Naoto Takizawa had adapted to his situation remarkably well, for a dead man sent to another world. After making his stance regarding the others bought with him clear, he headed off to find a place to live. Luckily, he managed to find a place with a reasonably low rent. "This place is all yours.", the landlady had informed him as she showed the apartment off to him. "2 Bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room, everything you could need. As long as you remember rent's due on the 3rd of every month."

"I've got it.", Naoto nodded as the lady left him. "Now that she's gone, perhaps you and I can talk. You can come out of hiding."

The hooded figure emerged. "Congratulations, you figured out I was here. Impressive." He then conjured up a chair, which he sat down on. "You can keep this when I'm done here, along with anything else you might want."

"What I want is to be sent back to where I came from.", Naoto remarked. "But I can assume that's not on my options sheet, is it?"

"Correct.", the figure nodded. "You will stay in this world and fight, until either one side falls, or I declare the battle finished. These are the same terms I gave to everyone else, in both Fractured Infinity and Dark Guild, and I hope you can understand them the same."

"Believe me, I have a score to settle with that guy in the TimeRed suit.", Naoto said in response, almost growling. "If what I heard him say is true, that guy threw my life under the bus to save his own hide. A hide I want nothing more than to mount on my wall."

"Well, good luck with that." Having said that, the hooded figure vanished. Naoto was annoyed, but it didn't stop him from heading out.

Sooner or later, he came to the Tokyo Police Training Camp. "Well, Takizawa-san.", the desk sergeant began. "Your lack of prior work or school records is disturbing, but you passed our screening process as if you've already done it before. That's impressive."

"Oh, you have no idea.", Naoto thought. "So, when does the training begin?"

"We should have room for you on tomorrow's course.", the sergeant answered him. "Be here at 9 AM sharp."

Naoto saluted. "Yes, sir."

Sometime later, at the Urobuchi Estate, Hiroto was pacing the room, thinking about their new enemy, Ryuya. "That guy…", he commented. "He's a troublesome person."

"Indeed.", Miu nodded. "If Naoto was with us, we might have something of an edge against his technology. As it is, he possesses technology far in advance of us."

"Don't forget, we still have my Ninpo.", Yakumo pointed out. "Combined with my magic, that can create some immense powers that could potentially outperform his technology."

"Plus I have access to Choriki, which is a fairly powerful energy on its own.", Momo added.

"As is my Riser Power.", Shinya continued. "So basically, no matter how good his technology is, we could beat it with pure power."

It was then that Hiroto and Miu both felt something blowing. "Ani!", Miu called out.

"Right.", Hiroto nodded. "Let's go, everyone."

In the town, a new BankiJuu, Crane Banki, was using its arm to pull buildings into different buildings. "Now then, I just have to keep this up a little longer…" At that point, Yakumo, Momo, Shinya and the Wings showed up, transformed. "Right on cue."

"So this time, it's a BankiJuu.", Miu noted. "We'll have to hit hard and hit fast."

"You'll have to catch me first.", Crane Banki laughed, as he set off swinging using his crane arm.

"You won't get away.", Yakumo called out as he placed the Goton NinShuriken on his Ichibantou. Ki no Jutsu! "Shuriken Ninpo: Ki no Jutsu!" Moku Moku Ja! He transformed a nearby leaf into a kite, which he grabbed onto as it set off flying.

"Jet Dagger!" Hiroto and Miu flicked all the switches on their Rocket Daggers. Mission 6: Full Power! As they flew off, Momo and Shinya grabbed on their legs. Now, the chase was on.

From nearby, Naoto, who was on his way back to his apartment, saw the chase in progress. "I guess those guys get into this type of thing all the time.", he sighed.

But before he could speak into the V-Commander, he overheard something. "Crane Banki will serve his purpose as a distraction. Fractured Infinity will be too busy taking him out." He recognised the voice as Tatsuya's impostor.

"And in the meantime, you will lead us in an assault on their headquarters." This voice was deeper, and Naoto looked to see that the source was appropriately imposing, at least from his silhouette. "And they won't be able to counter us until it's too late."

Naoto was shocked. "He needed to warn the 6 members of Fractured Infinity, but he had just seen them fly - no, he had only seen 5 go by. There was still one he could call. He saw a number written on a poster nearby, with the tagline "Fractured Infinity! Anything you need doing, we will do it." So he went to a nearby phone box, dialling the number, in the hope that the one he hadn't seen with them was available to pick up. "Hello? Somebody, pick up!", he practically yelled.

"Alright. You don't have to yell.", a voice finally came through. "Who is this?"

"Your new ally, Naoto Takizawa.", came the reply from Naoto. "I guessed at least one of you was still at base and I needed to talk to you. This is urgent."

