Authors note; this is a random story idea which crept up on me. I'm trying out a slightly different style of writing. Let me know what you think.

Points to remember for this story;

#1 There will be no Cullens, this is a wolf pack story. A 'what if' Bella had never met the Cullens, but became part of the life on the reservation. There will be vampires, but they will be the 'bad guys'.

#2 Sam is gonna be a tad dark. I've also made him older for my own pleasure.

#3 imprinting still exists.



~Chapter 1~

Sam Uley was terrifying. That's all Bella Swan knew. He was stern and seemed permanently angry. There were rumours about him around town which people repeated in hushed voices. Bella always seemed to catch the back end of these conversations and never really knew what all the whispers were about. But everyone was wary of Sam. They treated him with a fearful respect which puzzled Bella. Yes, he was very tall, dark and menacing but their fear seemed to be about more.

If she'd been asked, she couldn't have explained why she was so interested in Sam Uley. She only knew that she was as drawn to him as she was fearful of the feelings he aroused in her, which was a very odd mixture indeed. Ever since she'd moved to Forks she'd become aware of him immediately. He'd been visiting Charlie about some Rez business when she'd come face to face with Sam in the tiny hallway which led to their equally small kitchen. He'd dwarfed her, his muscular frame standing at easily six foot four. He'd stood staring at her for one heart stopping moment, before nodding at her curtly and excusing himself to Charlie. For some reason Bella had felt almost painfully alive at that moment, her heart hammering away like a runaway freight train. Her breath caught in her throat making it impossible to speak, so she simply returned his nod to acknowledge his curt greeting.

Feeling alive in such a real way was such a contrast to how she usually felt that it stood out starkly. She'd always been different from everyone else, a little out of step. Literally stumbling blindly through her own life. But at that moment she felt strong and confident, something she'd never felt before - ever.

Charlie had gone on to explain that the man's name was Sam Uley and that he was chief of the Quileute tribe. At just twenty-five, he was young for the role, but Charlie spoke glowingly of his abilities. He was a born leader, apparently, and a good man. Bella was surprised by all the praise from her father who rarely thought so highly of anyone. This spiked her interest even more. Mainly because Charlie seemed to be the only person who thought this.

The second time Bella saw Sam was at the store she worked at weekends. It was a hardware store which stocked all manner of building equipment and lumber. Sam had come in to buy a large quantity of lumber and various nails and screws. He spoke to her as little as possible, but his dark gaze had ignited something inside her. Again, she was excited, breathless, nervous. Alive. She was instantly aware of how she looked, which in itself was out of character for her. She was casually dressed, as usual, in jeans and a surf t-shirt. Her hair was down, falling around her face in artful disarray. Sam's gaze lingered on it as he gave his order. She sensed his approval. He paid in cash, handing her a wad of folded bank notes. Their hands brushed as they exchanged the money and Bella felt that touch to the tips of her fingers and toes. A curious warmth spread through her belly and an ache developed between her legs which put her completely off balance. For the first time in her life her cheeks felt heated. Sam stared at her, his nostrils flaring slightly, as if he were scenting something. He was suddenly completely still, alert, his gaze fixed on her. It was impossible for Bella to look away. She was transfixed by his dark, glittering, knowing gaze. In that moment Bella was a lot like a rabbit faced with a particularly handsome fox - terrified she would be eaten, but mesmerised and unable to run away.

Sam was so much older than her almost eighteen years, she was out of her depth and she knew it.

His gaze made her uncomfortable, exposed. Bella dropped her eyes, reshuffling things on the counter in order to distract herself and look busy. Sam wasn't fooled. A small, infinitesimal smile lifted a corner of his mouth as he watched Bella Swan pretend to ignore him.

"Have a good day, Bella." Sam said in a deep voice. It was the first time he'd ever said her name. Bella's belly flip flopped, her eyes wide as she forced them back up to Sam's.

" too." She managed, stumbling over the words, her voice husky.

Sam turned to leave and she noticed for the first time that he was under dressed for such a cold and wet day in Forks. He wore only a pair of cut off jeans and a ratty white t-shirt which had seen much better days and his feet were bare. Bella shivered, crossing her arms around her own body defensively. How could he not be cold?

Sam left the store and she watched as he loaded the lumber single handed into the back of his beat up truck. He turned when he was done and looked back towards the store. Their eyes met and the heat returned to Bella's cheeks. She turned away far faster than she meant to and almost fell flat after tripping over a snow shovel which was propped up against the wall. She could have sworn she heard a short bark of laughter from Sam. Her cheeks flamed even further.


