Two days before the girls were scheduled to come back, Natsu arrived at the guild feeling surprisingly positive; for sure his friend's efforts to cheer him up paid off.

"Hello! I'm all fired up!", he yelled from the door.

"Someone woke up on the right side of the bed today", Cana said, with a bottle in her hands.

"You bet I did. I just cleaned Lucy's apartment yesterday. I think she will be happy with me".

"Yeah… when he says 'he cleaned it', he means I did all the work", added Happy.

"Well, she will still be happy", Natsu unabashedly answered.

"Natsu, don't make Happy do your job! It isn't fair", Cana said.

"I gave him fish in exchange!"

"Well, I thought it was better for me to do it, otherwise he might burn Lucy's place down. And I got a really big fish out of the deal".

"Oh well… as long as you are happy", Cana sighed. "You know? I hope Lucy and Levy come to sleepover at Fairy Hills when she is back. We are due for a girls night", she turned to Natsu with a wicked look in her eyes, and a devil's smile on her lips. "I can't wait for Lucy to tell us all the deets of your first time".

"Count me in!", exclaimed Lisanna, barging in the conversation.

"T-that is p-private!", stuttered a blushing Natsu - he wasn't even able to muster the words to say she would not leave his side in the foreseeable future. Lisanna just laughed at his face.

"Grow up! We tell each other eeeverything… in fact, I may even have taught her a few things…" Cana said with the same wicked gleam in her eyes.

Natsu remembered Lucy mentioning that she had, in fact, learned a few things from friends. He decided then and there to never underestimate the power of female friendship. Mira barged in the conversation then:

"Ohh! I want to hear how our little Natsu performed".

Natsu's face blanched in horror. "W-wait, what? No! She won't say anything!"

"Come on, Natsu… don't be shy. I'm sure you have nothing to hide", Cana pressed on. She knew Lucy would not go into so many details, but teasing her friend took precedence over truth at that moment.

"Yeah… And I know she might have already told it all to Levy", added Lisanna.

"Well, Levy certainly told us all about Gajeel", Mira said. Natsu's face was a mask of horror.

As if on cue, the doors opened and Levy entered. Without missing a beat, Gajeel, who was on the other side of the guild, ran and hugged her. Natsu was right behind him, looking over his shoulder in search of Lucy.

"Where is Lucy, Levy? Why is she not with you?", he asked her in desperation, when he didn't see her, all of his friend's teasing was forgotten.

"Lucy had to stay, Natsu... they decided to do additional testing with the spirits".

"What", he asked in anger, ready to run to Crocus if needed.

"No… don't worry! She agreed with it. No one was getting hurt. I think she will have to stay a few more days. She asked me to tell you she is very sorry, but this job is really important".

Upon seeing Natsu's sad expression, Levy added: "Why don't you get her some flowers for her apartment? It will not take long now for her to arrive, I'm sure she will love the surprise."

"I don't know how to choose flowers for a girl", Natsu answered absentmindedly. He was sad she could not come with Levy. But he figured she would also be upset for being unable to come back sooner; she was just being responsible and giving her best on the job. This was one of the many reasons he loved her, really.

"Yeah, last time Natsu gave flowers to a girl, he got the Rainbow Sakura down the river to cheer Lucy up", Happy pointed out.

"True. That was nicely done, Natsu, even if it caused property damage... I guess it was for love. How exactly didn't you realize you were in love with her all this time?", asked Cana ironically.

"Salamander did that?", Gajeel asked.


"Sheesh... Absolutely taken".

"Shut up all of you. I know it now".

"I trust your hidden ability to pick the correct flower for Lucy, Natsu. Go buy it now and put it in her apartment".

"What? Now? But I thought to do some training", he asked confused as Levy shoved him out of the guild.

"And training is more important than making your girlfriend happy? I didn't expect that from you", Levy turned up the drama dial and closed the door at his back.

Natsu ignored Levy's drama, still very confused with this turn of events, and went to the market to get her some flowers. Happy didn't follow him, but he figured his friend just wanted to catch up with Lilly. He missed the sign Happy received from Levy telling him to stay back.

