Title: Entreaty

By: Manigault

Disclaimer: They are not mine. CBS, Anthony Zuicker and Atlantic-Allicance own them.

Category: Adventure, I hope. I also hope that it isn't too fluffy in spots. I'm trying to avoid that puddle . G/S as always.

Gil Grissom rapped softly on the door. His eyes ached, his body was at the point of exhaustion and his world was crashing apart. He needed something or someone to keep him sane. Someone who could reign in his sanity with the lift of an eyebrow.

The door tore open and he found confused brown eyes staring back at him. He wondered through his fogged mind if he had made a mistake coming here, but it was too late to turn and leave as Sara Sidle raked her eyes over him.

"Grissom? What are you doing here?" Sara asked after several long seconds had elapsed.

Grissom tilted his head slightly and stared into those deep brown eyes as he tried to process the question in his muddled brain.

"Sara." Grissom rubbed his hand over the back of his neck as they stared at one another in contemplative silence.

Sara assessed his appearance, taking in the loose short sleeved light blue shirt, faded blue jeans and exhausted eyes. Her own eyes widened at the sight of Grissom wearing blue jeans. Searching the files inside her mind, she could not recall the last time she had seen Grissom wearing faded jeans and looking so...A frown creased her forehead.

"You look like shit." Sara told him before a grimace replaced the frown. That was not what she had intended to say, but the admission had brought a slight smile to his lips.

"I've seen better days." Grissom admitted.

"Where have you been?" Sara thought of the last few days at the lab and how lonely it had been without Grissom. Although the past year had been lonely even with Grissom in the lab. She pushed those thoughts aside and waited for him to reply.

"It's a long story, and complicated." Grissom said on a deep sigh.

Sara opened the door and stepped aside. "Share with me, Grissom."

With the briefest of hesitations, Grissom took a tentative step into the room. He had not slept in the past forty-eight hours and it had taken its toil on his body.

Sara trailed him to her sofa where she chose to take a seat on the coffee table directly in front of his knees.

Grissom barely acknowledged her proximity as he leaned back against the cushions and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands.

"A few days ago I received a phone call." Grissom said. He thought of the call that had rocked his world on so many levels.

Sara waited as his voice trailed off in thought and his hands remained pressed against his lids. She remembered Grissom taking a call when they were working a case together a few days before and how, after clicking off the phone in stunned silence he had left without a word. Nick had shown up twenty minutes later and she had not spoken or seen Grissom until today.

Now here he was, sitting on her sofa, looking as if he had been dragged through a mental ambush. Sara leaned forward, tapped his knee lightly and with a gentle voice prodded him to continue his explanation.

"Who was the call from, Grissom?" She asked, never taking her eyes from his face.

Grissom opened weary eyes and stared into her expectant ones. "My sister-in- law."

A thousand questions slammed through Sara's mind at the mention of a sister- in-law. "I thought." Sara shook her head and started again. " I didn't know that you had a sibling, Grissom." She raised her eyebrows and added. "She is married to a sibling, right Gris?"

The last question startled Grissom. "I'm certainly not married to anyone." The emphasis he put on that denial should have annoyed her, but it brought only a relieved smile from her lips. Grissom's eyes flickered to the long fingers resting on his knee, but he made no motion to remove them. Sara followed his eyes before yanking her hand away with an embarrassed laugh.

"Then who is this sister-in-law?" Sara said with forced lightness. "And who is this long lost brother?"

"I haven't seen or heard from my dad since he left my mom and me when I was five years old." Grissom said with no emotion whatsoever in his tired voice. "Apparently he started a new life with a new name and a new family, before he left them and vanished."

The facts were relayed with no sign of emotional involvement. Sara stared at him with shocked indignation at the very idea of Grissom's dad abandoning him.

"This man left you Gris? When you were only a little boy. That bastard!"

Grissom's lips twitched. "I've made my peace with the past, Sara. We were better off without him in our lives and so were my." He stumbled over the words, but he managed to say them aloud. "And so were my half brothers." He took a deep cleansing breath and continued his recounting of the phone call. "That isn't why Elaine called me and asked for my help."

Sara shook her head in confusion. Not for a second did she think he had made his peace with the situation, but she would go with it for a second and focus on what he had just told her.

"Your sister-in-law, Elaine, phoned you to ask for your help concerning."