Three days later her childhood friend - who lived on the reservation - invited her to a bonfire night which celebrated the Queilete elders. Bella wasn't so sure it was okay for her to go, she was after all not Quileute, but Jacob assured her it was. Charlie was as good as part of the tribe and therefore so was she by default.

Bella dressed with far more care than usual. She even used a fine dusting of face power and a touch of lip gloss. She plaited her hair in two French braids which ran down each side of her head. She dressed in jeans, a camisole top and an oversized flannel shirt and completed the look with chunky flat boots.

The bonfire was massive. Instead of logs it burnt trees as well as driftwood from the beach. The salt in the driftwood gave off beautiful blue flames which mesmerised Bella. Jacob found her easily and pulled her into one of his magical hugs.

"How the hell are you Bells?" He laughed, kissing her cheek, awfully close to her mouth. Bella was mildly uncomfortable with that but refused to let anything dim the excitement of her first evening out in a year.

"Hi Jake. I'm good, how are you?"

"Much better for seeing you." He said, smiling widely.

Bella had always loved his smiles. They warmed her heart in the most pleasant of ways.

"Jake, you're huge! Steroids are really bad for you, you know?!" Bella laughed.

Jake grinned, "Nah, I'm just filling out Bella, it wouldn't seem so drastic if we hung out more. You should come here more often."

She nodded sheepishly. "Yeah, you're right, I should visit more."

Jacob threw an arm around her shoulder and took her around with him, introducing her to everyone she didn't know and allowing her to greet those she already did.

It was so peaceful there. Life on the reservation was simple, easy, warm and cosy. It felt like coming home. The bonfire crackled loudly, the wood popping every so often, when a particularly juicy woodlouse was incinerated. People talked and laughed all around them, friends and family happily mingling around the open fire while children ran about playing games. Their cries of laughter could be heard above the conversation which made Bella smile. Once upon a time she had been one of them. The smell of cooking food permeated the air and Bella's belly growled appreciatively. The fire light danced on the small wooden houses and beyond the circle of light, the darkness grew by the minute. The faint roar of the ocean could be heard in the distance.

Bella had forgotten how much she loved being here. As a young child she'd spent many happy summers playing with Jacob while Charlie fished or watched countless football matches with Billy Black, who was Jacob's father. A car accident had placed Billy in a wheelchair a few years before, leaving Sam to take over as Chief of their tribe. Jacob had of course been too young to step into his fathers shoes at just twelve years old.

Suddenly, out of the forest there appeared a group of men. They were all dressed alike in cut off jeans and nothing else. Their copper skin glowed in the fire light, showcasing ripped bodies, muscles and sinews standing out starkly as well as large tribal tattoos on their right arms. All the tattoos were identical. Bella watched dry mouthed as they drew nearer, her gaze riveted on the man in the front of the group.

It was Sam.

Sam's eyes flashed to Bella instantly, before he was greeted by Billy. No one else spoke to him. He drew back to stand beside the barbecue, well used to being ignored. He lifted a beer from the large silver bucket of ice and popped the cap off with a flick of his thumb.

Bella tried not to stare, but she found it incredibly difficult. Her entire body gravitated towards Sam. She half listened to Jacob telling her about the bikes he was rebuilding. Jacob's friends Quil and Embry messed around besides them in a good natured way.

Finally after forcing herself to ignore Sam for at least twenty minutes she finally snuck a peek and froze - Sam was already watching her. Her belly did a 360 flip.

Sam acknowledged her glance by saluting her with his beer. He smiled at her and her heart missed a beat. Goddamn. Was he smiling at her? Bella turned slightly to make sure. But there was no one behind her.

Sam grinned. It was the first time Bella had ever seen his face this animated and she was struck dumb by how handsome he really was.

Bella turned back to Jacob, terrified he'd follow her gaze and see whom she was staring at.

When she looked back he was gone, his tall figure, oddly graceful, stalked away from the festivities. She felt bereft, as if the good energy had been sucked out of the evening. Where was he going? The other men he'd arrived with were all socialising. All except Sam.

Bella wondered if that had something to do with the gossip - whatever it could be. He seems to be apart from it all, like an outcast.

Jake excused himself to help one of the elders move some chairs and Bella slipped away silently.

