At Dark Guild's factory lair, Yogosmacritein had the Ugutz, Baros, Zargoal and Jyukkarage repairing the damage that Demushu had recently caused. "That Overlord's betrayal set us back slightly.", he noted to the others. "But we will recover, stronger than ever with our diminished forces."

"Diminished no longer." Everyone turned around to see a hologram of an in distinct figure, with the most that could be made out was metal on his arms. His voice was also digitally lowered to sound non-distinct. "I am the newest member of the little group you've been forced to assemble. But I'm sure you can see the drawback to this arrangement."

"Of course we can, you fool.", Ariake growled. "Those Fractured Infinity wretches have a new member for their ranks. Who knows how many members they'll have by the time a victor is decided."

"The good news is that I have already had my assets sent to your location.", the figure responded. "Namely, aliens who were imprisoned in the Londarz Prison 1000 years in the future. I've also made sure that your Dr. Zora is versed in operation the freeze-compression device used to contain and release these criminals."

"Indeed.", Dr. Zora nodded, as she entered with a muscular creature, resembling a skeletal goat. "This is Pando. He was sentenced to 600 years for performing unethical experiments on cadavers. But why did you want me to release him in particular?"

"Because there's a certain someone I want him to demonstrate his work with.", was the figure's answer. "One I'm sure that Fractured Infinity will have a hard time working against."

"Interesting.", Pando hissed. "Take me to him."

Meanwhile, at Fractured Infinity's warehouse, Kaito found something on one of the tables, a book with 6 coloured stripes - red, pink, blue, yellow, green and red again - with the number '2000' written on the front. On the back and the front was the same emblem, a silver circle with a smaller blue circle in the centre, with 4 different shapes surrounding the outside of the circle. "'Mirai Sentai Timeranger'.", Kaito noted the title. "Timeranger?"

"The source of your new ally." Kaito turned around to see the hooded figure appear behind him. "They were a group of 4 people from the year 3000 who worked with a man from the year 2000 to create a new future. I figured that given how your group has nearly fallen apart due to lack of knowledge about each other, I felt that in this case, forewarned is forearmed."

"I see.", Kaito tutted. "And when will our new ally be making his appearance? Hopefully not before his enemy can join with the rest of Dark Guild."

"Oh don't worry, that hasn't happened yet.", the hooded figure assured him. "In fact, I'm sure that you'll be seeing your man in person before they see theirs." And with that said, he vanished completely.

It was then that Kaito received a phone call from Yakumo. "Kaito. You might want to get over here. Someone's turned up."

Kaito immediately picked up the book and set off running.

When Kaito arrived, he saw the others were sitting around a man with slicked back hair, wearing a red shirt, with a grid pattern, along with a set of jeans. "This guy claims he's our latest ally.", Yakumo explained. "But Hiroto is suspicious. Have you seen him before."

"I'm telling you, I've never seen any of you people before.", the man insisted. "My name is Tatsuya Asami, heir to the Asami Group. I'm looking for a group called Fractured Infinity and I was told you were based here."

"Then you've come to the right place, Asami-san.", Kaito interrupted, showing him the book he had brought with him. "I assume you're related to this Timeranger group."

"Yeah.", Tatsuya realised. "They were my comrades." He then got confused. "But, how did you have this book?"

"Yes, Kaito.", Momo asked. "How did you get this book?"

"Let's just say that our benefactor left it for us.", was Kaito's explanation. "It chronicles the entirety of Mirai Sentai Timeranger's story, from their beginning on February 13th, 2000, to their last battle on February 4th, 2001."

"Ah yes, the Great Annihilation.", Tatsuya said, with his voice losing all emotion. "The last time I saw my comrades, after they future they came from was changed. I'm not even sure they still exist as they did under my command."

"Well the fact is that we're stuck with you. And you're stuck with us.", Shinya pointed out. "Now then, have you had a run in with one of your old enemies since you came here?"

