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"Old man, You won't believe what I discovered in the forest." Naruto said.

"Oh, It wouldn't happen to be these two young girls now would it?" Hiruzen said looking up from his paperwork.

"Yea and also Orochimaru is in the exams and is after Sasuke, But Kin here can give you more on his plans." Naruto said pushing Kin to the hokage making her blush at being put on the spot.

"How can Kin tell me more?" Hiruzen asked.

"I-I used to work for him." She responded hesitantly, afraid that she would be killed for working for him.

"Ok, by 'used to' I assume you want to defect and join this village?" Hiruzen responded amused while smoking his pipe.

"Yes b-but I will be N-naruto-sama's slave." The girl blushed at saying that out loud.

"Oh, well that is a good way to save you from the evil's of the council and transfer to our village safely. We can say he defeated you and claimed you as his reward." The old hokage giggled like a pervert and wrote something down in a notebook that said tips for Ica-Ica.

"Ok can we get to what Orochimaru has planned." Karin said getting annoyed by the pervy hokage.

"Y-yes we can. Anbu leave us for a moment." He said making a hand sign and they bowed then left.

"Is that guy on the outside going to stay here as well?" Karin asked looking at the window.

The old man looked surprised but then sighed. "Jiraiya, you can come in now you are busted." With that said the window opened and a Tall white haired old man came inside the room.

"How did you sense me?" Jiraiya asked bashfully at being caught.

"I am a Uzumaki sensor. You can't hide from me." Karin said a bit proudly.

"But yet you still couldn't beat a wild bear." Naruto said laughing with Kin who tried to hide her laugh. He is stopped when Karin hits him in the gut.


"What did you think would happen punching my armor?" Naruto said laughing even more.

"You asshole." She turned her back to him.

"Well anyways Kin can you please tell me what my foolish teammate has done now." Jiraiya said getting serious.

"He wants to destroy the village during the finals of the exams. He will be attacking with Sand and Sound. He wants to have Iwa attack them but their leader thinks he is a fool and the plan will fail. But he never said no so I would be careful."

"Wow that is bad if he gets Iwa we will have a hard time fighting back." Hiruzen replied troubled.

"Yes, that is just the outer works of the plan." Kin replied

"There is more?" Jiraiya asked shocked.

"He wants to kill you the most, Lord Third. He will trap you in a barrier and revive the 1st, 2nd, and 4th hokage to kill you." Kin said a bit worried for her new leader.

"Damn that is not good." Naruto said worried for his gramps safety.

"He will have Gaara who is the host for the 1 tails rampage in the village along with giant snake summons destroy the village." KIn said

"That is not good. That will cause mass damage and chaos all over the village." Naruto said thinking about his new family and other people in the red light he cares for.

"I will inform the council about this and we will come up with a plan to overcome this." Hiruzen said

"Yea and you should most likely start to train again for the fight that is to come, along with all the clan heads." Naruto said seriously.

"Yes you are right we will need all our strength if we are to overcome this." Hiruzen said just as serious.

"I can take out Gaara along with the giant snakes that are to come. My summons will deal with them along with some clones I can enhance with Kasumi's chakra." Naruto said trying to help as much as he can.

"Okay that is actually a good idea. You can have them focus on getting the civilians to safety along with defeating the ninja that will be on foot." Hiruzen said nodding in agreement with him.

"Wait, you have a contract?" Jiraiya asked shocked.

"Yes I do." Naruto said

"Show me." Jiraiya said wanting to see if it is strong enough.

He goes through hand signs and a puff of smoke later a small winged thunder bird is summoned and lands on Naruto's shoulder. "You see I have the thunderbird contract." Naruto said rubbing the bird, getting it to lean into his hand.

"How did you get the mythical contract for them?" Jiraiya asked, baffled that this boy has the contract.

"Well it is an Uzumaki clan summoning contract." Naruto said like it was no problem.

"Really, then can I sign it too." Karin asked with stars in her eyes.

"You sure can." Naruto said rubbing Karin's head making her eye twitch.

"I am not a dog!" She hit him on top of his head.

"So do you know of your family as well?" Jiraiya asked hestitaly.