After getting her some flowers he found pretty (he didn't know the name, but they were yellow and reminded him of her hair), he got to Lucy's place and climbed her window. It was too hard to break old habits.

It was strange… Lucy's smell that faded in the past few days was now stronger. Suddenly, he heard something and was ready to attack. That is when he came face to face with a sweet smelling, dewy, Lucy wrapped around a towel coming out of the bathroom.

He jumped on her and hugged her to his chest. He couldn't believe he had her in his arms again and he almost cried. Lucy just hugged him back. She wanted to finish the surprise and put on the little outfit she selected for him on the train, but she knew it would be hard for her to surprise a Dragonslayer. At least she was able to do some grocery shopping and shower.

He held her face and asked: "But Levy said…"

"I wanted to surprise you…hehe…", she interrupted him, laughing softly.

"You did, it was a great surprise", he said, tightly hugging her again.

"I missed you so much", she said looking him in his eyes. He immediately kissed her. She didn't need the words; she knew very well what he felt.

"I also got us food for at least a week", she mumbled between kisses.

"You are the best, Lucy".

Natsu couldn't believe what was happening; that she was in his arms again. That night, they didn't sleep much. The next day too. And the next night.

After 4 days, they ran out of the food Lucy bought them as a surprise. Around noon, she was laying down on her stomach, with her head in her folded arms. Natsu was leaning over her, kissing her back.

"Let's go to the Guild to get something to eat?", she asked in a lazy voice, enjoying his treatment.

"My mouth is already busy".

She giggled. "We've been at it for 4 days. I understand you have near infinite stamina, but you'll need actual food soon. We ran out already".

He started running his hands through her back. "I do miss eating anything off of you".

Lucy felt her cheeks grow warm and squirmed a bit. She really liked that too; and doing the same to him.

"What if we go to the guild to eat something, and, on our way back, we stop at the grocery store and get more food for us?"

He licked from the base of her spine to her neck, where he sucked delicately the already marked skin. She moaned.

"You have the best taste in the world". He squeezed his hands between her body and the bed to fondle her breasts; she felt his erection between her butcheeks.

"N-natsu.. I-I don't think I can go again", she said between gasps.

"You don't need to do anything. Let me feel you", he said in the dark tone she loved so much.

"O-okay... I-I'm s-sorry".

He took her ear between his teeth.

"There is nothing to be sorry for, princess. I am happy with doing just this. I love just feeling you and hearing you moan. I won't touch your pussy until you ask me... Or beg me…", he added in that low voice that made Lucy's inside melt.

She was sore and tired and hungry, but the way he was touching and kissing her was driving her up the walls.

"You are so good to me".

He turned her and kissed her. She thought she was going to explode out of love for him. His hands were everywhere and he kissed every piece of skin, including her feet (she gave a low keen when he sucked her toe), but never got close to her pussy or boobies.

Lucy was going crazy and she noticed that the bed beneath her groins was getting a bit wet. At this point she decided she wouldn't care if she were sore or not.

"Please, please, fuck me", she begged in a low voice.

"No", he said in a growl while licking her leg.


"No.. you are sore and tired and hungry... I won't treat my princess badly. Now, I'm just tasting you".

"Please, touch me more".

"I'm already touching you".


"Tell me what you want, Princess"

Lucy put a hand in her boob and the other she moved to her pussy. Quickly, Natsu held her hands, put it over her head and laid his body next to her. Now he was not touching her except for her wrists. Her body was in flames, as she moaned loudly and curved her back upwards. He giggled in her neck, knowing exactly what he was doing to her.

"Wanna go to the guild? And get something to eat? You haven't seen anyone since you returned", he murmured in her ear, dark voice, every other word he would suck her lobe.

Lucy had tears in her eyes at this point and tried to free her arm. She knew what Natsu was doing, and a fool was he if he thought she was going to let him get his way after arousing her so much.