"Well now that you mention it, I did meet a Londarz Prisoner.", Tatsuya answered, before realising. "You probably don't have any idea what I'm talking about."

Hiroto picked up the book Kaito had brought. "No, we don't.", he answered. "But looking at this book, I'm told that they're aliens who've been sprung from their prison sentences to commit temporal crimes, which accrue a much harsher sentence than most of the crimes they committed initially."

"Exactly.", Tatsuya nodded. "So we should try not to kill him. He has as much of a right to life as any of us."

"That may be, but we can't guarantee anything.", Miu pointed out. "All of our weapons are meant to destroy our enemies, many of whom don't have that right to life."

"I understand. Sometimes, we have to take a lethal option.", Tatsuya said in response. He then went over to a map. "Now then, I saw him by this cemetery…"

Sure enough, Pando had his minions, the Junk Droid Zenitts carrying a body and placing it on a bench. "Good, we managed to get the body of the guy the boss wanted.", he laughed, before pulling out a machine. "Now then, let's see whether my efforts have born any fruits."

"Wait a minute!" Pando looked up to see the members of Fractured Infinity coming running. "Whatever you're planning to do, we're going to stop it.", Tatsuya announced.

"Heh. It seems that TimeRed has joined up with those other guys I've heard of." Pando declared. "But none of you will thwart my scheme. Zenitts, get them!" The robotic footsoldiers ran forward.

In response, everyone transformed. "Henshin!" Lemon Energy Arms!

"Shuriken Henge!" Ao-ja! Ninja!


"Let's Go-On!"

"Choriki Henshin!"

"Chrono Changer!"

As they transformed, everyone stopped to take in Tatsuya's suit. "So that's what the Timerangers look like.", Hiroto commented. "Interesting." He was then hit by a Zenitt's laser.

"Be careful.", Tatsuya warned, as he punched one of the robots back. "If you weren't transformed, that could've been deadly." He then pressed his Chrono Changer. "Chrono Access!" He summoned forth a pair of swords. "Double Vector!" He used these sword to slash through the robots with relative ease.

But all of this served it's purpose, as Pando was able to place the device on the body, adjusting the meter to go halfway full. "Now, revive as my servant! Naoto Takizawa!"

"What?", Tatsuya called out. "Takizawa-san!" The device did its job, causing the body to stand up, with the device falling to the floor, where Miu noticed it. Tatsuya then took a small, red item out of his pocket. "He'll be trying to take this back. We have to protect it at all cost."

"Fool!", Pando laughed as he fired his laser, blasting the item out of Tatsuya's hand, where it fell into his. He then placed it onto the left wrist of his servant, where a band emerged from it to surround his wrist. "V-Commander, set. Now, my servant. Transform."

The man known as Naoto Takizawa spoke into the device on his wrist, in a tone that had no life to it, being more of a whisper. "TimeFire." His body was surrounded by flame, before dispersing to reveal a more menacing version of Tatsuya's suit. He then pulled out a sword, using it to cut through everyone at high speed.

Everyone except Yakumo and Kaito, both of whom blocked with their own weapons. "We don't know who you are, but wake up!", Yakumo practically yelled. "I'm sure this isn't you."

"You need to show your real strength.", Kaito insisted as he attached a Lockseed to the Sonic Arrow. Banana! Lock On! "Wake up!" He delivered a slash with the weapon, which generated a banana shaped beam. Banana Charge!

The slash made its way to TimeFire, who narrowly blocked the attack, before knocking the beam to the side. He then delivered his own slash attack, that knocked the pair to the ground. "It's not use, humans.", Pando announced. "My machine only restored his motor functions and basic brain activity. He's essentially a zombie, under my control."

"Then there's nothing for it.", Tatsuya decided. "We need to put him down as swiftly as possible." He leapt up, drawing a circle with his Double Vector, before slashing downwards and sideways simultaneously. "Vector End: Beat 3!"

"Shining Dagger!" Mission 4! He was stopped in his tracks by Hiroto and Miu, who knocked him back. "No! There's still a chance we can save him from this.", Miu insisted.

