long hair, held by the helmet before, fell and obscured it. Mukade turned with his face back to Sakura continuing to take his mask off.

Now Sakura could see the face, which could have been unseen by anybody for many years and her breath, that didn't even fully return, was taken away by the excitement again. Meanwhile Mukade has already taken his mask and was giving it to her, but she didn't notice any of that – she was so keen on studying the face of her former sensei that she couldn't possibly see anything else around her. Mukade's thin, pale face, which was in great need of sunshine, was surrounded by night sky-black hair, cold brown eyes, sharp chick-bones, sunken cheeks and straight nose… Almost as she has imagined, for a second Sakura wanted to tear her visor away to expose her face, but it would be a silly thing to do. Her face was never a mystery to others – the visor covered only the eyes.

The full-face masks were worn only by gyenin and… by Mukade. Dzyenin considered wearing mask beneath their dignity, tyunin wore the masks only seldom, in order to hide their identity. Only the gyenin wore the masks all the time, nobody seen their faces and they died in obscurity. Sakura was forced to wear her visor, which wasn't even a real mask.

Sakura took the mask from Mukade's hands trying not to leave him out of her sight, but the curiosity appeared to be stronger and Sakura plunged into studying the inner built of Mukade's mask. It disappointed Sakura, it had nothing except air filters inside, a part of it was transparent from inside, Mukade must have seen through it, no aiming systems, no special devices for vision enhancements… Finished studying it she looked at Mukade, he must have been having a tedious time seeing that his mask seems to be much more interesting then his face, which he considered worthy female interest in it.

"What are you going to do?"

"Have some rest…" Mukade smiled fatigued. "Sooner or later I would have to "leave" the clan. Thoughts of feigning my death have already visited my mind many times. You must be my gift of destiny." His voice sounded really tired. The thought that being the clan master would be hard came to Sakura for the first time, however she won't give up on her way to becoming one.

She frowned.

"It would be better for you to leave now, we can be seen and your outfit is to original to be seen and remain unrecognized."

Mukade's body became covered with phase-cloak like haze more with each second he turned around and went to the rooftop's edge. Mukade already got ready for jump and his body became almost invisible when he heard Sakura's question:

"But how could you remain alive?.. That wound should have killed you."

Mukade slightly turned his head.

"Service of one «acquaintance». I helped him – he helped me." – Mukade stated firmly.

Sakura wanted to ask many questions more, but it already was only she and the wind remaining.

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