Lucy then started to squirm in a way that made her boobs bounce and her hips shake. She looked at Natsu and saw his eyes darken while gazing at her body. She supposed she had a similar expression on her face.

"Then let me go, I'll do whatever you want", she said in a sultry voice and the deeper meaning of the words was not lost to him.

She felt Natsu's hand tightening in her wrist. He looked at her with such intensity, she was afraid she was going to burst into flames. Now it was a seduction competition to see who was going to give in first. She would always be his submissive kinky princess, but she would still tease him as much as he teased her.

He let her go and said:

"Then let's get ready, because I am hungry". His tone and face expression let her know, with no doubt, what type of hunger he meant. Any actual hunger was gone for her as she supposed it was for him.

She made a show of leaving the bed. He was still fully aroused, as was she, as he knew perfectly well by smell alone. They were now both enjoying the game too much to stop.

He sat on her bed, with his elbows on his knees, watching her every move, like a hawk. He really just wanted to tease her, but, when it come to her, her body, scent and sex, he often had unexpected highly pleasing results. He knew he was going to lose the challenge she started, and it would be so sweet it would taste like victory, but he wanted to hold off just a little more. A sexy Lucy hell-bent on seducing him was a gift better than any he has ever imagined.

She walked to her dresser and the sight of the marks he left on her body, accompanied by the memory of the sounds she made when those happened, made him growl low in his throat and close his hands in tight fists to keep himself from throwing her in the bed and ravishing her until he was satisfied (if that were ever possible).

He knew the teasing was also good for her, since she was indeed tired. As wet and ready as she said she was, he still felt like he would be forcing his hand, so it was better to let her set the rhythm this time. He was happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Hopefully his dick wouldn't explode as soon as they finally touch.

When she heard him growling, she looked over her shoulder and gave him a teasing smile. Then, she bent over to pick her clothes from the floor and looked at him again with her butt in the air. He growled again and forced himself to keep still.

She put on her clothes with no underwear and he had to turn and look for his clothes, because his control was fraying. When they were done, she approached him and touched his chest; she brought her face close to his, in a whisper of a kiss, and asked:

"What are you going to do about this?" And ever so lightly ran her fingers through the erection tenting his pants.

He grabbed her waist and brought her body flush against his. He held her hand and brought it to his mouth.

"I don't know what you are talking about", he kissed her finger and grounded his pelvis on her belly; she moaned lightly. His other hand, warmed by his magic, slipped underneath her skirt to touch her butt and pull her against him. She closed her eyes and shivered.

"Are you ready to go to the guild?"

"Y-yess", she said in a breathy moan.

"Then let's go", she felt herself losing footing when he abruptly let her go, but quickly balanced herself. He held a hand out for her, she took it and they left.

Their way to the guild was marked by stray hands, whispers, soft moans in each other's ears and even a few stolen kisses. Lucy would feel a bit embarrassed by the PDA, if it weren't for the fire in her body that kept her from thinking.

Immediately before getting to the guild, Natsu whispered in her ear:

"I'm going to fuck you in the street one of these days", she felt her face growing red and her legs lost strength; fortunately, he held her up by the waist. His plan was to fluster her enough before arriving in the building. But Lucy would not be left behind, so she whispered back in a breathy voice:

"I would love that". And now he was also flustered and sporting an erection that came back in full force. That is how they walked in the Guild.

They walked towards the table where Levy was sitting with Gajeel, Gray and Juvia. As soon as they arrived, Happy flew to them and Lucy hugged him, having missed him a lot.

"Lucy!". Natsu let go of her and helped her sit down, because he knew her knees were week from the teasing and the aggressive fucking he treated her. He whispered in her ear he was going to get something for them to eat and drink. She looked up to thank him and he gave her a quick peck on the lips. Her face was burning when she turned to her friends.

"Humm... Finally the house arrest is over. But it doesn't seem like Salamander is over with you, Bunny Girl", Gajeel said smiling and hugging Levy to his side. He did his best to ignore the smell Lucy gave off.

"I didn't expect to see you both so soon". Said Gray.