"Right.", Hiroto added. "We have the Londarz' machine. And we could modify it."

"Hey!", Pando growled as he saw his. "Give that back."

"King Blaster!" Momo fired at the Londarz to stop him in his tracks. "Yakumo, get us out of here."

"On it.", came the reply from Yakumo, who threw a smoke bomb which obscured the view of Pando and TimeFire, long enough for them to get away.

"Humph. I don't need the device to cause chaos.", Pando declared. "I have a powerful warrior at my beck and call. Now then, TimeFire. Burn this city to the ground!" TimeFire nodded, before moving out.

Back at their factory, another call had come from their new ally. "So your plan was to revive this 'TimeFire' and have him wreck the city for you?", Yogosmacritein asked. "What use does this have to us?"

"When TimeFire causes enough damage to threaten the city, Fractured Infinity would normally be left with one option. To destroy him. But the fact the Wings got their hands on that machine has thrown a wrench into the works of that plan. I'll have to resort to a more direct means of carrying out my end goal for this plan."

"And what would that end goal be, mayhaps?", Malthiua asked. "And who are you anyway?" But the figure hung up, rather than answer any of this.

Back at the mansion, Anabella-Marie was pouring refreshments for everyone. "Are you sure you don't want anything, Master Tatsuya?", she asked.

"No.", Tatsuya stated. Anabella-Marie, clearly put off by the man's rudeness, walked off. "Now then, we need to discuss the best way to stop Takizawa. He's too powerful."

"We don't need to stop him.", Miu pointed out. "We just need to jury rig that thing so it can revive him fully rather than just halfway. Then we could bring him back to our side."

"What can you tell us about this TimeFire?", Yakumo asked.

"Well, I'm sure that Hiroto can just read what you need to know from the book.", Tatsuya insisted. "Don't go grilling me for everything. I'm under a lot of pressure."

Hiroto then spoke up. "As it happens, I can find the relevant information from this book. Naoto Takizawa was a man who lived his whole life in poverty, which made him extremely willing to do anything to gain real power, such as taking the prototype V-Commander to become TimeFire and seizing control of the City Guardians after its founder, the Asami Group founder Wataru Asami was hospitalised. But unfortunately, his ambition got the better of him, as Asami had evidence that the politician who had recommended Takizawa was a crook, and went straight to the press with this information afterwards, using it to strip Takizawa of his position. In the end, he died while trying to help out a little girl who'd lost her pet bird." He then looked up from the book. "He seems like he'd fit in with us."

"If you can revive him, we'll see.", was all Tatsuya could say to this. "But for now, I'm favouring taking him down."

Suddenly, an explosion went off in the distance. Everyone ran to the window, seeing explosions coming from Tokyo. "That Londarz. He's obviously sent his new puppet out for some fun.", Kaito stated.

"We may have to take Tatsuya's suggestion.", Yakumo added. "Everyone, let's go."

"No, wait.", Hiroto insisted. "I'd like us to have the option of using the device. I'll stay behind with Miu and Momo as a reserve group."

"Damn you, Go-On Gold and your sanctimony.", Tatsuya said under his breath. "Fine then, I can make do with Kaito, Yakumo and Shinya." The 3 nodded and followed him out of the room.

When they were gone, Momo turned to Hiroto. "You didn't just want us to stay as a reserve group, did you?", she asked.

"No.", Hiroto answered her. "Something's off."

"In what way?", Miu asked.

"I've been reading about Tatsuya Asami in this book. And from what I've seen, whoever that man is, he's NOT Tatsuya Asami."

The two were taken aback by this. "If that's the case, then who is he?", Momo asked.

At the battlefield, Kaito, Yakumo, Shinya and Tatsuya arrived to see the zombie TimeFire shooting at several civilians, sending them running. "We need to hold him off long enough for Hiroto to get that machine working.", Shinya reminded everyone.