"Well if it is urgent, you should just say it.", the voice on the other end responded.

"I overheard those Dark Guild guys. That guy with the TimeRed suit said he's planning to lead them in an attack on your base. You need to do something, the others are all dealing with a monster."

After a few seconds, the voice on the other end said "Okay. Meet me at the Urobuchi Estate." He then hung up, leaving Naoto running off.

And at the Urobuchi Estate, Anabella-Marie received a call from Kaito. "Ah, Master Kumon, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"The house is about to come under attack.", Kaito warned. "I'll be there as quickly as I can, but you need to get everyone in the house out of danger."

"I understand.", Anabella-Marie nodded as she hung up. She then went over to an intercom, making her announcement to the whole staff. "Attention, everyone. The Estate is about to be under attack from our enemies. All staff are to initiate defensive procedures now."

Outside the building, Yogosmacritein, Ryuya, Dr. Zora, Malthiua and Ariake were approaching the gate, leading a large army of Ugutz, Zenitts, Zargoal, Baros and Jukkarages. "I remember trying to destroy this place during a previous plan.", Yogosmacritein growled. "I should've tried harder."

"Well now you can finish that task now.", Dr. Zora stated as she threw her weapon at the cameras, breaking them. "And Fractured Infinity won't be able to do anything. Victory for us is assured."

"Don't be so sure." Everyone was slashed back, as Kaito, in his Kabuto Arms, became clear to them. Clock Over! "You should've made sure we were all at your distraction."

"An easy error to make.", Malthiua commented, as she aimed her arrow. "And an even easier one to rectify." But before she could fire, her aim was disrupted by a shot. "What the-?"

Everyone looked up to see the household staff, all armed with rifles and shotguns. "You seem to forget, we have experience with creatures such as you.", one of the footmen announced. "And we have measures to deal with you."

As everyone continued firing, they managed to knock down several of the rank and file grunts, but the big bads were unaffected. "The pawns can deal with these riffraff.", Ariake decided. "Especially since we only have one of these wretches to deal with."

"Hey!" Naoto ran out, and kicked a few of the grunts aside. "Make that two of us." He then spoke into his V-Commander. "TIMEFIRE!" In a flash of fire and lightning, he was transformed. "Now then, whatever-your-name-is, let's fight these guys off." He ran forward, with his weapon prepared. "Defender Sword!"

"I'm Kaito Kumon, Armoured Rider Baron.", Kaito said, annoyed, as he ran forward, heading straight towards Yogosmacritein, pressing down on his belt three times. "Rider Kick!" Come On! Kabuto Sparking!

But as he tried to launch the attack, Yogosmacritein countered. "Killer Move: Steamroller Voting!" He charged energy into his staff, before ramming it into Kaito, knocking him back and demolishing the gates. "It will take more than that pitiful power to fight me."

"In that case.", Kaito muttered, taking out and putting on his Genesis Driver. "It's time I stepped things up." Lemon Energy! He placed the Energy Lockseed in the Driver. Lock On! He then pressed on the side. Soda! Lemon Energy Arms! Fight Power! Fight Power! Fi-Fi-Fi-F-F-F-F-Fight! He aimed his Sonic Arrow and fired.

Meanwhile, Naoto had found himself in battle with Ariake. "Another of you? Then I shall have to resort to desperate measures.", Ariake growled, as she took out her husband's weapon. "My Lord, lend me your power! Garyu-do: Ashura!" Several spectral arms appeared from her back, which lunged at her foe.

But Naoto managed to cut them back. "If you're borrowing that attack from someone else, then you're not worth my time." He then ran forward and slashed Ariake down.

"How about us?", Dr. Zora and Ryuya leapt into the fray, both slashing at Naoto, who narrowly dodged, before shooting back at them.

Back in the city, everyone else had managed to knock Crane Banki down. "Alright, let's finish this.", Hiroto stated.


The Waza!

"Gant Rifle!"


Crane Banki looked on as everybody prepared their attacks. "Oh no, I don't like the look of this."

"Wing Booster: Boost Up! Go-On!"


"Thrust Shoot!"

"Choriki Hikkoudan!"

Ninja Issen! All 4 attacks hit Crane Banki simultaneously, causing him to explode. "That felt a little too easy.", Shinya noted. "Like he wasn't even trying to win."

"Now you mention it, that fight seemed like it would've ended quicker if he wasn't running away.", Momo realised. She then looked off into the distance, seeing explosions. "Isn't that-?"

"The house!", Yakumo realised where the explosions were coming from. "We need to get back there."

But before they could, Crane Banki revived as a giant. "Industrial Revolution!"

"Looks like we still have him to deal with.", Miu noted.

