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Chapter 1: Inner Wolf

Annie's POV

My fur soaked up all the warmth from the sun as I laid there with my eyes closed. It was quiet without the others there. It was nice to be alone in my own head.

I knew it wouldn't last though. The only reason I was alone is because everyone else was currently occupied with other activities.

Joseph was at football practice. Eric was helping his father out at his mechanic shop. Lily was at the library probably checking out books about wolves or mythology. Ethan was with his new girlfriend.

It was funny because growing up we always attended the same schools. We were all very close in age. But we all had our own different social groups.

Joseph has been playing football since he was old enough to sign up at one of the local parks. All of his friends consisted of other sports jocks and girls from the cheerleading team.

Eric has always had a fascination with cars because of his dad's profession as a mechanic. His friends consisted of fellow car enthusiasts.

Lily had always been a bookworm. I'd always see her with her nose in some book. She had always been a very studious girl by nature which showed in her report card. Straight A's in AP classes was nothing to sneeze at.

Ethan was and definitely still is a bit of a hothead. I couldn't even begin to count the amount of times he's been in trouble for fighting. It was anger was unfortunately a trait that had been amplified by a hundred when this whole wolf mess started. I found that I always keeping an eye on him at school before he explodes into his wolf self and seriously hurts or accidentally kills someone over an insult.

Then of course there was me. Annie. I'd never been the most popular, well read, or athletic girl in the school. But I still had my own group of friends. Friends that I'd usually have sleepover with. Go the mall with. Or go to the movies with. We all had our own separate lives. We just were not the type of people that would cross paths. That is until a few months ago.

I could still remember the day I first exploded into a wolf like it was just yesterday. It started off with the sudden growth spurt I had. I had always been the smallest girl in my grade. At the time I was exactly five feet tall. Then I just started randomly growing. As my family would say I would literally grow overnight. I was now over six and a half feet tall. That was only the first of my changes. The next was the fever. I went to the doctor one day and the nurse that took my temperature nearly had a heart attack when the thermometer read 109. She had insisted that I go to the hospital much to my annoyance. They ran all kinds of tests on me at the hospital but they could not find anything wrong with me. It was around that time that I also stopped getting my period which scared the hell out of me. I knew that I could not be pregnant because I'd never had sex before. Then the fits of anger started and they kept getting worse and worse as the weeks went on. It was the stupidest little things that would set me off. Even my younger brother asking me if I was okay was enough to make me start yelling at him.

Then one day it happened. I was in P.E class when we were running. I'd always been the last person to finish but now I was leaving everyone behind in the dust with my newfound speed. Well coach had the audacity to say that I must be doing drugs. "That is the only thing that explain your sudden growth, strength, speed, and anger issues," he said as if it were the most reasonable explanation in the world. That was when I completely lost control of myself and started screaming at him. My body shook as waves of pure anger wracked my body. I ran away from the situation and left school thinking that would somehow calm me down. It didn't. That was when I felt myself expand and suddenly explode. I ran into the woods panicking as I was not sure what was going on. I didn't stop until I reached the river and that was when I saw my reflection for the first time. I nearly fainted when I saw a horse sized white wolf staring back at me instead of my normal, human face.

I took me two whole days to calm down enough to change back into a human again. When I went back home I didn't tell anyone what had happened to me because I was afraid that they would lock me up in a mental institution if I had. I still got in a lot of trouble for my disappearing act. For a minute my family thought that my P.E teacher was right about me being on drugs. I had no choice but to undergo drug testing. Even when my hair and urine samples came back clean they still kept a close eye on me. It was a bit annoying but after everything I'd put them through I could understand.

I was alone at first but I was not alone for long. After a few weeks went by the others began to join me one by one. At freaked me out at first when I suddenly heard another voice in my head one night when I was walking around the woods as a wolf. The voice was panicking just as I had the first time around. By some miracle I was able to calm him down and somewhat explain to him what had happened. I say somewhat because to this day we still had no idea why this was happening. Or how something like this was even possible.

Suddenly I caught a scent on the wind and I knew that I was no longer alone. That human scientist that had been studying my pack for the last few months was here hiding somewhere. A few months back when we were first discovered people had taken an interest is. It was not every day that wolves the size of minivans were discovered. It all happened one day when we were all just hanging out here together. Someone shot at us and a few seconds after we were hit we'd become temporarily immobile. Then that someone that shot each and everyone one of us came up to me and he leaned over me and injected something into my body. "Don't worry it's just a tracker," he mumbled. He did this to each and every member of the pack. He'd injected each and every one of us with some sort of RFID microchip to track us. I assumed he was a scientist that just wanted to study us.

Ever since then he'd been popping up at our school, library, movies, movie theaters, and other random places outside of where one would normally expect to see a wolf. He looked extremely confused each and every time we saw him outside of the woods. He was probably wondering why his tracker was leading him to mundane places like the mall where there were obviously no mutant wolves running around. It was kind of irritating honestly.

My stomach growled. Hunger was also a constant part of this life. I could smell a deer close by. It was perfect. I used my heightened sense of smell to locate my prey quickly. Once I did I began to give chase. He sprinted for his life. I didn't realize that I had chased the deer into the main road until I heard tires screeching I looked up in time just to see a Mercedes heading right toward me. I jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit but the car had spun out from the driver hitting the brakes too hard.

I caught sight of the driver and the passenger staring at me with absolute shock on their faces. The driver was a pale skinned, gold eyed, blond man and judging by his appearance he was a doctor. The woman I assumed was his wife. The pale skin and the golden eyes reminded me of the Denali family. The Denali family had moved her about a year ago. Garrett was my favorite teacher. He taught history and made it very interesting.

As soon as the couple stepped out of the car I ran.

"Wait!" the man called after me. But I did not wait. They were probably angry at me for almost causing them to crash and I was not about to stick around to see what they would do.

I was surprised when I heard footsteps fast approaching. I glanced back quickly and was absolutely shocked to see that they were chasing me. I picked up the pace and so did they. I had to push myself to run faster and faster and faster. Yet they were still almost able to keep up with me. What the hell? What were they? They could not be human if they were able to run this fast. I debated fighting them but I didn't know how strong they were and there was two of them. If they were just as fast as me they were probably just as strong also. I had to think and I had to think fast.

I skidded to a halt and threw my head back and howled as loud as I could. A few seconds later I heard more voices in my head. Followed by each and every member of my pack answering my howl with a howl of their own. Less than a minute later Joseph, Eric, Ethan, and Lily appeared by my side. We turned to face those two inhuman creatures that had been chasing me. We outnumbered them five to two. They looked weary of us now as we all growled and prepared to attack.

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