"In that case, let's go for something with a little more defence.", Kaito said in response, as he took out his Sengoku Driver and the appropriate Lockseed. Mango! "Henshin!" Lock On! Come On! Mango Arms! Fight of Hammer!

As Kaito ran in, Yakumo shifted into AoNinger in an instant. "He makes a good point, I'll need what protection I can get." He then presented the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer, pressing the button. "Chozetsu Henge!" The Chozetsu! He then set the Shuriken spinning. Chozetsu! Ninja! "You two provide covering fire."

"Roger.", Tatsuya nodded. "Shinya, you cover the left flank, while I take the right."

Both Kaito and Yakumo ran into the fight, with Yakumo locking his Ichibantou with TimeFire's DV Defender. He inserted his Goton NinShuriken. Kin no Jutsu! "Chozetsu Shuriken Ninpo: Chain no Jutsu!" Kin Kira Ja! As he spun the Shuriken, a set of chains shot up from the ground, trapping TimeFire in place.

"Thank you, Yakumo.", Kaito called out as he pressed on his belt's knife twice. Come On! Mango Au Lait! He shot several spikes from his hammer that hit their opponent, knocking him down. "Now, let's get him."

But as they ran towards him, both were shot back as Pando leapt onto the scene. "Nice try, but I won't allow you to break my new toy. Especially since I can't currently make more until I get my machine back."

TimeFire then got up, speaking into his V Commander once more. "Final Mode." His DV Defender then began to glow with energy, after which he ran towards his two opponents.

"He's preparing to kill us.", Kaito realised, taking out a different Lockseed. Banana! "We need to finish him now." Come On! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear! Come On! Banana Squash!

"Right.", Yakumo nodded, as he placed the Chozetsu Shuriken on his Ichibantou. The Shoubu! He set the Shuriken spinning. N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! As the blade extended, he brought it down. "Chozetsu Shuriken Zan!" Ichiban Shoubu!

As the three weapons locked together on the ground, the man calling himself Tatsuya Asami took aim at the three, using his suit's long range weapon, the VolBlaster. "Good, just hold that pose a little longer."

Before he could take the shot, he himself was hit in the back… by Shinya. "You thought I wouldn't notice that there is no left to take?", he asked. "So I decided to follow you and see what you were up to."

"You shouldn't have done that.", the man laughed as he summoned the Double Vector. "Because now I have to make sure I can still carry on this ruse." He fired bolts of energy from the two swords, knocking Shinya backwards, before he ran forward to slash at him. The man wearing the TimeRed costume then looked down, to see that the three had been blown backwards, all of them knocked out of their transformations. "Looks like I should never send amateurs to do a professional elimination."

As everyone on the ground recovered from the blast, Momo and the two Wings showed up. They had the resurrection device with them. "Don't worry, we can handle this situation.", Momo said to Kaito and Yakumo as they pulled themselves up.

"Why yes you can.", Pando gloated. "You've bought me back my device, so I can create more servants."

"We've done more than that.", Hiroto announced. "I've managed to modify your machine so that it will be able to completely revive a person rather than your own mindless servants." He ran over to Naoto's body, placing the device on him and turning it on.

"You fool!", Pando announced. "You think I kept it at half purely out of selfishness? It's because the machine wasn't meant to handle that amount of power. If you revive that guy, it'll…"

But he was interrupted as the machine exploded, throwing a burnt out hulk at his feet. But it has done its job, as Naoto stood up and walked over to the Londarz… punching him in the face, knocking him back. "You bastard! I remember everything you made me do while I was your puppet. And believe me, I'm pissed about it."

"So he's finally back.", Kaito noted. "Let's see what strength he has."

Naoto held the V-Commander to his mouth, shouting into it. "TIMEFIRE!" He was then surrounded by light, which gave way to flames, which dispersed to reveal his suit. He then pulled out his weapon, tapping it against his arm. "I'm taking you in."

"We'll see about that.", Pando announced, arrogantly. "Zenitts!" His robotic footsoldiers appeared and charged towards their opponent.