"If you are wondering if I know about my dad then yes I do. I also know that you were close to him and could have been here for me." Naruto said, leveling a glare on him with some Ki making Jiriayia sweat a bit.

"Look I am sorry, I was always out on the road and spying for the village. I wouldn't have been able to take proper care of you and do my duties for the village." Jirayia said trying to make the angry teen calm down.

"When you returned to the village to report to the old man, how come you never came to see me?" Naruto said still not letting up on his anger. Jiraiya put his head down because he had no excuse for that.

"I don't care anymore. I took care of myself back than anyways." Naruto said railing his anger in.

"I can make it up to you by training you for the month." Jirayia said knowing this will get him.

"No thank you, You have better things to work on than training someone who doesn't need your training." Naruto said.

"W-what, I am a legendary ninja. The strongest in the village." Jiraya said not believing he was just turned down.

"Strongest in the village, HAHAHA." Naruto laughed but then stopped and released 5 tails of Kasumi's chakra. Cracking the floor and windows making a red cloak surround his body and the 5 tails behind him came out. "Good thing I put up that seal or the room would be flooded with ninja's."

"I am still in control." Naruto said seeing Jiraiya about to put some seal on him.

"H-how can you control so much?" Hiruzen asked also surprised.

"It's because Kasumi-chan is my girlfriend." Naruto said with a smile.

"Is that the 9 tails name. And the 9 tails is a woman? Jiraiya said and couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yes, so call her by her name when you are in my presence." He said and released the chakra

"I am pretty sure I can still beat you though." Jiraiya said.

"I just beat your teammate in the forest while I was holding back." Naruto said crossing his arms.

"No way." Jiraiya replied

"Whatever, do you have the key to my seal. My dad said I would need it to master all of her chakra." Naruto said holding his hand out.

"How did he tell you?" Jiraiya asked.

"He sealed some of his chakra in the seal and talked to me after we had a fight." Naruto said smiling at that.

"Who won?" Hiruzen asked a bit curious about this.

"Well I did but that is only because He wanted to test my strongest jutsu against his small rasengan. He should have know that would happen, what was he thinking of challenging an Uzumaki in a jutsu contest." Naruto said laughing at this again.

"Wow I wish we had all been able to see that." Hiruzen said dropping his pipe.

"Actually you should be glad it took place in my head. If the fight was outside the village would have been destroyed by my final attack." Naruto said smirking.

"Wow Naruto-sama you are really strong." KIn said amazed at her new master.

"You bet I am Kin-chan." Naruto replied smiling at the girl, making her blush a bit.

"Well I wanted to take you on a training trip for 3 years to help you get stronger and avoid a group of S rank criminals after you." Jiraiya said serious.

"Let me guess you were gonna train me in Kasumi's chakra." Naruto said.

"Yes." Jiraiya said not seeing the problem.

"That is stupid and would be a waste of time. A group of S rank ninja are after people with biju, you thank they won't have a way to negate the use of her tailed beast chakra." Naruto said crossing his arms again.

"W-well that makes sense." Jiraiya rubbed his head.

"I will go on a training trip with the other jinchuriki and hunt down this group." Naruto said clinching his fist. "Karin I would like it if you came with me, It would make things much easier to find them and you can be our medic." Naruto said looking at Karin.

"I would but I am not that strong." Karin said looking down.

"Don't worry we will all train together." Naruto said pulling the red head into a hug.

"That is a good plan, they won't be ready for that." Jiraiya said.

"You should get more information on them and send it to me and we will go get them before they get us. What is the name of the group?" Naruto said turning to him.

"The name of the group is called Akatsuki and I will get you that information just be careful they are really powerful." Jiraiya replied.

"Okay now the key to the seal I am in a exam after all." Naruto held his hand out again.

"Okay let me summon him." Jiraiya went through hand signs and summoned the frog that held the key to the seal.

"Garretora nice to see you, I am here so you can give the kid the key to his seal." Jiraiya said pointing at Naruto.

"He looks a little to young but I can feel his power. I hope you know what you are doing." He than jumps into Naruto's seal.

"Okay After this exam I will be going to Uzu and train in mastering Kasumi-chan's chakra and other things that will win us this upcoming war. Naruto said walking out of the room followed by the girls.