"Well… we ran out of food so I suggested coming here. I missed seeing you all and I'm hungry", she said, hugging Happy.

"So am I! Here is our food", Natsu interrupted, putting two gigantic plates of food in front of them. All the earlier teasing and the seduction competition was on hold for now.

"Natsu, this is too much".

"I need to replenish my strength'', he said with joyful expression on his face.

Lucy's face exploded red. Gajeel and Gray pretended to gag.

"Juvia is so happy for Lucy-chan. Now Lucy-chan is not a love rival anymore".

"Hehe… Thank you Juvia… But you know I've never been interested in Gray", she told the water mage, as she started to eat.

"You bet she wasn't", growled Natsu, shoving food in his mouth.

"I still don't understand how someone as smart as Lucy, would choose to be with a nincompoop like you".


Lucy giggled. "Natsu was very persuasive". She sent her boyfriend a smile.

"That was not what my hey was about! You are the nincompoop. And of course she would choose me, I'm awesome!", Natsu exclaimed, while staring Gray down.

"It wasn't exactly a choice…", Lucy sighed.

"What?" Natsu and the others were looking at her, with surprise in their eyes.

"I didn't have to choose. It was just him. As simple as that. There was no decision. It was... meant to be I guess.", she finished looking at him with sappy eyes. Gray and Gajeel had to suppress the urge to gag again.

"Awnnn…", said Levy and Juvia together.

"See, Juvia... You didn't have to worry".

"Well... Juvia sort of knew you liked Natsu-san, and when I told you to not be my love rival, I was pushing you to follow your heart and be with him", she explained.

"Oh..", Lucy stopped what she was doing and looked surprised at the beautiful water woman. "Then I think I should thank you. But you know, I was just waiting for Natsu". She gently rubbed his shoulder, and he smiled at her with his mouth dirty with food.

"Oh yeah.. we gave him hell for taking so long to realize his feelings for you".

"Hey, I knew I had feelings for her".

"But you didn't know what they were, Flame Brain, or that you wanted to... you know…", Gray made a disgusted face.. "Do other stuff to her.", he finished his sentence in a murmur with his face red.

"Hehehehe.. he paid for that dearly. Never saw Salamander so sad".

"I wasn't so bad", said Natsu with a red tint in his cheeks.

"That first day you were, Natsu-san. You looked like Juvia does when Gray-sama ignores her".

"I don't ignore you".

"Then why don't you kiss me more?"

"Hum… Ice Princess finally found his balls and took his woman for good? How much are you kissing Juvia?"

"Hey, you are the last person that can say anything, Fire Dick".


As the day went on, the rest of the guild would stop by their table to tease them and congratulate them on their new status. When Wendy saw them she grew very red on her face, and just excused herself after quickly hugging Lucy.

"What was that about?", asked the celestial mage, confused.

"Because you reek of Salamander and sex, Bunny Girl. The only reason I can stand it, is because I already have a mate and she is touching me, otherwise, I wouldn't be close to you either. Salamander made sure to cover you with his smell".

"You did that?"

Natsu shrugged his shoulders. "I didn't even realize what I was doing, but when I did I thought it was a good idea".

"Look at how Laxus is looking at you both". They turned their heads and saw Laxus scrunching his nose and with an arm around Mira.

"Anyone with a better nose will want to be away from you. Your smell is not only marked by Salamander, but also still too intimate".

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other - Lucy's face contorted in horror and Natsu found it hilarious. She then hid her face in her hands now embarrassed beyond belief and Natsu threw his head back laughing.

"Lucy, don't be like this, tt was the same for me", said Levy, extending a hand to her friend.

"I'll say! It was uncomfortable to be around you for a while, Levy. Now I'm used to your new smell. "

"Yeah, it is part of the package of dating Dragonslayers I guess".

"And, Lucy, we are all adults, relax.. no one is judging you". Said Erza, who joined them earlier.

"Yeah, we are just going to tease Fire Breath over there, who got a girl way out of his league".

Lucy gave a weak laugh and Natsu threw a murderous look on Gray's direction.