"DV Change!" Naoto converted his weapon into a gun and fired. "DV Vulcan!" He fired shots at several of them, knocking them down. He then converted the weapon into a sword. "DV Change! DV Defender!" He delivered some slashing moves that wiped out the rest, before moving onto Pando to inflict the same to him. "DV Change! Final Mode!" The blade began glowing with energy, which he brought down on the Londarz. "DV Refreezer!"

Pando was blown back by this blast, but not defeated. "In that case, I've no choice." He reached for a sticker on his leg, removing it, which caused his body to increase in size exponentially, until he became a colossus.

The other members of Fractured Infinity were shocked at this. "What happened to him?", Miu asked.

"Freeze-compressed prisoners need to be fitted with one of those seals in the event they get released prematurely.", Hiroto explained. "If it gets removed, then they grow uncontrollably, and can't return to normal unless frozen again."

"Luckily, I have my own solution to that problem.", Naoto stated, speaking into the V-Commander again. "Come, V-Rex!" Sure enough, a giant robotic T-Rex, with prominent cannons on it shoulders, appeared to face Pando. "Rex Laser!" The robot fired its cannon, buffeting its foe. "Voice Formation, V-Rex Robo!" The T-Rex's body began to shift, with the head folding downwards to reveal a second, more humanoid head, that open a faceplate to reveal its face. The arms also folded over to reveal a pair of more humanoid arms, with one featuring 6 missiles instead of a hand.

"This won't take long.", Pando gloated as he took his cannon out. "Eat this." He fired several shots, but V-Rex Robo walked through all of them, not taking any damage.

"Revolver Missile!" At its controller's command, V-Rex Robo fired its missiles at Pando, buffeting him further. "Max Blizzard!" V-Rex's shoulder cannons charged with energy, before launching themselves at Pando, causing him to go up in an explosion, that reduced him to a figurine-sized frozen state. "I'll go and retrieve him.", Naoto stated as he moved out.

"You do that.", Kaito nodded as he saw this. "Meanwhile, I'd like to know what he's doing in this world, when none of our allies were brought into this world by our abductor. And we already have Tatsuya, so Naoto shouldn't have been here."

"It's all too simple.", Hiroto said in response. "Naoto isn't the one we're supposed to ally with, while TimeRed is our enemy."

"Bravo, Hiroto Sutou." Everyone turned around to see the man in the TimeRed suit, holding Shinya's prone body. "You're every bit the genius I was told you were, considering that your a 21st Century resident." He threw Shinya towards them. "Don't worry, he's not dead. His armour shielded him from the worst."

"Tatsuya!", Yakumo announced. "You were our enemy the whole time."

"No, not Tatsuya.", Miu corrected him. "Ani checked the book and you made two fatal slip ups. The real Tatsuya renounced his right to the Asami Group, and he always referred to Naoto by his given name, not his surname."

"He also wouldn't be so willing to sacrifice one person to save the world, even if it was one of his friends.", Hiroto added. "But then, Naoto was never your friend. Just your puppet, Captain Ryuya."

The man clapped his hands sarcastically. "Bravo, you figured out my real identity. I don't need to impersonate my annoying ancestor anymore.", Captain Ryuya commented. "And I assume that you also read my entire history."

"Exactly.", Momo nodded. "You were the original TimeFire, until you saw a vision of yourself dying to prevent the disaster that created your future. So you made sure not only to set up that crisis, by whatever means necessary. You sent the Dolnero Family to where they needed to be to go back in time. You discarded the V-Commander back in time to where someone else could find it. Someone who could find it and die to fulfil the record that TimeFire died in the crisis. And you pointed the mentally defective robot Gyen to where he could find what he needed to create the robot that would destroy the world your future was built over."

"But I'm assuming that it didn't work in the end.", Yakumo guessed. "After all, even the best kept secrets get exposed."

