*AUTHOR'S NOTE - All Characters and rights belong to "The Twilight Series" original author, Stephanie Meyer. I have taken some creative license to support this new plot line. Any thoughts, suggestions, and ideas would be appreciated! Hope you enjoy reading!*

"He's not coming back you know," Dad's words echoed through my brain while I drove to school.

"And now I have to go shopping with Jessica… Maybe I can convince her to go to a movie…" I huff out into the empty cab.

It had been months since he had left, leaving a huge hole behind as the only evidence that he had been there.

I went to the Cullen's house yesterday and saw the furniture all gone, the cars all gone and a for sale sign was in the yard.

It really was like they had never been there.

Even Jessica and Angela didn't acknowledge his absence anymore. The Cullen's table wasn't empty either. It was full of JV football guys laughing and joking about the guy slamming 3 sloppy joes down his throat.

"So, is Bella back?" Mike's curiosity got the better of him as he leaned over to get closer to her.

"Um, yeah, I guess." I never really knew how to respond with Mike. He was harmless enough, but still, I knew he wanted something more.

"So do you think you might want to go, I don't know, maybe see a movie with me?"

"Yeah, sure, why don't we all go," I looked at the table of people. I could see Jessica's face fall and then brighten when she noticed I didn't want it to be a date.

"Movie night with Bella… Yay." I could hear the sarcasm dripping off of Jessica's words, but I didn't care. The only person I really wanted there was Jacob anyway.