"Well sensei I can see that he really likes the second hokage a lot. I figured he would love his father. Were you telling him stories about your sensei?" Jiraiya asked looking at the old man.

"I did a little bit when he was younger but he often read up on him when I would give him books about him. One time he even painted his face to have the same markings as my sensei." He chuckled at remembering that.

"Well I am off, I have work to do. Don't forget to train again as well." Jiraiya said jumping out the window.

"I wonder if I will make it pass this or will this be my final battle. If so, I should write down my will and successor." He did just that and went back to filling out his paperwork again.

In the halls of the tower Naruto was walking to his assigned room along with Kin and Karin. "Okay girls I will send you to the house where you will be with the rest of my family. Kin there is a maid quarter and you can put on the sexy maid outfit. Karin you can pick out a room just be sure to ask for help if any of you guys need help." He gave them both hugs and teleported them to the house.

"Okay now let's see what this tower has to offer." He takes off his armor and puts on a normal black shirt and his black cape with red flames licking the bottom. Red pants that are tucked into black ninja sandals.

He makes his way to the cafeteria and can see that the sand team is there along with the Kumo group. "This is not the Kumo team that was looking at Hinata-chan like they wanted to kidnap her. I hope she will be okay." He walks to the counter and can see they have food for everyone. He takes some and walks to sit by the sand team.

"Hello again my sandy pals." He looked at the two boys. "It is nice to see you again, my desert rose." He said grabbing Temari's hand and kissing it, making her blush.

"H-hello Naruto-kun." Temari cursed herself for looking weak in front of this handsome hunk.

"Don't touch my sister you jerk." Kankuro said switching places with his sister.

"Hello again Uzumaki-san, mother still wants your blood." Gaara said looking at Naruto with a passive face.

"Kasumi-chan is there anyway we can get, into his head and talk to Shukaku." Naruto asked his inner demon.

"Yes Naruto-kun but you have to be making contact with him." Kasumi said talking back to him from the seal.

"Okay that sounds easy enough." He put his fist out in front of him for Gaara to touch. "Come on sandman bump fist with me so we can speak in private."

Gaara put his fist up slowly and they were both pulled into an inner plain along with their tailed beast.

"What do you want you stupid fox." Shukaku said angrily.

"Don't be like that little brother, I just want to see you again." Kasumi said in her fox form with Naruto on her head.

"I don't want to see you, just go an die along with your stupid human." He shot a wind bullet at them.

Naruto made a lighting ball and shot it at the wind ball canceling his attack. "Why are you so angry? I didn't do anything to you."

"You were born, that is what you did!" the angry tanooki said.

"Kasumi-chan I can feel another soul inside him." Naruto said.

"Yes, this close I can also feel it." Kasumi said narrowing her eyes.

"I will get rid of it." Naruto said jumping next to Gaara who was being quiet.

"Uzumaki-san, what are you doing?" Gaara said not showing how scared he was at looking at two biju.

"I am trying to help you." He writes a seal using his chakra and makes a ram sign. "Uzumaki style Evil soul unsealing. He then slams his hand down on the sand spirit's head and a ghostly old man comes out.

"Noooo put me back!" The ghost said.

"You old bag of dust just die already!" Shukaku said angrily.

Naruto then destroy the seal and the old man goes away. Making Shukaku let out a long sigh.

"Thank you stupid human now can you also let me out this seal."

"Nice try stupid raccoon but Gaara will need your help in the future." Naruto said patting his head.

"I will also fix the seal making it more comfortable for the both of you and make sure you become friends. I know you both need it." Naruto jumped back to Kasumi.

"Thank you Uzumaki." Gaara said

"Just call me Naruto, we are friends and brother's in arms." Naruto said waving to Gaara and disappearing along with him. When they came back outside they were in the same position until Gaara passed out. Making his sibling worry.

"No need to panic, I only fixed his seal and helped out his sandy friend, he is only sleeping." Naruto said getting up.

"Thank you so much Naruto-kun." Temari gave him a hug making her blush at her actions.

"Don't worry, just get strong and look out for him." Naruto said disappearing in a water piliar making the team from mist jealous that they couldn't do that.