"So, Fire Brain, I'm getting rusty over here, do you wanna go?", asked Gray, punching one hand with the other, in a classic defiant position.

"Nah.. maybe later", said Natsu, pulling Lucy to him and burying his face on her neck.

"Wow.. Fire Brain's energy is now depleted after four straight days of…"

Lucy threw a glass at him, her face burning red, "Shut up!"

"Ouch, Lucy! Ok ok... I'm quiet", said Gray, nursing his face, where the glass hit him.

Natsu was laughing in her neck and made her remember all the teasing they engaged before arriving. She suddenly grew very aroused, which was noted by the slayers at the table. Natsu, unabashedly, ran his hands on the side of her torso to discreetly caress her breast, which made her breath catch to look at Gajeel, a bit scared he might know what was happening.

Unfortunately for her, Gajeel had a knowing look in his eyes that made her explode out of embarrassment. It was very conflicting being aroused and embarrassed at the same time. She chose to cover everything with anger.

"Shut up you too!", and threw another glass to the Iron Dragon Slayer's face. "And get off of me, you", she said, shoving Natsu away from her.

She left the table, grabbed Levy and Juvia and ran to the bathroom with the girls at her heels. Natsu was still laughing hysterically.

"Ha ha ha, your faces", he pointed at them.

"I don't think you are taking good care of your woman, Salamander. She is way too angry for a woman who is satisfied in the bedroom"

"Ha... I knew Natsu wouldn't cut it".

"Shut up, you two... Lucy is very happy!"

"Not satisfied, though, based on what I could smell"

"You stop sniffing her, Iron Breath, before I kick you in your ridiculous metal face". Then, he added all smug:

"I always leave her wanting more... You don't seem to understand this, so poor Levy to be stuck with you".

"Hey, Fire Dick, you popped your cherry two days ago, don't come running your mouth as if you were better than me"

"Ha... But apparently I am, why would I be quiet about it?"

"Be quiet!", Erza interrupted the argument. "Now that you three have girlfriends, this type of stupid dick measuring competition will keep happening?! No way! New rule: no more talk about your sex lives, understood?!"

The boys didn't answer and just looked embarrassed for being called out by Erza.

"Understood?!", she repeated with a frightening shadow around her.

"Yes, Erza", they said in unison.

"Good. Now change the subject!"

Juvia, Levy and Lucy, calmer now, got back to a much quieter table. The boys were pouting and avoiding each other's gazes.

"I fixed the matter, Lucy. You don't need to worry anymore. It is now forbidden for any of us to talk about each others' sex lives", said Erza, as the girls took their seats.

"Hehe… Thank you, Erza. I was more embarrassed than angry anyways". Before she could finish sitting down, Natsu pulled her to his lap, where he buried his face on the crook of her neck.

"Gray-sama, let Juvia sit on your lap, too?", said the water woman trying to climb on her boyfriend's lap.

"Yeah, Gray, take Juvia on her lap, it is the best", Lucy said leaning forward on the table to tease her friend.

"Oh, I can't tease Flame Brain, but you can tease me?", he said, flicking some ice on her.

"Teasing? You insult me, sir. I'm just wishing you marital bliss". She said waving a hand in front of her face, to disperse the ice.

Natsu chuckled on her neck and she felt the touches of arousal she had been suppressing since entering the guild, and was reminded that she and Natsu were still in the middle of a game.

Natsu's hand tightened around her when he smelled her arousal. He hoped Gajeel would be too distracted by Levy to notice, but expected Lucy didn't know that, as he wanted her to be the first to tell them to go back. He had plans on their way back and if she asked to go back first, it would be her forfeiting the game.

He started to slowly grind himself into her and felt her shiver. The others were talking, but he was engaged in making her go as crazy as he was. His erection probably didn't subside since this morning. They were fed now, and he figured she was rested enough.

One of his hands traveled to her thigh and Lucy opened her legs. He had the advantage of hiding his face on the crook of her neck and Lucy had hers uncovered and her friends were in front of her. But she was determined not to lose, and she asked Levy to distract Gajeel, when they were in the bathroom and she quickly updated her friend as to what they were doing.