Her feet carried her in the direction she'd seen Sam disappear, her heart in her throat.

She had to see him, even though she wasn't sure what she would say when she did.

The air was fresh and salty as it whipped her clothes about her body. Bella was glad she'd plaited her hair. The sun had sunk away now, leaving a searing line of fiery destruction along the horizon. The vivid colours melded into the encroaching darkness easily.

Bella looked for him but there was no sign of where he'd gone. She continued to amble between the small clapboard homes, wondering which one was his. She was so nervous, her mouth was dry and her hands trembled. She shoved them into the pockets of her jeans.

"Were you looking for something?" An impossibly deep voice asked from the deepest shadows on a porch right beside her. Bella jumped in fright and her heart rate escalated rapidly.

Bella drew in a deep breath. "I was looking for you." She couldn't have lied if she'd tried. Not to this man.

Sam cocked his head to one side, watching her closely from his seat on the railing. For some reason she got the impression that Sam could see her clearly whereas she could only just make out his face in the growing darkness. His eyes glittered oddly, a little yellow, like an animal when a car's headlights hit its eyes in the darkness. But Bella dismissed it as just a trick of the light, because no one's eyes did that.

"Why would you do something so foolish, Isabella Swan? Haven't you heard that I'm dangerous?" There was dark humour in those words. His use of her full name made gooseflesh explode across her skin.

Why did this man affect her so much? She'd never been a boy crazy girl, always avoiding the opposite sex for the most part even though boys often seemed to like her. Bella had never been this attracted to anyone before. It was unnerving.

"I don't think you are." She whispered, not denying that she knew others thought him dangerous.

Sam chuckled darkly, taking a swig of his beer. "Oh, but I am." He watched her closely. "You shouldn't be here."

Bella swallowed hard and stepped forward, towards him. Her foot touched the bottom step of the porch. She stared at him as if asking for permission to join him. There was silence.

"Can I come up?" She asked out loud, at last.

Sam finished his beer and threw the bottle onto a small pile of empties in the corner. Bella heard him open another.

"No. You should get back to Jacob. Sunny little bastard is just right for you."

Bella smiled at his assessment of Jake's character. "Jake and I are just friends." She took another step and then paused before taking the final one onto the porch.

"Oh I know. I remember you making mud pies with him when you were three."

Bella smiled at the memory. Puzzled, she tilted her head in question. "I don't remember you."

Sam snorted. "I was ten. You were a baby. I played with the kids my own age, thank you very much." There was a touch of humour in that sentence. This almost playful side of this man was fascinating. Bella was even more intrigued.

She moved across the tiny porch and leaned against the post furthest away from him.

The moon was out now and Bella could make out Sam's features. He was drinking his beer steadily.

"Do you always drink this much?" She arched her brow in disapproval and crossed her arms defensively.

Sam looked at her and his lips twitched in amusement. "It takes a large amount of beer to make me even mildly buzzed." He explained.

"Why? Is it because you're so big...I mean, tall?" Bella eyed his body as surreptitiously as possible. He had muscles and ridges everywhere, in places where most men had nothing at all. He was undeniably ripped. Without realising it, Bella caught her lower lip between her teeth. She felt an odd sensation grip her lower belly, a warmth along with a multitude of butterflies.

Sam chuckled dryly. "Yes...and no."

Sam drained the bottle and tossed it aside. Instead of reaching for a new one he stood, in one strangely graceful movement, which reminded Bella of a panther. He certainly didn't appear drunk.

He walked towards her slowly, cornering her against the post and the stairs railing. It was almost as if he were stalking her. At that thought her pulse went mental.

She held the railing in a death grip, her heart racing madly towards the edge of a precipice. Bella licked her lips because they were so dry and Sam's gaze followed the movement with far more attention than it warranted. His gaze glittered with savage want.

A surge of moisture unexpectedly soaked her panty, embarrassing Bella completely. That had never happened to her before! What was wrong with her? Sam paused. His nostrils flaring, as if he could smell her arousal. Bella's face was a furnace.

"Oh, you really shouldn't be here, Bella." His voice was impossibly deep and darkly seductive, it moved every part of her.

"Why?" She asked, breathless. "I want…" she broke off, not sure if what she did want exactly.

"What do you want, Bella?" Sam asked and there was amusement in his tone.

Bella shook her head and tried to speak. But no sound came out.