3 Days later

Time in the tower seemed to move in slow motion for Naruto after he helped Gaara. More teams made their way into the tower and fight's almost broke out a couple of times. He really talked to Temari some more along with Ino, Hinata, and his cute little sisters.

He also practiced a little bit inside his room and took the time to work on Kasumi's chakra when he put the seals up. He was at a roadblock because he needed to face his dark side. He could hear little whispers now that he started to use more of her chakra.

"Wake up time to kill." A voice of pure hatred and darkness sounded from his mind.

"Listen here you knock off. You are not going to be waking me up out of my sleep just because you have homicidal problems." Naruto replied putting his head back on the pillow.

"You know. You are not reacting like I wanted you to." Naruto's evil side replied.

"Well what did you think, you are me and I am you so this should not be a surprise." Naruto said still laying down.

"Well when you put it like that I guess you are right, But I am all of your negative things so I am supposed to do this until we meet and fight for your body." The voice of evil replied.

"Yea, that is not gonna happen. We are not going to fight because we would end up killing each other, But I am also not going to try and talk you into changing your ways." Naruto said rolling over in bed. Showing he is sleeping topless.

"Well damn, Way to mess up my fun, you bastard." He chuckled at the last part. "I only started talking to you now because I am getting weaker due to all the positive things going on in your life now and I am slowly disappearing." Dark Naruto said a bit sadly at the last part.

"You mean OUR life.I know how you must be feeling. You don't want to be forgotten or ignored and you want my attention." Naruto said.

"I tell you what, When this is over how about we do whatever needs to be done in order to use Kasumi-chans chakra." Naruto said in a happy tone.

"Fine it is better than just being stuck in your mind with nothing to do other than watch what you do." Dark Naruto replied. "See ya!" He left doing an evil laugh.

"Okay you have to teach me that." He replied out loud only to get a response in the form of more laughing.

"Okay Naruto-kun now that you are done talking to yourself get up before the girls come in and get you." Kasumi said after listening to the conversation.

"You are right about that. If Sakura-chan came in here and saw me still sleeping I would be in trouble." as he speaks a little shiver went up his spine remembering the last time he didn't get up. He had to dodge punches that leveled buildings.

Kasumi came out of the seal in her fox form and sat on top of his head. "Let's go my love, we have people who need their asses beat." Kasumi yipped from his head.

"What shall I wear today. Armor for heavy combat or my cape for fast and precise combat." Naruto speaks rubbing his chin in thought. He decided on the cape because they are inside and he felt like being fast today. He puts on his long sleeve black shirt followed by black anbu pants. Tossing on his black haori with the red flames at the bottom he walks outside in black anbu sandals.

"Hello Naruto-kun."

He turned his head only to feel his head placed into breast. "Anko-chan, I think you should greet me like this all the time." The muffled answer came from in between her chest.

"Well we can always do more to make this a better morning." Anko said with a seductive smirk on her face.

"As much as I would like to do that why don't you act like a sensei and take me to where everyone is." Naruto said in a dismissing tone turning around making his cape flap.

"Fine, Come with me this way." She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him along the hallways until they got to a large fighting area and everyone was on the rails. "Go stand on the rail and wait for your name to be called." She turned and gave him a quick kiss. "Good luck Naruto-kun I have money on you so win it all for me." She than vanished.

Making his way to the others he can see that some of the team are banged up or are not fully recovered and will be easy pickings. The sensei are talking to each other and giving pep talks to their genin if they need it.

The hokage than appeared and began some speech about the exams but Naruto was not listening instead he was think about some training he can do or who it is that will be a problem for him in these exams. "Kasumi-chan, do you think we can do some transformation like the other perfect Jinchuriki?" Naruto asked the fox sitting on his head peacefully.

"Yes Naruto-kun but you have to face your darkness first and then come for my chakra, but considering how you are chatting it won't be hard."

"Yea I know he is a cool guy once you get passes his evil tendencies."

"You do realize you are complimenting yourself right?"

Yea what is your point. I saw you in the mirror talking about how you are the strongest and your fur is to die for." He laughed at remembering catching her hype herself up.

