Kaito Kumon had a strange relationship with the concept of mortality. Whereas his family had suffered from the loss of their business and the descent of their patriarch into alcoholism with the loss of their lives, Kaito himself had merely been placed in an orphanage. And then, years later, when fighting for his life against a cosmic forest that spread itself to different planets like a parasite, whereas many others had been immediately turned into mindless beasts upon consuming the fruit, Kaito's consumption had turned him into a monster, but it had also given him full use of his mind and greater power than any of the Inves that those unlucky few had become. It had all ran out in the end, when in his final duel with Kouta Kazuraba, the latter had succeeded in slaying his rival. But, as Kaito was soon to learn, sometimes even death can change minds.

Kaito wake to find himself in an old fashioned building, several others looking at him with shock. "Are you alright?", we're the To first words Kaito heard. The woman who said them was a foreigner, Caucasian, saying it in English. Kaito didn't understand what she was saying, but he could pick up the basic meaning from her gestures.

"Wh-where am I?", Kaito asked, as he looked down at himself, seeing that he was wearing his usual outfit of a red collared shirt, a grey waistcoat, black trousers and an overcoat that matched all three. He checked his pockets, finding that his Sengoku and Genesis Drivers were both absent. And then he ended up collapsing.

Kaito awoke some time later. He was in a hospital, where a very friendly nurse was tending to him. And when he asked for a tablet to use, she was all too willing to provide him with one. He did some research and found out that he had ended up in a different world to the one he had left. In this world, Zawame City and the Beat Riders didn't exist. He was a nobody with no real existence. But what really surprised him was what the nurse said when he came back in. "Your results came back in. You're nothing but a perfectly normal human being, with no notable issues."

"Normal?", Kaito noted. "So it seems whatever bought me back to life also took away the Helheim nutrients within me."

The nurse was confused. "Pardon me?"

"Never mind.", Kaito waved off her concerns. "If I'm alright, then I'll just need to sign some documents so I can be let go."

And so, a few minutes later, Kaito Kumon was on his way out of the hospital. He looked at the sign for his hospital, seeing that it was the Kyoto University Hospital. So that answered where he had ended up. But now he needed to figure out how he had ended up in this place. And why.

He was interrupted by some teens calling out. "Hey, have you seen it?"

"What, what?", the other replied.

"There's some new kind of tree growing a few streets down. And it's sprouting this fancy looking fruit. I think we should show it to our parents."

Kaito was intrigued by this. "A new… fruit? It can't be!" He watched as the two ran off and gave chase.

He soon caught up with the two in an alleyway in the historical area, where both of them was about take a bite out of the fruit. "Stop it!", he yelled out. "Don't eat that fruit!"

One of them, the one who had introduced his friend to the fruits, stopped to look at him mockingly. "Oh, you're that old man who caused a disturbance at the museum earlier. Why should we listen to you?"

"Believe me. Those fruits aren't something you want to eat.", Kaito snapped.

"Oh really?", the boy snarked. "Don't listen to this old man, Tsuyoshi…"

But when he turned around, Tsuyoshi was taking a bite out of the fruit. He immediately cringed over in pain, green vines growing out of his body. The vines then burst, revealing a creature with a red body, with a large, three-fingered claw on its right arm, with a head resembling the heads of three bulldogs fused together. "An Inves!", Kaito growled. "You, get yourself out of here. I'll handle this." The boy nodded nervously, before turning and running away. The Inves slashed at Kaito, but he dodged out of the way and delivered a kick to its back to knock it down. The Inves merely clambered back up, running off into the open streets. "Damn it. If I had my Driver, I could stop that thing. He's not that weak, and he could get everyone in Kyoto infected. And I can't stop it like this. I'm too weak."

In an unknown area, a mysterious figure observed the figure of Kaito Kumon. "So, he wants the strength to overcome that creature. Perhaps we should give it back to him." He then pulled a lever on a computer console. "But there'll be a price to pay for this gift. As the white Knight enters, so too must the black Knight."

Back in the street, Kaito saw something appear besides him. A black, rectangular plate with an indent in the centre, a yellow knife on the side and a plate with a Knight-like face on the right side. "My… Sengoku Driver." He looked around for the Banana Lockseed that was supposed to go with it, and found the padlock shaped object with the banana engraved on it nearby. "Alright!" He picked it up and left to find the Inves.

In the centre of Kyoto's historic district, people were running in fear from the rampaging Inves, who was extending vines from its claw to scratch people, who collapsed to the ground. This was observed by an inhuman shape, red and black colours visible, who grunted a comment in an alien language.

The rampaging Inves was then kicked down by Kaito, who leapt onto the scene. "Tsuyoshi-kun!", Kaito began. "You've been given the power to change your world. But you're using it for the oppression of the week, by giving them your infection. None of them can fight back against you and your new power." He then pulled out his belt. Sengoku Driver! "But fortunately for them, I do." He then held out the Banana Lockseed, clicking the button on the side to open it. Banana! As Kaito did this, a giant banana descended from an open zipper in the sky. He then spun the lock around his finger. "Henshin!"

He then placed the Lockseed on the middle of the belt, pushing the clip down. Lock On! As European-styled trumpet music began playing, Kaito's hand gripped the knife, bringing it down and opening the lock by causing the banana ident to fall down. Come On! as a while and red suit with the face depicted on the Driver's faceplate materialised around him, the giant banana fell down, folding outwards to give the suit horns, chest armour, a set of shoulder pads and a spear shaped like an open banana. Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!

From the side, the same inhuman figure noted this, with a laugh. "So, that red guy has seen fit to appear as well. This should be fun." With that said, he walked off.

Kaito then held up his weapon, the Banaspear and commented. "The only truth that I believe in…" he then thrust the weapon forward "…is this spear!" He then charged towards the Inves, which launched its tendrils at him. But he merely used the Banaspear to slash his way through them, before leaping forward to deliver a punch that knocked the Inves to the ground. He then brought the knife down on his Sengoku Driver. Come On! He brought his weapon up, generating an energy banana that he brought down on the Inves. Banana Squash! The Inves howled as it exploded, leaving nothing behind.

As Kaito undid his transformation, the boy from earlier approached. "Hey, mister.", the boy said. "Tsuyoshi…?"

"Is dead.", Kaito concluded for him. "Your friend lacked the strength needed to survive the transformation. I simply destroyed the body that was brought back." He then turned around to walk away. "But let me impart something I've learnt. The weak... are simply prey for the strong. That's why we need power. The power to stand up to any foe, no matter how strong." And with that, Kaito Kumon was on his way out.

But he didn't get far, before he stopped in the middle of the road. "You can come out now. I know you've been following me for a while." He turned around and flung one of a pack of cards held in his jacket forward.

The card stopped on a sword, in the hand of a man in a blue suit. "Wow, that was an impressive throw. Pulling off something like that is not easy."

From afar, the same mysterious figure observed this. "Two of the chosen subjects have met. Things will soon be moving into place." He then turned to view three other monitors, showing others in their own battles.