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The Will of the Fighter

Chapter 1

After Three Months


It has been a long time since I have convinced Hiei to take me as his apprentice. Three months to be exact. Three hard, yet wonderful months. And now it is over for I have completed my training. Sighing, I laid back on the grass that had been my training area for the last month with Hiei. Hiei. Over the time we had spent together I had come to know him well. Maybe too well for my own good. Today was the last day of training and my last day with him. Sure,I would see him again but it wouldn't be the same. Now thatwe were no longer seeing each other (for training not dating) would he become cold and distant tome again?

He had been kind enough to trainme to be a spirit detective when Koenma, suddenly and unexpectedly, gaveme the job. Not thatI had wanted it. But despite that, he was there forme whenI needed him and for thatI was and always would be in his debt.I tried to repay him but he insisted he had everything he needed.

Ifelt tears forming inmy eyes. Now he is going to leave me. He wouldn't even have trained me had, I not begged. Didn't our friendship go farther than just master and apprentice? Was he just going to throw this all away?


I jumped up to see him in his a tree above me. I cursed myself for not sensing him sooner. I mentally sighed and braced myself. So this is how it is going to end...I was not looking forward to it.


I jumped from tree to tree heading to one of Genkai's many fields. Today was the day I would have to say goodbye to Botan. My thoughts turned to the blue haired ferry girl who had recently befriended me. I had learned a lot about her in the short time we trained. I was not surprised to find myself regretting that our time was over. I had grown more attached to her as each day passed.

Three months ago I would have furious with myself for caring for someone else. My list of people to care for was now growing with Yukina, Kurama, Shiori, (yes Shiori. Hiei spends a lot of his time with Kurama so he got to know his mom very well) and now Botan. It was ironic that I had not wanted to teach her and now I don't want to stop.

Flashback(Warning: Different POV. I forget which one it is but this part is not really Hiei or Botan's point of view)

Hiei had been in his tree sleeping. Or rather trying to sleep that is.

"Oh please, Hiei, you just have to!" pleaded Botan.

Hiei growled and opened his eyes. This was becoming a nuisance to him. The girl had been begging for over a half hour!

"Listen woman I will never train you. You probably don't even have a good reason for wanting to be trained. You already have Yusuke and the others to protect you, so why even bother to learn?"

"I do to have a good reason! Koenma is going to send me on a mission that involves demons! He wants me to be a spirit detective! I don't even know how to fight and here he goes saying that my first mission will be in a month!" exclaimed the horrified girl, "If I don't learn how to fight I'll be killed on my very first case!"

Well that was a shock. Why the hell would Koenma want BOTAN of all people to be the new spirit detective? He could sense that she had tremendous spirit energy but what's the point if she couldn't use it? Even she knew that she couldn't fight. Maybe the stupid prince finally went nuts.

"Now why would Koenma ask you to be a spirit detective? Shouldn't he have someone more skilled in that area?" Hiei asked. He knew he wouldn't do it but that that fool Kuwabara would love the job. Heck, even Kurama might be interested.

"Just ask! He ordered me! He even fired me from my job as the grim reaper! And how should I know? Maybe Makai was just too much for one spirit detective. But that still doesn't explain why he chose me. God, Shizuru could do better than me! At least she can sense demons with that weird spiritual awareness thingy she and Kuwabara have. And she knows more about fighting too! Sometimes I just don't get Koenma. This makes no sense at all! " gushed the now ex-grim reaper, "That's beside the point. I'm the new spirit detective, whether like it or not, and I need to know how to fight to be a good one! So for the millionth time I'm asking, wait no, begging you to train me in martial arts!"

Great, now he had to seem like the bad guy. He and Botan were not exactly friends but he certainly did not want her to die! Damn Koenma! Damn it all!

"Alright, alright I'll do it! I can train you for three months, which should be enough time. After that your on your own!" Hiei shouted, annoyed he gave in so quickly.

Botan smiled happily. He was going to train her? He was going to be her teacher?

"Really, you will? Oh thank you so much! I promise to work my best and always be on time! Is there any way I can repay you?" questioned Botan.

"I might think of something later. Meet me here tomorrow at three," Hiei said. "Botan, are you a human now as well?"

She nodded.

"Yes, I'm living with Genkai and your sister for now."

"Ok "

He paused to think. If she wasliving at Genkai's temple then thatwas a good hour away from here. Itwas getting late, the sunwas already setting.

"Uh, Hiei. "

"Botan, do you want a ride?"

Now it was Botan's turn to be shocked.Didhe just offer her a ride? Her grin widened if possible.Maybe he's not as cold as he wants me to think.

"Yeah, that would be great! "

With that Botan climbed on Hiei's back for a silent trip to the temple grounds.

End Flashback

I snapped out of my trance in time to see I was just above her. Yep, I was definitely going to miss her. Wait, are those tears in her eyes? She thinks I am just going to leave her doesn't she? He smirked to himself. Well, she's in for a surprise.


She snapped out of it and blushed.

"Sorry, I guess I spaced out a bit," she said and put on a fake smile.

"Botan, remember when wanted to know if you could repay me?"

"Umm, yeah", she said not knowing where this was going.

"I know what I want now. I want to keep training you. I'll even help you with some of your missions if you want."

She smiled and hugged me, tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks. This did not turn out so bad after all.


He's not going to leave me? My emotions took over and I hugged him as hard as I could, smiling widely. A few of my tears leaked out and stained my cheeks.

"I'm so happy. I thought you were going to leave me!"



"What was that for?" Hiei asked in confusion and anger.

"That was for making me worry. Don't look at me like that, I know it didn't hurt, you big baby," said I in a teasing matter.

"You still hit me!"

"So you and I both know it didn't hurt! " I replied. To end the argument she stuck her tongue out at him.

I guess this did not turn out so bad after all.

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Ok I re-edited this chapter, so I think the POV are correct now! God, how did you guys read that crap! It was horrible! I'll probably add more to this chapter because it is obvioulsy the worst chapter in this fanfic! I know it was my first time writing, but I was really really bad! So keep looking for updates ok! Thanx!