"Momo and Shinya can go on ahead.", Hiroto decided. "We'll stay here and finish him off."

"Right.", the two named members nodded and set off.

"I can help you.", Yakumo stated as he presented the Chozetsu Brace. "Chozetsu Henge!" The Chozetsu! Chozetsu Ninja! "Shokan no Jutsu!" Lion Ha-Oh Jo!

Soon, all three of them had brought out their collective two robots. "Seikuu-Oh, Tune Up! Go-On!" Lion Ha-Oh!

Crane Banki turned to see them, becoming terrified. "Perhaps we can negotiate.", he suggested, nervously.

"Seikuu-Oh: Seikuu Sonic!" Seikuu-Oh fired several lasers from its body, blowin the BankiJuu down.

"Lion Magical Chozetsu Giri!" Yakumo used his want to set the sword spinning, as Lion Ha-Oh flew towards Crane Banki, slashing through and defeating it in one hit.

"My favourite character in The Beverly Hillbillies is Grandpa Winch!", Crane Banki cried out as he exploded.

"Okay, now then, old man. Let's get to the mansion.", Yakumo urged. Lion Ha-Oh turned and flew off.

As Seikuu-Oh moved to do the same, Hiroto stopped them. "No, there's something I'm working on back at the warehouse. This is the best chance to implement it."

"Another secret project, Hiroto?", Boewhale asked.

"Yes, but this is one I came up with on my own.", Hiroto clarified. "Let's go."

Back at the mansion, Malthiua was leading a small army onto the grounds. "While everyone else is preoccupied, we'll sneak in and destroy this place. If Fractured Infinity can cripple us, then we can cripple them beforehand."

"Hold it." Malthiua was distracted by the arrival of Momo and Shinya, both of whom were pointing their weapons at her. "Your distraction was clever, but you made the main plan too conspicuous.", Momo continued.

"It'll take more than a single BankiJuu to keep us away." Shinya added.

"I knew we should've sent one of my Machine Beasts.", Malthiua hissed. "Get them!" As the grunts charged at her enemies, Momo managed to shoot her way through them, before making her way to throw a punch at Malthiua. "So, it looks like you once again prove to be a thorn in my side."

"Believe me, the felling is mutual.", Momo commented as she used the Circle Defenser to defend from her foe's arrows, before using it to hit her opponent back, and pulling out her Battle Stick, crossing it with her enemy's bow.

Outside the mansion, Naoto was knocked back by Dr. Zora and Ryuya. "Poor deluded fool.", the latter lamented. "You actually thought you could beat us alone. But you're just one man. What can you do?"

"On his own, not much." Both turned around to see Yakumo leap in, delivering a slash to both of them. "But you're forgetting, like it or not, he's one of us."

Naoto tutted. "Well if you're going to do saves like that, then I can get behind this whole "working together" idea." He stood up, brandishing the Defender Sword. "Can I leave these three to you while I help Baron out?"

"Sure.", Yakumo nodded as he spoke to the spirit of Shishi-Oh. "Are you ready for this, old man."

"Yes. Let us rampage together.", Shishi-Oh's voice echoed, as Yakumo placed he Shuriken on his Ichibantou, converting it into the Ichibanshoubutou. The Shoubu! N, I! N, I!, N, I! N, I! He then set it spinning as he ran forward. N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! N, I, N, I, Nin Ninnin! "Chozetsu Shuriken Zan!" Ichiban Shoubu!

Dr. Zora tried to defend from the blow. But her Zolbird was unable to stand up to the pressure, breaking under the strain and throwing her back. "This power. Where did you acquire it?"

"Let me tell you something.", Yakumo stated. "This armour embodies the full potential of my Nintality, and the power to transcend my limits to become stronger."

But then he was shot in the back by Ryuya, who had used the Assault Mobile to convert the Double Vector into the Assault Vector, falling down. "So, your Nintality is the source of your power?", the bad Captain commented.

"And luckily for us, we can deal with it.", Ariake stated, bringing out Kyuemon's hammer and flipping the YoShuriken. A! "And rid ourselves of another nuisance."

"You do that.", Ryuya commented as he took out Yakumo's wand. "Personally, there's something else I'd like to try."

Further into the grounds, Kaito was continuing to fight with Yogosmacritein, with both proving equally matched. Then the fight was interrupted by the arrival of three newcomers. Namely, Hiroto and Miu, being escorted by a Baro. "Sir, I have captured these interlopers trying to interfere.", the Baro announced. "Orders?"

"Leave them to me.", Yogosmacritein demanded. "Return to your unit, soldier."

"Yes sir.", the Baro saluted, as he walked off.

Now that he was gone, Hiroto smiled. "Are you sure you're just going to execute us, Yogosmacritein? Right here and now."