Sam chuckled dryly. "You're not safe here, with me. I should make you leave, but right now I can't even think of letting you go."

"Why must you?" Bella breathed, her voice breathless and husky.

Sam closed the gap between them and Bella's eyes turned tilt at the scent of him. He was the best thing she could ever recall smelling. Earthy and wild, spicy-clean and all man, she had the strangest urge to lick him.

"Because, if you stay I might just do … this…" he told her as he stepped right into her personal space. He lifted her face to his. His huge hands cradled her face effortlessly, his gaze inescapable. She'd never felt so exposed, it was as if he could see all her innermost desires. Her breath hitched in her throat and then she couldn't breath at all. She felt as if she were falling into Sam, quite literally. He was so hot, his skin giving off a temperature which engulfed her immediately.

And then he kissed her.

It was soft at first and then he deepened it, stroking her lips apart with his tongue. Bella's knees gave out and she clung to him. This couldn't be happening! And yet it was all she had wanted and more.

Sam was demanding. His mouth moved over hers expertly driving rational thought away as his tongue filled her mouth deeply. Her bones melted as Sam set fire to her blood. She didn't know what to do. She'd never been kissed like this, in fact, she'd never been kissed at all. So she followed his lead. Each time she imitated the stroke of his tongue, he hummed in approval and the heavy warmth between her thighs grew. The ache got worse, she needed him... inside her. This was not enough.

Sam seemed to know exactly what she needed. He lifted her onto the railing, easily, as if she weighed nothing. He stepped between her legs, spreading them even further apart and pressed himself against her, right where she needed him to be. Bella arched into him, her arms around his neck, her fingers in his short hair. He was so hard everywhere. The ache increased even more and Bella found herself pulling Sam in closer, her eager hands on his waist and then his lower spine. He responded with a slow roll of his hips. Bella gasped into his mouth, her breathing fitful. Sam slid his hands up under her shirt, to cup her breasts. Her nippples were achingly hard. His long fingers plucked at them causing Bella to whimper.

"Get your hands off her!" A voice said out of nowhere.

Sam stopped kissing Bella and she felt annoyed at the intrusion. It took her a moment to realise that it was Jacob's voice. She sighed.

Sam didn't step back, instead he shielded her small body with his.

"Get your filthy hands off her!" Jacob demanded again, this time with more force.

Bella started to say something, a denial. But she stopped short as a terrifying growl rumbled through Sam's body. His entire body trembled as he half turned towards Jacob.

"Leave, Black!" He barked the words with so much violence it made Bella jump.

Sam allowed Bella to jump down from the railing, his arms falling to his sides as soon as she put her hand on his bicep.

"Jake!" She said, an unknown anger creeping into her voice. "What are you doing?"

Jacob stood there his fists clenched as tightly as his jaw, his eyes murderous. "He forced himself on you Bella!"

"No, he didn't." She denied, stepping around Sam.

"But...he must have...there is no way you'd want him!" Jake spluttered.

Bella hated that he'd said that in front of Sam, her heart ached for him.

"It's none of your business, Jacob."

"You need to leave." Sam told her, walking over to the railing at the back of the porch, which bordered the forest.

He vaulted over easily and without a backward glance he ran into the darkness.

Bella slowly walked down the stairs, shell shocked at the abrupt change of events.

Jacob took her hand and pulled her in the direction of the bonfire.

It felt all kinds of wrong to have him hold her hand. Bella pulled away and walked beside him with defensively crossed arms.

Jake was silent, but Bella knew he was trying to find the words he wanted to use.

"Bella…" he began. "You can't spend time with Sam, he's dangerous."

Bella shòok her head. "No Jake, he isn't and what I do is none of your concern."

Jacob pouted. "I thought you might...feel like that for me...I had no idea you liked Sam."

Bella sighed. "Jake, you know I don't feel that way about you. You're my oldest friend, but that's all you'll ever be and as for Sam - I didn't know I liked him either - it's new."

" That's gonna leave a bruise." Jacob muttered beneath his breath.

They walked a bit further in silence before Jacob turned to her. "Bella, you have to know the truth, Sam's a criminal."

Bella stared at him in shock. Encouraged by her surprise he decided to tell her everything.

"He killed someone." Bella froze at those words, she felt sick. Jacob continued triumphantly, "It was a girl - his girlfriend. Don't You see? He's the worst kind of man - he hurts women."

Authors note; To be continued if anyone likes this...