Failing Masks and Pouring Rain

By Flame Shadow

*I don't own Inuyasha.  I have no clue who does.  This is my first Inu. Fic so please be kind.


Kagome's POV:

The rain beat heavily on my skin as I ran.  It had soaked my hair, causing it to cling to my face.  My clothes were in the same manner, clinging to my body.  I was cold, hungry, and exhausted, but I forced myself to keep running.  I wasn't sure how long I'd been running, I wasn't sure were I was.  I wasn't even sure when the rain had begun.  The only thing my mind was aware of was that I must keep running!  If I stopped for even one moment my problems, fears, and pain would catch up to me.  They always did.  Though I knew I would have to face them eventually, eventually was not now.

The forest, combined with the downpour and darkness was making it increasingly difficult to navigate.  I could barely see my own hand.  Part of me was reasoning that I could travel much safer after the rain let up.  The other half could have cared less and kept my legs moving.  Unfortunately in their struggle of reason and want I tripped over a tree branch and fell.

            When I touched the ground, I was hit with the full force of my emotions.  Images passed through my head increasing the torture.  Tears welled up in my eyes and against my will they began to fall.  They mixed with the rain as my sobs mixed with the thunder.  I looked up to the sky and realized everything I held inside.  As if in reply the sky's sent lighting, rain, and thunder faster and stronger that before.  It seemed to understand me.

            As my feelings calmed down, to my dismay I sensed a demon.  It was strong and powerful, but I wasn't afraid.  Slowly I stood and walked towards this new sensation.  I came to a clearing only to find Sesshomaru.  His hair and clothes were similar to mine.  However to my surprise his mask had fallen.  His strong face showed sadness, loneliness, and pain.

            I found myself being pulled to him.  When I was within an arms length, he looked at me.  He tried to form his mask, but he failed.  We stood there looking into each others eyes bare and untainted.  We stood as ourselves for the first time.


Sesshomaru's POV:

            I was not sure what possessed me to go out into the rain but when I felt the rain on my skin it soothed me.  I walked through the storm until I came to a clearing.  I stared up at the sky watching its glory.  For a time it seemed relatively calm, then as if on demand it started to rage.  The thunder crashed louder, the lighting flashed brighter, and the rain poured harder.  I was so in shock that I let my well developed mask slip.  Not that it mattered.  No one was even here too see 'me'.

            I was caught up in the storm, until a scent tore away my attention.  I looked to my side to find myself staring into the eyes of a girl.  But she was no ordinary human.  She was my brother's wench!  She was the reincarnation of a powerful priestess. 

Out of habit my hand moved to her neck.  I was ready to snap it when I suddenly stopped.  Her eyes showed no fear!  I was ready to kill her and she didn't care.  My hand fell and I became lost in her eyes.  On previous encounters with this girl, she had seemed happy and weak.  But here, for the first time, I saw her eyes.  She was sad, lonely, hurt, but she was strong enough to go on.  Her strength was equal to mine.

To my surprise she proceed to do what no other human, besides Rin, or demon had ever tried.  Her slender hand reached up and settled on my face.  The warmth from her palm startled me at first but I found myself leaning into her touch.  I could feel a sudden sensation course through me.  My heart told me to embrace her, to keep her for myself.  But that was wrong.  The Lord of the Western Lands neither needed nor wanted any human. Right? 

The sensation grew into an urge and the urge was unbearably strong.  Ignoring my better judgment I pulled her into my and claimed her lips.  The only thought in my head was mine!


Kagome's POV:

            Kissing him should have felt wrong.  We were enemies.  He had on numerous occasions tried to kill me.  Yet it felt right.  The past didn't matter.  Right now, in this rain, there was only me and him.  The rest of the world didn't matter.  No one else mattered.

            I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing our bodies closer together.  His hands trailed over my back and sides memorizing my body.  My head leaned back as I gasped.  He took the opportunity to kiss, bit, and lick any exposed skin.  My body reacted instantly.  Even when he bit down drawing blood my body shuddered in pleasure.


Sesshi's POV:

            Everything about her was driving me mad.  Her scent was intoxicating and the sounds she made caused my blood race.  When she exposed her neck I was shocked.  To dog demons exposing your neck was a sign of trust and submissiveness.  I doubt that she knew what that truly meant.  Still my instincts kicked in and I bit down.  Her blood filled my mouth as I claimed her.  A moan escaped her through and her hands tangled themselves in my hair.  She was finding pleasure in this!  I lapped up the remaining blood, using my saliva to heal the wound.  A scare would remain but it would serve as my mark of claim.  She was mine.

            With that done I rested her head on my chest.  I looked down at her and I vowed that I would never let any harm come to her.  I sighed contently and looked deep into her eyes.  When I saw the love reflected there I couldn't help but smile.


Kagome's POV:

            As he held me in his arms I felt happy.  Any bad emotions that I had felt before were gone.  I trusted him with my life.

            A mist formed around us as I lifted my head to look at him.  Our eyes met again and he smiled down at me.  It wasn't forced or insinserely, it was a real smile.  I smiled back warmly and leaned back into him.  Later I would face the others.  But for now there is only him, me, and the rain.