"You'd guess correctly.", Ryuya nodded. "When the 4 operatives in the past returned, despite my best efforts to erase their memories of that past era and reintegrate them into a personal utopia, they escaped, discovered my plans, killed me and then went back and prevented our future from ever taking place. I'm like your friend Mr. Kumon. A copy of a dead man's pain, acting on his old ambitions. The difference is, I've been cast in the role of the villain." He took out his Double Vector, combined it into one and then proceeded to slash all of them down. "A role I'm going to take to with relish."

He was then shot in the back by a returning Naoto. "For a while there, I was almost fooled.", Naoto commented. "You may look like Asami and you may have his Chrono Suit, but you're nothing like him."

"Indeed.", Ryuga said, cockily, as he summoned the VolBlaster. "I'm far more pragmatic. Willing to blow my problems away. I had hoped that these people would eliminate you, and cut down on my opposition in this world. But I guess I shoudn't rely on amateurs."

"Final Mode! DV Blazer!" The DV Vulcan charged with energy before unleashing a fireball that launched before Ryuya could take a shot, surrounding him with flames. "That should take care of you, the way you wanted me taken care of."

But a figure emerged from the flames, namely that of a Baro. "What the-?", Kaito gasped. "He was using a robot duplicate."

"A lesson my experiences have taught me. Never leave anything to chance.", Ryuya's distorted voice came out of the Baro. "I'll be seeing you again." And with that, the robot collapsed, dead.

"Looks like we'll have another enemy to deal with.", Hiroto noted, before turning to Naoto. "And I assume you'll be willing to help us take him down, especially since he'll be joining with our enemies."

"That guy's using the power of TimeRed for his own selfish goals.", Naoto hissed. "I'll help you where he's involved, but that's it. Your own enemies are exactly that. Your own enemies."

"Why that-!", Momo pouted.

"I'm starting to like this guy.", Kaito smiled, almost grinning.

"In that case, you'll need this." Yakumo went over and handed him a sheet of paper. "It's our contact information. If you can get your hands on a mobile phone, just call us so we can contact you in an emergency."

"I'll bear that in mind.", was the reply from Naoto as he snatched the paper, before walking off into the sunset.

From his control room, the mysterious figure observed all of this. "Finally, all 6 subjects have been gathered.", he noted, with a smile. "But, I still have him to deal with." He bought up a file photo of his man. "Kouta Kazuraba. I don't know why you're in my world, or where you're hiding, but I know I can't let you interfere with my plans." He eyed Reika, who was standing behind him. "Begin gathering new recruits for our army."

"Yes, sir.", Reika bowed, before leaving the room.

Elsewhere, at Dark Guild's factory, Ryuya arrived. He had discarded the clothes he had worn when disguising himself as Tatsuya, now wearing a light blue sweater with a large collar, along with a dark blue collared shirt over this, with a set of biker trousers to complete the look. "So, it seems our new member is little more than a unique human.", Yogosmacritein laughed. "And despite his boasting, he proved no better than any of us."

"This 'mere human' has knowledge of technology and methods that far outclass even your best.", Ryuya insisted.

"Oh good.", Malthiua giggled. "Then you can repair the hole in the roof our last male member left with us. Unless you can offer us something more valuable than upgrading our monsters. You couldn't even work with one of our minions."

Ryuya didn't need time to think about this. "As a matter of fact, I can. I know the location of Fractured Infinity's base.", he blurted out. "And I know how we can get in there."

Dark Bo Combat Experiment Log - Update.

Name: Naoto Takizawa

Alias: TimeFire

Point of origin: Timetopia, 2002 (subject's deceased body was extracted and revived by Grave Defiler Pando)

Arsenal: DV Defender

Finishing Move: DV Refreezer, DV Blazer


Name: Ryuya

Transformation: TimeRed

Enemy: Naoto Takizawa

Affiliation: Temporal Defence Bureau

Arsenal: Double Vector, VolBlaster, Assault Mobile

Finishing Move: Vector End: Beat 3 (with Double Vector), Assault Burning (with Double Vector and Assault Mobile)