"Yeah.", Miu nodded. "Wouldn't you rather let us transform so you can beat us in a fair fight?"

"Frankly, it doesn't matter.", Yogosmacritein announced, as he zapped both their ropes with a laser on his forehead, cutting through them. "Fight me or don't, you'll still lose."

"Good.", Hiroto nodded. "Let's go." Both he and Miu took out their Wing Triggers. "Change Soul, set!" After inserting them, they flipped the visor up on the back of their items, pressing it. "Let's Go-On!" The two transformed, drawing their Rocket Daggers.

"Nice of you to show up.", Kaito commented, as he pressed on his Genesis Driver. Soda! Lemon Energy Squash! He charged his Sonic Arrow with energy, before launching it at Yogosmacritein.

… Who responded in kind with his own attack. "Final Dictator's Declaration: Yogosmanifest Break!" The two attacks ended up clashing with each other.

Until Naoto came in. "Final Mode! DV Blazer!" He fired his beam to join with Kaito's, creating a greater force.

Then the two Wings leapt in. "Double Burning Dagger!" Mission 1! The beam was almost at the verge of overwhelming Yogosmacritein's.

"You fools!", the evil Prime Minister laughed. "The combined power of you 4 is less than my total power."

"In that case, I'll hit you with more power.", Kaito declared, as he removed his Energy Lockseed, placing it on his Sonic Arrow. Lock On! He then pulled back, releasing a shot. Lemon Energy!

The shot combined with the others, finally managing to knock Yogosmacritein back, before all 4 combatants came forward to deliver slash attacks to him, leaving him weakened. Then Ryuya came onto the scene, shooting everyone down. "Prime Minister-sama, I've got some interesting assets. Let's pull out for today."

"Indeed.", Yogosmacritein hissed, as he pulled himself up. He issued a transmission to all of Dark Guild. "Let's withdraw for now. This operation's original intent is unattainable."

In the courtyard, Malthiua stopped her fight with Momo as soon as she heard this. "And I went to the trouble of cleaning myself up for this.", she fumed. "I'll let my minions dispose of you." She then leapt off.

As the foot-soldiers attacked, both Shinya and Momo merely aimed their weapons and fired. "Versus Cannon!"

"King Blaster!" With those two shots, the enemy grunts were defeated. "Alright!"

Sometime later, Dark Guild had retreated to their factory. "Well that plan was an utter waste of our time.", Malthiua almost hissed. "We didn't accomplish anything. Except for some injuries."

"I wouldn't say so.", Ryuya smiled. "I managed to get my hands on this, courtesy of AoNinger."

He held up something in his hand, that looked decidedly unimpressive to most of them. "How will a piece of wood help us fight Fractured Infinity?", Dr. Zora asked.

"Not just any piece of wood.", Ariake chimed in. "This is a piece of that blue ninja's magic wand. It contains some amazing magical power."

"And since Ariake would rather not get her hands dirty in battle, I felt we could use it to create someone who can ease the load on her." Ryuya then took out 4 Sealing Shurikens, inserting them into the fragment. "And one who has especially potent powers, at that."

The fragment then flew out of Ryuya's hand, being surrounded by a cloud of darkness, before clearing to reveal what appeared to be an old hag, made of wood, with a left shoulder resembling a dragon, and clothes that appeared to be a bandolier made of leaves. She then went over to Yogosmacritein and bowed. "Prime Minister-sama, I, the Super Advanced Youkai Arikura-no-Baba, pledge my loyalty and magic to you." Even her voice sounded like that of an old crone.

"How interesting.", Yogosmacritein commented. "And how will you prove your worth to us?"

"With this.", Arikura-no-Baba said in response, pulling out a ball of glowing energy. "With this, I will rid us of AoNinger, if not the whole of Fractured Infinity."

Back at the mansion, Fractured Infinity were recuperating from their recent battle. "This whole incident was too close.", Shinya stated bluntly. "We almost lost this place because we fell for their distraction."

"If Kaito hadn't been elsewhere at the time, we WOULD have lost this place.", Momo added.

"And even then, Naoto had to tip me off that something was going on.", Kaito pointed out. "We won't get lucky all the time. We need to make sure that someone's always here in the event of another attack."

"We won't need to.", Miu stated. "Ani's created something that can ensure they won't be able to launch another attack."

Everyone was intrigued by this. "Really? What is it?", Momo asked.

"It will be easier to show you, at the next opportunity I have.", Hiroto answered. He then noticed Yakumo standing there. "Yakumo, are you okay? You haven't said much…"

"I'm… fine…", Yakumo wheezed as he fell over. Everyone was shocked by this, going over to check on Yakumo, whose hand began to fade away.