"You said that you won't bring that up again." The fox said hitting his head rapidly.

"Okay I'm sorry it was just too funny to forget."

Naruto is pulled out of his though when a cloth drops and a huge screen appears on the board.

Sasuke Uchiha vs Yoroi Akado

Everyone else walked back up to the rails in order to get out of the way of the fight.

"You got this Sasuke, don't let me down." Kakashi said patting Sasuke on the back.


Watching the fight he could see that sasuke was having trouble in this fight. He should be able to demolish this guy but it seems the curse mark is messing with his effectiveness in battle. This must have been what that snake piss ant wanted, Yoroi took his chakra and made him use the power of the curse mark.

"And next up we have."

Zaku Abumi vs Shino aburmae

This match was mainly a fight of long range and who could sneak who. Naruto could see that Shino indeed was a great ninja, but he did not have any close quarter combat capabilities and that would lead to his downfall. Zaku was already weak from the ass whopping Naruto gave him in the forest.

Tsurugi Misumi Vs Kankuro

"Hey make-up boy if you win I will give you a coupon for a shop that sells makeup for people like you." Naruto yelled making everyone laugh

"IT'S WAR PAINT!" Kankuro yelled back, red faced from embarrassment.

"Yea whatever just get down there and fight with you stupid dolls."

"You bastard get down here and say it to my face!"

"Nah, I would rather spend some alone time with your hot sister." He sent a wink to Temari making her blush at being called out like that.

The fight that followed left most people actually impressed at how good he is with puppets and his use of hiding in plain sight during the fight.

"Wow, it seems you are somewhat talented." Naruto said looking at the puppet boy.

"Well I am the up coming genius of our village." Kankuro replied puffing his chest out in pride

"Yea if you say so." Naruto walked back to his spot by Sakura.

"I hope my match can come up. I have places to be." Naruto said leaning on the wall.

"Don't worry I am sure you will be up soon." Sakura said patting his back in comfort.

"Will you cook me some dinner again? Your cooking is really good." Naruto said.

"R-really was it good." She pushed her fingers together.

"Yea everyone loved it the last time. Just don't make those soldier pills again, I think you almost killed Haku last time."

"Shut it, that was my first time making those." Sakura said with a tick mark on her head.

Naruto Uzumaki vs Omoi

"Finally It's my turn." Naruto then jumps to the ground but floats down using his wind affinity at the last second.

"Oh man what if this guy kills me and than kills my family and than war breaks-" He is cut off when a Karui hits him on the head.

"Just get your ass down there and fight." She kicked him off

"Man, why do the flat chested girls always cause the most problems." Omoi said from the ground.

"I feel you man they always resort to violence to get their point across." Naruto said in sympathy.

"HEY!" the shout came from Sakura and Karui who had angry faces and fists in the air.

"Alright let's leave them alone for now." Omoi said getting in a stance with his sword.

"Let's dance."

They rush off at each other leaving dust trails in their way. They clash blades and are in a struggle but everyone can see Naruto is winning if the grin on his face is anything to go by. A clone comes from behind Omoi and attempts to slash but he narley dodges. "Kasumi-chan, this will get messy. Can you go wait on the stands?" He talks to the fox and she gets up and jumps into Hinata's arms making the girl smile and begin to pet her.

"Alright now let's get back to it." Naruto said turning back to Omoi

He charges back at him and takes slashes that Omoi blocks but has to struggle with because Naruto was physically stronger than him. Omoi than coated his blade in Lighting chakra hoping to zap Naruto and his blade.

Lightning slash

Omoi slashes his blade multiple times hoping to cut Naruto with the sharp blades of lighting.

"Easy." Naruto said

Wind cutter

Naruto brings his sword down, canceling out his lighting blades and also blowing strong winds in his face. "That is not all you can do is it?"

"Not even close." Omoi than charges back and Naruto meets him head on. They then enter a heated dance of blades and sparks can be seen flying off the blades along with the sound of grunts and skin being cut. Naruto goes for a diagonal slash ready to cut him down. Omoi counters and slides his blade along Naruto's making more sparks fly.

