Disclaimor: All things Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling.

Important: This story was written before 'Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix' came out. But I am just now getting around to having it beta read and posted. So, it will not be accurate to OotP. It is originally my first (completed) story, thus, this story was my lesson in writing (it's been years since I wrote a complete story) so it will be a bit rough. I have been trying to clean it up and make it read smoother but only so much can be done with it, without having to rewrite it.

Thanks: Special thanks to Corazon, my beta reader, was able to do an excellent job with it. Thank you Corazon!

Warnings: Hermione is legal age according to wizarding law, 17 years old, for part of the story. If this disturbs anyone I advice you not to read it.

Ratings: Fanfiction.net: Rated R (edited/censored version). Whispers or AFF.net or my webpage: Rated NC17 (uncensored version) - honestly, I may have went overboard on some scenes. OPPS! But they were fun to write. ;)

Summary: Hermione Granger helps Severus Snape when he returns from meetings with Voldemort during her 7th year. The two become close and feelings build between them. Hermione learns the truth about her family history. A few Gryffindors and Slytherins work together and help defeat the Dark Lord, Voldemort.

Also, I know the titles I've created are horrible this is another one I don't like but I've been trying all day to think of one (along the previous month) but nothing good comes to mind.

Updates will appear a couple times a week. I am trying to get a good start on another story while posting this to enable another story to appear once all of this is posted! (Plus I am trying to rework the ending - I'm on my third revision.)

All reviews/criticisms are welcomed! I am still learning to write better!

Now I am going to shut my babbling and onto the story!