"Elaine asked me to meet her in Calienta, central Nevada. She said it involved her husband, my half brother, Kyle."

Grissom explained how she had given him her address and said that he would understand when they met and could talk face to face. Having his doubts he was curious enough to drive to her home in Calienta immediately and meet Elaine which was where he then learned the purpose of her urgent request. Kyle and their fourteen year old son, Andrew, had gone camping a week before in the Mojave Desert and failed to return after the three day weekend they had planned. Elaine had immediately contacted the police when they failed to arrive home when expected. The police had turned up nothing of her husband and son's whereabouts. They had vanished. Grissom spoke with the local authorities who had graciously given him all the information they had, which amounted to practically nothing of importance. Kyle's Navigator had been found and everything that the pair had taken with them remained inside, but there was no sign of his brother or his son. By the time Grissom had gone to the site, everything had been collected and given back to Elaine. It baffled him that the locals had not catalogued anything or kept the evidence contained while the case was open. The car was fully equipped with extra fuel, so they had not run out of gas. They were simply no where to be found and the authorities did not think that Kyle was so naïve as to go hiking without his equipment.

"This is incredible, Grissom." Sara could not believe he was sharing this with her or that he was being so calm as he did so. "You haven't given up hope, Gris, have you?"

"I don't know what I can do." Grissom shut his eyes and whispered softly. "The case remains open, but there are no leads and the agents that were called in have shelved it for now."

"They haven't even tried, Grissom, have they? If it has only been a week there must be something, some clue that will lead us to them. Nothing vanishes without a trace, Gris, remember?"

Grissom shook his head. "I would say state your source, but I think it will backfire on me." His voice took on a new level of seriousness as he addressed her statement. "I think that the lead agent believes Kyle took off with his son. The past repeating itself with the twist of the dad taking the oldest son."

"You don't buy that." Sara said with confidence.

"I don't know." Grissom admitted when a yawn betrayed his weariness. "My dad had no trouble running off twice, so maybe this man did the same, only with Andrew." He opened his eyes and stated with more emotion than he had displayed since entering her apartment. "I'm not that kind of investigator, Sara. I don't know what I can do."

"The first thing you need to do is sleep." Sara pointed to the sofa. "Crash here for a few hours while I do some research."

"Research?" Grissom quizzed with a skeptic twist of his lips. "I don't want you involved in this Sara. No researching."

"Don't worry about it, Grissom. Relax." Sara disappeared into her room for a second, before returning with a blanket and pillow. "Sleep for a few hours and you will be able to process everything much more clearly."

If she expected an argument, she was pleasantly surprised as Grissom took the pillow and sprawled out on the sofa without a word. Within seconds he was in a deep sleep that eased the frown lines from his face and took years off his countenance. She could have watched him sleep for hours, but she had work to do and not much time or information to do it with. With reluctance Sara turned away from Grissom's sleeping form and moved to her computer.

The first thing Sara tackled was what appeared the most obvious. Pulling up the internet she began a search of the most recent news concerning any public information on Kyle Giles. Her search brought up a board load of junk, so she went back and typed Nevada next to his name and waited for the results. She spent the next thirty minutes digging through junk until she found an article that related to a missing man and his son.

'Kyle Giles from Calienta, Nevada and his fourteen year old son, Andrew have been missing since Friday.' The article went on to give her scant information, no more than Grissom had told her already, but one item did catch her eye. There was a black and white picture of Kyle and Andrew. Sara studied the images with interest but could discern no resemblance between them and Grissom. Kyle was described as having blond hair, straight from the picture, and green eyes. She wondered if the green eyes could be traced back to the dad he shared with Grissom or if they derived from his mom's side of the family. Andrew had blue eyes according to the article and appeared to be the owner of a very dark and curly head of hair.

Sara printed the article along with the photograph and waited as her printer kicked into gear. Taking the article and photo from the tray she studied them again, but could find no resemblance between the half brothers. The nephew did have a trace of the Grissom smile around the corners of his lips, but the image was newspaper quality and could not do justice to the finer details.

The next hour was spent researching the Mojave Desert as a new and determined gnawing began within her mind. Gris needed her and she would not disappoint him. With this thought her eyes drifted to the sleeping form on the sofa and she added aloud.

" Whether you want me to or not."