Naruto then ducks the swing that would have taken his head off and comes up with a vertical slash leaving a long cut on the front of Omoi chest. "You dance well." came the cool reply from Naruto who was looking at Omoi with a grin still in place.

"Damn I didn't think he could be fast and strong. This cut really hurts. I hope I don't bleed out."


"Damn Anko, this kid is a wiz with the blade." Ibiki said standing by Anko with an impressed face.

"Yea he even beat me using that style." Anko replied with pride in her student.

"What style is that?" Hayte asked

"He said it was called the moonlight sword style and let me be the first to say. That shit is scary." She shivered at remembering fighting him and that sword.

"I knew it seemed familiar. That style is legendary." Hayte said with surprise. "I am glad I get to see it."

"Yea he defeated two of the seven swordsmen with the style." Kakashi said remembering his battle on the bridge.

"If he has it mastered he will win this fight no matter what." Hayte said, looking with more vigor at the fight.


Back down to the fight Naruto can be seen with a slash on his chest he had received from their exchange. Omoi had even more cuts on his body than last time. The ground had several cuts and cracks from the force of the attacks.

"Hey man I can't keep up anymore, can we end this," The heavily panting Kumo ninja said barely able to stand.

"Sure we can and because I respect your strength with the blade allow me to show you a technique of the moonlight sword style." Naruto said getting ready to draw his blade. Omoi did the same charging lighting in his final attack.

The two then disappear only being spotted by the jonin and those above. When they became visible to everyone again they were on different sides of each other.

"38th dance Marionettes" Naruto said and blood shot from Omoi and he fell to the ground. Naruto swiped his blade of the blood and put it back in its sheath until it clicked. "So it seems his last attack reached me." Naruto said looking down at the cut on his torso.

"Winner Naruto Uzumaki!" Hayte said and a round of claps sounded and the medics ran to pick up Omoi. Naruto walked up to the stands and he got congratulations from people.

"G-g-great j-job Naruto-kun. I have some medicine for you to help your cut." Hinata said bowing her head to hide the blush, making Kasumi fall off.

"Thank you Hinata-chan but my arms hurt so you will have to put the medicine on for me." He said smirking at the girl's whose face was red like a tomato.

"O-o-okay N-n-naruto-kun." She walked up to him and put the medicine on her fingers then rubbed it on his open chest wound. She began to go even redder and steam came from her ears until she couldn't take it anymore and passed out.

"N-naruto-kun c-chest." this is the last thing she said before going limp.

"Well Kurenai, I think you need to take your students' place and finish what she started." Naruto said looking at the women who blushed.

"W-what I am not doing that." She said looking away.

"Don't be like that. You owe me, or do you not remember when you wanted me to eat that whip cream off your body and lick the-" He is stopped when Kurenai appears in front of him blushing heavily. All the guys had nose bleeds and the girls were jealous even the stoic Samui was a bit jealous.

"S-shut up I will rub the stupid medicine on you." She then did just that and began to rub it on his chest. She was blushing from all the eyes on her but keep going or be let everyone know about her sex life.

"Thank you Kurenai-chan." He gave her a kiss on the lips. "I will see you all at home, I have things to do."

"Wait, Naruto you can't." He stopped when he saw he disappeared in a blue flash.

"Leave. You know, sometimes I don't think he respects my position as hokage." He put his head down at that.

"You just noticed that. He calls you old man and just walks into your office whenever he feels like it." Anko said laughing at him

Uzumaki compound

"I'm home!" Naruto shouted coming through the door.

"Hello Naruto-kun." Tsunami walked up, giving him a kiss which he returned without hesitation. "What are you doing home so early, shouldn't you be at the exams?" raising her eyebrow in confusion.

"I just got done fighting and I decided to leave because I have to pack for my trip." Naruto replied walking to the kitchen to get a drink.

"What about your friends, they will want your support so you should go back." Tsunami said putting her hands on her hips standing her ground.

"But why? They are strong enough to handle the fight's."

"Naruto-kun go back or no ramen for a month." Tsunami said in a sweet tone.

"You can be so cruel sometimes. Can I at least see Rukia-chan?" Naruto said going to the backyard but is pulled back when she grabs the back of his coat.