She didn't have to worry. Suddenly, Gajeel stood up with Levy on his shoulder and with a curt bye, he left the table. Gray, Erza and Juvia looked at each other in confusion, and Lucy lowered her face when she felt Natsu's warm finger feeling her slit. She let out a very soft moan that she hoped only Natsu would hear and drive him nuts. Thankfully, he snapped and stood up with her in front of him, last they saw his erection.

"Guys, we still have to go by the grocery store. We need to buy eggs... Yes... We need eggs…" And he just dragged a confused and aroused Lucy out of the guild.

With the guild already out of sight, he pushed Lucy to a deserted alleyway.

"Youmust be more than a celestial mage. I can't grow tired of you." Natsu said in her ear, pressing her against the wall with his body, holding her face still with a hand on her neck and two fingers in her pussy. He knew forfeiting the game was going to feel like a victory. "You are already wet for me, princess".

"I don't think it ever stopped", she answered without the strength to tease him about forfeiting the game.

"Do you want to be fucked in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street?

"Yes, please. Give it to me. You know I've been ready since the morning", she slid her hand to his erection and growled, to Natsu's surprise. "Now!", and tugged his penis.

Natsu held her neck while he kissed her and poured into the kiss all of his desire. He then lifted her up by her butt and pressed their pelvis together. He lowered her shirt and freed her breasts. He sucked on her nipple and Lucy mewled with the sensations. She pressed his face harder against her.

"This morning when you didn't put on underwear, I almost attacked you", he said before latching onto her breast again.

"You held yourself back so well I thought you didn't care about your slutty princess anymore", Lucy said in between gasps.

"I will show you how well I hold myself back".

He put her back on the ground and turned her to press her chests against the wall. He pulled her hips toward him:

"You make a sound, and you will get it", he said, slapping her butt.

Lucy whimpered trying to hold back her moans and feeling herself getting so wet it started to run down her thighs. Natsu opened his pants and shoved himself in her opening.

They both let out a moan. Without waiting longer, he started to pound her fast and hard.

"Yours is the best pussy in the world. It is gripping my dick and doesn't want to let go".

Lucy could only hold to the wall and keep herself from making any noise too loud. The thrill of getting caught was amazing, but she didn't want to actually get caught.

"You are so good at this, Natsu. Please don't stop."

He held her breasts. "I don't think I will ever stop, princess. You are so hot, so perfect. You are mine now".

"I am. Please, pound me harder".

He pulled her back to his front and pressed them against the wall, while pounding her as hard as he could. One of the hands went to her clit and started to circle it furiously.

"Cum for me, princess. Cum on my cock. Let me feel you"

"O-only if you cum with me".

"I'm almost there, princess. I need you to cum and scream my name".

At that Lucy's mind went blank and she squirted all over them. Any thought of being caught vanished from her mind. Natsu took his dick out of her only to spank her butt and shove it back into her. This made her climax escalate and she screamed again with tears in her eyes. With one hand in her mouth to stop the sounds she was making and the other in her breast , Natsu came as hard and long as possible. He bit her neck again, just because he loved her taste.

They leaned together in the wall breathing hard. Lucy had her face pressed against the wall and Natsu was still inside of her.

"That was amazing". Lucy said out of breath.

"It was", he said out of breath. "Let's go home, princess. This was just the appetizer and people might find us". And kissed her neck gently.

She giggled and nodded. "Let 's go".

He got out of her, and, as she fixed her top, he straightened her skirt and held her by the waist. Natsu felt proud again when he noticed she could barely walk, and gave a discreet smirk.

"What is it?", she asked, looking at his face, still pressed to his side, as they made their way out of the alleyway. The street was empty, but she didn't want to linger there.

He looked at her, smiling broadly, because he had finally fully claimed her. "Nothing", he said, kissing her gently on her forehead and taking her to her apartment, where yet another of their adventures together was beginning.