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O Espírito do Deserto

Chapter I. Wala Ala Baloh

The heat was barbaric, yet what was there to complain about? After all, this was home – the city of Agrabah, a well-known empire of the Middle East. And within the empire, many have failed to ignore the enchanting daughter of the Sultan in this city - especially after she chose a "street rat" as her wedded husband. As ridiculous as it had sound, Princess Jasmine chose Aladdin; a man who displayed less than what his character really was worth. It was the boy's value within his soul that won her heart.

But that is quite enough for the setting…

The importance of this story lies in the first falling of Jafar.

May I refresh the memory of some?

Jafar, who had gotten his claws on the lamp, gained three wishes and thus caused great mortal threats among the Sultan, Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and the entirety of the city of Agrabah. Yet in the end his own ambition became his end - he was converted into a genie and was thrown long way into the desert aside with his right hand parrot, Iago.

Hence my story begins here...

The caramel colored sand was found in all the directions. The desert was a dry, crystallized version of the ocean yet the debating personages have not even bothered once to even relate the hallucinating inferno land to the sea – to speak of water would have been a crime.

Iago and Jafar, not surprisingly, were fighting. Iago, in his best efforts, was trying to release himself from the petite sized lamp. With a bit of Jafar's temper tantrum attacks, Iago was able to free himself. Being quite a ticked off parrot, he grabbed the lustrous black lamp and tossed it into a nearby well.

But who would've ever known that someone might have been destined to come across this cursed lamp...

"Jadé!" yelled the men from the traveling caravan camel market. Yes, everyday these sacrificed men traveled thru the Sahara Desert to sell camels. But you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. It always looked like a sacrifice to do this type of marketing and believe me it was! But credit isn't always given to those who truly deserve it. Jadé, who made most of the sacrifices, fell into this category.

Jadé this, Jadé that. No, the men could never cook. Men could never clean. Men could never be the ones to fetch a pail of water to bathe. Men can't do anything without women! And then they dare to state that women are the inferior sex. Please, women can do the same with or without them. These thoughts ran through Jadé's mind night and day.

She was the only woman in the group. She would usually be assaulted with overwhelming work that would put anyone in the foulest of foul moods. They were calling her but she chose to ignore.

"Jadé, don't play stupid! Go get a pail of water from the well nearby. It should be a quarter of a mile away. Remember we must all bathe by tonight for tomorrow we are to expect a busy day."

Much to her objection of walking a quarter of a mile in the middle of the Sahara, she went anyway. After all it always seemed as if men always won in reality.

One day, when I gain the sufficient amount of riches, I will run back to Féz! I will never come back for there is nothing in Agrabah or in its desert that is of importance to me. True, I am a bastard and this caravan group has given me much but I wish to go back. Back where I will be able to go to my cousin Zane who will bring me back to Madrid, where home is…

It pained her so to remember how she was forced out of her village as a child because she was a bastard. And a female one at that. No education or respect was given to those without parents. Her uncle had taken her away from her small town near Barcelona. Times were hard in Spain especially under conventional feudalism.

When her uncle and she fled from Spain, they had gone to Morocco. From there they had traveled to Egypt. It was in Egypt where her uncle passed away and she was left at age 16 alone. Well, at least till she found the caravan group. They taught her all about desert life and camels.

It was true; there she shouldn't even be complaining. But why couldn't she just be free to make her own choices? She knew the answer. It was poverty that had her trapped, but she knew one day, one day, she would find happiness. It was all a matter of time...

Realizing that she reached the well, she took the wooden bucket that she had dragged with her and placed it on the pulley. She let the rope down gently until she heard a splash of water and the rope became harder to pull back up. Pulling the rope back up to fetch the pail with water, she grabbed the bucket to her self.

"Jadé fetch me a pail of water!" she imitated the men of the group and how they ordered her to do things. "Well I think I deserve some compensation for my hard labor." She smirked at her remark. "The rest of those bozos can share a bucket of water to bathe with but I'm going to treat myself to a full bath," She took the pail, dumped the refreshing substance on herself and rubbed off the dirt that was on her skin. Then, she washed her hands with the remaining water.

Placing the bucket back on the pulley and repeating her steps from earlier she once again had a pail full of water but it was different this time. A lustrous black object was at the bottom of the pail. Gently putting her hand into the cool water, she reached for the object. Displacing some water from the bucket, she took the object out. A smooth and slick black lamp rested in her hands. Caressing the lamp with her finger tips, she curiously stared at one part of the lamp. It had something written but since it was night and there were only stars out thus she couldn't see too well. Besides, there was a stain on top of the Arabic writing which made it harder to make it out. She rubbed on the area but was soon interrupted when the lamp began to shake on its own. Becoming a bit frightened and startled at the same time she dropped the lamp. Red smoke began to free itself from the tip. It surrounded her and the rest of the area. Jadé just stood in a bit shock.

Ok Jadé stay cool and firm. Calm down, this is just a hallucination. Come on girl the heat is making you see things... She told herself.

When she heard a manly diabolic laughter, she began to panic. I must be going nuts or this has to be one hell of a dream 'cause I never heard of a hallucination with audio included!

Jadé couldn't believe her eyes. A gigantic red genie was above her laughing and enjoying his freedom. But as the rules go, freedom is limited for genies. So his intention of using his power to the fullest was put down, he then looked down at his liberator and master.

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