"No, If you see her you will want to stay with her all day long and then never go back." Tsunami replied trying to lecture him but Naruto was not really paying attention. "Are you listening to me?" Tsunami asked with a tick mark on her head.

"Yes I was." The blonde said in a cheery tone. He gave her an eye smile that made her more aggravated.

"Then what did I say?" Tsunami said and crossed her arms under her chest.

"Uhh I love you."

Next thing Naruto knew he was standing outside the compound with a bump on his head. "She must have had some kind of ninja training because the way she swings that pan is going to kill me one day." Naruto then got up and started to fly back towards the tower.


Back in the arena more fights had progressed and none were as good as Naruto's so far. Sakura had fought Shikamaru and despite her overwhelming strength and great intellect at keeping him on the move not letting him think of a plan she still lost due to overconfidence in thinking she would just crush him.

Naruto came back and could see the next match was Hinata vs her cousin and the girl was ready to die from how scared she was. "Hinata you can do this okay." Kurenai said giving her a comfortable hug.

"T-thank you Sensei." She said with more confidence in herself. But you can still see the terror in her eyes.

"Hinata I know that is not fear I see." Naruto said floating down.

"N-naruto-kun i-i-i." A hand made her stop.

"Hinata you don't need to fear, it will only weigh you down during this fight. You trained and put in just as much work as everyone else don't let fear control you." A nod from the girl let him know she was listening well to what he was saying. "Remember the will of fire burns bright. It will give you the power you need to surpass your limits and defeat whatever enemy stands in front of you, but remember power is not simply will power is the ability to make things happen." She nods and everyone can see how she is now motivated and no longer has any fear. "Oh one more thing." He rips the jacket right off her body, making her yell and cover herself. "You don't need this to weigh you down. Now get down there and kick his ass." She jumps down with a determined gaze.

"I know you are not actually going to listen to that failure. His fate was already chosen just like you." Neji said with a smirk trying to break her down.

"Just shut up and fight me." Hinata said more seriously than anyone has seen her before. She got in her stance ready to do battle.

"You are a failure, it won't make a difference." Neji replied with a scowl and got ready to fight.


The two then rush at each other throwing strikes ment to deal damage and close off the chakra points at the same time. Through the whole encounter of strikes Hinata landed a good amount of hits more than Neji can say he is proud of to have let hit him. That does not mean the Hyuuga was unscaved, she has been hit in her shoulder and arms,

"I have closed off your chakra points. What will you do now? Failure" Neji said trying to taunt her.

"I-I will keep f-fighting because I don't quit and I don't run, that's my ninja way!" In the stands Naruto smiles along with the rest of Hinata's friends. Rock Lee even begins to cheer her on followed by Naruto.

"You will die here girl."

"So what, coward." Hinata then charges back towards him catching him off guard by her sudden speed and she manages to land a hit to his chest knocking the wind from his lungs. Sending him to a knee only to be sent flying when he meets a kick to his face.

"What's wrong, can you not dance any longer?" Hinata said with a smirk copying her not so secret crush.

"OH HELL YEA!" Naruto shouted from the rails. "I taught her that!" Naruto is crying tears like a proud father seeing his only child that made it.

"Naruto-san, I don't think her clan would appreciate you corrupting their heir." Shino said standing next to Naruto.

"Who cares they are not going to do anything. If anything I am helping their clan that is destroying itself."

"What do you mean destroying itself?" Asuma asked

"The main branch is treating their side branch like slaves and it only get's worse as time goes on. The kidnapping only made things worse by giving the leader of the side branch to them." Naruto said remembering what had happened. "If we are not careful we might have a repeat of the uchiha massacre on our hands." They then became quiet and focused back on the fight that had turned back to neji's favor.

Hinata was on her knees with blood coming from her lips and breathing heavily. "I can't keep up, I am done for." She glances at Naruto and he only nods with a smile.

"Winner Neji Hyuga!"

"Just like fate predicted I won and you are on the ground like a failure. Don't fight your fate, just accept it." Neji said with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"You know Neji, you seem to be fighting your fate most out of everyone in our clan. Always trying to learn the techniques of the main branch. It seems you just can't accept the fact that you were born in the side branch." Hinata said with a sad gaze looking at her cousin.

