This is after twilight, and after most of New Moon. Bella saves Edward, and he stays with her that night. This is the next morning.

Disclaimer: All belongs to Stephanie Meyer


The heaviness is weighing on my entire body, as if I am under an immense amount of water, sinking deeper still. I want to open my eyes, I need to open my eyes, yet the heaviness keeps them shut. I shiver. The water around me must be cold... freezing even. I shiver again but this time the chill forces me to jump up, out of bed, forcing my eyes to open. There he is, still as stone, in my bed. My Edward... no not mine, not anymore. I want to scream at him. I want to hit him. I want to kiss him. I want him to leave, I want him to stay. My eyes can't break from his. Finally, his silky voice breaks through the noise in my head, "Bella, are you okay?"

I continue to stare. Afraid to blink, afraid to move, the heaviness refusing to leave me. "Is this real? Are you here?" I managed to whisper. He's in front of me now. His ice cold hands on either side of my face. He runs his nose along my hair line and down my nose. His lips close enough to mine that I can feel his icy breath. "I'm here, I'm here and I am never leaving you again." He goes to kiss me and at that very moment Jake's face pops into my head. I grab his wrists and pull down with all my might, not that it would make a difference. "Stop, stop please."

"I am so sorry, to assume, you still want me" he says quietly and takes a step back, dropping his hands.

I do not know what I want, or how I feel, but I do know that I love Edward, and I never want him to leave me again. At the same time, this feeling in me that I need to see Jake won't go away. It's like I'm being pulled to him, towards him. I need him. He will make me warm again.

"Edward... I love you. I do want you. You don't want me."

"Yes I do! I only left to give you a chance at a normal, human life. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in all of my existence."

"That wasn't your choice to make, it was mine, and you took it from me. You took your family away from me! You all left!" I spat.

"Isabella, your father is going to hear you if you don't keep it down. I will spend the rest of your life begging for your forgiveness. I will do whatever you wish. I will not, however, ever leave you unprotected again." Edwards face remains stoic, but his black eyes swim with pain.

"You need to hunt," I whisper, "and I need to see Jake."

Edwards teeth snap at Jakes name. He takes a deep inhale, which I find ironic since he doesn't need to breath anyway, and he actually growls. At me? I instinctively step backwards.

"I cannot allow you around that mutt Bella, you have to understand."

"You will never again make decisions on my behalf... Edward" I say his name through gritted teeth.

"Bella please understand I cannot lose you again." Edward begs.

"I am going to take a shower, I am going to talk to Charlie, and I am going to invite Jake over. I don't want you to go, but you can't be here when he is. Go hunt. I will leave my window open tonight for you, and we can talk more."

I didn't give him a chance to respond. I turned on my heel and headed to the bathroom.