"Shut up you know nothing of fate. I am cursed with this life." Neji charges at Hinata ready to end her life and the jonin are not fast enough to stop him.


That is what sounded off in the arena. Naruto can be seen in a blade lock with the hokage of all people and it seems he is struggling to hold back the angry blonde. "N-naruto you must calm down." The hokage said pushing off Naruto who's eyes were red with slits and his whisker were thicker.

"I am perfectly calm." Naruto said exchanging blows with the staff of the hokage. "Just move and let me cut him down." Naruto replied in a calm voice.

"If you do then you are going to be disqualified, Hinata wouldn't want that for you." That was the wrong thing to say because Naruto picked up speed and blitzed the hokage going right past him to the Hyuga who had wide eyes filled with terror.

"R-r-rotation!" The boy started to spend and Naruto was about to bring his sword down and cut him down. He was stopped when a fox kicked him away.

"Naruto-kun you must calm down or you will be in serious trouble with the village." Kasumi said standing in front of him the size of a full grown horse.

The two stare each other down for a bit, red slitted eyes gazing back at each other. Chakra pouring from the two shaking the arena and cracking the ground under their feet. The jonin were on guard ready for anything to go down. Sweating at the pressure of the two beasts in front of them. The genin was shaking and behind the Sensei.

The foreign ninja were shocked that this kid fought the hokage and is now releasing all this chakra. "Oh no Kasumi nee-chan is ready to fight, and her mate is also ready. We should leave because your team is about to pass out." The Nibi said inside the head of Yugito.

"Holy shit just how strong is this guy." Karui said holding on to the railing because of the shaking.

"That is cool." Samui said also holding the rail with wide eyes.

"That kid has some real balls standing up to kasumi like that." Shikaku said inside Gaara's head.

"Mother, are you scared?"

"I am a man, stop calling me that, it's weird."


"Temari, I think the invasion is a bust if this kid is involved." Kankuro said to his sister.

"Yes we should not have gone with it in the first place." Temari replied from behind her fan.

Back on the arena floor the pressure had only gotten heavier and right when it seemed they was about to jump at each other. Naruto stood up and sheathed his sword and walked to Hinata who was being protected by a barrier Naruto had put up on her. He walked to it and disabled the seal and he grabbed her hand and smiled at her.

Hinata looked into his eyes that went back to the blue that she loved. "D-did I d-do good N-naruto-kun?" He only smiled at her.

"You were amazing and I loved when you used my line." They both chuckled at that. The medics came to take her and he wished her good health. When he got back up everyone was subjected to feeling his KI and the weaker kids fainted while everyone else were sweating even the hiding Orochimaru. "No, this boy can not be allowed to live; he will mess up the plan. I will send Guren after him she has never failed me." His thoughts stopped when the boy of his thoughts spoke.

"You better hope we don't fight or you will without a doubt not make it out of the match in one piece." Naruto said turning his red eyes filled with fury to the shaking Hyuga. He then goes to the hospital room to watch over Hinata.

"Now let's get back to the matches." The sickley proctor said

Tenten vs Temari

Tenten wasted no time in charging the sand kunoichi with her superior speed and excellent swordsmanship to keep Temari from getting to far and launching her wind jutsu with her fan.

Kasumi was in the stands watching Ino bully Karui with her staff and fire jutsu. Feeling a bit sad at how she and Naruto just acted towards each other. "Kasumi-chan I am sorry for how I acted. I lost my cool for a second." Naruto said speaking through the mental link.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun. It is okay I just needed you to calm yourself before you did something you would regret." Kasumi cherped with a foxy grin.

"Can you tell me what happens during the rest of the matches I am with Hinata-chan."

"Sure thing just don't do anything to the helpless girl."

"Just who do you think I am. I won't take advantage of her like that."

"I know I'm just messing with you. I will see you later." She ended the link and focus back on the final match.

Gaara vs Rock Lee (Canon)

"Okay all those who won come down and listen up for who you will be fighting in the finals." Hayte said

"First up we have Naruto Uzumaki vs."

Hope you enjoyed this because I like writing it.

I hope you can see where I am going with the Shippuden arc.